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Miley Cyrus Gushes Over Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus Gushes Over Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus opens up to Ryan Secrest about her new man, Justin Gaston, during Thursday’s Los Angeles KIIS-FM morning show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Here’s what the 15-year-old Disney sensation had to say:

On if she’s dating Justin: Maybe, maybe not.

On if her parents allow her to date Justin: “Yes, but I think that right now, everything’s really good. We’re so happy with the way things have worked out.”

On her relationship with Justin and why age doesn’t matter: “He’s been a really great friend more than anything. Everyone started judging us ever since we started hanging out. But after my last two years, there’s been a lot of things that happened, so I’ve learned not to judge anyone and just go into our friendship with an open mind. Not really worried about the age thing. Our family says, Whatever happens happens.”

On what she sees in Justin: “More than anything, he’s really helped me move on from a lot of things and get my mind of of things. He’s a really great Christian guy. I am totally gushing right now… He works with my dad. He thinks he’s really cool.”

Listen to the full interview at

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  • hey



  • Rayt

    “Whatever happens happens”

    Well done Billy Ray. whatever happens happens right? So when Mileys pregnant that’s ok because whatever happens happens.

  • Rayt
  • Nina

    I would never ever let my daughter date that, he looks like a sex addict.

  • hilary

    i love miley

  • Lucy

    Miley is such a great, sweet person!!! I think her a Justin would be a totally cute couple!!! Go Miley!!! x

  • Sean

    Please tell me they’re not sleeping together. But she just turned 16, Can she wait 2 more years ? I DON’T THINK SO…

  • D

    Wow! is that legal for them to date?????????

  • abeer

    First one

  • hum

    he is SO HOT
    lol she is very lucky
    i love him soo much
    its not that bad hes not that much older than her and hollywood makes you more mature

  • boogie

    Whatever happens happens? Stupid.

    If that comment was made by her parents…they are idiots!

    15 year old….whatever happens happens…with a 20 year old man.

    Billy Ray and Tish…shame on you both!

  • alllthegossip

    miley is the most interesting out of the disney lot . visit my blog

  • caroll

    he is so HOOT ³³ u.u

  • bmo

    # 2 Rayt @ 10/23/2008 at 11:34 am “Whatever happens happens”

    Well done Billy Ray. whatever happens happens right? So when Mileys pregnant that’s ok because whatever happens happens.

    Yeah and that is called a felony!

  • Haleigh

    those pictures.. eww

  • Haleigh

    he’s so drunk!
    look, he’s flipping off the camera!

    what a great influence -_-

  • liz

    am i the only one who thinks he’s ugly?!

  • fernanda

    Miley no vale nada es una pendeja k no sabe nada de la vida es mas puta la fea¬

  • Sara

    Its not a big diffrence between them seriously :S

    If he threats her well and loves her and she loves him back,,, what does that 5 years old diffrense change? Nothing.

    People grow up, your just jelaous because she has a HOT model boyfriend and you DONT.

    Anyways Miley go for it, he is HOOOOT. Im 16 and I would sooo date him if I got the chane hehe :D

  • Sara

    chance lol .. whatever I dont care about my spelling on that message lol … My Point is; its not a big deal… Only people who are jelaous makes it to a big deal.

  • fernanda

    Miley es fea,vanessa es la mas linda del mundo ah y la gorda de selena es fea

  • hilary

    go miley <3

  • hilary

    i totally agree with #19

  • ben barnes fan

    He’s out of this world hot!

  • minka

    i wonder what his pink hole feels like

  • .

    he is hot
    miley is lucky

  • .

    miley my idol

  • karina

    I totally agree with #19!

  • hi

    justin is hot

  • hi

    i totally agree with # 19

  • British Latin American

    He seems a sweet boy.

  • OMG

    LOL . . .what a loser.

  • jenjen

    The problem is she is a CHILD, he is an ADULT! And a great christian guy my azz, the pics put that to rest. She will be knocked up by summer. Her parents should be shot.

