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Suri Cruise is Camera Shy

Suri Cruise is Camera Shy

Suri Cruise plays it shy as she is carried into her waiting car with mom Katie Holmes in New York City on Friday afternoon.

In a recent vote, 87% of Us Weekly readers said that Katie should stop designing her own clothes.

(She designed her outfit for the opening night of All My Sonsa white silk jumpsuit with black lace details gathered at the waist and ankles.)

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Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
Posted to: Celebrity Babies, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

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  • andamentothat

    Suri is coordinated with mama..

  • me…

    she is so cute xx

  • first


  • tessla

    At least she let her parents cut her bangs….hey, Suri only makes certain concessions.

  • mcpalin

    cutest mom and baby duo

  • holly


  • paul


  • bianca

    I love them!

  • comment

    whoops… permanent damage in the making there. this childhood trauma will surface some way, somehow in the future. good luck with that, mapothers.

  • ………

    US weekly readers have no brains and class. I wouldn’t be proud to read those papers and JJ stop posting lies from US weekly,OK,Life and Style,NY Post, you name it.

  • pixie

    cuteness as always

  • guilty

    As much as I love watching lovely pics of Katie,Tom and Suri its time to leave them alone. They deserve some privacy too and for their bonding to be treasured among themselves not shared to us and the paparazzis.


    There are a whole bunch of videos like this on youtube and I think they are a riot! check them out…

  • comment

    guilty @ 10/24/2008 at 3:30 pm

    but they DON’T want to be left alone.


    That poor child… :(

  • snapback

    Everytime you see Suri, she never has a jacket on and I tell you in NY it was in the 40′s earlier today…maybe she is crying because she is freezing also

  • grommet

    Why is this kid NEVER wearing a coat? It’s really cold in New York right now.

    What the hell?

  • Cameron

    Ladies and gentleman, it is time for the main event of the evening. Let the barrage of comments suggesting that Suri Cruise is an abused child due to her lack of clothing begin! FIGHT.

    I bet I will come back in a half hour and there will be 100 comments here about how this kid is a prisoner due to her lack of leggings & coat…YAWN.

    She is cute, Katie is cute, lets just focus on aesthetics here people. Plus, it has been in the 60s all week here in New York. If it were Spring, no one would say anything about this outfit.

  • Kiki

    Sweet Mommy and precious toddler….

  • Jo-jo

    Haha check out the guy in the back with the red and white taliban scarf. BIG UP!

  • Spicylily THAILAND

    There must be something wrong with Katie…..

    It’s disturbing to see her parading this little Suri in summer dresses all the time without a warm jacket or sweater and socks while she herself is wearing warm clothes.

    - Why can’t she dress Suri like other celebs’ kids ?
    - Is Suri just her doll for dressing or what ??????

    Please dear Jared

    You just had another post of this poor baby.
    Do you have something eles to talk about ?

  • REM

    luks like she remembered her fake teeth today

  • piper

    thanks JJ

  • go tomkat

    I laugh at the level of high standards towards this family same with their projects. Tom’s Lions for Lambs earned great ,met its budget while the rest of the anti war films Rendition,Valley of Elah,W,Religulous,Redacted,Stop Loss were all FLOPS and earned so little.

    Katie Holmes ratings were pretty good after a show’s season opener
    when many A listers appearing on CBS,HBO,NBC,ABC,Fox,Lifetime,FX,TNT also bring little to the ratings.
    Even Aniston brought little to Dirt or Charlize Theron on Arrested Development when it comes to ratings.
    The only that brought ratings was surprisingly Britney Spears to When I met your Mother but it helped that the show is already a hit not a failing ratings show plus people watched wanting to witness another trainwreck Spears same with her MTV appearances.

  • Carey

    US readers maybe 87% sure that Katie should not design her own clothes, but I’m 100% sure. That outfit she wore for her premiere was totally ridiculous. She’s not a talented designer. Then again, she’s not a talented actress, singer or dancer either! She’s not much of a mother come to think of it. She’s pretty much a failure at everything.

    Put a coat on your kid Katie. It’s 45 degrees right now in NY. It never got much over 50 today. Normal people put jackets on their children when it’s chilly, not summer dresses. I’ll give you a hint, dumbass, if you need a jacket, so does your kid.

    What a total freakazoid!

  • To gotomkat # 24

    Katie Holmes ratings were pretty good after a show’s season opener

    Are you high?!?!?!

    That episode of Eli Stone came in third (and dead last of the network shows) in it’s time period. It also lost a huge number of viewers after the first half hour meaning people started watching and turned it off. The ratings were terrible. Katie guesting on the show did not help it at all. As a matter of fact, the numbers from the prior weeks show were higher. No one cares about Katie. FACT. Deal with it.

    Do a little internet research crazy and you’ll see I’m right.

    Oh yea……PUT A DAMN SWEATER ON YOUR KID KATIE!!!!! WTF is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!

  • arlene


  • Sarah

    Carey, what part of NY do you live in because currently it is 55 degrees, but earlier around high noon it was at least 60-62. Yes the child is a little under dressed considering it is the fall, but I really think that people make too much of a big deal about what she is wearing.

  • Po

    how come Katie wears a jacket, and suri wears…well, nothing exept her dress and shoes. A blanket won’t warm her.

  • no more tomkat

    Dear JJ:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop posting pics of Katie Holmes every single day. All we see is this snaggle tooth, anorexic chick walking out of her apartment with her sweater-less kid in cold temps. Who cares! She’s a nothing actress and really bad mother, not to mention that she has the nuttiest fans in the entire world. One posts numerous times using the same name and the other reads and responds to every single post claiming he knows better than everyone else! Katie’s got herself 2 obsessed, insane fans. That’s about it. The rest of us are totally sick of her. Almost as sick as we are of her twisted little spouse, Tommy Boy! UGH! Make them go away Jared!!!

  • r

    one fashion mistake is it. Katie and many stars suffer from that yet they are beautiful. Get over it.

  • ItalianWoman

    Pls, help me … I don’t undersand why suri is in a sleeveless dress, while the mother wear a wool jacket.
    Could you please explain to me the American weather? Is it cold or hot in New York?

  • no.26 is WRONG

    Get the facts no.26 not gossip rags and delusions of hate

    The L.A. Times said ABC ordered 4 more eps for Eli Stone
    and the show gained 2.7 million viewers compared to last season.

  • Mary

    ItalianWoman, the high for New York today was about 60 degrees. Currently it is getting cloudy and hovering around 55, but believe me, earlier it was clear, sunny, and at least 60.

    It is the kind of weather where you can feel good in anything really. I was walking around outside for lunch and felt fine in just a short sleeve blouse and pants because I was on the move.

    However, if I were just sitting around I would have put my jacket back on. I really don’t think it is that uncommon for a child to not want to put their coat on – hell I hated mine when I was little.

    Sure T&K could step in and say Suri, you are putting the coat on, but we don’t know the circumstances. If she was outside running around she might get too hot in the coat. Maybe they were just outside for a short amount of time and then went in a store or got in a car.

    It is really impossible to tell what the circumstances are from just looking at 5 pictures. People are just looking for something to nitpick for whatever reason…

  • faith

    I enjoy when haters get even more hateful and crazy because their envy and misery are out of control. Its very touching they give all their efforts and time to the Cruises family. Spending quality time with people you dont like is very good for the soul.

    stress is the no.1 killer worldwide

  • iron chef

    God bless Katie and Suri

  • Allison

    Very cute photos, I also loved the ones of Suri running around in Central Park earlier. She looks so happy in the previous ones, I bet she is about ready for a nap this time of day after all that playing.

  • sacha

    #25. Maybe you are the “freakazoid.” A self proclaimed expert on everything! Please! They are beautiful, talented, and rich and you’re not. Get over it. #20. What is so funny about a barely visible man in the background? Don’t answer. It’s rhetorical.

  • manette

    absolutely adorable…i heart Katie and Suri



  • lol

    more treats for the haters to make their hearts ever bitter

  • mona

    I dont understand why kaite and tom insists to Dressed suri a summer clothes in a freezing Weather beSide I never see suri dressed appropriately for the weather .

    also I think that kaite saw pictures of Nicole Kidman kisses her daughter so she started to do the same Because i never saw her kisses suri in the past two years , why now What a coincidence !!!!!!!!

    suri in the same age with violet affleck why she never go to school like violet!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gi Gi

    I really think CPS should pay Katie and Tom a visit. This is just child neglect to let that child go around like that without a coat.

  • Oliver Queen

    What are you talking about? I am sick of her too.
    I am also very sick of Suri’s fashion sense–another old lady dress?

  • rory



  • Clark Kent

    I am also very sick of seeing a child twist her body to avoid undue attention.
    And WTF? She pick herself another old lady dress?


    Yes Katie has kissed Suri a lot and so has Tom.. Stop comparing her
    to Nicole… Some kids don’t like it when you try and put a coat on them..
    They usually take it off.. Wonder if that is a KATIE HOLMES DESIGN..


  • Oliver Queen

    I hate to say it but I agree. Holmes should stop designing her own clothes.

    That costume at the All My Sons premiere was horrific and I didn’t like the dress she wore at the Tropic Thunder premiere two months before; it looked like tattered rags sticthed together.

  • jennifer

    Now, I am convinced, Katie is not dealing with a full deck. This child neglect has gone too far. No socks, no sweaters, jackets or coats on that child, while all others are bundled up.
    Is this some sick Scientologist crap, that you not provide proper clothing for your child in inclement weather?

  • Steven

    Your information is wrong.
    There’s only one “fan” here.
    The nutty case or hired help to “correct” everybody else.
    This hired help is worth every penny.
    At one time, this person can assume dozens of user names and post multiple one-liners, while he\she’s collecting all post to retort.

    By the way, WTF is with Suri’s fashion sense?
    She picked herself another old lady dress?