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T.I.'s "Live Your Life" Music Video Preview


Scope out these exclusive pictures from rapper T.I.‘s new “Live Your Life” music video feat. Rihanna!

Tune in to BET’s Access Granted this Tuesday, October 28 @ 7:30pm ET/PT for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look on set and the world premiere of the vid (as directed by Anthony Mandler). Check out the preview clip below!

Yesterday, T.I. claimed the top two spots on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart with “Whatever You Like” and “Live Your Life”. His latest album, Paper Trail, is in stores now!

T.I.’s “Live Your Life” Music Video Preview
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  • indy

    Rihanna can’t sing but I like the song!

  • LolaSvelt

    Take a rest, b!tch!

  • JJ

    It’s catchy. T.I. is the best!

  • shadow

    Is RhiRhi only doing videos now? Seriously, she needs to work on a new album and stop re-releasing her old songs.

  • bebe

    i don’t like rihannas voice. it’s too weak and nasally.





  • stepho

    love T.I!!!
    HATE [with all my freaking guts] Rihanna!!!!
    she needs to disappear. and work on a new album
    seriously she released every freaking song from her Good Girl Gone Bad CD. no one knows how annoyed i am with this girl.

    she cant sing, shes ugly and has a 10 finger forehead.
    and now shes doing a music video with JT, oh heck no! who does this b!tch think she is?
    HATE HER!!!!!!

  • Rawrr

    lol, it looks horrible… rihanna, T.I and live your life = a group of pathecity, lol

  • peeps

    i stopped listening to Rihanna. her music has been garbage for a while.

  • Joel

    Shut Up !
    Rihanna is amazing ! ^^

  • orta

    Kudos to T.I.!!!!!

  • XyZ

    Ugh..Rihanna’s voice is thin and like nails on a chalkboard. Why didn’t they get a better female singer?

  • gina

    She looks great. I love her smile.

  • haha

    Rihanna looks as if she just finished a drag show….Her face is so freeaaaakkky :-)

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    Rihanna has let fame sink into her head. I mean, seriously. Look back to 2006. Remember the old Rihanna? Long, wavy hair, cute eyes and her Caribbean dress-sense? The girl from Barbados? Now she’s f*cked her hair up, dresses like a leader from Las Vegas Biker Gang, and is singing songs that must be at least 1 year out-of-date. I want the old Rihanna back! I don’t want the girl ignores everybody apart from her bank and music group!

  • misha

    T.I. brings it. The balding chick cant sing for Sh*t!

  • Eyda

    stepho you are so right

  • Royal


  • mimi

    I know this song is nothing more than ok but TI is really good to me.

  • Ants

    I agree.
    Rihanna sucks.

  • Eyda

    I HATE HEER, she cant sing, she doesnt write her songs, she looks ugly,… why TI??? why her?????????????????????

  • -V-

    What an ugly, annoying voice she has.

  • Sheldon2121

    All you Rihanna haters go screw yourselves. She is one of the best Artist out right now. So STFU

  • Ingrid

    #4, she can’t even write her own music. She’s probably waiting and expecting for someone to write her next album.

  • Regina

    #24, one of the best artists out there? Listen to real music, idiot.

  • c*h*i*k*a

    the song is un-impressive…
    but the more i listen to it, the more i like it

  • So True

    Rihanna can’t sing or dance!

    She’s just a lip synching tranny!

  • becca

    I like TI. He’s good at what he does. RiRi needs to develop herself as an artist. She’s all style and very little substance.

  • enoughalready

    #24 you need some hearing aids, Rihanna is cute after the makeup break, before the makeup break she is a normal person.

    Her singing is different due to the fact she lip syncs and she has become the female T-Pain. Her voice on this song we all know she could not do that in a million years live.

    #24 just say; to me she is the best voice out there and quit calling people haters for saying what you know in your heart is the truth; Rihanna cant sing!! If she did not have the look, she would’ve been out along time ago..

    Why do you think her label is doing all these videos? Cause she is a out of sight, out of mind type of singer..

