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Violet Affleck Arrives Safely At School

Violet Affleck Arrives Safely At School

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner take their daughter Violet to school in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

Last week, Jen went to the Treehouse Social Club in Los Angeles with her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Violet Affleck.

Ben is currently working on a film called Extract, where is he working alongside Mila Kunis and Jason Bateman.

Jen and Ben are expecting their second this winter. Looks like Jen’s baby bump keeps on growing!

10+ more pics inside of Violet Affleck arriving safely at school…

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jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 01
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 02
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 03
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 04
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 05
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 06
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 07
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 08
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 09
jennifer garner violet affleck safe school 10

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  • kelly


    I hope it’s a boy for ben!

  • mar

    They do not look pleased to have the cameras there every day when she arrives to school….

  • Julie

    She is so stinking cute!!

  • Love Jen :)

    love love love them :)

  • lillison

    why does Jens coffee cup reads Emily?I hope it´s another girl!

  • Ha!

    Crazy, Violet went to school AGAIN? When will she stop? Why is this newsworthy? I love seeing this family, but this is getting old and even more intrusive.

  • Tiffani

    It’s so funny how the celebritiey put their kids in school at the age of 2. Here where I come from that’s call day care not school.


    Does pacific coast really need to wait outside of Violet’s preschool EVERYDAY to take photos of this child? NO

    Does Jare have to buy them? NO

    Let’s all stop clicking on Violet posts and Jared will STOP buying the photos, the market will dry up, and the child can have a nromal life.

  • shammy

    Love this familia and wish the papz would leave them alone when taking their little girl to school. That is not RIGHT! Violet should not have to be invaded day in and out with cameras and people calling at her Mommy and Daddy. Judgement for the papz would be nice. They should be irritated and bothered as anyone would in these circumstances. Also, talk about the stress it adds to Jen during preggo.

    Love Benny and hope they have a wonderful new addition to the familia soon before Christmas!

  • janie

    Violet is so adorable! She has the cutest smile. Such a happy child!

  • Heavenly

    Jared – stop saying that her bump is growing every day or that “it looks like it keeps on growing.” Duh! That is what happens in pregnancy.

  • bambamswife

    Love this family. At least they seem to be normal. Having their family one child at a time and not trying to have an instant family and not giving the children a chance to adapt.
    Love Ben and Jen.

  • heavenly

    Tiffani – it’s called preschool. Lots of people in the world send their kids to preschool.

  • buckeyegurl

    So sweet! Love them.

  • Anna

    heavenly @ 10/23/2008 at 12:30 pm Tiffani – it’s called preschool. Lots of people in the world send their kids to preschool.

    Usually not until they are 3 1/2-4. Kids can learn lots from mom and dad by just staying home and bonding. Kids have enough years to be in school. Not sure why she can’t just schedule a play date.

  • patricia

    Most beautiful family EVER!!!!

    I remember last year here in this blog, there are some haters saying that they were not happy, they were divorcing, bla, bla bla……… BUT here we are, happy dau after day!!!!!

    Where are the haters now?????

    Love this family!!!!

    Thanks JJ for the pics!!!

  • Scarlett

    We don’t need to see pictures of Ben Jen and Violet every single day that Violet goes to school. Give us a break already!. Surely the people who see the pics everyday are getting bored with the monotony of Violet’s school day pick ups and drops offs. It’s also obvious this family wishes you would just go away and leave them alone.

  • Alicia

    Yes please enough enough with Violet going to school!!!!!
    Its boring!!!!!
    …and that is the kiss of death in Hollywood!!!!!

  • Ken

    I don’t think it’s boring… I love it!!!!

  • Clark Kent

    Don’t tell other people how to raise a family, #12.

    Don’t tell other people how to raise their kids, #15.

  • Heather

    Yes Laura and you know what complete strangers want? Yes, from this and many pictures they don’t look too pleased about the paps. Their careers are doing fine too. Ben’s movie will be out soon and another season of Alias will too.

  • karen

    Alias was canceled because the ratings were really low and Jen’s diva attitude ruined the show at the end.

  • Laura

    Yeah, Heather, you’re really one to lecture people on what they know. If you can get on the internet and look at JustJared, surely you can see that ABC doesn’t even HAVE a webpage for Alias because the show WAS CANCELLED two years ago?!

