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Madonna and the Kabbalah Kids

Madonna and the Kabbalah Kids

Madonna (in Ferragamo sunglasses) takes her three kids — Lourdes, who turned 12 last week, Rocco, 8, and David, 3 — to Saturday morning services at the Kabbalah center in New York City.

Just last week, the 50-year-old Material Mom officially announced her divorce from Guy Ritchie. She has reportedly been romantically involved with New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez and Guy is not pleased.

An insider reveals, “Guy left Madonna a furious message after he saw the photos of Rocco in the Yankees shirt telling her she’d stooped too low. Apparently, he said he will not tolerate his son being manipulated by her in the same way she manipulates everyone else.”

10+ pictures inside of Madonna and the Kabbalah kids…

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madonna kabbalah kids 01
madonna kabbalah kids 02
madonna kabbalah kids 03
madonna kabbalah kids 04
madonna kabbalah kids 05
madonna kabbalah kids 06
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Credit: Mario Magnani, Doug Meszler/WENN; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • jess


  • jess


  • jess


  • jess

    5th and 6th suckers!!!!!!!!!!

  • jess

    5th and 6th suckers!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    i hate madonna

  • TINA

    love her

  • kob

    Lourdes is so cute

  • popitunes

    what a cunnt she is

  • Tia

    i feel like she uses little david as an accessory. Like ‘look everyone! im a good person because i bought myself a black baby’. She is not genuine like Angelina Jolie. And she needs to pluck her daughters eyebrows. groose.

  • kkk


  • Cassie

    What’s wrong with being a black Jew? What’s wrong with being an Indian Jew? What’s wrong with being a….? Time for change, time to stop the religion- and race-baiting!!!!

    Obama-Biden ’08!!!!!

  • Nelly_in_SJ

    I think Rocco has ADD, he always looks so hyperactive. Even in that documentary that came out a few years ago.

  • Pff

    there’s definitely something wrong with her cheekbones.

  • Good Victoria

    Madonna had it good ith Guy….He seemed to be a loving husband and father, and always let Madonna do what she wanted to do….Or Madonna TOLD guy what she was GOING to do….I guess no-one knows for sure, but it does take two to let a relationship sour and go bad !!!……….What a shame for the kids!

  • Aylin

    SUPERCUTE pic of Lourdes and David in the car!

    But yes, L look sad. Hope she will be able to have Guy in her life somehow. I seems that they are close.

  • giadana

    I swear Madonna must have gotten Rocco a contract with GAP. All that kids wears is sweatshirts with giant GAP lettering on them.

    I find that very strange given the amount of money they have & the designer clothes the rest of the family walks around in.

  • helga Finnsd

    Lourdes is making a statement with her bag OBAMA i like it young women who thinks!!

  • Madonna who?

    Tacky old hag from Detroit.

  • LISA


  • to ANGHAM

    ANGHAM @ 10/25/2008 at 7:59 pm A BLACK JEW

    what does a jew supposed to look alike? white? stupid. why don’t you do some research before you post.

  • kd

    There out to be a law against certain people having kids at all. She’s a narcissist pure and simple. Everything revolves around her. Whatever gets her the most attention. Poor Lourdes looks just like her.

  • Big Mama

    Somewhere a fruit cake is missing its nuts.

  • Justin

    I love KD’s comment that “Poor Lourdes looks just her.” AS IF that is a bad thing. Lourdes is going to be an incredibly attractive woman. Please.

  • Jast jon



    who wants to bet that Guy Ritchie’s next movie will have a madonna like character.

  • Undecided

    Madonna is a control freak…evil spirited – just a rotten soul.

  • Undecided

    Madonna is a control freak…evil spirited – just a rotten soul.

  • Scarlett

    These kids have sweaters on. And poor little Suri is running around in a thin cotton short sleeved dress with flimsy little dress shoes on her feet.

  • bean

    Messed up religious fad

  • leni

    madona is on her way to try to reinvent herself again. Not a fan anymore.
    I liked guy a normal humble person.

  • JOY


  • cristine

    madonna as always is an attention seeker. i do not see the truthfullness in her humanitarian act. she is a FAKE! she and A-ROD has been at it for months now even before they divorced their partners! they dont care abt.their children’s feelings. i hope they rot in hell!

  • ewwwww

    I feel sorry for Lourdes. She now has two father figures in different countries. I thought she and Rocca attended school in Britain? Are they now attended school in New York?
    Poor kids. Madge is such an old hag, always puting herself first. It’s the kids who pick up the tab for useless parents.

  • boogie

    What’s so unique about “Madonna” ?? She turns my stomach whenever I see her.

  • ya


  • ryan

    hate Madonna

    Guy is smart to have left her old grandma A**

  • jiss

    they are all cute.

    long live the queen.

  • rene

    there r just looking fine….great family…madonna will be a good for mother for three of them…

  • None

    #37- Lourdes will live near her biological father, but Rocco and David will be an Ocean away from theirs now. It’s kind of screwed up.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft


    Do a little research on the Ethiopian Jews and the history behind them. Black Jews go back wayyyyyyyy back in history more than you obviously know. Do they not teach anything in schools anymore?

    I want Lourdes’ bag. Cool!

  • Ouch!

    Lourdes looks amazing! I love that she developed her own sense of style!

    And to be honest, I’ve never thought that she was that close to Guy… It seems that she’s closer with her biological father…

  • criss

    Madonna is a hag if she tries to keep the kids away from Guy. I’m sure she’s used to getting what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it, even hurting her own kids in her selfishness. Rocco is just like Guy, and it will hurt Guy if he doesn’t get to see him, but that would suit her just fine. Hag.

  • Dirty

    too much fillers in her cheeks,she looks like Joker more and more.
    cool obama bag…
    rocco is spoilt little brat looks like it…


    When did Guy Ritchie say this stuff?? Why make up the stuff..When
    Madonna is the cheater the “Sienna Miller ” cheating on a spouse…
    And doesn’t do anything about it…Liz Rosenberg didn’t do anything
    but fan the flames of their relationship.. When a man cheats he is
    considered a bad person.. but when a woman does it .. it seems
    that is a different story..

  • Cassie

    David’s going to grow-up to be a handsome young man! Rocco is definitely a cross between Maddona and Guy Ritchie….I agree with an earlier blogger that he appears to be ADD or ADHD and, hopefully, will be placed in the right academic environment to inspire his special talent, fed the right diet, and NOT treated without Ritalin!!!! These children need a relatively structured environment but one that emphasizes creativity. Lourdes is at a self-conscious age and is going to be a beautiful woman. Hopefully, Madonna will settle down on the East Coast where Lourdes is near her biological father for his helpful guidance of their daughter as she moves through the teen years of individuation.

  • Arabel

    Lourdes is a stunner; truly one of the most (naturally) beautiful girls I’ve seen. And I happen to like the unibrow, she’s a non-conformist and that’s a good thing.

  • Undecided

    LOL!! Posters saying a young boy who runs around has AD(H)D….it is people like you who get these kids on meds for just being kids. It is normal – yes normal to run around and have high energy. Imagine having a million paparazzi in your face and imagine having a whack job of a mother like Madonna? I’d run in circles too! LOL!

  • dianel

    Poor little guy he looks scared to death in that first photo

  • anon

    Kaballah is a bunch of crap, and Madonna the whore is practically their rep. I guess this religion approves of bonking someone else’s husband while you’re married.


    Madonna may do alot of things that people don’t always agree with, but at least she knows how to dress her children appropriately for the weather; and lourdes looks really sad.