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Michelle Williams Getting Oscar Buzz

Michelle Williams Getting Oscar Buzz

Michelle Williams and 2-year-old daughter Matilda Rose is all smiles as they head to the doctor’s office in New York City on Monday morning.

The 28-year-old actress stars in the upcoming Kelly Reichardt-directed film, Wendy & Lucy. It’s about this woman Wendy (Williams) whose life is derailed en route to a potentially lucrative summer job. When her car breaks down, and her dog Lucy is taken to the pound, the thin fabric of her financial situation comes apart, and she is led through a series of increasingly dire economic decisions.

Wendy and Lucy has garnered an impressive 89% on, so obviously Oscar buzz is being generated. Watch the trailer at

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  • Good Victoria

    WOW, precious Matilda has the exact same haircut as Suri cute and adorable….Only difference is, Matilda has on WARM CLOTHES, where-as little Suri is still in summer, sleeveless dresses, with no socks or tights….AND NO COAT OR SWEATER !!!…Since both are in New York, maybe Katie will run into Michelle and Matilda, and see how silly she is, dressing Suri like she does………Poor Suri will be probably be confused, because of the other children dressed differently than she….AND warmer !!!

  • Dawn

    matilda is ADORABLE!!!

    still the spitting imagine of her daddy :)

    i believe her 3rd birtday is tomorrow – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATILDA!!! how sad that her father will not be there to celebrate, but i’m sure he will be there in spirit!

  • LolaSvelt

    Good for her, she’s been working hard this year, unlike some of the other celebrities on this site.

  • karissa

    She is sooo cute! And dressed properly!

    RIP Heath

  • leene

    Can’t say i’m surprised…she is freaking amazing.
    She deserved the oscar for BBM!

    hopefully, she’ll win one:D

  • justine

    matilda turns 3 tomorrow!
    happy birthday <3
    she looks just like heath…
    wish he could be here

  • Lovely NORMAL family

    Grandma, mommy,and granddaughter. How sweet.

    Let’s not Matilda is wearing velevet shoes with rubber soles for running, socks, coraroy pants, two shirts, a winter coat and her nanny is carrying her knitted cap.

  • dee

    WOW! She is looking more and more like Michelle. She is getting so big. Can’t even imagine Heath at an outing with her, she’s just gotten so big since the last time we’ve seen them together!

  • dee

    r.i.p Heath <3

  • regina

    Michelle must give Katie advice on how to dress your child in NEW YORK , NO summer dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO, it´s cold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Darn it I gotta give Michelle a two thumbs up. She sure has a GOOD sense of style. Look at the way she dresses that little girl. LOVE, LOVE it !!!!!!!!! So cute.

  • suri

    I wish my mummy and daddy let me wear winter clothes like Matilda!
    I am freezing in NY and they insist I wear silly dresses.
    They always wrap up nice and warm………HELP!

  • Agustina

    -Good Victoria @ 10/27/2008 at 3:31 pm WOW,
    precious Matilda has the exact same haircut as Suri Cruise-

    Error: Suri Cruise has the exact same haircut as Matilda

  • Differenrt Haircut

    Different haircut then Suri. That is why Matilda looks soft and cuddly and Suri looks austere.

    Tilda’s bangs are softly slanted on the sides as is her bob near her cheeks. Suri has the opposite cit, the bangs are shorter on the sides and longer in the middle. The sides of her bob are sharp and inverted, the Louis Brooks cut.

    Didn’t Katie and Michelle work together? Not one lunch or play date between these two young moms with children the exact age.

    Poor Michelle is an SP!

    No can talk to Michelle!

  • Ingrid

    Matilda’s haircut is so much better than Suri’s. What have they done to Suri’s hair? Though I liked that they finally cut her hair becaue it was getting in her eyes, did they actually cut her hair themselves with a bowl?

    Anyway, why are we comparing them? Is it because they were both from Dawson’s Creek? Well, Katie may appear to be more famous, but Michelle is definitely more successful. She has an oscar nomination and continues to work with great people like Ang Lee, Wim Wenders, Charlie Kaufman and Martin Scorsese.

  • Amanda

    WHO CARES ABOUT SURI I DONT KNOW why you guys are comparing the two.

  • fannigirl

    i love michelle’s style, and how she dressed matilda. and yeah, that’s rights-suri has the same haircut, matilda has it since half year, but suri only since a week. dont you think, its funn, we are talking about two babies fashion/hair? i’m so sorry the celebbabies.. everday, allway..paparazzi. suri looks angry and a crazy little bit. but it’s naturally in her young. but the poor matilda is really a kid, one of the cutest girl, I’ve ever seen. such a beautiful baby, such a sad story. Heath<3
    and of course: Happy 3rd Birthday Little Matilda Rose!
    {sorry my english}

  • coco

    Matilda is so cute.
    matilda is just like her dady
    I really don’t care about Michelle. I just hope that she will not be nominated.
    Heath deserves more the oscar than michelle

  • andamentothat

    Congratulations to Michelle Williams for working so hard, staying out of controversies, raising a balanced child from what we see…

    The reason for comparison to Suri is that both Katie and MW were on Dawsons creek together.. Katie must look at these pictures and just decide to take Suri out for another photo-op in summer clothes..


    Michelle can also pick up Heath Ledger’s award too while she is at it..!!

