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Dance, Britney, Dance!

Dance, Britney, Dance!

Check out this exclusive new pic of Britney Spears at International Dance Studio in Hollywood during rehearsal last night (Thursday, October 23).

Looks like Brit Brit is working overtime to get back into tip-top shape! According to her official website, “Brit got inspired when she put on [dancer] Tucker‘s hat and she began to totally rock the session.”

Check out more exclusive pictures of Brit rehearsing at

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  • Julia

    own, i hate Britney :/

  • t

    love it, love her

  • john

    britney its pure fire!!!
    love it!

  • jjj

    Yesssss I wish her all the best, It is good to see that she is sane again.

    Keep her on her meds! It is working.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s the best

  • jasmine

    She’s so pretty!

  • Diana

    yay! she’s normal again!

  • dorian gray

    go britney yous is the best. kick out some new boot moves while you black tax some greenbean cans and have mom times with toilet bats. watch out for slot socks!

  • Jerzy

    nice PR

  • minerva

    She looks really hot,quit practicising Brit Brit.

  • blah

    So she’s back to normal then.

  • clara

    I love how people are now being fake and trying to act like she ever was some big talent only because she turned into a trainwreck mess and you take pity on her. Guess it is true what they say about people loving to tear you down and loving to build you up. Britney Spears has never had any talent or substance to her work. She can’t sing, act, her stripper-lite moves completely choreographed are not what I call dancing. Go look up Cyd Charisse on youtube if you want to see real dancing. Go look up Judy Garland if you really want to see a REAL talent who led a tragic life. Britney should not be romanticized just because she shaved her head, lost her kids, career and her damn mind on drugs. I’m not going to act fake as if I ever liked her or her music. It was all fake, manufactured crap with no substance. Period.

  • Britney = God


  • malolm

    this bytch spending so much time on dancing you know she ‘s going to lip synch the whole $hit. nothing change. just like her last major tour. this is her real voice what the crowd hears it the pre recorded version playing. smh

  • Nick Lachey USA

    She’s looking smoking hawt!

  • bc

    does she choreograph her own stuff? she needs someone new, even if she doesn’t. her moves are ALWAYS the same, and this looks no different. just stop trying to pretend you can dance. seriously.

  • marie

    clara # 12

    Shut up..
    So You don’t like her?? Nobody cares loser!
    go and f*ck yourself:)

    I feel sorry for all the haters! They’re so jealous of britney!

  • reen-xoxo

    1.Clara shut up-jeliousy isnt gonna fix ur problem
    2.GO BRITNEY!You are the best & have shown millions of other ppl that even after such a difficult time ppl can get out of depression and be happy again.Thank you britney for being such an inspiration to other people-especially me!=]People who hate britney—you are just jelious!

  • clar

    ha believe me I’m not jealous of BRITNEY SPEARS please. Don’t make me laugh. She’s a junkie and she lost her two kids and she’s considered a joke with no talent yeah I’m so jealous. Believe me if I were going to be jealous of a celebrity it would be someone else. I love how if someone doesn’t kiss the ass of a celebrity and they tell it like it is then “they’re just jealous” Uh no. I don’t think she’s ever been all that. No talent. She’s all hype. She was raised by a stage mother and manufactured into this superficial machine of “I’m innocent, no I’m slutty!” and worked like a robot, no wonder she rebelled and turned into such a f up. I”m just telling the truth. She doesn’t have any talent. And when she was on top so many people were tearing her down. Now that she’s trying to act like she’s cleaned up her act, people want to falsely build her up and act like she’s so great. What music has she done that was any good or memorable or that we will last forever? She’s just a superficial pop star turned druggie to me. I’m not going to pretend she’s so great when she never was, sorry.

  • clara

    You kids need to pay attention to real talent. Not sleazy tabloid trainwrecks. Whoever thinks Britney Spears is soooo great and a “god” has no taste whatsoever IMO. And how do you know she’s so clean? Because she LOOKS clean to you. Yeah she presented herself as a virgin and we all know that was a lame manufactured lie too. She’s just playing into you people’s sympathy to sell records but she’s probably still popping pills in private. Once a drug addict usually always a drug addict. I don’t believe she’s magically cleaned up her act that quick. She wants to let you naive people believe that so you can root for her.

    Any other druggie that lost her kids you would be crucifying but it’s Britney Spears and it’s okay because you feel sorry for her? I’m tired of bad behavior from the likes of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse being glorified and exploited. It sends such a bad message. None of the focus is on sensible, talented individuals.

  • lilix

    Clara shut up u motherfucker asshole! Who cares abt u??? u must be a loser urself… even she’s been tthrough all these things we still luv her. if u had been through these things no one would ever care about u… NO ONE! U bitch…

  • anonimo

    hello, el negro es gay

  • julia



  • meliana

    she is so hot now!

  • dialectic

    if she worked this hard at being a mom her children might not have been taken away from her!

    wow i cant wait for her to lip synch a song! how exciting!

  • Mandy

    Clara i feel sorry for you!
    you must be a talentless loser with no job! Probably ’cause you’re ugly and stupid!
    of course you care about britney! If you not care about her what the hell are you doing here?? Go and find something good to do with your life! You’re such a loser, Every person in here can see you’re jealous of britney spears!
    i bet you’re life is crap…poor bitch!

  • Frank

    she sucks

  • sc

    Mandy and all you other Shitney fans are pathetic losers!

  • emma

    Ciara u are so pathetic if u hate britney so much why are u here? Britney never had the voice, but she has the total package – looks, body, performance, and star quality. That is why she has sold over 80 million albums worldwide.

    Also, Britney cant please everyone. She is human, just like u and me, we all make mistakes. The girl has been thru a lot, the fact that she has stood up and continue to make music shows that she is a couragous woman. Britney is a fighter, a survivor and an idol to many.

  • clara

    “Britney never had the voice, but she has the total package – looks, body, performance, and star quality.”

    I thought the total package was supposed to include talent? And I “lipsynching” to me doesn’t count as a great performer, and don’t she’s all that to look at either. There are far more beautiful and talented stars with atleast some DIGNITY for me to envy. I think your Britney tween dweebs are hilarious getting upset when someone says Britney’s not talented. Hate to break it to you but the sky is blue too, but you’re too stupid to realize that so anyone who says so is jealous right? Funny.

  • clara

    I just think it’s hilarious that whenever someone disses Britney the ONLY thing you teenie bopper fangirls can say is “you’re just jealous because you’re probably ugly and fat” uh, newsflash: not every skinny, cute girl (which I happen to be one of, thank you,) loves Britney Spears. Some of us have actual taste. Furthermore, if I were such a jealous girl why I would praise the hell out of Charlize Theron in the Charlize Theron post, especially considering Theron is 100 times more beautiful than Britney and has actual talent, class and style. Sorry I have taste and want to see real talent and class praised instead of manufactured drugged out trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse and Britney Separs.

  • D

    LIPSYNCHING for 10 years straight is not talent. She is so uninspiring.

  • s

    clara plz shut up i want to see what will happen to u if u would have lived what britney actually lives you would be dead by now so please just go or i dont know just get a life and feel what is like to have relationships and all of that so stop trashing britney and plz stop saying she was on dugs cause you dont even know what happen to her you silly bitch just go.

  • mUFFY

    Clara *clap*

    Britney’s skills = Rhythmless Nation, Stiff as a board, Cheerleader moves, Same old a** boyband moves. She’s can’t sing, dance, act or make ‘great’ music.

  • :)

    lol if you hate her so much, why are you here?? you have your opinion and people have theirs. Have a little dignity and respect others attitudes. Who are you to judge? People are allowed to like whoever they want for whatever reason they want. PERIOD.