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Jennifer Lopez Gets Fashion Fierce

Jennifer Lopez Gets Fashion Fierce

Jennifer Lopez (in Versace) attends the 25th annual Night of Stars hosted by Fashion Group International at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City on Thursday.

The 39-year-old mom and Prince presented the award to designer Donatella Versace.

Jennifer also recently spoke about her new Deseo men’s cologne, which has notes of red hot sauce and whiskey, while finishing with lemon, tobacco, suede and amber. She said, “If you see the bottle, hear the name, there’s an outdoor theme, it seemed right. I’m a stickler for the fragrance. I’ll go back that one more time to make sure it’s perfect. I want to feel like I love it. I wanted to think outside the box!”

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez getting fashion fierce…

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • emma

    ok this time she looks super hot.. a lot of glam..

  • Frenchy

    I must say that here, Jennifer Lopez looks freaking amazing! She looks like the J.Lo of old.

  • Susie

    She looks like a hooker.

  • boriqua

    A woman with real curves BUT NOT FAT!

  • zoe

    the old jennifer lopez is back. she looks glamorous. im not a fan of her but she looks good.

  • voodoogirl

    Someone said yesterday she is not cute or pretty anymore….oh my god some people are fanatics with a big mouth!!

  • http://yahoo rita

    Every since she’s been with Marc Anthony she isn’t interesting anymore, not even after having twins. Marc is sooooo unattractive and disgusting and a chain smoker-how gross. I won’t buy anything J-LO now. Those two together are way too boring for Hollywood. She should have stayed with Ben Affleck. At least he didn’t want her money like Anthony who doesn’t pay his bills and had to pay back taxes. How humiliating. One last thing, how can she be with someone who doesn’t even acknowledge his other 3 kids? Tells you what kind of a person she is.

  • EITA

    looks like SH*T

  • lookng good

    to think she just had twins and ran a triathalon Geez.

  • Sara

    She’s So Hot !!


    Both of them can’t acknowledge they have twins together.. her children
    will be raised by nannies.. and for Marc who has two sons with his ex
    wife and with a NYC cop..WHO KNEW..?? AS FOR JLO HOW MANY
    men are going to buy her men’s fragrance??

    Who wants to go around smelling like that?? So she takes over the
    evening why not honor Jlo instead..?? Why Versace..give Jlo the
    award… Since we haven’t heard anything about her Jr. Jlo line or
    any other clothing line since..

  • k.

    She’s beautiful but I can’t stand her because she sucked the life out of Benji and his career still hasn’t quite recovered.

  • Stephan

    God those curves ! she looks amazing !!

  • boogie

    pretty made-up face.

    hips? need to lose there ! LOL

  • INK


  • LT

    Finally getting her groove back! I used to think she was interesting…now, not so much. She comes off now like such a fame whore. Too much into $$$. She needs to be more down to Earth. No one can identify with her or wants to. I’m positive Marc has a really ‘Big One’ or she would move on…her ego is so huge. At least she got her make-up right…don’t go back to the hard red lips…this look at least is flattering…even though I hesitate to flatter her. She digs wearing dead animals…not cool JLO, not cool!


    Well here we go again.. Another Katie Holmes moment.. quite …
    This is suppose to be a evening for everyone else so where is
    Karl Lagerfield or is Jlo bigger than he is..?? Since she is in every
    single photo… Who cares about Versace winning an award Jlo was
    there and that is way more important … Let’s see now how did Jlo’s
    line do this year since no one is talking about it…and how her business
    partner Mr. Hilfiger left her .. she has not been showing her high end
    line on the fashion week world wide.. this year.. so what makes her
    more famous that Karl or Versace!

  • Julie

    She always looks like she has a bad case of hay fever/allergies

  • LT

    Her High-End ain’t so High anymore…

  • athena

    She looks stunning…she is the epitome of Glamour.

  • anonymous

    I find that severe doughnut updo awful on her. Doesn’t she know that, loose, soft updos are more in now. And I hate when she does that “squinty-eyes-open-sexy-mouth” face, it looks so fake and someone needs to tell her it is not in the least sexy!!

    She’s lost her looks, she’s obviously not unattractive, but she’s not really gorgeous anymore no matter what she wears or does with her hair. And I agree, she is so uninteresting. Even the fact that she is a mother has not humanized her, she still looks spoilt and full of herself. I stay Jlo time in the spotlight has become more like

  • amanda

    she looks stunning,really like in her old days

  • UGly Lopez Butt

    Pretty? Not so much! Did you see her ugly, old tired looking face without makeup when she ran that phoney marathon? She didn’t make it because her three ton butt dragged her down. She is never at home with her twins, I can just imagine what they look like. Little lizards by a lizard looking husband.

  • Gia

    She used to be the epitome of glam but she isn’t anymore.I agree with Rita.Marrying Marc was the worst thing she ever did.Her and Marc look the hispanic version fo Bobby and Whitney.They are so fake with their over the top lifestyle,they make themselves look like cartoon characters. i miss the old jlo.Now she just looks like the cheap version of herself

  • ellie

    Jennifer lopez you are so super hot looking, beautiful. looking forward to seeing the wins again!!

  • ellie

    twins again .

  • voodoogirl

    blablabla blablabla ugly face???Come on lady,you don´t have to think she is special or pretty, but please
    Why she has to show her twins in every event she goes? Can´t these children have a normal childhood??Must she carry her children in front of the cameras all the time to show people like you the good mother she is??
    And of course she is a successful businness woman with her fragances and clothes;only with her fragances $250 millions in the last year

  • andamentothat

    the outfit is pretty but not on her.. and why does she stand like that? She is wearing spanx and still doesnt look all contained. Nice color, great hairstyle but she still doesnt pull it off.

  • Helena

    Rita — Ben broke up with J-LO. So even if she wanted to stay with him it wouldn’t have worked out.

  • Helena

    That is a gorgeous dress.

  • Carrie

    >>>>Pretty? Not so much! Did you see her ugly, old tired looking face without makeup when she ran that phoney marathon?>>>>

    Big difference it is, but she uses some of the best make-up and hair stylists in the world. She may even pay $10,000 a whop and they are skilled enough to totally transform her face with the art of make-up, and her hair stylists uses all kinds of fake hair and wigs, along with a wardrobe consultant that brings her different outfits to choose from.

    I’m sure it takes hours and hours for her glam squad to get her photo-ready for the public, so its so hard to believe that she has time for her kids when she out posing for the cameras just about every other day.

  • teacup

    Okay the haters are in the house..
    I think she looks amazing – and to the blogger who said that Marc, doesn’t see his other children, do you live next door to them to know this? or do you just listen to the bull that’s put out there. Marc, is good father to all his children this is what the mothers of his other children say when they get interviewed. Marc, is best thing that happened to Jennifer, She’ in a good place you can see how happy she is.

    Thank goodness she dumped Ben. Which by the way a lot of you don’t want to admit – it came out of Ben’s mouth on the tonight show with Leno, 4 years ago . You may want to check the leno archives if it really matters to you that much. Maybe then you’ll give it a rest.

    Ben’s movie career was over way before he met Jennifer. The man can’t act period!.

    As far as money goes Marc, has his own millions he doesn’t need Jennifers. For those who don’t know him he is a well known music artist here and throughout Latin America. So deal with it and stop hating so much…..

  • Linda

    Teacup — You couldn’t be wrong in your comment if you tried. You’re a well know hater on the Affleck/Garner posts. Stop being such a hypocrite.

    The other mothers took Marc to court because he wouldn’t pay child support. Where did they ever say he was a good father? It sounds like you’re the one believing the bull out there. There have also been numerous sources saying he is a drug-addict.

    Ben Affleck dumped Lopez. It’s a well-known fact. Thank goodness too. He looked miserable with her. Even Affleck’s mother said so. It has nothing to do with admitting anything. Obviously you still haven’t gotten over it, or Ben wouldn’t get brought up in every Lopez post. Ben’s movie career wasn’t over. He was the reason Lopez was ever considered an A-lister. As soon as he dumped her, nobody barely talked about her.

    The man can act, surely better than you’re idol. Everybody couldn’t stop talking about how horrible she was in Gigli.

    He’s obviously only popular in Latin America because nobody cares about him here.

  • Linda

    J — Not going anywhere? Is that why the few sites that ever post her categorize her as a F-lister?

  • Linda

    And my bottom statement was about Marc Anthony by the way. Either way the Lopez fans keep bringing up Affleck, so that Lopez gets more hits because she barely gets any comments.

  • The Truth

    Teacup is full of bull. Where are there interviews with Marc Anthony’s exes saying he’s a good father? He’s not relevant enough for anyone to care. Linda is right, he was in court for not paying child support. Even look it up. Doesn’t sound like someone who cares about their kids. Then again, he deserted his wife for Lopez. After Ben dumped Lopez, she decided to go back with Marc because that’s all she could get. Best thing that happened to her? If you say so. Anyone can appear happy, it doesn’t make it so.

    Ben dumped Lopez. You can look up it anywhere. Sources close to the couple said so and Lopez’s mother even said he dumped her daughter and that she misses him. I’ve seen the episode of the Tonight Show and he never said she dumped him. He said they broke up. Everyone knows he dumped her but he obviously has no interest in talking about it. Thank goodness he dumped her too. The best thing he ever did. You, give it a rest since you’re only adding to it.

    Ben’s movie career was far from over way when he met Jennifer. He still has a movie career, unlike her. The man can act period. She can not.

    If Marc had millions, he would pay his child support without having to take it to court, unless he’s that cheap and doesn’t care about his children. Pathetic. He may be “well-known” there but he isn’t here. So deal with it and stop lying so much.

  • The Truth

    Oh… and don’t talk about “hating”, you do plenty of that already on other threads. Hating isn’t the same as telling the truth, which you obviously can’t take. Everyone is just telling it like it is. You just hate to hear the truth about Lopez.

  • NancI Black

    Bets on …………….this isnt her last husband. I give it 6 years Tops with Mark she will move on. Ben Broke Her heart.

  • eb

    say what you will about Jennifer Lopez but the girl knows how to dress. She and Charlize Theron are the best dressers in hollywood. Always look glamourous and amazing. And she’s got great curves like an hourglass. Atleast she isn’t as big a media whore anymore ever since she got with the private Marc Anthony. But then people aren’t as interested in her anymore especially with Brangelina around. Anyway admit it, she can DRESS!

  • Good Victoria

    AGREE NUMBER # 11…….I cannot think of a more yucky cologne, then that one….Who in their right mind would want to smell like tobacco and whiskey ?…..Then they put in a twist of lemon….EWWWWW !!!!….He or she would smell like a nicotine , whiskey stick, cleaning their table with Lemon Pledge…..Celebrities need to stick to with what they do the best….Whatever that is !!!…They are NOT experts on everything in the free world and beyond!

  • Linda

    Liza84: no I’m not freaking ridiculous. Obviously you can’t take the truth about your idol. Go on and she is a regular posted there. I don’t have time to go on every celeb site, but many have called her a F-lister. Posting one link doesn’t prove that she isn’t and nowhere in what you typed did it say that she wasn’t a F-lister.

    I don’t care what you think. I’m not a hater or an obsessive fan like you. All those people you posted are not F-listers. She wasn’t in all of the news here at all, so you can cut the crap. You would only read the good things posted about her and not everything else that isn’t bias.

    Even if the news brought her up, it is because she was among other celebs at like you said, an important conference. What does her being Latina have to do with anything? You’re obviously very insecure and have a deep complex. Sad that she is the most powerful and well-paid one, considering she is no longer relevant and has no talent.

    No, not in my “hater” mind in the realistic mind not the obsessive mind like you who bows down to her like a God. I am over her, like everyone else; it’s entertaining to come here and see how angry some weirdos like you get when they feel their idol is getting insulted.

    Jen and Ben are happy? I never said they weren’t. I only said how pathetic it is that people like you can’t get over the fact that he dumped her. I’m not the one obsessed with her. It’s clear you are. She may have been a star while she was WITH those people, but not without and surely wasn’t an A-lister until she was with Ben. Ben is well-known in Hollywood, so you don’t need to worry about that. Unlike Lopez he is still talked about and listed as an A-lister. He didn’t like all the paps which is the reason he broke up with her, because she loves attention.

    Ben was famous, obviously in your “hater” mind he wasn’t. He’s always on the most powerful lists for Hollywood. You probably don’t see Ben and Garner in the tabloids and such because you don’t look for them. Unlike Lopez they get posted many times. As for your last statement. Pot. Kettle. Black. You should distinguish your dreams of Lopez from reality because I’m only speaking the truth.

