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Charlize Theron Rocks The Kasbah

Charlize Theron Rocks The Kasbah

Charlize Theron attends the “Rock The Kasbah” fundraising gala benefitting Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite foundation on Thursday at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

The 33-year-old wore a black asymmetrical Ralph Lauren dress and accessorized with Jimmy Choo’s “Cecil” metal mesh clutch clutch and Cartier earrings. Check out those fierce Dior shoes!!!!

To see the back of Charlize‘s awesome hairstyle, check out the video at (Her mom Gerda is also in the video–she yells at the paparazzi for Charlize.)

20+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron rocking the Kasbah…

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charlize theron rock the kasbah 01
charlize theron rock the kasbah 02
charlize theron rock the kasbah 03
charlize theron rock the kasbah 04
charlize theron rock the kasbah 05
charlize theron rock the kasbah 06
charlize theron rock the kasbah 07
charlize theron rock the kasbah 08
charlize theron rock the kasbah 09
charlize theron rock the kasbah 10
charlize theron rock the kasbah 11
charlize theron rock the kasbah 12
charlize theron rock the kasbah 13
charlize theron rock the kasbah 14
charlize theron rock the kasbah 15
charlize theron rock the kasbah 16
charlize theron rock the kasbah 17
charlize theron rock the kasbah 18
charlize theron rock the kasbah 19
charlize theron rock the kasbah 20

Credit: Vince Bucci/Getty, Greg Tidwell, Axelle; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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45 Responses to “Charlize Theron Rocks The Kasbah”

  1. 1
    2o0my Says:

    I <3 her shoes!! They’re awesome!! =D she really does have good taste when it comes to fashion!

  2. 2
    gabriela Says:

    i love her! she’s amazing

  3. 3
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Those are some funky shoes!

  4. 4
    wow Says:


    She is gorgeous and love the shoes

  5. 5
    bam! Says:

    Love her!

  6. 6
    sofia Says:

    Thank you beautiful charlize for suppoting the fundation ” Rock the Kasbah” as an Algerian-North African i want to tell you thank you ! you Rock ! Kasbah for the people who don’t know what this word means it’s an avenu a quartier, the Kasbah is named from a famous avenue in Algiers, there is some littel kasbah in morrocco as well, you are already doing an awesmoe job in SA thanks again .

  7. 7
    go Says:

    Love the hair. She usually wears her hair short but since Hancock we see her in a longer style. I think she should do Veronica Lake/Rita Hayworth wavy long hair. Would make her look good. Do you guys think she looks better with long or short hair?

  8. 8
    go Says: see the video? Ha ha. I see where she gets her beauty from because mom looks gorgeous and so young. The paparazzi even think she’s nice. Her mom was protecting her. How cute. Why the hell did she say she looks ridiculous?

  9. 9
    gina Says:

    She is absolutely stunning.

  10. 10
    VL Says:

    I do not believe she is 33…She looks older….Not a bad thing mind you…she is not 33.

  11. 11
    leelee Says:

    I agree about what Beyonce said on Charlize on Instyle novembre issue,she said that “Charlize is her icon , Charlize Theron is always beautiful and feminine. I love her couture looks and dramatic silhouette.”
    We have something in commun now Beyonce ! Charlize is my icon too.

  12. 12
    clara Says:

    She personifys the class, the elgance, the beauty her acting is blowing too .

  13. 13
    eco Says:

    evil woman and pls leave America if you hate this nation. Africa waits for you.

  14. 14
    jealous much ??? Says:

    VL shut the hell up you ridiclous ugly jealous old beetch or go find some help to rescue your desperated jealous ugly old self , what a stupid jealous c*nt .

  15. 15
    ellie Says:

    Charlize your absolutely ya great actress!!

  16. 16
    high school musical Says:

    ages fast

  17. 17
    plz you're so ridiclous Says:

    eco you real evil aka the same jealous freak , nice try you desperated full of hate troll ,this is all what you have fund you old jealous freak to spew your non sense idiot hate? hahaha so funny , sorry to bring you that Evil but Charlize loves America and she say it many times,she had the US citizen for your record, she doesn’t agree with the Evil like you George W Bush (and she is not the only one ) that’s the difference,and yes she loves Africa as well so eat your heart evil .

  18. 18
    Ingrid Says:

    #16, judging by your name ‘high school musical’, you probably think anyone who is over 30 is ‘old’. Get over yourself.

    Same with #10. What age does she look? She looks 33 to me.

  19. 19
    chloe Says:

    i love her she is so beautiful , talented , private , generous and down to earth an example to take for all the media whores of nowadays.

  20. 20
    dionne Says:

    Uh how could she hate America when she just fought to pass the test to be an American citizen? She just doesn’t like these idiotic Bush policies. No one with sense does. Wake up to what’s going on in the world. No one with sense does. As opposed to these nobody reality stars and Paris Hilton’s Lindsay Lohan’s that get featured on this site, Charlize has real class, beauty, style, elegance, talent and unlike say Gwyneth Paltrow she doesn’t act like she’s untouchable. She always seems charming and down to earth like one of the guys.

