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Jakes Gyllenhaal is Persia's Prince

Jakes Gyllenhaal is Persia's Prince

Jakes Gyllenhaal covers up underneath his hoodie and a pair of aviators after landing in London on Monday to pick up filming on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Lately, the 27-year-old actor has been wearing a lot of hats, hoodies and bandanas on his head lately to cover up his mane of hair.

Sands of Time is set in medieval Persia about the story of adventurous Prince Dastan (Gyllenhaal) who teams up with a rival princess to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world. The film is set to release in May 2010 and also stars Sir Ben Kingsley as Nizam, the angry ruler.

More pictures of Persia’s Prince Jake Gyllenhaal inside…

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  • hiu

    first :)

  • dancer

    Lookin’ good!

  • ?


  • Nice

    So HAPPY be faaaar away from his fugly beard!

  • Jake Fan


    can’t you afford a better beard than Reese Witherspoon?

    For how long are you going to bore us with that dull woman?

  • Nice

    So HAPPY to be faaaar away from his fugly beard!

  • Jess

    How long are you going to bore us with you pathetic comments, Nice?

    Jake looks very sexy here, adore his smile. Can’t wait to see PoP.

  • Helga

    He does look rather happy to be away from old chiny and her pesky brats.

    Can’t see him keeping up the bearding until 2010… poor sucker, what some people will do for money eh.

  • WhosDat

    Prince? I thought he and his lady friend were starting a lingerie line..

    no wonder he is embarrassed and has to cover his head all the time

  • eww

    So sad that he is going to be in POP. He is going to ruin the film with his white bread, all American, boy next door looks. He doesn’t look nearly exotic enough to play the prince.

  • He´s the lady’s man

    He´s very ugly (it´s possible that it has a paralysis in his mouth that is always turned to him?)it gives egoistic, infantile ,the impression me that it is an a shy person, and with little neurons….that pity….

  • Na

    he definately looks persian in the movie, i’ve seen pics from the set of the movie, he does look persian. Im do excited for this movie, i can’t wait till it comes out.

  • athena

    #10, you think he looks all american? He has some Swedish in his family…I think he’d make a great prince…he’s got a great stretch in playing many characters….I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • yale

    he is so micast for Prince of Persia. I play the videogame and he does not look like Jake at all.

  • gainf

    He looks like a muppet. If Jim Henson was still alive Jake could play that newscaster muppet. He would be perfect.

  • reggie

    I don’t quite get why he had to fly to the USA for a few days and then back to the UK. He seems to spend a lot of his time on airplanes. Could it be that Reese told him that he had to come to her some times since she has always been going to see him? You know, making an issue of who is doing the work so they can see each other. “I keep flying to the UK to see you so now you fly to the US to see me”. Otherwise…I see some seeds of conflict in all this. In fact movie stars should not marry other movie stars since they always have to be going somewhere else. He should marry some younger woman who is NOT in the movies and who can stay with him wherever he is.

  • anom.

    Jake smiling is a gift!

    I think PoP will be great cause it´s Disney production and Jake is amazing actor! Love him!

  • MissOlive

    He is much hotter than Rayn!!!You go Reese~~~

  • MissOlive

    wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than reese’s former husband-idiot! he is missing out on e good times! Jake is the best!!

  • shelby

    Jake should stay away from Reese. She is poison to him. She will ruin him in the end!!!

  • Penn Vadgely


    jake, the cat is out of the bag. Lose the beard and come out already.

  • Ivana

    Of course Jake is happy…. Reese give him fuel, so he have energy for work, people who called Jake gay, must be gays…. they simply can’t forgive him for choosing a woman…:))))
    After some bad occasion in his life… Reese is only person, who was next to him all the time, and still is…

  • se

    The most film that Jake Gyllenhaal had been make his sister, the men of his sisteror his father was filmed.
    Jake Gyllenhaal is lover of Reese Witherspoon for a long time. When Reese Witherspoon was marriage with Ryan Phillippe and Jake Gyllenhaal practice exercise with Ryan Phillippe he was lover of her. She used the dress of Kirsten Dunst in Golden Globe beside her without shame man too!
    It is a coincidence that the nepotism family Mafia Gyllenhaals put the lover Reese Witherspoon in the same failure film Rendition.
    It was marriage present

    After that Jake Gyllenhaal cried like child because he would like act as persian in Disney…
    The the nepotism Mafia of Gyllenhaals give him the toy that he would like to play….
    The personal of this film must make a special effect only for the face of Jake Gyllenhaal!

  • se

    I would like to know when the children of Reese Witherspoon will act with their family films next future filming!

  • jenny

    Jake will never be as hot as Ryan.

  • Ivana

    Ryan is not HOT, he is just good looking, nothing more…. :)))

  • sam

    Jake is the best….love him and that smile. I think PoP will be great.

  • Ivana

    To bee HOT you must have something, one of aspects are sexual energy whom you bring in yourself. Ryan is cute and that’s for sure, but he seems empty and restrained.