    And like karen said, it was cancelled because Jennifer Garner (along with Ben Affleck) decided to meddle with the show for their own personal reasons and got the character Vaughn killed off. That led to an audience boycott that led to a ratings plunge for Alias.

    Just FYI: see, yes, I know what I’m talking about.

    Along with Forbes’ ranking of Jennifer Garner as the second highest overpaid actress in Hollywood (despite her low salary compared to TRUE A-list stars). Even the studio execs (who give out that information to Forbes) don’t think a lot of her.

    And Gone Baby Gone, Ben’s directorial debut, bombed.

    So yeah, their careers are failing. The best they can do is exploit their kid with photo ops to keep themselves in the public eye so we don’t forget about them.

  • Heather

    Laura I wasn’t lecturing I simply questioned how you knew about them liking the paps. I’m not a huge fan of them so I didn’t know that Alias was canceled, I figured she was taking a break because of being pregnant.

    As for “exploiting” their kids. Their taking their daughter to school. That isn’t exploiting. For someone who isn’t a fan you sure know a lot about these people. Weird.

  • Heather

    Sickitten and meursault, calling a child funny-looking and homely? You must be very insecure. Violet is adorable and always was.

  • the Dutchess



  • Britney

    For people saying that Jen and Ben meddled with the show or that they have “diva” attitudes, how do you know? You didn’t work on the show. If you go on any celeb site Jen and Ben are listed as true A-listers. As for that Forbes thing. *Yawn* You’re probably another one of Ally’s personalities who keeps bringing that list up. FYI that list changes every year and you don’t know what studio execs think of anyone. If you don’t know these celebs personally, no you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Britney

    And if anyone is lecturing, it is Laura with her long-winded replies. She sounds like she has rabies or something. Chill out about your obsession over these people you claim to not be interested in. Not everyone goes on every site looking up information about celebs all the time. LMAO.

  • Adoring Fan

    Love love love this family. Can’t wait for the new baby. Thanks JJ for the new pics of the adorable Garner-Afflecks.

  • someone

    I like looking at the “daily” pics of the Afflecks and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. lol I’m sure if they TRULY wanted to do something about it, they could. I also think they probably will leave Hollywood/LA at some point but are not yet ready to give up or even diminish that part of their lives yet to truly put family first. Of course, that’s all completely speculation.

  • Liz

    violet is such a cutie.

  • To Laura the hater

    LAURA, A LOT OF people were happy when Vaughn was killed off because he was a morose, boring character who was dragging down the show.

    You obviously are a hater because you cant stand the fact that Jen dumped the guy who played him (Vaughn, real name escapes me) in real life. THAT”S why you know so much about Jen even though you profess to hate her You are just obsessed. Leave her a Ben alone, they are happy even though she wasnt happy with the real guy Vaughn. Her career has gone WAY ahead of his and her ex husband too. She’s got 2 movies made this year plus Broadway which is more than they can say.

  • Anonymous

    Truth is Jen Garner killed Alias. She was the star of Alias so she is the one responsible for it’s success and it’s failure and in the last year. It bombed big time because of her just like a lot of her movies, Elektra, Daredevil, The Kingdom. The reason she did the broadway play is because like Katie Holmes it was the only work she could get at the time, nobody was offering her movie roles they were going to better, younger actresses. Jen Garner is the most overpaid actress in Hollywood she cannot turn a profit for the movie companies even though her salary is B list low. So what if she has two movies coming out this year, so does her good friend Kevin Smith and I would hardly call him a star. Kevin who??

  • Adoring Fan

    Sorry Anonymous # 33 actually it was Abrahams who abandon the show to others so he could pursue other projects like the movies. Others took over the writing,producing & etc and as a result the show was not as interesting. Nowhere to go with the Sydney/Vaughn intrigue once they got together so he of course was killed off. It was indeed a good show but it ran it’s course. All good things come to an end. As for Jennifer being the cause of the show ending, I’m afraid you give her credit far more clout than she had.

    Her stint on Broadway was a dream come true for her so stop the lie right there. Get your facts straight before you start flapping your chops. You don’t know Jack.

