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Angelina Jolie Returns From Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie Returns From Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie visited poverty-stricken families during a two-day visit to Afghanistan this past Wednesday and Thursday.

The 33-year-old UN Goodwill Ambassador commented that “the courage, resilience and quiet dignity of returnee families rebuilding their lives against the kind of adversity few of us can imagine shows the human spirit at its best.”

Angie appealed for long-term commitments to Afghanistan and greater humanitarian support for the population as the harsh Afghan winter approaches.

Read the full report at Watch the video of her trip at

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  • Obama/Biden.

    Very emotional trip, i see.

  • aska

    she really is an inspiration

  • love them

    Angie you are the best and continue to inspire me. You a truly amazing! Love you and your family!

  • Andrómeda

    God bless her!!. She is an amazing woman.

  • Theodora

    Maybe she should stop first making violent movies and celebrate her kids bdays with war themed parties. Idiot!

  • tiffany

    Oh Please, stop with this hypocrite already, she should brings theme in her HUGE CASTELin south of france that she is leaving in, by her *private jet *im so sick of this fake hypocrite millionnaire.

  • Charlotte Corday

    Jolie has an opportunity to show the people of Afghanistan that she is a woman of peace by voting against both Obama and McCain both of whom want to continue the occupation of Afghanistan.

    Thus far, Jolie has been a cagey supporter of the Iraqi surge and occupation. Pitt along with Clooney urge “intervention” in Darfur which is a pleasant way of saying the US should go to war in that region.

    Very unfortunate.

  • Sandy

    God bless her and her beautiful Family!

    She is our Saint Angelina!

    Hope she is now safe and happy in Berlin, together with Brad and the kids:)

  • tabitha

    Thanks Jared for the new thread. It is good to get a thread concerning Angelina’s humanitarian trip.

  • julianne

    Truly inspiring…

    Thanks for the coverage….beats the tabloid crap…

  • dorian gray

    wow y’all! she went to that country where they make all the afghans. how cool is that? i wonder how much duty she had to pay for all them afghans she brought back to france for brad and the kids?

  • cj

    what an angel! what else can you say about a women who goes here & there and see things that most people try hard not to see or to ignor it at all cost. she could be living a life of privilege and glamore, like many others in Hw. ange is truly beautiful person, inside & out!

  • http://neleh Neleh

    Good evening Jared.Thanku muaah.
    Angelina is Amazing*Inspiring.

  • tiffany

    Sorry but i don’t buy her photop attentions anymore, i don’t buy this kind of “photop”"hey look at me ” attentions with cameras crew and journalist around that she loves so it’s so fake , and with her private jet standing just behind.

  • alexanderina

    She is truly an inspiration to us all. Thanks Jared for this thread. I am so proud of her.

  • cj

    # 5 Theodora @ 10/24/2008 at 8:50 pm

    is that you, Roaeanne?

  • briseis

    Thank you, Jared, for listening to the posters and putting up this thread rather than the tab lies and misinformation. Angelina is truly an inspiration to most of us, doing this kind of work, which is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination.

    (((Doing the happy dance))) Finally got my W magazine, thanks to Borders (booo to Barnes & Noble, who still has the Anne Hathaway issue). Wow, those are really artistic shots. And I love the use of white space; no wonder they called it the art issue. I don’t get the complaints about the graininess of some of the shots, it was the effect that Brad was aiming for. I remember those kinds of shots that we tried to do when I enrolled in a photography class (and promptly dropped out when I realized I was just a point-and-click, digital camera kind of person, with not an artistic bone in my body).

    Good evening to all the fans. Wish I could see The Changeling this weekend, but it is only showing in one theater here in Chicago, so I will have to wait for it next week.

  • milla

    she is liar and wants show be humam…I hate hear about this trip.

  • uummm

    Angelina has been doing this since she was 25 ! She has been putting her young life at risk, her energy, her passion for the less fortunate.

    All the while another Hollywwod star of nearly 40 has nothing to do valuable other than tanning, flaunting it and doing the nasty dance over again with her former ex !

  • cj

    doesn’t work anymore @ 10/24/2008 at 8:58 pm

    wow, what planet are you from? are you for real?

    i’m out of here. too many stupidoids!

  • tiffany

    cj @ 10/24/2008 at 8:57 pm what an angel! what else can you say about a women who goes here & there and see things that most people try hard not to see or to ignor it at all cost. she could be living a life of privilege and glamore, like many others in Hw. ange is truly beautiful person, inside & out

    She is living a life of privilege and galmour on a huge Castel in france,travelling by private jet……she is just using doing her PR photops for her up “coming movie ” ” her campaign” just for the attention , that is not new with her we already know this manipulative woman now.

  • luvangie4ever

    Angie, I adore you. :D Stay true to yourself always, I absolutely love that about you.

  • http://firefox nieah

    Angie lives her life and does her humanitarian work. Regardless of what those that don’t like her think, she will continue to be dedicated to her work for others and her family. What I love about her, is that she is unpredictable, never know where she will show up next.
    Thanks for the thread Jared.

    I’m reading “Atlas Shrugged” good book. Can see Angie in it!!!!

  • Here

    #14 yeah, she’s willing to put her life at risk just to give you a fake photo-op. gmab. She is a mother of six now and would not be doing this if she didnt mean it. jmo.

  • an oldie

    I admire her for taking causes that are not popular.

  • gina

    I saw the video of here there, and she did look so sad. Such a good woman she is.


    Bringing my posts over here…and the ones for Jennifer Hudson too – because her nephew and sister are still missing soooo sad….

    It’s beautiful to see Angelina continue the great work she’s been doing for more than 8 years now — pay no mind to the idiot haters, who don’t bother to find out that she foots the bill for all of her missions, and flies commercials for all of them AS WELL. She travels by herself and joins her UN team. That’s how she’s always done it.

    For all you dumb jealous hater f**ks and fanistons criticizing her, if she had suddenly STOPPED her UN missions once she hooked up with Brad, you’d be roasting her alive for that too. Get it through your thick vile block heads – you wouldn’t know jack SH*T about these refugees, you wouldn’t see their faces, or no the conditions in which they live, if you hadn’t clicked on the link, read this post and come here to spout off you crazy hater jealous hag.

    In other words, you’re just the kind of dumb COW that Angie is reaching…you are here to malign her, AS USUAL, but you’ve also read what’s going on right now, under your nose you stupid wench.


    CLINIQUA @ 10/24/2008 at 8:22 pm OMG…I cannot believe it, about Jennifer Hudson’s Mom & brother…oh noooo – that’s soooo sad and shocking. I wonder what happened?!! Truly terrible. I hope they catch whoever did this quickly.

    Dina #1, I just wanted to agree with you about that last interview…where supposedly AJ says ’slimy,’ and that one of the kids ‘weed,’ on Brad, and a few other things that rang so false. I’m not saying I’m 100% she didn’t say them, but I am about 99.9%. It just did NOT sound like her – someone is being duped, and I’d like to know who. The only thing I can figure is that perhaps she did an interview with a foreign journalist, so it was in another language, and someone translated THAT (sounds like a UK person), and so we get this odd interview with lots of British-isms, and other stuff that does not sound like AJ. It’s strange.

    It’s so cool, how AJ was able to get out and get back, with NO ONE even being aware of it – damn, she’s like batman. Have you noticed Brad plays along – he distracts papz in the street (much like he did with Zahara in Central Park when Angie was at that moment in Iraq – maybe that’s why he hung out at the bar – to get them away from the f**king airport where AJ was gonna be. LOL Those two are seamless in the way they work. It’s like a f.u. papz dance. LOL

    Got the W (2 copies, and the Hello! haven’t looked at it yet), but the W pictures knock my socks off – Brad did some divine work. The one that touches my heart the most is actually Zee in hat and swimming in those pumps. I almost welled up. I have a feeling Brad shot a bunch of stuff with that almost obsolete film he had to search for — pics that he’s keeping all in the fam, and that will never see the light of day. LOL We can only imagine and swoon. Man that one pic, he is all up in her grill…you can see those lips down to their minute texture, all moist and stuff — he had probably just kissed the stuffing outta her. LOL I’m trying to make out what Shi is doing to Mommy – looks like she might have a powder puff or something. It’s so funny, she has her Dad’s body, you can see it already. LOL long torso, bubble butt.

    Love love love LOVE the whole shoot…W is going to make so much moulah with this, not to mention new subscriptions, then they have this one very cool big insert where they are inviting people to log on, and see the photos that started it all. The advertising dollars ALONE had to be incredible…does W usually have the creme of the crop of fashion in their pages..I mean gucci, prada, rolex, debeers, all of the huge exclusive houses and jewelry. I can only imagine the rates that they got for this issue.

    Will report on Hello later!

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    # 1942 CLINIQUA @ 10/24/2008 at 8:34 pm Update:

    2 dead at Jennifer Hudson’s house; Amber alert issued

    Breaking news. Fox News just mentioned that there are 2 dead bodies at Hudson’s Chicago home. They showed video of the ambulances there and then went to commercial saying more details to come.

    Update (per CBS, TMZ, Fox News): The victims are said to be Hudson’s mother and brother. A child is being held for ransom at another site.

    Update 2: The part about the child being held for ransom is unconfirmed. Fox News and a few others said live on the air that a child was said to be held for ransom offsite, but this hasn’t been confirmed. A child found the bodies of Hudson’s brother and mother, so that may be what brought on the “child for ransom” story.

    Update 3 (per CBS , ABC Chicago News): “Chicago police are now searching for a man and boy, believed to be driving on the North Side. The 7-year-old is wearing a tan jersey with the number 5 on it, and tan slacks. The shooting is believed to be domestic.” Also, “A search is under way for a young boy who is missing from the home. A child, possibly Jennifer Hudson’s 6-year-old nephew, is missing, according to sources. Police are searching for an SUV that was seen in the area, a 1994 white Suburban, Illinois license plate number X584859.”

    Update 4 (per Fox News, Police Officer): The 7 year old boy is Jason Hudson’s son. There is an Amber alert out for him. The cops are saying this is a domestic issue. There was no sign of forced entry into the house. Two weeks ago, Hudson’s sister’s car was stolen; the relation of the two incidents, if any, hasn’t been determined.

    So sad and scary.

    Report Abuse
    # 1943 CLINIQUA @ 10/24/2008 at 8:37 pm from jjb..

    Okay, so the guy who took the lil boy is his father. He is married/dating Jennifer’s sister. Im a try to link some pics

    Report Abuse
    # 1944 CLINIQUA @ 10/24/2008 at 8:40 pm from jjb..another update — MTV

    Julian King, Hudson’s young nephew, who had been living at the residence, has been reported missing. Chicago police confirmed to MTV News that the child may be in the company of identified suspect William Balfour, an African-American male in his late 20s, who is considered armed and dangerous. King may be wearing khaki pants and a tan polo shirt with the number 5 on it, according to ABC News; the Chicago Tribune reported that he is 5 feet tall, weighs 135 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair.

    Balfour had been living at the residence, according to public records, and may have had a romantic relationship with Hudson’s sister Julia, as vehicles are co-registered to both of them. Police said Balfour is believed to be driving either a white Chevrolet Suburban, 1994 model, with the license plate X584859, or a green Chrysler Concord, with the license plate 332K823.

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    # 1945 Neleh @ 10/24/2008 at 8:50 pm Hey all NEW THREADDDDDDD

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    # 1946 CLINIQUA @ 10/24/2008 at 8:50 pm TMZ just posted this:

    UPDATE 8:35 PM ET: Lost in all this is Jennifer’s sister Julia, mother of the missing 7-year-old. We’re told she works as a bus driver in Chicago. Her employer told us she worked her shift today. She hasn’t been seen since.

    I sure pray she’s alright.

    Ditto. OMG. It’s liek her whole family. Sooo terrible.

  • You/Me

    heartbreaking….it must be so hard to see that poverty and displacement first hand…

  • Jill

    Meanwhile, Fugly lays on her ass soaking up the sun….

  • milla

    she is lazy, no like care kids, then she goes to trip.
    She have no interest the people of Afghanistan
    is lazy pure!

  • Here

    For the people who think sh’s just crazy. well, she sure is putting her craziness to good use now.

    #28, she was 19 when she dated shimizu. are you homophobic? Get lost.

  • Here


  • alexanderina

    blah blah blah to the haters/trolls and get a life you losers. You hate this woman so much but yet you all find your pathetic sorry arses on a thread about her. Angie own you all pathetic arses.


  • uummm

    Not impressed @ 10/24/2008 at 9:03 pm And right after she got back to her 20,000+ square foot rental and her servants and nannies, she sat her kids down and explained that mommy and daddy aren’t married because they are not mature enough to commit to one another, but they are committed to collecting as many children as they possibly can. And, gee mommy and daddy fell in love while daddy was married to someone else; but then again, she has no respect for marriage.

    Theodora, you hit it dead on too. She makes movies filled with violence and yet she claims to be so against violence.

    I’m sick to death of seeing this woman’s face. She is a liar and a hypocrit.

    The only things worse than this woman are her obsessed fans who seem to think she reall
    Are you aware that the POPE, one of the richest man in the world is richer than her and has an entire country to his own ?

    Are you aware that UN goodwill ambassador require a celeb status to magnify the problem so that the media will talk about it, public opinions would be intertested and government would be pressured to ger involved…that’s why manny princes and queens who are of doing missions !

    And since when saving lifes should be traded because of the bank account the one who act charitable is loaded ? What kinda of sick logic is it ?

    Your obscene and hypocrit !

  • well

    Yeah When she was doing this stuff when she was 25 and brad pitt was doing a sixteen year old.

  • tiffany

    #26 oh plz which risk are you talking about she is surrounded by a plenty of boduguard, us army and an avalenche of journalists and cameras to take the pix …with her private jet just behind, they should also took a picture of the hotel that she was sleeping in there of 15000 $ the night .

  • DuDu!

    I adore her for what she does.

    you stupid and selfish people…shut the fUck up…at least she does something good and care about others…what about you?You just sit on your ass and say crap about her…how many of you have done something like she does?Half of what she does??

  • magnolia

    Wow, that clip really moved me, the thoght that these refugees will may not have shelter for there families this winter is so awful.
    I was sitting here worrying about our economy but watching this clip really puts things in prespective.
    We really do have so much to be thankful for.
    God Bless Angie for sheding light on this heartbreaking situation,
    she could have easliy found legitimate reasons to not go, such as the twins eating every three hours. She probably had to pump a few days supply of milk for them.
    What an amazing woman, she truly is reliving suffering.

  • alexanderina

    Very emotional trip for Angie and watching that video just breaks my heart. It is so sad.

  • Nery5

    uummm I completely agree with you.

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    Way to go Angelina! Thank you and Brad for doing so much to help the less fortunate. Thanks for the new thread Jared.

  • an oldie

    Oh, Angelina, why don’t you just go to the beach, show your ass&cooch. You’ll get more publicity that way. Jared would have a thread for you for sure. To be seen with the destitutes of the world only brings you hatred.

  • alexanderina

    Angelina Makes Humanitarian Trip to Afghanistan

    (Getty Images)

    While Angelina Jolie can’t walk the streets of just about any city in the world without making headlines, the superstar actress managed to fly under the media’s radar for two days this week when she spent two days visiting returning refugees in Afghanistan.

    Angie, a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN’s refugee agency, spent Wednesday and Thursday of this week touring Afghanistan for the first time to meet and talk to former Afghan refugees as they attempt to reintegrate themselves into the country they once called home.

    “The courage, resilience and quiet dignity of returnee families rebuilding their lives against the kind of adversity few of us can imagine shows the human spirit at its best,” says Angelina in a statement on the website for the UNHCR.

    On Wednesday, the Oscar-winner visited the Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan, home to 20 percent of those who have returned since the Taliban was removed from power in 2002. Here, Angelina got to see first-hand how the large influx of returnees — 850,000 in Nangarhar alone — has caused a drain on much-needed resources.

    And then on Thursday, Angie travelled to the capital city of Kabul, where the population has tripled in recent years, causing massive problems with the city’s ill-prepared infrastructure.

    “Afghanistan has been struggling to absorb these massive returns,” explains Angelina. “It’s understandable. It’s one of the largest population movements in recent history.”

  • Jill

    Not impressed @ 10/24/2008 at 9:14 pm

    So what does impress you, honey? Aniston laying around in a two-sizes-too-small bikini, flashing her ass at anyone in camera range, hoping desperately that somebody will take her picture? Yeah, that would impress a twit like you.

    Every time Jared posts a thread on Angelina, you d-listed hags have to come on here and prove what a fcuking bunch of losers you are.

  • Jill

    Had to bring this over from the old thread because it is so totally relevant to this one. :lol:

    ebmo @ 10/24/2008 at 5:13 pm
    From Outta Your Mind Weekly

    By Sumfuckedup Shitzky

    Jen Gives!

    Not to be outdone by Angelina’s recent trip to Afghanistan the 39 and 5/6ths sort of star declared her mission:

    “I’ll show I can care about brown people too!” She screamed.
    An insider said Jen was “rabidly mad” because all of recent efforts to stay relevant in the news have made her look like a desperate woman who will put up with anything to stay in the news.

    “It was bad enough that Guy Ritchie started dating someone before I could get there”, friends said she wailed, “but Angelina is upstaging me again by pulling something like this!!”

    “Jen is nothing if not decisive” an insider says. Jen fueled up a private B-52 and ordered the piolet to “Fly some where that the poor people live!”

    Dressed in a chartreuse bikini, Jen pulled the lever on the Bomb bay doors and proceeded to generously pelt the region with bottles of “Smartwater” * Always the good sport, she circled the region and pelted them again.

    “She grinned for photographers and said, “this is what it is all about….showing you care”. Just to prove how much she cares Jen then had the piolet whisk her to Cabo for some intensive tanning.

    “I show by example how much I care” she pointed out, “No one tries as hard as I do to look brown. That says something!”

    Relaxing on the beach, with her customary grilled chicken salad, Jen texted her Huvane to get the photos published and to send the people of Afghanistan a bill for the Smartwater.

    *Buy this weeks Outta Your Mind Weekly for exclusive photos!

  • tiffany

    DuDu! , she just cares about taking the right photops PR ,something makes laugh with this blinded lonnies without life is that whene someone is not a a blinded naive slave like theme thy thought we are jealous lmao .

  • indonesian jp fan

    She is truely inspiring woman, no doubt about it. Keep up your good deed Angie, no matter what the haters say.God bless you and your family!

  • Jill

    The haters are losing their sh*t. Angelina gets one great notice after another, and poor Fugly can’t even get her crappy movies released. Life just ain’t fair.

  • tiffany

    an oldie @ 10/24/2008 at 9:17 pm Oh, Angelina, why don’t you just go to the beach, show your ass&cooch. You’ll get more publicity that way. Jared would have a thread for you for sure. To be seen with the destitutes of the world only brings you hatred.

    Ohh she already show us her boobs this summer whene she was changing her clothes just “in front of the paparazzis “in her french castel,we got enough publicity no need to see he hige cooch eww thanks , and idon’t even get me statrted with her kids that she sell to the paparrazzis and magazines….

  • Burn

    What can I say? Amazing woman.