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Selena Gomez is June Carter Cash

Selena Gomez is June Carter Cash

Selena Gomez attends the launch of UNICEF’s 2008 Trick-or-Treat campaign at New York City’s Dylan’s Candy Bar on Thursday. The 16-year-old Disney sensation encouraged the students of P.S. 3 to make Halloween count by helping other children around the world.

At the event, Selena shared who she’s dressing up as this Halloween, which she is spending with BFF Demi Lovato. (It’s one of their yearly traditions.)

“I’m going to be June Carter Cash,” she tells Twist. “It’s something that’s close to my heart because I’m from Texas and [her husband, country legend] Johnny Cash is a really big deal to my grandparents. It’s a little tribute to them.”

Watch the video of Selena share her Halloween plans at

15+ pictures inside of June-Carter-Cash-to-be Selena Gomez

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  • Charlotte


  • breanna

    hi look at my profile

  • vanessa


  • vanessa


  • mz Sass

    She looks so old now.

    The black jeans are nice but not the rest of the outfit (boring).
    She should’ve asked for style advice when she attended fashion week.

  • keyla

    aww she looks pretty, i like the short hair.

    but i liked it long better.

  • emily farsani

    i love selena gomez my idol right here:)

  • ceeee;

    she looks.. like a mom..
    did she cut her hair?

  • JJ

    she looked better with long hair and she’s in a lot of campaigns lately.

  • Anna


  • Sarah

    She used to be really pretty… now she looks like MY MOM!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Good job Selena =).

  • PEACE!/

    Selena is such a fake slutty bitch, MILEY COPY CAT!!!!!!

  • :P

    Used to looooooove her long hair.
    Her new style doesn’t suit her very well. :/
    Her outfit is quite boring also, not going to lie here.
    But she’s doing a good thing, so good for Selena (:

  • SOyoung

    Yay, finally a star who actually wears the same clothes more than once. :P
    She seems so down to earth and genuine – keep it up Selena! :)

  • Suzanne

    Like her long hair better but at least she is rocking this look.

  • Lilly[;

    I Think she Looks GORGEOUS! :P
    And Absolutely Beautiful with Short Hair, Of Course She looks Pretty in any Hair! :P

    SEL Rocks! Haters Shut the Fuck Up! Sel Don’t Need you! Then again, she Doesn’t even Know You, Nor do u know Her So SUCK IT! Sel Don’t listen 2 Ur Haters, They’re Just Jealous Cause Your Perfect! =DD

    Peace.Love.Gomez + Cyrus! :D

  • D

    I prefer her long hair, and edgier look. This is a little safe and boring.

  • kay

    she looks great.

  • lalalandia

    why is this gal famous for?
    I don`t have a f u c k i n g clue

  • Claire, Selena COPYCAT GOMEZ!!

    umm ookaii….

    but is it me or is she trying 2 b like Vanessa Hudgens with that short hair of hers? Because that’s how Vanessa Had her hair in Hsm2 and after that. Ugh this gurl is suck a WANNA-BE!

  • natlie ♥”s brndn

    ummmmm okay.. well she is sixteen HEAR me sixteen and she looks lik 30 or late 20s gosh selena stay your age but she is one of my idols so hhaha

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    She looks awesome!
    Great Girl ♥

  • mary


  • mekayla

    hahah @ #21…how is she copying vanessa with short hair?!?
    ALOT of people have short hair like that….does it mean they are copying vanessa?

    shes my idol. :D

  • Kristine

    Love her short hair :)

    This girl is amazing to everything she does.
    So political and giving back to those kids who need the help & care <3
    Not much celebs would give their time ALL the time, for a cause like this.
    Not even fuckin miley would do this anymore. She’s not focused into everyone around her anymore. Sounds to me, she cares for her LIFE only.. after spending with older friends, family, & trashing every person she hates that hates her or ” took everything she once had”

    Just cuz she changed her look, doesn’t mean she’s copying everyone out there with the freaking same hairstyle from b4!!!
    Vanessa DID have this style, for HSm2
    Who wouldn’t ? it’s cute.
    Plus.. i bet you anything, it wasn’t her choice to get a haircut
    The stylist decides for you, even if the look was used b4.
    Trsut me – alot of girls, may look like their stealing there looks.
    But who cares? as long as it suits them.. that’s all that matters.
    Looks don’t matter towards friendship (:

    I agree.
    Sel was def born and looking good with longer hair
    But a change is always sweet 2 ^^
    As for her style.. black jeans = sexy
    top= not so much :S
    but it doesn’t matter

    she’s one of my idols <3 (L)
    Love you SEL!
    keep rocking ! =)

    PS. Sel is not copying miley.
    Miley is coping Sel, by getting EVEN.
    Besides. SEL is ten times infinity beautiful then miley w/o makeup.
    Cute hot guys.
    Sexy dresses
    And amazing hairstyles.[ headbands, weaves, the color orange don't count.. haha cyrus ] :P

  • nini aka jackieee =D

    like seriously how is she copying vannessa? wow i havev short hair did that mean i copied herr nopeee. i like long and short hair on her =] she probably took out her exxtensions thats why. dont hate when you dont know but then again i dont know her either but i guess im making a GOOD JUDGEMENT. haters go f&%$%$ yo self. sel is gorgeous.