  • ryan


    hopefully more posts once the 2nd one arrives

    BUT I wish jennifer garner would dress up a BIT more….maybe just a nicer top, nice ballet flats..i don’t know she just looks a “bit too homely”

  • Violets Auntie

    Oh geez, Vartan moved on, why can’t you?

  • kelly

    she is such a beautiful little girl……….

  • XXX

    Actually, it is true that Jennifer Garner was the one who ruined Alias and I can say so because I did work on Alias.

    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck didn’t want her ex playing the father of her baby so they got together with Ken Olin, who was one of the producers on Alias. Affleck agreed to work on developing a series for ABC with Olin, and since JJ Abrams was busy with MI:3, Olin was able to use his influence to get Vartan fired. Garner, Affleck, and Olin were seen celebrating in a restaurant in Santa Monica soon after they got ABC to approve the plan to kill off Agent Vaughn.

    No one realized how popular Vartan was, so when the ratings dropped and the Save MV campaign began targeting sponsers, ABC told Olin, Garner (who was a producer the 5th season), and the other producers to get Vartan back. Vartan had already signed a contract to do a movie in Australia, though, so they were only able to get him back for one episode before he left. To get Vartan to come back to finish the series they had to pay him more than Garner was paid per episode.

    Everybody thought Garner was the bigger star but she wasn’t big enough to stop the ratings crash, but everybody has moved on at this point.

  • Rebecca

    These comments are cracking me up, to presume that Jennifer Garner could get Michael Vartan fired from the show is ridiculous, and the idea that the producers were not aware of how much the fans loved Vaughn, is equally ridiculous because the Sydney/Vaughn relationship was the heart of the show, the killed him off for the publicity and ratings that is all. I actually was in New York to see Jennifer Garner in Cyrano and she was excellent and i actually got the chance to meet her and she could not be nicer, she stayed and talked to me and my family for around 10 minutes and was extremely sweet. So people chill about the Alias thing it didnt happen that way, she is a professional

  • Helena

    Anonymous Garner isn’t the most overpaid actress. The main actress/actor isn’t completely responsible for a show. The writers are too.

  • Helena

    XXX just because you say you work on the show, doesn’t make it so. Anyone can claim anything on the internet.

  • Helena

    I meant to put X.X.X. For some reason when I type it together it came up like that.

    Ryan — obviously Jen doesn’t care about dressing up too much. Why do you? She doesn’t look homely. These just aren’t the best photos of her. When she wants to dress up for events she looks beautiful.

  • XXX

    Everything I wrote is true but I’m not here to convince everyone, people can believe it or not.

  • Oliver Queen

    You’d have to be really dumb to think the only reason why Affleck and Garner are famous as they are is because they have a cute little girl, #23. I doubt people pick up a magazine with either Affleck or Garner on the cover in the hopes that they’ll find pics of their daughter.

    (Gone Baby Gone was a critically acclaimed Oscar-nominee though)

    At least you admitted that that was all speculation, #30.

    Daredevil didn’t flop and I doubt that Garner just HAD to do Broadway with the acclaimed Kevin Kline and stretch her acting chops and get away from all the cameras because she couldn’t find any work after her hit TV show, #33.

    Prove it or shut up, #43.

  • XXX

    Sorry- hit enter too soon.

    The idea that Garner, Affleck, and Olin pitched was that they would bring the character of Sydney Bristow “full circle” (she began the show losing her fiance, and she’d end the show losing her fiance), she would train a new agent to take over in her place (and Rachel Nichols would have become the star of Alias if they got a 6th season), and Sydney Bristow would leave the spy business full-time to raise her daughter (with the occasional cameo, of course).

    That would allow Garner to be with her child so she could actually raise her, which any mother would want. (And focus on her film career) Affleck also thought the hours on Alias were too long, so he didn’t want her doing the show full-time anymore either.

  • Jennie

    I think her career is tanking but Ben is still hanging on, I think he is on the rebound. Catch him hosting Satuday Night Live on Nov.1st.

  • Phil

    Jen Garner, like any parents, probably cares more about raising Violet at this moment and less about her career.

  • Phil

    I meant to say parent and at the moment. I was typing too fast.

  • Claire

    Aww… Violet is adorable. :)

  • linda

    Love this cute family.