  • erin

    and the oscar curse be with her always matching her evil attitude

  • lol

    I like the baby but Heath and Michelle no respect at all. Some herald their acting due to the tragic death of Ledger but they are not all that.
    If Ledger didnt die would some even recognize their work?
    its the gay controversies and that tragic death.

  • man

    michelle sure deserves this award…but i don`t think she will get it. movie is just too small. has independent small movie ever won an oscar?

    but michelle is talented unlike katie holmes.

    michelle is far more intelligent in raising children than katie holmes.

    michelle is far more intelligent in everything compared to katie holmes.

    happy birthday matilda ledger! you are one beautiful baby girl. :)
    (she looks afraid of paps in one pic…that makes me sad…because this girl will never be as private with her mother as they would probably like to be).

  • jared fan

    She has her lawyer threat her fans and sues them.
    what a disgrace and as for talent? she has none.


    Just because both Katie and Michelle came from humble beginnings
    ‘DAWSON’S CREEK’ and met a more famous actor and had a child
    with them doesn’t mean that Katie is not a better parent.. Stop comparing the two of them.. They have nothing in common…

    Michelle is raising her daughter as a single parent even when
    Heath was a live…That is why he was so depressed when he
    was shooting Batman movie… They broke up..

    What is a SP// If Heath lived do you really think he would be nominated
    for an oscar??? Brokeback Mountain anyone??

  • man

    21,22,24- trolls beat it.

    lol- u make me lol how pathetic and stupid u are. apparently their work was recognized as heath ledger did not die in 2005 when BBM was nominated for Oscar. so holmes peabrained fan seems like the joke is on you. :)

    erin- you know her? she is very loved as it seems to me. you have issues.

    jared fan- how is this being senile thing working out for you?

  • Hal Jordan

    Most likely the two would just continue minding their own kids, #1.

    I thought her birthday was in December. #6? Anyway, Happy 3rd Birthday!

    I think Williams is smart enough to know to not tell another person how to raise their kid, #10.

    Don’t tell me that you’re accusing anyone of being a copycat, #13.

    ALL the cast members drifted apart, #14. Don’t blame Scientology for that.

    Actually, Holmes is more successful but Williams is more ACCLAIMED, #15.

    To further slam TomKat, #16.

    Don’t compare, #23. They’re BOTH beautiful and intelligent and talented young mothers.


    It is amazing how much Matilda looks like Mark Walberg’s daughter..

  • Jill

    #14 No, Michelle isn’t anti-social. You don’t even know her. Just because she doesn’t hang out with her past cast of Dawson’s creek, you make such a stupid assumption? You’re the one who is probably Anti-social typing away on your computer all day. Nobody can talk to you.

  • Jill

    Coco , if Michelle’s role was as good as they say than she does deserve the award.

    Erin, her “evil” attitude? You don’t even know this woman to talk about her. You’re probably the one with the evil attitude.

    LOL, Heath was an amazing actor. To make such a judgment you probably didn’t even see any of his films. Nobody cares who you have respect for. Who are you? Nobody.

    Jared Fan, no you’re the disgrace. Why do you care so much that she wants her privacy. Michelle does have talent, unlike you.

  • Marie-Claire

    #14 why do you assume that because Katie and Michelle don’t want to get together is because of Michelle? You must be a Katie fan. Your use of SP, proves you’re in Scientology. LMAO. Nobody can talk to people like you. Michelle is probably more social than Katie.

  • Jen

    No, yale. You’re talking about yourself.

  • a realist

    Michelle is such a good mother. She always has Matilda bundled up for the weather, dressed weather appropriate.
    While Katie lets Suri run around in summer clothes, and no socks in inclement weather.

  • acg

    The movie sounds interesting. If Heath Ledger does win an Oscar for The Dark Knight, I think that his parents should pick up the award. Even though Michelle is the mother of his child, they split last year, so I think it’s more appropriate for his family to collect the award.

  • sj

    2 years old, for one more day!

  • ANNA


  • normal

    happy birthday matilda! cutest celebrity baby.

  • melissa

    Shame on Heath, his desire for drugs were stronger than his desire to be with his daughter and watch her grown. Very sad ,drug abuse hurts so many more people than just the addicts

  • coco


  • Jill

    Melissa, how can you say shame on him? He didn’t mean to. It was an accident.

    Also, Coco what is your problem? You seriously have some issues. Yikes! Your comment is obviously about yourself and has nothing to do with me.

  • Christi m johnson

    Michelle has been very classy from the beginning. During the break-up she wasn’t a maniac as some starlettes usually are; and has been a true role model for her daughter..even though she and Heath weren’t together you have to remember that he is the father of their child and they once were in love so it’s difficult. Matilda seems very happy and grounded..I wish them the best in life..I know Heath is with them in spirit and is proud :)

  • liz

    thats not her nanny, its her sister

    matilda, such a cutie!

  • liz

    whoops! posted THAT to the wrong section

    nevs mind!

  • http://justjared bee

    does anyone know what brand the coat and boots michelle williams is wearing?

  • jenn

    TO NUMBER 38

    Dont assume shit you know nothing about. His daughter meant EVERYTHING TO HIM! Everyone around him knew that and saw it. You have no idea what he felt the last weeks of his life. So next time you dont know anything about something maybe you should shut up!!!!!