  21. 21
    clara Says:

    hey if you guys watch the video she is there with her exboyfriend Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind. Guess Stuart doesn’t mind huh? Stephen used to go out wit Charlize and he said that she was perfect, a great person and had no flaws at all. If you EX is saying that about you then that’s a good sign. Kind of weird though, because she dated him before she was super famous and he was more known and now none of the photographers noticed him and were all about Charlize!

  22. 22
    dani Says:

    she is naturally beautiful, young, fresh and one damn good actress .

    To the disney cartoon fan…honey go return watch your disney cartoon or go find some acne’ll be busy at least.

  23. 23
    Regina Says:

    #13, yes she’s soooo evil for doing charity work. Seriously, what a pathetic comment. When did she make an anti-America comment? Has your stupid ultra pro-America brain convinced yourself into hating people who do good for that world? Do you worship people like George W. Bush?

    What have you done with your life, loser?

  24. 24
    tj Says:

    Oh thanks jared that’s really refreshing to see this class act actress, it’s always nice to see charlize, we don’t see her often, that changes us from the usual attention *****.

  25. 25
    stunning Says:

    i said once to my boyfriend if i had to leave you one day for someone else that would be with Charlize .

  26. 26
    kathy Says:

    I love charlize, i love her personality, her class act, she is low key , talented, i love the way she take cares of her mom she took her everywhere with her every ceremony,shows..she bought her a house next to hers, she spoils her , it’s beautiful,it’s rare to see this kind of relationships with the actresses, and i love the way she is fighting for the right causes without making a circus about it and screaming about it , and i alsoi love the way that she stay out of tabloids trash world ,she got all my respect.

  27. 27
    marie Says:

    J’adooooooooooooooooore charlize !!!! tu es la plus belle actrice et la plus talentueuse actrice du monde !

  28. 28
    dmc Says:

    Damn i wish i was there she was giving a lot of hugs to alot of people there including fans…outside the hotel

  29. 29
    tiffany Says:

    I like her spicy smile in this picture

  30. 30
    tiffany Says:

    I like This picture too–

  31. 31
    tiffany Says:

    This one too–

  32. 32
    Diane Says:

    Stuart is no longer in the picture, after Hancock everything fell apart.
    No guy is going to stay with a woman who is in love with another man.

  33. 33
    whoseblog Says:

    Eco # 13
    How about you leave the country too??The nation is doing so great, thanks to the unconditional love (?) of morons like you…. And President Bush.

    Charlize is glowing. Like always. Her sense of style is impeccable: Polished and effortless. What a stunner..

  34. 34
    jealous psycho Says:

    Diane you jealous desperated loser again, are you still living in your desperated jealous losey world ? will smith is her best friend and had always been since their work in the legend of bagger vance in 2001, you could only wish, charlize and stuart are together since 7 years a miracle in hollywwod and they are still rocking together , so eat your heart b.

  35. 35
    zoe Says:

    she does not look a day over 30! she always has this classic beauty. i love her fashion choices. video is hilarious. her mom seems really nice. its nice to see charlize so humble too.

  36. 36
    alex Says:

    Thanks Jared for the new pix of my favourite actress&model. She is so beautiful. Love her!

  37. 37
    bonnie Says:

    I love her, she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen!

    Beautiful, classy, glamorous, feminine, talented<3

    She’s my role model.

  38. 38
    clara Says:

    I got crucified by those nutty “Britney Spears is God” fans for saying I don’t think Britney Spears was ever great and I”m sick of seeing superficial trainwrecks get glorified for bad behavior and just contrast that with the beauty, talent and class of this woman. Now THIS is what I was talking about that we need more of in hollywood. Sick of the Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan trainwrecks. Theron is a goddess.

  39. 39
    yes Says:

    # 38 clara , i couldn’t agree more with you, you know you’re not the only one who think that way .

  40. 40
    marco Says:

    Yessss, new pix of Charlize Theron :) And she looks really stunning. I always love to see her.

    PS: I am also so sick and tired of Amy-Lindsay-Britney.

  41. 41
    Charles Says:

    shes the most beautiful woman on earth, absolutly

  42. 42
    alan Says:

    Very lovely, elegant, femine and classy woman. She is also great actress.

  43. 43
    miranda Says:

    She is gorgeous!!!!!!
    I wonder where was Stuart? Haven’t seen them together for a while (she seems to be with her mother all the time).

  44. 44
    Daniella Says:

    I love her hair, makeup, dress and accessories. Charlize Theron is no 1!!!

  45. 45
    Sonicheart Says:

    It’s a new decade and two digit years. The previous ones become two and
    some two form a new pair to become one. She is adorable, the one.

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