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Matt Damon Travels One By One

Matt Damon Travels One By One

Matt Damon step out in hand-made Ferragamo Tramezza shoes while supporting the San Francisco launch of the ONEXONE children’s charity on Thursday held at The Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, Calf.

The 38-year-old actor vows he’ll teach his kids about the less fortunate. Matt told People: “It’s a hard thing to explain to a kid. And it is also unbelievable the way other kids are forced to live… The way you have to parent them is to show them the world… You can read about devastation every morning – it’s on the front page of the newspaper – but when you actually go there and see it, you realize this isn’t something you can turn the page on.”

Other pictures include Matt and wife Luciana catching a departing flight out of LAX airport with their two daughters, Isabella, 2, and Gia, 2 months. Poor Isabella doesn’t look happy to be going through security!

For more info on Matt‘s charity, visit

10+ pictures inside of Matt Damon supporting ONExONE…

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Credit: Matei/Radcliffe; Photos: Don Feria/WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • allie

    That’s adorablee.
    Haha, i love that little girl.

  • sienna

    Kids tend to be more fussy after they have a sibling especially when she is going through her terrible two :) She is beautiful. I bet Gaia too. Theirs is a beautiful family. :)

  • Love Matt

    THANKS JARED!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Matt is looking hunkilicious as always. Love all he does, love him!

  • Jane

    Isabella is such a cutie with attitude.

  • sherri

    being in public and having your kid throw a tantrum is propably at the top of every parents’ “most embarrassing” list. She is quite cute though.

  • mm

    Thanks for the pictures. It’s good to see Matt! His daughter appears to be acting like a two year old.

  • dina

    He seems like a cold father to me, that little girl never looks happy to be in his arms.

  • andamentothat

    taking kids through airport security and the flight.. thats got to be the number one stressy thing for any parent.

    A few days back we saw Shiloh showing some attitude on the tarmac to mama Ange and now its Isabella’s turn. Suri has her days too, so do Kingston, Moses and Ryder.. Violet is probably the only kid who hasnt been photographed in a public tantrum scenario..

  • karissa

    I’d be unhappy if I had an a** **** dad like him.

  • josh

    I can’t stand him. He is a freak.

  • robin

    Pretty soon there will be no such thing as a less fortunate person. Nobama is going to spread the wealth around so everybody can live like Matt Damon.

  • marcus

    I plan on quitting my job if obama wins so I can have some of Matt Damon’s wealth spread my way. My whole family is going to quit. There is no incentive to work hard to get ahead in America anymore. It is just hand your money to the government and let them distribute it to whomever they see fit. Especially if you vote democrat.

  • jj

    I am going to take some of Matt’s money too. I can’t wait.

  • Mary

    I have lost all respect for matt because he is so mean and nasty. He can vote for whomever he wishes, but to bash a woman he has never met because he does not agree with her politically is just wrong. I will never go to any of his movies again and I will buy tabloid magazines who follow these ego maniacs around and make their lives miserable.

  • gusgus

    He is a looney lefty. Crazy

  • terri anderson

    Why does Matt think we are too stupid to figure out who to vote for? I don’t understand. He just comes off as uneducated and uninformed. I bet he didn’t even graduate from high school.

  • Janie

    I don’t agree with what he said about Palin, but he still seems like an affable guy. I can see why people don’t like him and he gets on my nerves sometimes too but he seems to have a good personality. I’m not talking about politics, just in general.

  • Janie

    I don’t agree with what he said about Palin, but he still seems like an affable guy. I can see why people don’t like him and he gets on my nerves sometimes too but he seems to have a good personality. I’m not talking about politics, just in general.

  • erin

    I read a funny blog this morning when someone said that maybe matt’s wife could give advice to Sarah Palin’s daughter about what it was like for her to be a pregnant, unmarried teenager. Matt’s wife gets around.