  • alllthegossip
  • nikaries

    Love them both, this is my anthem
    Stop hating

  • susu

    rihanna and marroon5, rihanna and neyo, rihanna and justin t., and now this, common riri take a break girl you can’t sing and then you insist to be everywhere, we are getting tired of you.

  • Andrew

    When is Rhi gonna put a new album? It been almost 2 years now? (at least seems)

  • jjj

    Rihanna is richer and better than all of you pathetic haters. She is a gorgeous b!tch.

  • Luis Henrique

    I Like Rihanna’s voice in this song!! The T.I. is Horrible!
    I Hate Him! I’m From Brasil, and like of this song!

  • Kristine

    Love you RI RI!
    TI= damn straight, looking so fine!!!

    Looks like this music vid is gonna be on the HOT SPOT :P

    #4 – calm the fuck down will ya?
    so what if she’s doing music videos.
    let the girl be, and let her do whatever she wants.
    She’s very creative and talented to what she does.
    the only reason she puts them on screen, is cuz there the top songs on the charts
    New album takes months to do
    And it seems to me, she has no time, focusing on new music
    CUZ she hasn’t got any yet.
    Just be happy for the ones she got now.
    There not like OLD or anything.
    Her old album was released a year ago.
    IF you have a problem with her old songs being lame and shallow..
    then you my friend don’t sound like a fan at all.
    Y r u even here?

    #5- we don’t care what you think of rihanna’s voice.
    Every style of singing music is awesome by her ^^
    If you don’t like her, no one would care for your opinion.

    #8 – LOVE RIHANNA & TI
    HATE YOU:@
    I don’t think, what Ri does, making new albums or’s none of your business.
    So what if she released songs off her Good girl gone bad CD?
    most celebs do that, to show how much effort they put into their music, and make it stand out, for us to see.
    on the cd, we only hear her voice, and im sure, most fans wonder how she will come across a image to the sound :)
    can you sing? are you ugly?
    do you have a big head?
    these are q’s i like to know :P

    JT is freaking awesome!
    and you should be amazed that she’s spending time , doing a HELL lot for us
    Two music videos? she’s on fire.
    And you shouldn’t be judging someone like that, after all the hard work they dedicated.

    # 16- She’s still the same person. Just with a different look.
    Just cuz she came into the business looking caribean, dark hair, and cute eyes, doesn’t mean she can’t be sucessful
    wtf is wrong with you people?
    Ya’ll have some issues with the number one top female artist of the year.
    Those OLD songs, you call lame now, with her skanky ass voice
    made Everyone else look bad :P

    # 22- STFU! what do you know about her that’s got you all so worked up?
    uhh she can sing. write music.freaking gorgeous & beautiful no matter how her hair looks .>

    # 28- have you seen her live? I don’t know what your talking bout’ but..she’s fuckin unbelievable!!!!!!
    The girl has moves, singing abilities and stage presence
    So stop hating, and stfu!

    & da rest of yu haters
    reliaze this:
    she has continued to shine everyone with her music talents
    making atleast 5- 8 music videos per year with the top artists/ rappers
    has an break taking singing voice w’ un deniable dance- stage styles
    made only 3 albums, but managed to stay strong
    NOW look at her?
    voted female artist and taken home ALOT of awards
    beautiful. with her STILL to be known caribean culture
    She’s not taking this way over the top you know?
    The least you could do, is continue supporting her, instead of rambling how much you want more music from her.
    Rude and irrogant much?
    how can you even call yourselves a “fan”?

    Your lucky you got REAL COOL music (L)

  • Great Review

    EnoughAlready, so spot on! Love your posts! Have you read Joseph Neese’s review of Rihanna where he describes her as the terrorist of the music world?

    A Second Opinion: Rihanna
    By Joseph Neese

    As an entertainment editor, I think part of me died this afternoon when I discovered that Rihanna now has the most No. 1 songs of the decade. Admittedly not the best metaphor, but I would describe Rihanna as the terrorist of the music world. She’s the perfect example of how profit-oriented the industry has become, choosing looks over talent in every instance. Jay-Z, who is the president of Def Jam Records under which Rihanna is signed, is married to Beyoncé, so he knows a thing or two about what a talented vocalist sounds like. But in the case of Rihanna, it’s as if he decided to sign the prettiest girl that he could find in an effort to use sex to generate as large a profit for his record label as possible. In comes Rihanna (who, while she does have a fantastic pair of legs, is not the Amazon beauty that people claim her to be), assaulting the music scene, given the best songs available.

