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Thoughts on High School Musical 3???

Thoughts on High School Musical 3???

High School Musical 3: Senior Year premiered yesterday and wants to know your thoughts on the movie!!!

– Did you like it??? What was your favorite scene in the movie?

– How much acting did Zac and Vanessa really have to do for those kissing scenes? (My guess is not much!)

– What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack? (My favorite is “Just Wanna Be With You”. “The Boys Are Back” and “Scream” are close seconds!)

– Would you watch High School Musical 4 without the new HSM cast members? (That’d be Jemma McKenzie-Brown as Tiara Gold, Matt Prokop as Jimmie “Rocket Man” Zara and Justin Martin as Donny Dion.)

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  • HSM FAN 101

    i didnt see it yet !! :(

  • xoxo96

    havent watched it yet but want to just to see how it is! 1st!

  • Sarah

    1. Defintley, it was perfect.
    2.Haha, none at all. xD
    3. Scream.
    4.Without the new cast memebers? Sure. Without the old cast members, no.


  • colette

    HSM 3 was amazing!!!! Ashley Tisdale stole the show and was terrific. I want it all was outstanding!!!!

  • Bri

    Can I have this dance–fav
    loved Rocketman…
    Tiara was annoying.


  • istar

    omg!!! amazing!!! best movie ever!! and the chemistry between zac and vanessa was so realistic! i cried 4 times =]

  • ilovemileycyrus

    hsm3 was amazing!!!!!!!! zac and vannessa are soooo cute they wernt acting in the kissing seen!! i sobbed the hole movie!!!! i will see hsm4 with out the original cast it will be differnt though!! if you havent seen high school musical 3 see it now!

  • zanessa 4-ever

    first!! <3

  • Noelle carter

    Favorite scene?
    Hmmm….when Zac is singing Scream, he looked so amazing.

  • ilovemileycyrus

    can i have ths dance!! amazing!!

  • taylor

    i thought the movie over all was good but vanessa sucked as usual zac was hot as usual and ashley over acted as usual but i thought the songs where good the dancing was fun and the story was well written :D

    btw the new kids where cute and yea i would watch a 4th one with them
    and my fav scene was….. the boys are back and scream
    and fav song: i want it all ash and lucas are to cool !
    and i thought the kiss was lame if thats how they really kiss eachother like that then i feel bad for them elohel

  • Val

    I thought it was awesome!
    So many good scenes and songs it’s hard to choose.
    It was definitely the best hsm so far.

    But I don’t know about going on with more movies. I think for the kids it’s great but for me I think hsm3 is the last one.
    Teh new characters were pretty od though. “Rocket Man was probably the best.

  • Alex

    OMG! I loved the movie it was so sweet and I am a huge Zanessa/Troyella fan me and my sister were screaming and loving every part. I can’t believe I actually saw it after 100 days of waiting….it is completely worth the wait. Zac looked amazing too but I understand he belongs to Vanessa.
    Question answers:
    1. yes! my favorite scene was when troy met with gabriella at stamford
    2. no acting…LOL
    3. Right Here Right Now & Can I Have This Dance
    4. If it had the original cast in it….without…if they still werent getting the original cast back…with
    (although I did kinda like Matt’s character I’m just not a big Matt fan)

  • LolaSvelt



  • Daniela

    1. I didn´t see it yet. I´m from Portugal
    2. none at all
    3. Can I Have this dance
    4.Without the old cast members, my answer is no.

  • Tiptoes

    Love it! Love all the Troyella scenes.

    Enjoyed Scream, Boys are Back, A Night to Remember and Of course, Can I have this dance!

    Zac and Van were very cosy and comfortable with each other from theirs hugs and kisses and dancing. I thought they gave us a glimpse of their real life relationship.

    I will not watch HMS4 without the original cast. but I do wish they will do another movie with a more matured story line.

  • Angelika in Poland

    VANESSA ANNE HUDGEND and Stella;*;*;*
    film is AMAZING YOU VANESSA (GABRIELLA)wow;*;*;*;*;*******

  • LINA

    i loved it

  • KaaaaliiEFRONN

    it was pure amaazeee
    besideess where theeyy makee zacc look likeee a faaaaag!!
    but he iss still perrff in my minndd

  • Charina

    I Havent Seen It Yet (But I Will) And No I Wont Watch HSM 4 If The Original Cast Dosent Come Back (Its Just Not The Same)

  • katie

    i thought the movie was amazing. the best out of the three. it matured so much, but still held on to that disney cornyness. i just really loved it and cant wait to see it again like asap!.

  • ZV

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i cried a few times :)

  • HSM3lover

    i love the movie! i saw it on oct 22 i sweden :)

    1. I love it! it was so amazing, my favourite scene must be he scee when troy and chad rus away with Jimmy’s and Donny’s clotes! that was so funny! :)

    2. Tihi, none at all :P <3

    3. my favoutite songs must be scream and i want it all, but i liked can i have this dance too.

    4. I don’t want to see the fourth movie without the old cast members, but with the new members, sure :)


  • car

    HSM2 was better HSM3 it was too cheesy it jumped all over the place scenes felt cut short Ashley looked great. Boys are back my favorite dance and song number.

  • molly

    I thought it was so good!
    I really liked the boys are back.
    I dont think id go to a HSM4 unless all the cast
    was back because Sharpays assistant was annoying
    and i couldnt stand her.

  • Maggie


    The best parts were the funny moments btwn Troy and Gabriella/Zac and Vanessa. You could tell they needed less acting. I loved when Vanessa did the robot thing and then when they were both sitting in his car. They were just so cute.

    Zac was amazing in Scream, and the junkyard seen was hilarious and sooo cool!

    The best song was probably “Can I have this Dance?” but I also love “High School Musical”.

    The end scene made me cry.

    And I thought the new cast members were not good. I’ll still see HSM4 without the old cast, but I’ll probably hate it.

  • nessa.

    OMG! i freakin LOVE this movie.
    i cried so much. hehe.
    it was great and i cant wait for it to go on dvd.

  • emmm

    I would only watch high school musical 4 if the original cast was there, so idc if the new cast were in it or not.

    I would have to agree on the songs… i love those three!!!

    ahhhh! im going to go see it over and over! :DDD


  • HSM3fan

    It was the best out of the three… It was amazing … well worth seeing and a standing ovation.

  • R

    OMGoshhh!!! This Movie Was Brilliant!
    Definately the best HSM moive ive seen.
    It deserves a 2nd watch lol.
    I lurved all of the troy and gabriella scenes… they were sooo cute!
    my fave song has to be right here right now, a night to remember… actually i lurved them all!i lurved the way they started the movie when troy lifts his head up… that was gr8!
    the chemistry was so passionate and emotional. it was awesome.
    rocketman was my fave character out of the three, tiara was a little annoying…
    didnt think troyella acted when they kissed…
    && HSM4 will not be as good. They would find it hard to carry it on since we have seen all 3 movies with the same cast. wouldnt be the same.
    GR8 MOVIE :]

  • JEnnifer

    I loved it!!! My favourite scene was when Troy drove all the way to Stanford University to see Gabriela for prom. It was so sweet!!!

    Zac and Vanessa didn’t do any acting at all whenever they were together. Everytime they would get close, I was wondering if they were going to kiss. And finally when Troy was with Gabriela in Stanford, they finally kissed!!

    My favourite song in the soundtrack is “Right Here, Right Now” but “Can I Have This Dance” is a close second.

    I might watch HSM 4. It depends because its hard to change from seeing hte same cast for 3 films and moving onto a new cast. So it depends on my mood at the time it comes out.

  • erika

    that kiss was deffently a natural zanessa kiss, you could easely see that=) they’re so in love<3

  • istar

    #13 and #26
    i agree!
    zanessa didnt need any practice for that kiss and i loved all the moments between them =]

  • mikel

    i went to see it yesterday @ 5 in la and i loved id xD it was so awesome its how high schools supposed to be! my favorite scene and song was SCREAM i was sittin in thad chair and i was like WTF THIS IS LIKE SO AWESOME!!!! how zac was dancin on the walla up and down WOOOOW loved it! i dind like the ”NEW” ones thad british bitch?! why would someone like her?! for the next installment they should not be asked to join the casd cauz they where kindda weird! AND I GOT THE SOUNDTRACK AND ALL SONGS R GREAT SO AHHHH BESD MOVIE EVER ….

  • beautifullhsm3

    I think it was the best movie ever *–* it was perfect, I even have words to describe my emotion when I start to seeing the movie..
    1. My favorite scene was the graduation
    2. I don’t like Zanessa, but it was perfect.
    3. I don’t have a favorite, all of then it’s great.
    4. I would watch xD because I don’t like Tiara, I only liked Jimmie.

    I’m so sad, i’ll miss so much the old cast :( but the life go on, it’s the movie of the year, beatiful, perfect, I LOVE IT !
    Zac and Ashley werw perfect and beautiful *–* xoxo.

  • Ingrid

    If you think this film is the best movie ever, you really need to see more films.