  • Chandi


    Before you throw the “jus jellus fatty hater” comment out there, please take a good look again at these pictures. Study the ENTIRE picture, not just him.

    Now having said that, dont’ you think Miley’s folks might not mind her seeing this 20 yr old guy because he is ghey? There is waaay too much male bonding going on in these photos! Besides no straight man is going to OPENLY risk being put in jail for a piece jailbait when he can get with legal girls without ramifications. She’s his beard. Her dad has nothing to worry about.

    This concludes today’s lesson in Bearding 101.

  • becca

    urmmm sara only people who r jelous make a big deal? ur trying to sound grown up and like u no wot ur onna bout but clearley u dont sweetie..u sound pathitic and im certanly no way jelous of that jabbed teeeth hillbilly fact is its sik and her parents r stupid fcks hu say wt ever happens happens so bassicleysaying if they have sex its ok cause wot ever happens happens !!!! just saying wt theyv sed

  • boogie

    Sarah # 19

    Of course age 15 ( teenager) and a 20 year old MAN) is a big difference. Miley is still growing up and does NOT need to involve herself with a 20 year old man. Guess her parents are too stupid to understand that.

    FYI…..people are NOT jealous. You sound exacly like a 14 or 15 year old that still has a lot of growing up to do.

  • Foxy

    My goodness. Pure trailor park like trashiness. why would any parent let their 15 year old date anyone much less a 20 year old. disgraceful. Like lainey says…yay for child stardom.

  • SIV


  • sharp

    he’s safe with miley because he may not be into girls?

  • KC

    Listening to the interview made me realize that Miley is a little ungrateful. She said her mom was being cheap about getting her a car for her birthday after they already SHUTDOWN Disneyland for a day?! I know they are loaded, but I mean come on, that’s a lot of money!! And what is wrong with a Smart car? If I wanted a car for my birthday I would be thrilled to get any sort of car.

  • rhoniluv

    Hey bmo! Thanks Grand pappy Billy-Ray to you! (yuck-yuck-yuck)

  • rhoniluv

    Yeah Sarah # 19!!!

    What boogie # 36 said. Hmp!

  • Sara


    Whats matters is how grown up you are mentally, And Miley is defintely older mentally then her real age. Thats why I dont she the problem. So what is she is still growing up? If she was dating a guy who was 16, what would be your excuse to be “upset” about that relationship?? What has that hafto do with anythin .. “she is still growing up” UHHH okey? What has THAT hafto do with her dating thiis guy, would it be diffrent if he was 16?

  • Creepy

    For a 20 year old to want to date a high school girl is kind of creepy.
    I have a feeling he is tying himself to Miley for fame.

    If he really wants to date a 15 year old, then he is a man that will always like little girls and very pedophile like.

    The age difference is still a factor when one of the parties is still in highschool! If she was a full adult like 25 and he was 30, that is okay, however people have to realize that this girl is still in that growing up puberty stage.

  • boogie


    guess you are another 14, 15 or 16 year old teenager that has a bit of growing up to do too. LOL

    Hope you are not the kind of person that gets herself in a situation.

  • Rayt

    Ive said it before but when I was 15 I dated a 20 something year old and he turned out to be a pedo. Just saying. But I dont think hes like that, I think he’s just looking for the fame.

  • gaydar

    is everybody’s gaydar broken or somethin’?

  • boogie

    Sarah # 43….

    mentally has nothing to do with it. LOL And trust me, Miley is still mentally a 15 year old. If she was dating a 16 year old…..then, it’s another teenager- her age group. IF she was an adult like the 20 year old and the man was 20 or 25……does not matter…they BOTH are adults.

    I am not going to discuss this with you, a clueless teenager any longer….. Talk to your mom or other responsible adult.

    I have young grandchildren….so, I know what I am talking about,

    In Miley’s possible situation, it is called- Puppy love. LOL. hope it does not lead to baby love.

  • LEXI

    hwhy does he wear gay shorts and that top is so gay..but happy shes happy

  • ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss