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Katie & Suri: Playground Pair

Katie & Suri: Playground Pair

Katie Holmes leaves her New York City apartment on Friday afternoon and spends some quality time with 2-year-old daughter Suri at a local playground.

The mother-daughter duo shared a sweet kiss on the lips during their playground play date. Suri played with her stuffed giraffe and drew all over the playground with her sidewalk chalk.

Always the one to effervesce, Suri hardly has to do anything to shine!

15+ pictures inside of playground pair Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise

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katie suri playground pair 01
katie suri playground pair 02
katie suri playground pair 03
katie suri playground pair 04
katie suri playground pair 05
katie suri playground pair 06
katie suri playground pair 07
katie suri playground pair 08
katie suri playground pair 09
katie suri playground pair 10
katie suri playground pair 11
katie suri playground pair 12
katie suri playground pair 13
katie suri playground pair 14
katie suri playground pair 15

Credit: Gediminas Svitojus; Photos: INFdaily
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  • christine

    aw, she’s giving katie a kiss! lol, look at the one where she’s picking her nose.

  • 2o0my

    She looks creepy with that new haircut, she looks like a mean baby with that hair, i liked the longer hair before, it looked softer! they should’ve just trimmed her bangs! =P

  • LolaSvelt

    I agree, the haircut makes her look creepy. I know it’s a little girl, but I just hate bowl haircuts.

  • angieee

    does this child never wear a coattt lolll :D

  • angieee

    does this child ever wear a coattt lolll :D

  • Sunaqua

    And there she is with no coat again—bare legs and those silly shoes. The parents should be arrested for abuse and neglect…I bet we will see pics of her playing in the snow w/o a coat–just wait and see.

  • Carol

    No coat, no baby underwear…….???? Summer is over Katie!!!

  • twostrikes

    poor, little RICH girl! she needs friends her AGE

  • jk

    Why do the parents allow so many pictures of her to be taken. She doesn’t seem afraid of the paps.


    OMG,i have a girl her age and we r not rich,but my little girl is always dressed warm,WHAT IS WRONG WITH U KATIE???C’MON SUMMER IS OVER!!!

  • Hollywood Gossip Scoops

    She looks like katie, dont see any resemblance to Tom. What do you think? Hahahaha

  • 2o0my

    yeah…umm…how is it that Katie gets to wear a coat and Suri doesn’t?? That’s one weird mom!!

  • Suri needs a real mom

    The sincerity of the kiss might be somewhat believable if the mother cared enough to put a coat on the child. Katie is so stupid!
    How does she expect anyone to believe the kiss is real when she doesn’t give a damn that Suri is freezing.

    Does Katie even have an I.Q.?

  • me

    I think she looks just like Chris Klein. BTW, where has he disappeared to?

  • milli

    what’s wrong with katie letting her daughter run around without a jacket in nyc cold?



  • maria (Shorty)

    If this is today’s picture (Saturday), it’s windy, cloudy and 63 degrees. Not too cold, but the wind makes it feel cooler. I don’t get why this woman doesn’t MAKE her wear a light sweater at least. She’s how old? Who’s the parent here? I just don’t get it!

  • gg

    the look on her face is funny in the main pics

  • riz

    i live 20 mins out of new york so trust me when i say it’s been really cold here lately. i cannot BELIEVE these two idiots let their child run around all day in these frilly little dresses and NO COAT. not even warm shoes. they are idiots.


    she looks deranged – yuck

  • Sarah

    HA HA HA HA AH HAHA HA AH AH AH AH, she’s picking her nose!
    Looks cold…
    Her new haircut’s cute!

  • zk

    Sorry to say this, but that is one ugly kid….

    And seriously, it’s AUTUMN not summer!! Put some sleeves and pants on that kid! Why has it been cold enough for Tom/Katie to wear sweaters and pants, but they keep the kid in summer clothes?!?!

    Irresponsible parenting on top of pathetic famewhoring


    Am I the ONLY person who finds it CREEPY that grown men are standing around photographing a CHILD while her mom is adjusting her pull-up? That to me is much, much more DISTURBING than a child outside without a coat.

    I’ll give Katie a pass this time only because the stalkerazzi have crossed a line.