    All this for someone with the vocal talent of a 10-year-old girl playing Annie in your local community theater production – or perhaps less if you take “Unfaithful,” into account, which is perhaps the prime of example of how lackluster Rihanna’s pipes are. While high production can gloss over vocals more easily in an up-tempo song, it can only go so far when it comes to a ballad. Listening to Rihanna sing the slow song makes me think of a dog wailing in pain. She clearly has no vocal talent, squeezing out all of her notes. But most alarmingly, she has such an intense nasality that makes her tone breathy and immature for a woman of her age. So, she can’t pull off any adult lyrical content. (Why that wasn’t corrected by one of her producers, I have no clue. I doubt they care as long as she earns them money.)

    Interestingly enough, however, up-tempo songs, like most of Rihanna’s hit records, contain vocals that are more difficult to execute than in ballads. This is why watching Rihanna live is a more painful experience than listening to her studio-recorded songs. I dare you to try to watch her Live Earth set from summer 2007 … if you can make it through it. It’s pretty bad when all your backup singers sing better than you. Watching Rihanna perform live is sort of like a painful audition on American Idol. You can’t really help but laugh, and you would be stupid to spend money on it. Read reviews of the Kanye tour from this summer – all the critics agree. As for her dancing, so-so.

    I’m not going to deny that some of Rihanna’s songs are excellent. “Umbrella” more than deserved its Grammy nominations for song of the year. But, as I was reminded last weekend when I went to New York, there are thousands of people who have double Rihanna’s talent and can’t make an industry executive even notice them. So why not go back to how things used to be, when music was a sacred art form and the best singers got the best songs – not those who look best half-naked.

  • Eyda

    # 37 hahahahahahahaha you are crazy and I mean really crazy, get a life, this is so pathetic LOL and if shes such a good songwriter where are her self written songs?!? and bout her voice…you obviously have some problems with your ears, if 100 people say she cant sing and 1(you) says she is good singer, then who is right?? yeaah course you

  • in luv

    damn t..i!!! so damn fine!!!

  • michelle

    leave rihanna alone she’s amazing!!! ya’ll r a bunch of haterz. u KNOW u love her music! so shut up

  • michelle

    u all r haters Rihanna is AMAZING. you all r just hatin you KNOW u love her music so shut up

  • irritated!

    okay 1st of alll rihanna is different, original,and very talented.
    do be hating cuz shes out their and ur welll NOT!!!
    rihanna i love u to death always have and always will..u rock and go kick them haters ass…or than not…cuz ur biggest fans are always the one who be hating on u


  • nyc

    Is Rihanna….

    Talented? NO!

    Original? NO!

    Going Bald? YES!


    This will video rocks……I LOVE IT

  • Lizzyyy.

    I LOVE T.I.<333 (:

    andd ii love the video. ii reallyy do… (: and ii don’t knoo whyy yuu people have a problem with Rhiannaa. let her do her own damn thing.

    on the other hand, ii like T.I. a lot better and am freakknn obsessed. lmfao. (: <333


    me luv luv t.i!! he has really made dis song happen! u guyz r kinda ryt bout rihanna, the old her was soo much better but hey as the lyrics of this song goes, ‘AINT GOT NO TIME FOR NO HATERS’. So y be hatin, t.i. covers up for the good looks in dis vid

  • dd

    Yall are a set of motherfucking haters..u pussies..The song is a hit, T.I is cool and without Rihanna the song would not be the success that it is. So yall need to get your fucking facts straight and stop letting your emotions cloud what diminutive judgement u have u shitholes. Why dont yall just go pitch yourselves off a fucking cliff and kill yourselves…

  • reggie

    I love this song. Fuck all you haters… They are the best
    Stop looking over people and judge them
    Just live your life!!!!!!! go out and make money
    move on suckers

  • sUS