  • Linda

    And I’m not going to turn this into an argument because you’re one of those obsessive fans, so far from reality and truth that you will only stick by what you think of your idol. I’ve stated my opinion, you have yours. I’m not changing mine and I’m not here to change anyone’s either, because I could care less. The fact that you made such a long-winded reply to my one statement shows that I hit a nerve in itself. Ha! You sound like you have rabies or something. Get over the fact that not everyone is madly in love with your idol. It doesn’t take a “hater” to speak the truth, which you obviously can’t take.


  • Linda

    Oh and as you say that Garner/Affleck aren’t posted much. Even look on the site you’re on. They are in the list of most popular celebs. No Lopez. Ha!

  • liza

    OK OK You are not obssesive,you don´t care about lopez,you are not obssesed with ben…haha I´m waiting for your comment in the next jennifer post. You don´t bring the link with the information,ok…I´m not talking about blogs where a hater with no life and a lot of time hurls (i´m not talking about jared,you know,just others sites). I´m talking about magazines, TV Shows,news and internet sites like people,eonline and sites likes that. Of course these people of the conference are not f-listed,it was irony,dear. You don´t have any evidence about your dreams of jennifer,because a person with any reputation or fame like you say is not invitated to a high level conference like the other day,she is not the vip guest in night with the star,and she isn´t in all the “serious” internet sites,televisions and magazines.Yes,she is the most powerful latina.Yes,she is the most well-paid latina. Yes,she is in the list of well-paid actors in hollywood or A-list. I´m not saying jen garner and ben aren´t famous,they are famous. Jennifer is famous. They have their life,they are happy, and jlo has their family and she is happy. So please,get over jennifer was once with ben, go to the jen-ben post and stop lying about jennifer,if you don´t like her why are you always here??Is she so interesting for you?Come on ,leave her alone.

  • malia

    for those people who are judging her get a life aleast she has a glamous life!! she has a life unlike yous on the computer…omg seriously get a life LOL!!

  • Linda

    Making one comment doesn’t make one obsessive. You’re the one constantly typing about these people too. I’m sick of you stupid Lopez fans spamming the Affleck/Garner posts all the time and then when it happens to you, you can’t take it. Stop being a hypocrite. I’m not obsessed nor care that much for Lopez. You can wait for my comment in the next post, but it won’t be there because I don’t care. I don’t have time to go through celeb sites looking for when they called her a F-lister. I saw them at the time and moved on. It wasn’t a blog or haters either. I have a life and not much time. I barely look up anyone on this site to begin with. I know you were being ironic, that wasn’t the point. I don’t have any “dreams” because I could care about the status of someone. I also don’t understand why you keep bringing up the fact that she is Latina. Everyone knows that, it’s irrelevant. She is certainly not an A-list. She was at one time, but not anymore. Obviously only in your dreams she is. I am over that Lopez was with Ben, if you could read you would see that is was the fans that bring up Ben every time. I was replying to them. I do go on the Garner/Affleck posts. I don’t come here all the time. This is the only Lopez post I have ever posted on. Nothing I typed has been a lie. How would you know what is a lie when you’re an obsessive fan that can’t take criticism about your idol. Yes, it is interesting to see how angry people get when someone they don’t even know gets commented about. Leave her alone? She doesn’t come on this site and I’m sure could care less what people think of her.

  • Linda

    Just because they type about your idol doesn’t mean the site is garbage. The site was linked onto ONTD, another blog that calls her a F-lister. I myself don’t go on F-lister, but since you seem to know so much about it, you must be the horny teenager, you’re speaking of. How dare I? LMAO! Why do you care what someone says about someone you don’t even know. I can say what I want. It’s called freedom of speech and I will continue to say what I want whether you like it or not. How dare you tell people what to type just because you’re an obsessed fan. The only one who should be ashamed is you. I know I’m ashamed for you, for being so pathetic.

  • Linda

    Marlia speak for yourself. You’re also on here on your computer. Take your own advice and get a life because you can’t possible know about the lives of others. LOL. Nobody is judging her, you just can’t take the facts about your precious idol. LMAO.

  • etta

    she looks fierce, fab and glamourous LOVE HER xoxoxoxo

  • Linda

    Anyways — this is stupid and I don’t want to argue anymore so let’s leave it at that.