  • janie

    Like watching zoo animals, I find them fascinating but I’m no fan of the Cruises. In their defense, however, I must say Suri never looks cold. If she were cold she wouldn’t be playing and looking pretty happy.

  • janie

    And it’s a myth that you can get sick from being cold. Sick from germs but not from being cold.

  • postwatcher

    Suri is a very cute girl. I had that hair cut too.

    Just because Katie Holmes is rich, does not automatically make her a good mother.

    Katie choses to dress her child in a Burberry dress with no undergarments! When my child was two, we would put an undershirt on her and underwear over the pullup. I don’t get the diaper thing.
    Katie could put diapers on her at night time but at two years old, most people use a pullup when they go outside.

    I have seen past photos of Suri wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt.
    This is not about the child being hot or fussy about clothes because
    fussy children usually do not go for itchy looking dresses.

    We all have indulged our toddlers, gee I let my kid wear disney pajamas at the park once, but it was summer and weather appropriate.

    KATIE IS CRAZY! There are a lot of crazy women out there who look normal and Insanity does not discriminate based on income level. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH A MOTHER WHO CONSISTENTLY DRESSES A CHILD INAPPROPRIATELY FOR THE WEATHER.


  • not a pull-up

    That is not a pull-up. It is a diaper. Katie is supposed to keep it covered with the blanket. She slipped up.

  • Jessica

    Wow, 47 degrees in NYC and Suri is dressed for JULY ! This is child abuse. It is up to the PARENTS to dress their child accordingly, whether the child wants to or not ! I know they don’t believe in saying “no” to their precious brat, but come on. WHO are the parents here ? Come December when the snow starts falling, poor little Suri will be mighty cold in her ballet shoes, bare legs and sun dresses, slipping and slidding on the ice ! I guess the parents will keep having to buy BIGGER blankets to cover their child who REFUSES to wear warm clothes.
    As far as the hair goes, it looks like they cut it short so not as to having to deal with cutting her hair again for awhile, since it was a known fact that precious Suri wouldn’t “let” them even cut her bangs.
    I think Suri needs a PARENTDECTOMY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • faith

    Katie. If you don’t want to put on legging, since Suri is still wearing diaper. So I guess it must be difficult or just plain lazy to remove when changing her diaper, then put on some pants. While you are at it, give her a coat.

  • Big Mama

    If Suri is going to wear a diaper, at least they could put some kind of outerpants on over it. Why not just put pants on the child. She might kick and scream, but she’ll get over it.

  • defap

    I love Sui.
    Tom and Katie are the best parents. They not only spend time to take good care of their children, obviously they also spend time to LEARN HOW to do a better job. The later part makes them better parents than other celebrity parents.
    Suri looks happy, healthy, smiley, and active.
    The #2 photo is funnyyyyyy. :) :-D

  • kat

    Matilda Ledger has the same haircut and I don’t hear anybody saying anything bad about her or Michelle Williams. It is called a “bob” not a “bowl cut”. I think Suri is very cute and she is 2 years old, it takes a really “big person” to talk bad and call a 2 year old ugly. I hope it makes you all feel better about yourself!

  • Tina

    Someone should report her to DYS. They need to investigate the parents for REFUSING to dress their child in weather appropriate clothing.
    Can’t wait to see her playing in the snow dresses like this ! LOL!

  • Lily

    I do NOT see any problem with Suri not wearing the coat in front of the paps… Shall she show her coat to you guys who care always about coat coat coat… My kid is always playing around and we always have to take her coat off !!!

  • Old Nutter Hubbard

    #11 – I seriously think she looks like a cross between Katie Holmes and L.Ron Hubbard. And is it normal for a healthy toddler to have bags under their eyes?

  • Danielle

    I don’t like TomKat, but why the hostility because this not yet three year old isn’t in underpants. Girls are much harder to potty train than boys. Most of the kids I’ve dealt with were potty trained when they were ready (not for hte parent’s convenience) between 2-1/2 and 3. No child wears diapers to college, so I think all of you worried about poor Suri and her diapers are off base. There is a difference between potty training a child because the parent doesn’t want to change diapers and waiting until the child is ready. Now if this kid is in diapers at 4 years old or 3-1/2 years old–yeah — there is a problem.