  • mayra

    the best song was i want it all

  • Zanessafanx13!!!

    OMG High School Musical 3 is the best movie i ever saw!!!! i like the boys r back the best it was sooo kool!! also, i thought can i hav this dance was soooo cute!! xoxoxo

  • anna

    It was really good! The acting was good! though some scenes were cheesy, but still loved it! All the songs were amazing! I loved Boys are Back!! I can’t wait to see it again!!!

  • sara

    I completely love this movie, My favorite scene was the dance in stanford, obviously the kiss scene.
    in the kiss scene V and Zac don’t have acting, it’s like they were alone in that place
    I love “can i have this dance” it’s the more cute song in the movie
    I don’t realy care if jemma and matt do High School Musical 4 it would be great for they, but I think that this must stop here, with the senior year
    ….It’s Awesome movie….And V looks so gorgeous, I love her acting,and how she dance and sing

  • samantha

    my favortie song is right here right now can i have this dance,mostly all of them i cried my mom did to and shes not a fan but she said it was way better then camp rock she cried zac and vanessa have so mush chemistry ..i don’t want then new the cast …but rocketman was funnny but i still want the old cast

  • missUK

    I really liked it! i feel they all did really well – every member of the cast not just the ‘main’ ones. they have all improved so much from first one, it has been nice to see them all grow up and mature. Zacs singing/acting has improved alot since the first one and i’m looking forward to seeing him in more mature roles and to try different genres aside from musicals as i no he has the ability to have a fantastic hollywood career in the future.

    my fav song and performance: the boys are back! corbin and zac really ‘upted’ their game in dancing and it really paid off and i liked that for once their was a song between those 2 characters!

    its my fav high school musical film so far, i dont think they should do 4 though – i think it has been left at a great place for the characters and the franchise itself (ending it in the cinema etc)


  • love hsm

    i love the movie!!! it is so amazig :) i saw it in sweden, oct 22 :)
    i cried a few times…
    i don’t want to see the 4:th movie without the old cast members, it won’t be the same without them. :(
    i liked the scene when jimmy and sharpay is on the scene and sings i just wanna be with you. that was so funny! :)
    my favourite songs is scream, i want it all, the boys are back and can i have this dance.

    Those who havent seen the movie, do it as soon as you can. it’s worth it! XD

  • LARA


  • hsmrawks!

    1)I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!My fave scene is when Zanessa kissed..they’re like soooo cute!!!
    2)hmm..I don’t think they actually act that seemed..natural..hahas..XDDD..
    3)My fave song is Can I have this dance and followed by..all the troyella songs..sorry I just love them too much..
    4)I would love to watch HSM4 without the new cast member..and that is if the old cast members are still in it..otherwise nah..not interested..

    #11 I think you have a deep impression on Vanessa..and a very bad one indeed..


  • aNNA

    i love it!
    hahahah i guesss not much when you guys are already dating
    i love can i have this dance(the scenes) and scream and just wanna be with you are second
    not really without the orginal cast it wouldnt be the same but i’m sure some people might tune in to see it but not as much

  • laura

    Am off to see it soon, but I’m sure I will need tissues, it’s going to be amazing, Troyella scenes will be amazing as always and when the dvd comes out there will be lots of Zanessa bits. Can I Have This Dance is my fave song that I have heard so far.

  • http://- rita

    my fave songs are ur fave songs + can i have this dance!! :d
    my fave sences are:
    1-all zanessa sences of course
    2-the boys are bk
    and no i wont watch it!!!
    the movie is awsomeee!!!

  • Alex


    Favorite scene:
    Any with Zac & Vanessa together.

    Psh, they didn’t have to act at all. You can tell that they are so in love with each other just by how they look at each other. It makes me realize just by looking at them that true love does exist. It is beautiful

    i guess my absolute favorite would be a tie between right here, right now and can i have this dance.

    & would i watch hsm4?
    maybe, i don’t think anyone could ever replace this original cast, no matter how many more musicals they make of this movie. the original cast is irreplacable.

    anddddd i loved it :)
    seriously, go see it.
    as soon as it comes out, im buying it on dvd
    and watching it every single day.

  • johanna

    1. I loved HSM3 and my favorite scen is probably….. when troy (zac) jumps down from the tree on stanford and say “my prom is where ever you are”
    2. not much acting.. i think….:P but it was so cute and romantic
    3. My favorite song.. the boys are back, scream, can i have this dance…. Oohh i give upp.. ALL OF THEM!!
    4. I will see HSM4 but i don’t think it will be as wonderful and good as with the old cast.

    I LOVE HSM3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!