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Michael Jackson Makes A Cosmetics Stop

Michael Jackson Makes A Cosmetics Stop

Michael Jackson makes visits to cosmetic and medical dermatology offices in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Thursday afternoon.

The 50-year-old “King of Pop”, who waves to fans and paparazzi, later made a stop at a cosmetics boutique on trendy Robertson Blvd.

Jackson browsed through the skin care products and picked up a package of Epicuren Discovery, an enzyme and propolis based spa product.

15+ pictures inside of Michael Jackson shopping cosmetics products…

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michael jackson cosmetics 01
michael jackson cosmetics 02
michael jackson cosmetics 03
michael jackson cosmetics 04
michael jackson cosmetics 05
michael jackson cosmetics 06
michael jackson cosmetics 07
michael jackson cosmetics 08
michael jackson cosmetics 09
michael jackson cosmetics 10
michael jackson cosmetics 11
michael jackson cosmetics 12
michael jackson cosmetics 13
michael jackson cosmetics 14
michael jackson cosmetics 15
michael jackson cosmetics 16
michael jackson cosmetics 17

Photos: ODuran/Fame Pictures , WENN
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  • sofiw

    he scared me :s

  • sofiw

    he scared me :s

  • giselle hinojosa angulo

    jajaja first

  • ISA

    what an ugly thing
    poor man

  • Desireé


  • try kindness

    No need to be cruel and evil; however, it is sad that Michael choose to do this to himself; he would have aged so nicely had he not done all the plastic surgery.

  • Sam

    Huh? WENN says that these pictures were taken as he was shopping at an antique shop, where purchased a model airplane.

    MICHAEL JACKSON has bought himself a new aeroplane.

    The King of Pop was spotted browsing in antique store Off The Wall on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Thursday (23Oct08) and managed to snap up a silver model plane before the paparazzi descended on the place and he was forced to flee in an SUV.

    The purchase of the plane remains a mystery. The proprietor of the quirky antiques store refused to comment about his celebrity visitor, confirming only the pop star bought a model aircraft.

  • dialectic

    hes mentally ill so i feel bad making fun of him but its a shame what he did to his face……..

  • lucius

    So good to see him again. Nice to see him looking so happy.
    Michael’s a legend. No strike that. He’s THE legend.

  • richard


  • Katie

    hide the kids!!

  • Katie

    hide the kids!!

  • rmw

    I do miss his songs though… no one can replace his work

  • Liana

    He looks alright from a distance, certainly not as bad he did a few years ago. You’d think some reputable plastic surgeon would offer to reconstruct and rebuild his nose free of charge as a gesture. If he got his nose fixed and added some fat to his cheeks he would look so much better.

  • Thriller

    So true; he was amazing back in the 80s. There really is no one to this day that can compare to him. Sorry, I don’t agree with Madonna and Britney being in the same group as him. Michael had REAL talent, those two are just really good business women; no real talent there.

  • Daph

    LOVE HIM!!!

    So great to see him.

  • stephany : )




  • stephany : )




  • Crystal

    No matter what, i will still love him and his music. He is a legend

  • M

    Being so hot should be illegal. Good to see him.

  • Qbee

    Oh wow
    Michael looks amazing
    Very happy and he is not hiding
    behind his mask – he is actually
    having fun posing _

    why all the attacks ??
    I dont think he looks ugly
    he looks awesome and has the
    most beautiful smile _

    cant wait for his new album :)

  • Ivory87

    Great to see him out and about! He looks happy too! And i’m digging the simple look he’s styling. Jeans, t-shirt, and jacket. That’s all MJ needs.

  • this is talent

    Wow…MJ looks good. He is one of the most talented writers, dancers, singers, performers EVER.

    He sure has been through a lot and survived!

  • Daph

    to M, #20

    Ur damn righ! HOT!

  • kathybxoxo

    LOVE HIMM!!!!!. Micheal jackson forever!!!!

  • ram70

    omg the KOM!!!!!

    looks WONDERFUL!


  • goddess

    HOT??? That is a joke!!
    I feel sorry for him, for what he has done to himself but HOT he is not !!
    I don`t even know what it looks like… black, white , male or female, he does not even look like human…..

