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Hayden Panettiere: I Need 1 Million Signatures

Hayden Panettiere: I Need 1 Million Signatures

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere needs YOUR help to save the whales. Here’s her plea, which you can also watch below:

“As my one-year anniversary trip to Japan to save the whales nears, I have decided to go about things a little differently. This time around, I need everyone’s help.

“I am trying to gather 1,000,000 signatures on for the exclusive Whaleman Foundation petition. The goal is to stop all commercial whaling and lethal scientific research whaling by Japan, Norway, Iceland, and to enforce the current global whaling moratorium. This petition will be taken to the June 2009 meeting of The International Whaling Commission, where the petition will be personally delivered by me!

“Please take 2 minutes of your day to go to, sign up, pick Whaleman Foundation as your cause, and add SocialVibe to your MySpace, Facebook, blog, etc.

“While there please sign the Whaleman petition. That’s it. Please pass this video along to your family and friends. If we help each other out, we can do this! Thank you SO much!”

Hayden Panettiere: I Need 1 Million Signatures
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  • Bubbaness

    Why am I so annoyed that out of all the issues that plague humanity, this idiot picked whales?

  • myjoy

    oh, it’s too much to do.
    why can’t we just sign it like other normal petitions.
    nooo, of course, we have to registrate and stuff.
    it takes too long
    not signing

  • chickens

    least shes doing something!

  • alllthegossip

    i agree with #1 and #3
    visit my blog

  • eddie jones

    i say she drops about 25 lbs and i’ll sign up, she’s a tubby.

  • Enough

    I’m sick of her and the whale she rode in on!!!

  • Lizzie

    I signed :)

  • Brooke

    If you hate her so much why are you signing idiots. I signed :) Go hayden

  • Livvy

    Why dont you go lose some wight b*itch. Shes fine the way she is. Keep signing ppl I did :)

  • emily

    I’m gonna sign it! I think! Well, i am from Norway, and my grandfather worked as a whale catcher, but it’s okay =]

  • ludmi (:

    i love her, she’s the best

  • randy

    Hayden recently talked to the norwegian ambassador in the US about stopping commercial whaling, and afterwards he said “it’s hard to take her seriously, she hadn’t educated herself about the cause at all. It was like hearing a child say please don’t kill the pretty dolphins”

    I kid you not

  • randy

    Hayden recently talked to the norwegian ambassador in the US about stopping commercial whaling, and afterwards he said “it’s hard to take her seriously, she hadn’t educated herself about the cause at all. It was like hearing a child say please don’t kill the pretty dolphins”

    I kid you not

  • Debbie

    I am 48 years old. The first petition I signed for save the whales was in 1974. Maybe it work or maybe it doesn’t but all she is asking you to do is to take 2 minutes and sign a petition. That is all!!!! just 2 minutes.

    I signed.

  • Stella

    #1 and #12, totally agree! understand the issue, the cause, the people, the factors, the capacity of it all before you become an activist, hayden!

  • http://justjared tanii

    wow didnt know she was that passionate about this…

  • Nicole

    I signed. Its for a good cause and it only takes 2 minutes to sign something thats really important to her :) If you havent signed it and you dont like her? Simple. Dont sign on her posts. Idiots

  • AVA

    I don’t understand why celebrities think they can dictate how other people should live, because of their 15 minutes of fame, Japan’s custom and livelihood has always had whale killing. they do it humanly and to make sure they keep the whale population in balance, just like when these losers come to Canada’s east about seals. In parts of Asia people eat cat , are we to tell them ‘ They can’t. they are our pets, then Hindu’s can tell us ‘ How dare you eat hamburger meat, Cows are sacred. We eat dozens of different type of animals from chicken, different types of fish to pigs to cows, birds, what makes one animal more important then another because Hollywood decides and the rest of the world has to respect what a bunch of shallow, narcissistic, morally bankrupt people think is a ‘ cause, sick of Hollywood and it’s need to impose themselves on what we as a culture and people should do and become.

  • jin

    She is indeed, hasn’t educated herself well.

  • txgirl

    She’s just another dumb Hollywood b!tch looking for a cause to drum up some publicity for herself and her failing show.

  • Nina.x.




  • Sienna

    She hasn’t educated herself enough on the subject. I agree with the Norwegian ambassador.

  • tata

    Already signed!

  • vmars111


    Wow, some of you are just plain idiots.


    What the hell is Hayden doing wrong? “Oh, she’s whoring herself out there to the public to try and save animal lives!” OOOHHH! So? What the hell is wrong with that?

    JUST REGISTER AND SIGN THE DAMN PETITION! What the hell is so wrong about trying to help animals???

    Plus, what the hell are you trying to say about celebrities trying to dictate your lives? Um, you’re on a freaking celebrity site!!!

  • Jesse

    I hate when people bash at least Hayden is doing sth to help the cause she believes in . Instead of getting drunk and flashin her undies to the papz , like other girls in Hollywood .
    Love Hayden and how passionate she is about saving the whales, I already signed :D

  • randall

    I would have gladly signed her petition, but after her hideous internet commercial against John McCain with her cursing, I would never sign anything for her and my children will not be allowed to watch heros again. That commerical was beyond classless. I have no respect for her or her causes.

  • joyce

    What no F word. I am used to her swearing like a sailor. Oh well not signing.

  • junie

    She is a twit.

  • http://gfdgs dhjslfksdha

    i join ur welcome!


    hey guys do it….. oh come on just take 5 minutes….

  • Davey

    Some things need to be set straight.

    1. Most Japanese oppose whaling
    2. Whales and Dolphins contain high levels of mercury
    3. High levels of mercury cause humans to develop neurological disorders that can lead to paralysis.

    So to summarize: most of the Japanese people you guys claim she’s offending agree with her. Dolphin and whale meat is very bad for humans. It is not consumable.

    We live in something called a food web, not chain. As a result species have coevolved. So for those putting her down for trying to save whales instead of humans please open up a Biology textbook. It is basic Bio 101 stuff. As someone that majored in Biology it pisses me off when people don’t understand the importance of certain species. It shows the ignorance and self-importance people give themselves.

  • Eyda

    you people are sick, shes a good person and shes using her popularity for something good, come on SIGN IN

  • xoxo

    @AVA #18 excellent points.

  • Bertine

    It’s incredible that ANYONE can take Hayden seriously. She has not educated herself one bit about the issue she supposedly is so concerned about. Nr.1 evidence of her immaturity would be her embarassing trip to Japan. Before you becom an activist; know what you are talking about, please! This is not a simple matter of “don’t kill the whales!” There are many factors to be considered. I agree wholeheartedly with the Norwegian ambassador. If I had agreed to meet her thinking it would be a serious debate then I too would loose my patience if I found myself faced with an 18 year old girl yelling “do you love animals?!!” (yup, she did…) Ridiculous.

  • MaryKB

    j’ai signé !! j’admire hayden car elle s’investit vraiment a fond pour sauver les baleines qui sont en voix de disparition !!! je te soutien de tout mon coeur hayden !!

  • MaryKB

    et pour ce qui critique j’aimerais rajouté que si elle faisait ca QUE pour “les jolies petits animaux qu’elle adore” elle ne s’investirait pas autant !!! bye

  • katie

    most japanese aren’t pro whale slaughtering
    and its mainly done due to too many whales endangering other fish like tuna so they need to balance it out
    its also the fisherman’s income and livelyhood. she basically helping unemployment – like this world needs more of it, seriously
    and its also not her business to butt into