    Jake’s energy that he brings in himself and even his smile, lips and eyes are one of largest reasons, why people think that he is hot, and i agree with that..One more thing, this man newer lose ability to smile, even in bad times…
    Sorry on my English :))))

  • max

    Ryan has heat. He always looks like he is about to do something really dirty, or he just has, or he’s thinking about it. He’s all smoldering and intense and unpredictable.

    Jake is a big ole goofball. He seems sweet and docile.

  • http://non.. Shqipe


  • reggie

    Jake v Ryan. Ryan is or was a pretty boy and not much else. Jake on the other hand has had a good education and a good upbringing by good parents. He is more grounded and normal than most Hollyweird types. Definitely a cut above most of the rest. Reese is similar and that is why they like each other. One possible drawback for Jakey is that he may be a bit passive and easily bossed around by a woman. For Reese is may be that she is bossy and castrating. If so, they may be a match made in heaven. LOL She likes to boss men around and he likes to be bossed around.

  • se

    Jake Gyllenhaal work for several Mafias. The film Prince of Persian has only one objetive. Make propaganda of video games whose are harmful for children. He loves money and he has ambition with money of another people.
    He is decadent and his lover too! Their films give lot of loss in Hollywood

    I have read today how Hollywood is dominated by nepotism.
    The family of Cappola has lot of element by film industry. Nicolas Cage, Sofia capola , Talia Shire etc…Jason and John etc…

    It is very interesting. All these families have control of magazines and television to make propaganda of themselves.

  • Ivana

    You are terribly opinionated….
    movie stars do not have influence to control media. That’s way all their secrets comes out on surface… they are not so powerful…
    Only state government has power to control media
    You are always talking the same, and i loosing my interests…

  • Ivana

    But if you talk about gossip media, that is something quite different….

    First of all every actor most of money received from movies, split with people who worked with him on that movie….
    Madonna most of her money splits with agents, bodyguards, personal trainers who work for her …..So normal…

  • Ivana

    This is my last…. Bye Bye :))))))

  • anom.

    Jake is a poor boy. Look at his terrible shoes! He hasn´t got money for a new pair of shoes!

    He could ask Reese to buy a newpair of shoes for him!

  • sam

    Jake is a HOT boy and the look he has going on is yummy!

  • Ivana

    Hardly wait for Saturday…. BBM on TV…. :))))))

  • reggie

    Ivana, good to see you are still around. You are one of the nice people who comment on this blog. Do you mean you have not seen BBM yet? In any case, Jake is very very good. But Heath is better. Heath’s performance is one of the GREATEST in my opinion in movie history. Annie Proulx, the author of the short story on which the movie is based, said he understood Enis better than she did. And called his performance “legendary.” He was so completely the character that he played it is uncanny. I have not seen his Joker, but it is also superb everyone says, and that makes his untimely death a real tragedy for the world of acting. Watch it and think what we have lost with Heath’s death. Many more legendary performances that now will never be.

  • reggie

    Ivana: I’ll explain to you why Heath’s performance is better than Jake’s.
    Heath is Australian and his normal speech is Australian. He has to change his speech to American and then beyond that to the speech of an uneducated American kid living in Wyoming. He does all this perfectly. He gets the accent and the manner of an uneducated kid from Wyoming perfect from the very first scene and maintains this perfectly throughout the movie.
    Jake on the other hand is American and his normal speech is that of an upper class Los Angeles boy. In the movie he tries often to imitate the speech of an uneducated Wyoming kid but sometimes he does this okay and other times he lapses back into the speech of an upper class Beverly Hills boy. He never gets completely into the skin of the character he is playing and he tends to get out of character at times. He is probably better looking than Heath and sexier, but he is not as consistent or accomplished an actor.

  • Ivana

    I watched this movie in cinema only ones, it was fun…
    I remember that one couple leave the cinema after scene in tent, some people laugh, some made jokes which made tears in my eyes..
    I remember how good movie looks on big screen, especially Jake and Heath… i newer seen such good looking guys. :))))
    But you know after good laugh, the end of movie make bitter taste in my mouth, and i even cry….
    I am always around… i enjoy in this stuff…:)))

  • Ivana

    Heath was better… true, but when i look at him and Jake i see them as one, they were so unique… Jake is great actor too, but he takes his roles less personally. Heath was totally into Joker.. so sad.

  • imanie

    I think Jake is a very talented actor. I don’t understand the need to have some sort of competition about Jake and Heath. They both are/were extremely talented and did a brilliant job in Brokeback in their own way.

    These are the true words of Annie Proulx on Jake’s performance:

    “You said earlier that you were pleased with Heath Ledger’s performance. Did you feel that way about the whole cast?

    The whole cast was magnificent. There wasn’t anything not to be thrilled with, in anyone’s performance. They were all extraordinary. And by singling out Heath Ledger, I didn’t mean to slight Jake Gyllenhaal in the least, because he’s an extraordinarily versatile, quicksilver, accomplished actor. Really, quite marvelous. And I think he went from Brokeback to Jarhead, and that is the kind of jump that is, like, “Oh, really?” And he did both with ease. Very expert ease.