  • Daniel

    Trailer for “They Came From Upstairs”, the new Ashley Tisdale movie

  • MJ

    is that a wig ???
    and lip tick? WOW!
    he is hot alright!

  • gina

    At least he isn’t rolling around in a wheel chair this time.

  • Qbee

    Oh it;s so great to see him like this
    unmasked posing waving smiling
    he even signed autographs for the
    fans when he left _

    people who mock Michael are
    just showing there OWN character
    and is doest reflect on MJ at all
    just mirrors back to themselves

    We love you MORE Michael :)

  • jm

    Its nice to see him act normal..when he’s trying to hide,he gives an impression that its as if he’s an alien to the public eye..

  • Alissa

    Is he trying to hold on his artificial nose?


    KNOCK KNOCK. Who’s there? LITTLE BOY BLUE. Little Boy Blue.who? MICHAEL JACKSON.

  • ROger spy

    I think he looks amazing!

    Hope he puts out new stuff soon!

    No matter what people say about him…he’s God!


  • ROger spy

    ….I meant, he is “a” God!

  • mjfantricia

    hey mjlook hot at 50 he is the king of music and dance

  • thetruth

    I 100% blame his doctors for what has happened to him. He has a psychiatric condition called body dysmorphic disorder. 20% of people who go to plastic surgeons have this disorder but many are stopped from looking like him due to lack of financial resources.

    Michael Jackson’s doctors had a duty to tell him NO and to refer him to psychiatric counseling. Instead they just ignored their hypocratic oath and took advantage of him because of his money.

    Sad but true. Every doctor who operated on him KNEW he had this disorder, which is NOT ever cured by more surgery but by medication in the form of seratonin and cognitive behavior therapy. I can guarantee you that no doctor suggested this to him but just ran away with his money and disfigured his face further.

  • katie

    hahhaaa ewwwwww!

  • Qbee

    Michael is King
    some people just cant stand that FACT :)

    he looks awesome
    and he doesnt have body dysmorphic disorder
    sheesh some people – are so jealous :)

  • puhlese

    He 1000% has body dysmorphic disorder!

  • Suzette

    I just love this man! don’t be a stranger now Mike with your fine behind!

  • MJ is HOTT

    OMG look at those Jeans

    Michael is looking hott. So glad he came out from behind his mask
    to give us all some eye candy . Love you Michael :)

  • Lilly[;

    I’m sorry, but that Dude Is Fugly.
    He looked Hot when he was Young But now He Just…Ugh, Ugly.
    He Shouda Never Done plastic Surgery On Himself Cause now He just looks like An Ass. But Not the Two Buns, like when u rip apart the 2 buns, there’s this lil whole And That’s what he looks like, An Inside of An Ass. And he may be The King Of Pop But He Sure Isn’t King of Hot lmfaoo[;
    Hot is ZAC EFRON! He’s Hot! :P

  • Amanda

    MJ looks amazing! and yes, I think he is hot, as do millions of other fans! good to see him out looking healthy and happy!

  • lucy

    dudes, should you really look normal to look hot? C’mon. If people looked normal, they’d be boring and nobody would actually be hot. Everyone would be like everybody else – and yeah, that’s plain boring. Michael’s different. He’s not ugly or whatever. I mean – define beauty. Define normal. Define weird. There is no exact line that could be drawn between these things. So nobody has the right to label anybody ‘weird’ or whatever.

  • What

    No matter what…… you can’t deny he’s the KING OF POP FOREVER! I love michaels music and it’s a shame what has happened to him. He used to be good looking up to the smooth criminal phase.

    Still love him though! TEAM MICHAEL!

  • Aileen

    He kind of looks like a hot Korean man, if you squint your eyes! Maybe he can make a comeback in Asia.

  • R.J. From Michael Jackson Beat

    I can’t wait till Michael releases his much anticipated album. Please hurry Mikey. The music industry is flat!




    Everyone needs to build a bridge with this “OH I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT HE HAS DONE TOHIMSELF”… that news is old… sure he had lots of nose jobs.. but the man does have vitilligo and lupus..
    biggest selling artist of all time… END OF STORY
    does elvis hold that record? NO
    do the beatles? NO
    bring on the new mj album!!