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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Head Home

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Head Home

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens arrive at LAX on Wednesday, after spending several days in New York City.

Also pictured are HSM director Kenny Ortega and Zac wearing his Declare Yourself t-shirt. Monique Coleman, Matt Prokop, and Oleysa Rulin all talked about the importance of voting in their own little videos, which you can watch here.

BTW, I saw HSM3 at a screening last night and it was, of course, AMAZING. Zanessa fans will squeal every other second of the movie. As one of my friends said, “THAT WAS THE BEST TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE.” Make sure you see the movie when it opens in theaters TOMORROW!!!!!”

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  • Michelle

    I have 2 see the movie.
    V looks great like always

  • Michelle

    I have 2 see the movie.
    V looks great like always

  • Ana

    Im french, i saw it yesterday (it opened in theaters yesterday ^^) and i just AGREE what u said : THAT WAS THE BEST TWO HOURS OF MY ENTIIIIIIIRE LIFE !
    This movies just AMAZING, even better that the first two !
    Ahaha i cried so hard at the end :p (yep I ADMIT IT !)
    Hope all the american fans will love it like i did !
    Thats def the MOVIE OF THE YEAR (well…for me :p)

  • http://justjared ac

    they can have a rest now.

  • dayana

    i’ll surely watch it!!!!!!!!!!

    go zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!


    go hsm!

  • cherry

    Sweet couple. <3

  • rachel

    I couldn’t agree more, two hours of pure joy. The movie is fantastic, so funny and charming. The dancing is beyond anything we saw in the first two. Just a whole different ball game, they really put their all into this one and it paid off, its just awesome.

  • pálma


  • qwerty

    Aww, was Zac carrying one of V’s bags? That is so sweet! Cannot wait to see it but I’ll probably leave the crowds and wait until it comes out on DVD. Or see it the last day its in Theaters. :)

  • cherry

    They are so sweet :)

  • Will

    It’s been a pleasure to watch these kids grow. The first was magical, the second was fun, but the third is so much better than the two combined. So fabulous in every way. Zac does a great job and he has really upped his game. The Wildcats have done themselves proud.

  • Renda01

    yesterday I saw HSM3 in France It was soooo amaziing i loved it =D

  • kan


    And YaY for Jared for watching HSM.

  • Jenny

    I saw it twice yesterday as I work at a theatre. I have to say I was very impressed, It was actually really good. The audicences clapped and laughed and came out smiling, not many films achieve that these days. Will be seeing it many more times having to steward, but I’m glad to say that I really now won’t mind.

  • JJ for Pres

    Dear Jared,

    Would you please try to be more POSITIVE in your posts?


  • Jazz

    nope, zac isnt lending vanessa a hand with her bag. must ave belong to him.

    surpise him with a bigger peeeeniz ad o.O;

  • Maria

    must see themovie!!!!!!

    they are adorable!

  • Meltem

    love them!
    can’t wait to see the movie :]

  • Jenny

    Thats his bag your right #16. Its an LV holdall. Very nice Zac!!

    ps the movie is the best ever!!

  • Ryan

    HSM3 rocks!! Go Wildcats!!

  • Milly

    Saw the movie yesterday, it is seriously fantastic!! Love Zac!

  • go sox

    So nice to hear all the great reviews from fans!!! But, it’s just pure torture waiting for the rest of us until we see it!! Honestly, I expect nothing but the sheer joy of relaxing and enjoying this movie!! The music and dancing will keep me totally entertained, oh, and of course, Troy and Gabriella.

    I have to say, I have been listening to the CD in the car, and that slow version of “We’re all in this together” gets me teary every time. WHat’s up with that?? I have a feeling I”m going to get pretty sentimental seeing this end!!

  • so into fashion

    can’t wait i booked the tickets i heard the numbers are very very big and nice

  • Boji

    Dear Jared, please stop baiting for another debate or controversy. You forget there are a lot of tweenies who read your threads and go “OMG How could he or how could she, the rat and the back stabber” And then the bashing starts and ugly rumours begin… Leave Zac and Vanessa and Ashley be and just be your nice self. Don’t be another Perez Hilton. Thank you.

