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Michelle Williams Takes A Coffee Break

Michelle Williams Takes A Coffee Break

Michelle Williams takes daughter Matilda, who turns 3 on Tuesday, to pick up her morning coffee at a local diner in Brooklyn, New York City on Friday morning.

In her new book, “Heath, a Family’s Tale”, author Janet Fife-Yeomans reveals how Heath gave up a string of glamorous affairs when he met Michelle and had Matilda.

Heath supposedly said, “The level of synchronicity in my life now, with me and Michelle and now Matilda, (has) meant it’s become everything to me — the most important thing I do… My child smiles up at me in the morning and that’s it — I feel connected to life; this is what it’s all about… There’s something very cosmic about the experience of parenthood… Suddenly you get the right perspective and priorities. It’s marvelous — and the most remarkable experience I’ve ever had.”

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  • vanessa



    If that is true than why did Michelle and Heath break up than.. He lives
    in N.Y.C and she lives in Brooklyn.. And why did he whine about not
    seeing his little girl while he was filming Batman Returns…??

    He should of thought of that first before ….

  • vanessa

    Matilda’s so sweet.

  • Ali

    lovely mother and child. Michelle is quite extraordinary, I think, as an actress and, it seems, as a human being.

  • mslewis

    Then why did Heath self-medicate to the point of death if his little girl meant so much to him? Now that baby won’t even remember her daddy. What a shame!!!

  • stepho

    aww Matilda is soo cute!!
    its a little Heath but in girl form =]

  • Cynda

    Unfortunately, I think that Heath was lying when he made that statement because his actions show otherwise.

  • dianel

    Matilda is so cute I think she looks like her mommy

  • 2o0my

    Aww!! God bless both Michelle and Matilda! i adore them, they seem so normal not like other celeb kids running around the place!

  • LolaSvelt

    Michelle is beautiful, as always.

  • Sunaqua

    ohmygoodness—this child is actually wearing pants—a coat—and sensible shoes!!!!!! Finally, a hollywood mother who has some parenting skills !!!

  • man

    i really love seeing those. :)

    and i am glad we have so little comments too…we don`t want to give paps more reason to take photos of them. maybe then matilda will grow up to be normal. i bet she will. michelle is too much of a good mother to let anything else happen….

  • Ingrid

    I just like how Matilda is always smiling. Michelle must be doing something right!

  • Mary

    Love Michelle, she’s a great actress and a low profile celebrity.

  • http://bla Heathmichellematilda

    ahh so sweeeet
    i love heath michelle and matilda
    the smile

    soo happy …and michelle soo natural beauty..

    heath michelle and matilda forever
    a never ending love

  • eco

    cute baby but the mom aint cute esp her sucky personality

  • seth

    cold woman

  • Z

    Some low profile celebs do want their privacy but which celebs doesn’t? just because the media and public crave certain celebs those celebs are bad? Brad Pitt and Angelina etc…..
    most of them are good people

    Some low profiles like Michelle are mean as hell even to their fans.
    They hide more because if the public knows more of them its not a pretty sight to behold.

    Its pathetic to live by low profilers are the nicest people. LOLOLOL!

  • ellie

    It seems your beautiful daughter and yourself are doing well with your loss of a great actor who lost his life so young.. Sorry and may God Bless!!

  • sweetpea

    I think they look so sweet together. I don’t believe what some people are saying about Heath, they write these books to get $$$$ off a dead celebrity.

    Heath loved that little girl and what happened to him was an unfortunate accident. The tabloids and vultures feed off of telling a pack of lies and smearing a man’s good name.

    I love seeing michelle and Matilda and I think she is doing a great job raising her and trying to keep as low a profile as she can.

  • Oliver Queen

    This is so important to remind everybody!

    Comparing Nicole and Penelope (and Mimi) to Katie is like comparing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce to a GARBAGE DISPOSAL.

  • life

    And those garbage comments comes back to you. Because karma is real, # 21

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Here we’ve got this little cutie pie in jacket, long trousers and hat. Then you’ve got Katie with Suri and Suri’s wearing outfits that you’d wear in Spring/Summer. Something not right with Katie if she’s got her daughter running around in short sleeve dresses in 45/50 degree weather.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    #21. Garbage Disposal? Gee, watch your step, you may fall into that hole you just crawled out of.

  • lavett

    michelle and matilda looks so cute. love them.