  • ralph

    Janie – I respect your opinion but he said nasty things about a woman he never even met just because he dosn’t agree with her. He also thinkds that the American people are too stupid to figure out who to vote for. He should apologize but I am sure he won’t because he is out of touch with regular Americans.

  • rexxy

    Matt Damon has no class.

  • amanda w

    Hey Matt – how about those red sox.


    Applause for all the hard work Damon does.

  • jones

    where did he meet his wife? Sluts r us

  • jones

    What hard work. He needs to keep working. I am going to get some of his wealth. Keep working Mr. Damon.


    Matt needs to have a talk with his publicist before he says things like
    Sarah Palin… And he could get some lessons from Ben on holding his
    daughter… She does not want anyone else but her mother.. Matt should be holding Gia and have Lucianna hold Isebella..

    Seeing how Lucianna is standing their when Isebella goes through
    security..Where is David Arquette he was at the ONEXONE EVENT..

  • ellie

    awww she’s still so cute when she cries tho haha

  • -V-

    @16 I think he went to Harvard.

  • whoseblog

    #11 – Robin, #12 – Marcus , #14 Mary and all the other members of the Morons family.. How about YOU GO tell Palin that you want to share the wealth of all the hard-working Americans, who lost their homes, savings and retirement accounts under the o-so- lovely Bush administration??..
    (You would think that in the midst of an unprecedented economic fiasco, morons would come back to their senses.. Nope, they r lost forever.. )

    Matt Damon? Great career. Great films. Great acting chops.
    He is not a politician. Who cares about his political views. Who cares if he is the biggest asshole around the block. He is (just) a f**** actor. And a great one.

  • sayagain?

    to the person who is quitting ur job, are u part of some inbreeding community that has rendered u impaired in some way? for u to take things so literally makes u sound like u are. i am surprised u and ur family even have jobs. did walmart have a shortage of employees in ur area or something?

  • jones

    whoseblog. It is not the Bush administration who started this economic problem. The economy was fine until the democrats took over the House and Senate 2 years ago. Back then Barny Franks was sleeping with a high ranking member of Fannie. Chris Dodd was taking sweetheart land deals as well. This problem started when the democrats took over. I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed that President Bush did not act sooner to stop this crisis. But it was Barney Franks that said that Fannie and Freddy were sound investments just a few short months ago. It is those two boobs that I fault for this economic demise. But of course you are probably a left-wing looney who will never see any fault with your representatives. I will be almost relieved if nobama wins because when the economy truly falls apart and jobs are lost by the thousands – you won’t be able to blame Bush for that. Besides Biden says there will be some major security crisis in the first 6 months of obama’s administration. That statement (and man) scares the hell out of me. He is not the brightest bulb in the bunch.

  • sayagain?

    to the person who took “spreading the wealth” literally, do u also take the word “maverick” literally?

    maverick: an unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it.

  • marcus

    Oh sayagain? I was only kidding. I am not quitting my job. Just making a point that there will be no incentive for Americans to work hard to get ahead if obama administration is going to take the profits of my labor and spread them to people who choose to stay home. That is NOT the American way. 40% of the people getting that money pay NO income taxes at all. They will just be getting a check. That is UNFAIR! I work in state government and have studied his plan and think that it is reckless and UNAmerican.

  • Mul

    Isabella is very cute.

    At least she doesn’t look like her mother who is very ugly!!

  • molly

    Sayagain? Nobama said today that he meant “spread the wealth” . He stands by that statement. He was not kidding. He is going to tax the hell out of small businesses of which my husband is a small business owner. He owns a small concrete business and works all year round, 7 days a week (most weeks), 14 hour days, and he takes only 5 holidays off a year. He works his ass off. I am truly afraid that his business will not make it under an obama administration. You can joke all you like about taking that statement seriously – but he did mean what he said. This horrible economic plan will KILL the economy. It is not the least bit funny to my family.