  • poppy

    It is well worth the wait for those of you who haven’t seen it. I went last night and the theatre was crowded, everyone appluaded at the end it was amazing to hear. The movie was bigger, better and just so much more fantastic than the first two. They really have done themselves proud. Troyella are adorable, and they had me in tears. Ryan is hilarious, and there are some very funny moments throughout the film.

  • Boji

    G’ morning, Go Sox, you’re up and early.

    Bless the Sweethearts. Good to be home to have some much needed rest. Hope they can get away for a much needed vacation. X17online has a video of them getting into the car at the airport. You wouldn’t believe what the papz asked Zac and Vanessa” when are you getting married?” Reply, none.

  • Louis

    Good that they are home. Next stop Mexico before Austrailia. Hope they get some rest before jetting off again.

    The movie is so good! Good job guys!!!

  • Amy

    Love Zac and Vanessa.

  • Boji

    Morning, poppy. My turn when everyone’s asleep. Am on the other side of the globe and will go for the 2nd showing. I hope I won’t go crazy and cheer with the youngsters. I’ll probably shut my ears if it gets too loud. Am excited with the rave reviews.

  • Peter

    Its actually a really good movie. I was impressed.

  • poppy

    Morning, Boji. Its so good you won’t be disappointed. I had to stop myself from singing, but I have to say I clapped at the end. Its such a funny movie and the whole cast are just fantastic. I really hope you enjoy it.

  • Boji

    Poppy, I’m expecting HSM3 to be a hit in all the Asian countries. I was at a store 2 days ago and they played hsm2 and bits of hsm3 songs over the sound system. It just got me more hyped. They’ve been advertising it here on some of the channels and of course, on E news. If my daughter was around I would have dragged her along with no choice in the matter in the hope of converting her.

  • zanessanr1fan

    love zanessa<3

    thx jared:)

  • smdwh

    I can’t wait!!!!! My daughter and I are counting down!

  • Curiosity

    Can’t wait for the movie…..My daugther and I was planning on going Saturday but I think we will try to go tomorow.

    Love Zanessa

  • team hudgens(ZANESSA)

    finally i will gonna see hsm3 2morow!
    rily cant wait.
    so excited!!!!!!

    team HUDGENS ♥
    ♥ zanessa mwuahhh….

  • rc

    i love you jj.

  • johanna

    HSM3 was the best movie ever!!! I cried so hard when it was over beacuse i know that was the end!!! :*( AND FOR ALL ZANESSA FANS (i am one of them) IT’S A LOT TROYELLA MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http:/// abbie

    I love zac and vanessa!

  • http:/// abbie

    I love zac and vanessa!

  • marisol

    a mi se me hecho larga la esperay ya manana es el dia ya compre los tiket y devo cofesar que estoy casi mas hemocinada que mi hija

  • kelly martineau

    Please post the x17 video of vanessa and zac that the praz say that when are they going to get married at the airport.

  • phil

    Hope it bombs. Sick of them and all the hype for these two over rated actors.

  • kiki

    Saw the movie in France yesterday and was disappointed. Just lots more of the same but more wardrobe change and more music. Very predictable and just ok.

    time for them to move on to REAL movies with REAL actors. Too cheesy for my liking.

  • Lonneke
  • rosielee9


    Hi hope your well.

    The pap’s make me laugh that seems to be the only question they insist on asking Zac and Vanessa and everytime they get the same response NOTHING you think they’d learn by now that if and when they do get married AS ONLY THEY know if that step will become a option with them that as if they would tell the pap’s anyway, they’d be the last to know and to be honest so they sahould be the amount of hassle they give them the less the pap’s and to be honest the public know about that side of their relactionship the better.

  • Angelika in poland

    POLAND Nowy Sącz

  • Jenny

    I also saw the movie yesterday, but I dont think it was that good tho. I mean it was no action, no drama, no fun in it I think kinda boring.

  • allie

    You know if these two fell off the face of the Earth and never were to be seen again that would be great! Sick of them, sick of the teen romance and sick of all the money they make and flaunt it by buying expensive houses and cars. So annoying and not really good actors.

  • Angelika in poland

    POLAND Nowy Sącz