  • Claire (Selena COPYCAT Gomez)

    # To 25 & 26…..

    Who Gives a Shit? She Still has the Same Exact Style Vanessa was Sporting. I Hate Wanna-be’s Don’t get me Wrong, Selena’s A Great Actress. But she Can’t seem 2 Find her Own Style Nor does she have a Good one :P Its My opinion. So Back The Hell Off! =)

    Ps- Ignore the Website Url Link on my last comment, Lilly #17 is My bff I Used her Computer & I Accidently 4got 2 Take off the website Url link. So My Bad. And she loves Selena But I happen 2 hate her So yeah Give her all the credit *Rolls eyes* Peace <3

  • michie

    i still love her..
    she is always so cute and pretty

  • Claire (Selena COPYCAT Gomez)

    #27.. Uhh Like I Said Who Givez a Shit?
    Like Seriously Why be a Copy Catter? Get Yo own Style Selena! :P
    Like Omg ok I was Wrong. I don’t ‘Hate’ Selena Because Its wrong to hate someone u don’t know. but I sure as hell don’t like her. And There’s no reason to be jealous of someone because I’m myself of course :-]
    So really I’m not trying to prove anything I’m just telling it like it is.

  • mima

    wow – ok June Carter Cash!!! One of nick jonas’s all time favourite musicians/influences is johnny cash!! yew!!! can you not see the coincidence!!

  • African Girl

    She is such a pretty girl.

  • tiff

    she looks like a 30 year old well dresses like one and the shoes ew i mean come on!

    my class is doing trick or treat for unicef its cool and its great that she supports and participates in so much!

    she just needs to lighten up her look a bit

  • ambyy_x

    bro, y do all the stars always look and act so old 4 their ages. I mean shes like wat? 16? she dont look nothing like it.

  • missy

    4 some reason i think she got paid for this.

  • britney can’t sing

    Is Nick still dating her?

  • Laurel

    Boring, whitebread Halloween costume. Get some imagination, Selena.



  • Kim

    I have that same sweater, it’s from AE. Love it. Looks great on her.

  • Cynthia

    Love Demi, Selena isn’t even in Demi’s league, Demi is pretty, while Selena is UGLY AND SHE HAS HAIR LIKE A HELMET, IT MAKES HER HEAD LOOK EVEN BIGGER!!!!

  • brooklyn

    I like what she’s wearing. Quite pretty.

  • ;]

    wtf is wrong with people lately?!
    Selena is not a w a n n a b e!
    first, it was her trying to be Miley..
    and now your fuck!ng saying that
    she’s trying to be like Vanessa??
    what a load of B U L L S H i T!

    seriously… get a LiFE!
    and dont say that you ‘have one’
    ’cause if you do, then you wouldnt be
    wasting your time commenting on
    this page!…

  • Anja

    She’s pretty. And cute. I like her, becouse she have this ‘something’ in herself. 4 days older than me :D :P

  • wtf

    B*tch please! She is SO lame. Every (real) Jonas fan knows that Nick is like IN LOVE with Johnny Cash. Like, it’s Elvis Costello, then him. Selena is such a loser. She tries to do and be everything that Nick likes. She needs to be her own person. $20 that Nick is going to be Johnny and she’s being June. LAME.

  • wtf

    And also, her hair looks like Mrs.Jonas’s hair. It looks gorgeous on Mrs.Jonas, of course, but wtf Selena is 16….weird.

  • Shemp lugosi

    Well, she couldn’t be a worse June Carter Cash than Reese Witherspoon was. Still can’t believe that broad won an oscar when she didn’t look, speak, act, walk or sing AT ALL like the Real June Carter!

  • ehhh.

    Okay. The only reason she’s being June Carter Cash is because Nick is crazy about Johnny Cash. Then she uses her grandparents as a way to make it sound like she and Nick are perfect together; like they were just meant to be. There have been many other instances where she did the same thing and I’m starting to believe that everything she says is set up.

  • michelle

    Okay, coincidence or not on the June Carter Cash thing, it’s still SELENA’S business on what she wants to be for Halloween. This is ridiculous! Does it really matter to you guys what she is or isn’t for Halloween? Seriously. Some of you guys are always trying to find something to criticize about her and for what? It may just be your crazy “I LOVE NICK JONAS” phase or something because you guys act really insanely jealous right now. It’s her relationship, it’s her life! NOT YOURS. So stop making it seem as if ANYONE ASKED FOR YOUR CRITICISM. She’s a good person trying to do good things for others. Set up or not, at least she’s trying to gain a good reputation, like all celebrities should.

  • michelle

    #44: Jealous much?

    What’s so wrong with trying to be/do something that your boyfriend likes? Don’t boys do that for their girls, vice versa, every day? Don’t you get flowers because your boyfriend knows you like getting them? Don’t you give hugs because he likes them? It’s like Selena and Nick. If she is June Carter Cash and he is Johnny Cash for Halloween, WHAT’S SO BAD ABOUT IT? Wouldn’t you be a couple for Halloween with your boyfriend? If she is trying to be a great girlfriend, so what? It’s her business.

    You guys are making a big deal out of nothing!

  • mz Sass

    # 47 ehhh. @ 10/24/2008 at 7:13 pm Okay. The only reason she’s being June Carter Cash is because Nick is crazy about Johnny Cash. Then she uses her grandparents as a way to make it sound like she and Nick are perfect together; like they were just meant to be. There have been many other instances where she did the same thing and I’m starting to believe that everything she says is set up.

    I get what you’re saying. She tends to sound “rehearsed” when she talks to the press…and everything’s either “close to her heart” or it’s her “passion”. I think she’s just tries too f*cking hard to sound mature.