Diddy Covers L'Uomo Vogue's Music Issue

Diddy Covers L'Uomo Vogue's Music Issue

Sean “Diddy” Combs poses for the October cover of L’Uomo Vogue‘s music issue with his bow-tie-precious twin daughters, D’Lila Star and Jessie James (they turn 2 in December).

In the cover story, Diddy talks enthusiastically about the upcoming presidential election, the importance of voting, his many successful businesses and the evolution of inspiration in creating music.

Diddy said, “The concept of ‘Black on Black’ in this story represents a level of strength, a level of beauty, a level of sexy and chic that I really want to portray. It’s the future. And it’s not just a race thing; it’s almost a redefinition of the color. Think about how ignorant people actually make the color black represent something negative. Black is so beautiful, I see it in everything I am, as a person, as a man, as a fashion professional. Black is beautiful.”

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  • Ariana S


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think he should be nude and the kids should have clothes

  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    Oh wow.. Finally seeing the real diddy :D After those stupid Youtube vids!

  • whoseblog

    He looks moronic. What a f***** idiot..

    The two baby girls? Poor things.. Sitting naked on those furry blankets with a stupid bow-tie. Style? What style? ..
    Anybody else care to comment? I am just.. speechless

  • miley cyrus fan tayler


    Yeah its hard to imgaine..those babies naked with just a tie on and all those ppl taking pics of them and staring! :O

  • buckley

    double the tacky

  • lola

    ick to the bow ties

  • Erin

    For Crying out Loud, will someone please put clothes on these children? ATLEAST a diaper. Is it to much to ask?

  • teresa

    Is this loser normal, why would you have your kids be pictured nude in an adult magazine spread for millions of people do look at, let that be a lesson to the kiddy’s out there it doesn’t matter how much money you are dumb enough to make it in life, it won’t give you class or intelligence,

  • stella11215u488

    I think its cute they look like little black cupids

    the girl on the right is pretty and looks like her model mommy… I cant so so much for the girl on the left. Did is so racists its not even funny. I cant even count how many times he talks about Black this, Black that, I love being Black, Black pride, Obamas Black, blah blah blahhh

  • stella11215u488

    I think its cute they look like little black cupids

    the girl on the right is pretty and looks like her model mommy… I cant so so much for the girl on the left. Did is so racists its not even funny. I cant even count how many times he talks about Black this, Black that, I love being Black, Black pride, Obamas Black, blah blah blahhh

  • releka

    Where is his other little grl?

  • sam

    So not only has Diddy objectified women throughout his career, but he’s constant enough to add his own two baby girls to the list.

  • http://tess tess

    something really inappropriate with that picture. is it just me? poor little girls (poor little rich girls). no need to be pictured like that – i dunno, picture strikes me as weird.

  • Melanie



  • karissa

    Ewww, he is gross.

  • dialectic

    ok little kids love to run around naked, thats a fact ask your parents ,but on a magazine? kinda weird…how embarressing for them when they get older!!

  • k.

    Ummm, I don’t think I’d dress my little girls up like Chippendale dancers in a national magazine. Or any other time. Geez.

  • GIZ


  • teacup

    He ought to be ashamed – I knew this idiot had problems a long time ago. Sicko!

  • JEP

    Can he not afford clothes for kids kids? I feel sorry for them as having him as a dad. No wonder they have miserable looks on their little faces!!

    He should be ashamed!!

  • wtf

    Those are two fug kids.

  • Nicole

    yea, they’ll hate him 10 years from now

  • anne

    How racist can he get? Every color is beautiful you nimrod.

  • Aimee

    He is so GHETTO! What an IDIOT! He has NO class!

  • Stephy

    Diddy is black trash!!

    Those little girls are fugly!!

  • Mul

    Diddy is an ignorant, classless idiot!

    You can take the boy out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the boy!

  • African Girl

    Rotflmao! Where are the people who police these kind of things?

    I’m talking about the people who got all up in arms about a picture that merely suggesting a mother was breast feeding her baby.

    We didn’t see the breast, we didn’t see the baby,

    We didn’t see the baby suckling the breast, only a woman in a white nightgown, hold a baby covered in blanket…yet she got crucified.

    Here is a man on the cover of a magazine with his naked daughters and people say awww cute?

    Rotflmao! Hypocrisy is so much fun!! :lol:

  • geezzzzzzzzzzz

    He’s so rich he owns a clothing line. You’d think that he can design something for his twin girls to wear other than the bow ties. Damn Diddy. Shame on you. They will hate you for this when they are old enough to know.

  • Bones

    UGLY ugly kids.

    he is ugly too

  • Undecided

    I no likey…Put clothes on your kids and do not exploit them…what a d-bag

  • Shannon!

    isn’t this considered cild pornography?

    please, put some clothes on these poor babies.

  • required

    i bet when he flies he puts them in cargo.

  • wow

    Their girls? really i couldn’t tell. not very cute are they

  • ilovemykittyb

    he is a ugly Ghetto, the ugly monkey babies

  • nysro

    He should take Kanye route, and not do proper interviews… its usually just verbal farts that come out of his mouth…

    and those babies need some clothes.. .tacky looking .. (and ugly!)

  • Angie

    Yea I agree it’s little wierd. Just not right.

  • http://www.the-word-shit-due-to-people-like-pdiddy.com Just someone

    Pdipshit and all his preaching. He goes around screaming how the white man this and the white man that. Seriously, f-u-c-k this racist cunt muscle.

  • ko

    thank god, daddy is rich. lol those little ugly babies will have all the money they need to fix thoes ugly little faces.

  • shan

    Those photos are awful of the girls, I had a video of my daughter when she was 2 running around in her undies and singing and it was pulled off for being offensive, and he can do a professional photoshoot with them dressed like this.
    Mmm seems when your famous you can do anything you want.

  • shan

    I mean’t on youtube

  • nate

    GROSS.. turning his girls into hoes at that young age :P

  • wtf

    Those are girls?

  • wtf

    Wait they’re 2 months or years?


    See I don’t think it’s wrong that they are naked, I mean let’s be realistic people they are babies and you can’t see their privates, and babies get photographed naked all the time, have you seen those cute little claendars, yeah they are naked, now the problem I have with this picture is that IT’S A MAGAZINE! what will happend when they get older and find out everyone saw them naked without their permission? That’s kinda embarassing. I feel bad for these little girls I mean I wouldn’t let my kids be naked in a mag for all the money in the world, shame on him and the mom.

  • blah

    dumbass the babies have diapers on, they are just so fat you cant see them. You ppl are such hipocrits. There is nothing inapproiate about this picture.

  • P

    So inappropriate to but them nude in a magazine. As far their looks, no comment.

  • JEP

    To poster #47:

    If you view the picture of the babies in full screen, You can’t see any diaper on them, unless Diddy has his own line of clear diapers.

    Now who’s the dumba#@?

  • Blair

    That picture is disturbing. What a weirdo. Put some clothes on those babies. That is just not right.

  • kbab

    no way would i let my daughter pose like this
    it doesn’t matter that they are babies
    or that u can see certain ‘bits’
    there are horrible freaks out there that will find that pic exciting
    does it not bother him.. as a father.. that some sick sod will get off to that pic?