  • whoseblog

    # 31 Jones: The whole wide world (me included) is stunned (and horrified) by what happened to this country.. Since Bush happened. (I bet you never left the country either.. )
    But hey, ignorance and Palin is, what keeps American middle class going.. Until it hits the wall :)
    (Agreed: Biden isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree either)

    I don’t vote, Jones. I only do entertainment.. and celebrity blogs.
    So should you ;- )

  • jones

    Well whoseblog. Since 9/11 – how many terrorist attacks have taken place in the USA? None. Say what you will about President Bush (and i am sure you will) BUT to me, I am truly grateful to him and our brave soldiers fighting for your right to say stupid stuff. Who would have thought on 9/12/01 that we would have made it to 10/24/08 with NO terrorist attacks here in the USA. To me, President Bush has done a good job keeping me and my family safe. I pray every night for the soldiers who didn’t make it home and for their families. They are truly heros. I do not appreciate Mr. Obama’ s statement that our brave soldiers are air raiding villiage and killing civilians. He does not know what he is talking about. I think that is why when the soldiers were polled as to who they wanted as their commander and chief they picked John McCain 68% to ombama’s 23%. That speaks volumes to me. They should be allowed to pick their boss.

  • jones

    By the way – why do you even bother writing about this when you don’t even vote in the first place. I don’t understand.

  • brat

    cute kid but what a brat glad i wasn’t on that flight..

  • amanda

    Matt didnt bash women, he said things about Palin, who happens to be a woman..there is a difference. He didnt say WOMEN werent qualified, he said PALIN wasnt qualified…there is a difference. Some of you people are so stupid, i can see why you are voting for McCain. Stupid is as stupid does.

    and jones…how many attacked did we have before 9/11? none. your point is one of the dumbest points I have ever heard.

  • Adoring Fan

    Matt is awesome. Great dad and family man. Very talented actor and has more political savvy than most people. What’s not to like? The dude is right on point. Love him and these tender moments with his little princess, PRICELESS. Go Matt! You’re the man.

  • theoriginalbiotch

    Jared, might try monitoring your posters. the one palin loon posting as like 6 different people is on a roll. Calm down honey. you and all your personalities can go and cast your vote for Grampa Munster and Caribou Barbie soon enough. And I’m sorry, what’s their platform again? You know, besides continuing Bush’s policies and bailing out corporate jackazzes? Righties luv to through mud but can’t give their candidates stance on anything. Does brown skin bother you that much luv?

  • jones

    Amanda – what grade are you in. There have been a few attacks while Bill Clinton was President. The attack on the USS Cole, there was an attack on the World Trade Center both attacks during Clinton’s reign. So Amanda either you are still in middle school because you were too young to remember these attacks or you are just plain stupid. I think the later.

  • jones

    oringinal bitch. How fitting your name is. I would rather vote for McCain than Black Jack and Blackie O.

  • jones

    Amanda is it past your bed time or are you reading up on the terrorist attacks in the USA. I don’t think they cover that material in school until you hit 8th grade.

  • theoriginalbiotch

    of course you would. and again, what’s the platform? or does inbreeding not allow you to think past Obama’s a n@@@@@!!!!!

  • jones

    Hey bitch – did you just call obama a niger. That is horrible. I can’t believe it. You are a racist.

  • jones

    Hey bitch – I was unaware that New Yorkers are inbreed but if you feel the need to insult me – have at it. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. It dosn’t bother me. I know that I have taken alot of time and research so that I can make an informed vote, and it appears that you want to vote for a cool guy without any real experience. That is fine too. This is America you are allowed to act like a moron. It is your right.

  • jones

    Hey bitch – Luv is actually spelled love and through should have been spelled throw. English lesson for you. You must be in the same classroom as Amanda. Don’t worry under a McCain/Palin administration he is going to continue with no child left behind. There is hope for you yet.

  • jones

    I think Amanda morphed into theoriginalbitch. They both misspell their words.