    All of the actors were just superb.”

  • reggie

    Well Proulx had to say nice things about Jake so that it would not appear that she was playing favorites. I am sure she was pleased with Jake’s performance, but it was Heath’s that she FIRST singled out for praise. She only said nice things later about Jake’s. She called him “expert, versatile, accomplished, etc.” but she never said he understood Jack better than she did nor did she call his performance “legendary”. There is no doubt she thought Heath was the better of the two, as did the Academy that nominated him for the Oscar as best actor and Jake only as a supporting actor. Other critics, I can’t name them all, say the same. As others say, Jake is a “jobbing” actor… that is acting is his job and he does it well. But he is not a mesmerizing STAR as was Heath. Heath entered the pantheon of GREAT actors with BBM; for Jake it was just another excellent job,.

    Yes Ivana, the ending of the movie is sad, almost tragic. Lots of people cried I am sure, even men.

  • reggie

    Ivana, do you want me to correct your English style? No offense intended.

    I watched this movie in cinema only ones, it was fun…
    I remember that one couple leave the cinema after scene in tent, some people laugh, some made jokes which made tears in my eyes..
    I remember how good movie looks on big screen, especially Jake and Heath… i newer seen such good looking guys. :))))
    But you know after good laugh, the end of movie make bitter taste in my mouth, and i even cry….
    I am always around… i enjoy in this stuff…:)))

    only ones. Better: only ONCE. One couple LEFT…which BROUGHT tears TO my eyes….good THIS movie looks…NEVER SAW such good…end of the movie LEFT a bitter taste…I even CRIED…I enjoy THIS STUFF…

  • imanie

    Reggie, you are just going to twist and spin whatever you want to make it seem like everyone feels as you do about Jake’s acting. Annie Proulx didn’t have to do anything. She sure shares her opinions on things she doesn’t like. Whether it be the fans who send her Brokeback fanfiction or how she didn’t like the movie adaptation of The Shipping News. If she didn’t like BBM or Jake she didn’t have to say anything. As for the “jobbing actor” thing, that is one article which was pretty disrespectful to Jake when it was supposed to be a tribute to Heath’s death.

    I do happen to think Jake is also a mesmerizing actor in his own way. He and Heath are/were different and I don’t see the need to disparage one or the other. Fine you don’t think Jake is as good an actor as Heath was. But not everyone agrees and I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

  • x

    imanie, I agree with you. I think Jake and Heath were great in BBm. In truth, I loved Jake in Jack Twist.

    I watched Batman and I think Heath did a good job as Joker but people overrated saying he is better Jack Nicholson. I disagree. Joke is a carismatic role, so any good actor could play as good as Heath did.

    Reggie, certainly my English isn´t very good (you can correct, no problem) but one more thing. Although Heat was great in BBM, he lost a lot of award to Philip Seymour Hoffman and I ´d say it´s fair cause Philip was brilliant. On the other hand, Jake almost won OSCAR and in my opinion George Clooney wasn´t better than Jake. But Jake is young, handsome, etc… So he can wait. But the BAFTA, Jake caught!

    The last thing, BBM producers nomined Heath and Jake in two diferent categories cause movie would have more chance to win. It worked cause in BAFTA, Heath didn´t win, but Jake won. And I think Jake was supporting actor cause his part in movie is minor than Heath. Of course, if they wanted two chances to win they did the righ thing (remember PULP FICTION?).

    Don´t get me wrong, I understand his (her?) preference for Heath but like me some people prefer Jake.

    In fact, both were equally great.

  • Ivana

    OMG is it really that bad (my English)…
    Those verbs killing me… :)))
    Since now i am using only short sentence… really short one…

  • reggie

    Well Jake is a good actor; he was best in October Sky and The Good Girl, a bit less good in BBM. The reference to him as a “jobbing actor” was in a piece in the UK Guardian that I suspect you didn’t see. I didn’t see Hoffman as Capote but in fact it is far easier to mimic a person than to create a character from a script. Proulx made this point about Heath when she criticized the Oscar awards. She found Heath’s performance so good she felt compelled to comment;…. then when it appeared she was slighting Jake she tried to make amends, but it is clear that she had a higher opinion of Heath’s performance than of Jake’s. After all she has a perfect right to comment since she wrote the story. I agree that her complaints about people writing her with “revisions” is rather silly. She should be flattered that her story gripped so many people that they wanted to write about her characters and if she found the rewrites annoying she could simply ignore them, like throwing them in the wastebasket.

  • reggie

    Some of the “rewrites” that she got were published in the UK Guardian. Some were funny and others not too bad. Most of them came from gays who tried to intensify the gayness of the story, like imagining what Jack Twist was thinking as he watched Enis walk down the street…. lots of super sexual thoughts. What Gyllenhaal did in the movie that was not in the story (or perhaps what his director made him do) was suggest that he already had had some gay experiences and was lying in wait, so to speak, for another chance. So when they first meet Jake drapes himself on the truck in a provocative pose and sneaks peeks at Enis while shaving in the truck rear view mirror. These were not in the story.