  • Green Eyes

    Haircut makes her look rather creepy. She needs a coat and leggings, or gee here’s an idea: what about a pair of sweats, jeans, or casual pants?
    And….I don’t believe in kissing on the lips. This is something a child should be taught NOT to do because it then makes it acceptable to the child for perv uncles and other pervs to kiss the child on the lips.
    This family just seems to be getting weirder all the time.

  • lene

    I don’t think it’s wrong they let her being taken pictures of, cause she has to get used to it. Better that, than her being scared of it. right?

    anyways, is the clothes she’s wearing really suited for the playground? :P

    anyways, i love TomKat family. :) Suri is so cute. : )

  • Jen1

    She looks adorable as always. As for her haircut, I think it’s really cute, but my gosh, hair grows back. Fast btw! Her hair will be shoulder-length again before you know it. It looks a lot fuller now, now that the ends are snipped off. When it grows out, it’ll be even more so.

    Anyway, whatever. Katie and Suri look so happy and sweet. Thanks, JJ. :)

  • dido

    suri is a tom mini-me, especially in the eyes and that wild smile, When ı see suri ‘ smile that makes me oh my god that is again and this time its baby version

  • Izzy

    My nephew had clothes issues when he was that age. He wouldn’t wear anything with buttons…he lived in sweats for 2 years ha.

    I wonder if Suri wont wear sleeves/pants? They seriously need to deal with this!!

  • Louise

    I can’t believe Suri is just 2-1/2. She looks at least 5. I do agree she looks better with longer hair. It was just the bangs that needed to be trimmed.

  • zoe

    cute kid but the haircut scares me. i also had tht haircut when i was her age but it wasnt a good thing. its like a mushroom hairstyle, literally. its good to see her so happy though. it bugs me tht she and her mother has to wear such nice clothes to play in a playground .seems silly.

  • andamentothat

    ok Katie, good to see that you have dressed her in a tweed dress.. good for you. .not we need sleeves and something to cover the bare legs.. And these dresses should come with matching panties, use them to cover the pull up. that is a full diaper, change it..

  • caroll

    she is so cute. i love suri *————–*

  • Anon

    She looks like Matilda Ledger. Wonder if Katie, being such the copycat she is, thought Suri would get accolades for the same haircut and Suri will get the credit as a trendsetter.

    BTW, who dresses their kid in party dresses to go to the park, except when they are going for family pictures, parties, and photo ops?

    I have kids. I took away the short sleeve dresses when it was cold so they would not even have the choice. Also with kids that age, it is out of sight, out of mind. Kids do not have long memories.

    Katie dressed Suri like this last year in NYC in January and Suri came back with a bad cold. I guess she will this year. Also, CPS has been known to step when kids don’t go to school properly clothed for the weather. It is called NEGLECT!

  • emma

    I don’t like Suri’s new haircut, she looks like a mushroom. But she’s still very very beautiful.

  • miapocca

    hahhah…Katie is wearing a coat, bu tthe spawn of LRON is magnificent and beyond human feelings..she can manage in th ecold, because at clear she can control her thoughts to feel warm..what a freakky looking kid like Damiens sister

  • L

    It’s nice to finally see Suri not putting her hands over her ears or closing her eyes shut for once. I understand that the paparazzi need to take photos of her and if Tom and Katie are going to let them, they can at least teach her how to deal.

    It’s cold – the dress is cute, but she seriously needs a coat! I know they have a blanket, there’s pictures of Suri wrapped in one. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just put her in warmer clothes? I know dresses are cute, but she’s two. Put on some jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket! She’d still be cute regardless!

    I honestly don’t know why they cut her hair so short. They could have trimmed her bangs and put her hair up in a ponytail, pigtails or something. She’s TWO! Come on now! I know she doesn’t have normal circumstances being the kid of these two, but it doesn’t mean she has to be abnormal in EVERY way!

    I sometimes do not understand why parents do what they do. I’m not going to judge them since I don’t have any kids, but it still makes me wonder why.

  • miapocca

    klien is too pretty to have contributed to mi ss litlte pug nose here…must have been the milk man in ohio to whatever the heck katie is form.
    The kid she some non white genes and its very obvious..points more to hartnett with his “different” look..who knows she was probably freaking every kid in NY after her breakup with klien….WAITING for marriage turned to freaking for miss damien here