  • regina

    This is a great mom !
    Katie has to dress Suri like a normal girl in NY, no summer dresses, and put on some socks and sweaters on that poor thing!!!!!!!!!!

  • non

    I do not expect celebs to be kind to me, they don’t know me LOL. So why would they need to be kind to “anyone”.
    I prefer the celebs who protect their privacy, compared to the ones that sell their kid’s tranquil life to get their pictures in the news daily.

    I like Michelle and admire her for her strength, and Matilda is a gem.

  • josie

    Just by seeing pictures of course, Matilda seems like a happy child. Same with Violet Affleck. And then you see pics of Suri Cruise, and this girl has to shield herself away from cameras. The paps probably yell her name too. I think it’s the parent’s responsibility to protect their child from as much paparazzi as possible. It seems like Tom and Katie live in such a high profile, easy accessible place, that their daughter suffers for it.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    hm.. ugh, ew.

  • Helena

    Eco, Michelle is very pretty. As for her personality you can’t possibly know anything about her personality because you don’t even know her.

    Seth, How is she “cold”? You don’t even know her.

  • Lily

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] is hm.. ugh, ew.

  • lola

    Michelle is one beautiful woman…classic Hollywood beauty. Matilda is a cute lil cherub and I’m always floored by how much she resembles her daddy.

  • KATE

    While I know Michelle is doing her best, it was always Heath who was the caregiver. And those who say he killed himself without even thinking about Matilda are completely wrong. Heath’s world revolved around Matilda, I know this because I’ve known him closely since 2001. He was destroyed when Michelle left with Matilda right before the holidays, that is why he went back to Australia for a while. He didn’t deliberately take drugs to kill himself, he took something to help him sleep which should now be band. And all the doctors said there was no lethal amount of anything in his blood which means he didn’t take enough of anything to knowingly kill himself, he just took the normal amount of a few different ones that were prescribed by his doctor. We need to cut him some slack– Please! We really need to only say good things about him or nothing at all for Matilda’s sake!

  • Sarah

    RIP, Heath

  • Anon

    I think it is so shameful the way people try to capitalize on his death. I believe that he loved his little girl more than anything else in the world, and desperately wanted to see her when he died. As for this biography, I’m not sure about its reliability. The truth is, nobody will ever know the whole truth. However, I am convinced that Heath Ledger was a good, genuine, sensitive man.

  • sj

    Michelle and her coffee breaks! She’s so beautiful. And matilda is a cutie.

    Real mature #29, lets work on some vocabulary building, yes?

  • taylor


  • Anon

    I think it’s interesting how open he was about his relationship with Michelle, considering how private he had been in the past (he would not give details to the press on his relationship with Naomi). I never understood why he started sharing. If you supposedly found the right person, wouldn’t you guard the relationship even more than usual?

  • man

    michelle is one beautiful woman- katie fans are jealous. :) i can´t imagine anyone else bashing her than them.

    lots of people who have seen her in person are in awe…so i guess there is something about her…

    all the best to you michelle and matilda!

  • Linda

    Anon — What exactly is your point? The relationship they had really isn’t your business. Heath was a private person and he didn’t talk that much about his relationship with Michelle. He did talk about Naomi before. Maybe he was happy that he had finally found the right person? Either way, it’s not really anyone’s business. A relationship obviously becomes more out in the open once you have a child.

  • Tina

    Matilda and Suri have the same haircut!
    Only difference is that Michelle cares more about her daughter’s well being by dressing her according to the weather.

  • Brandie

    the little girl looks so much like heath

  • Flora

    Coco, you don’t know this woman to make such a judgment. Your comment is obviously referring to yourself.

  • Jennifer

    It is obvious that Michelle turned out to not be the right person for Heath, otherwise he would have stayed with her. I’m Australian and it was big news in Australia that he was happily dating Gemma Ward. She brought sunshine back into his life, sunshine that Michelle with her spiteful ways (keeping Matilda from her dad) had taken away. She was all spiteful BECAUSE he had found love again, hence, her punishing him via Matilda.

    From what I have heard in numerous occasions, Michelle isn’t a very nice person at all.

  • Jill

    Jennifer, from what you heard? You don’t know who broke up with whom. You don’t know these people or anything about their lives. You don’t know her to say that she is spiteful or that she kept Matilda away from him or that she isn’t nice. Since, it was known he was abusing drugs she probably did it for Matilda’s benefit. Michelle was the right person for Heath because he said to be very upset when they broke up.