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Miley Cyrus: Go Go GOYA!

Miley Cyrus: Go Go GOYA!

Miley Cyrus (in ANLO jeans) belts it out on stage on Monday at the Goya Club in Berlin.

The 15-year-old songstress will be participating in the 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade atop the Bolt float, performing one of the original songs in the movie, “I Thought I Lost You.” Miley voices Penny in the animated Disney film, Bolt about a dog who thinks he’s a superhero and gets lost in New York City. The movie will be in theaters on November 21st. The 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade airs on NBC, November 27th.

50+ pictures of Miley Cyrus performing live at the Goya Club…

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miley cyrus goya club 01
miley cyrus goya club 02
miley cyrus goya club 03
miley cyrus goya club 04
miley cyrus goya club 05
miley cyrus goya club 06
miley cyrus goya club 07
miley cyrus goya club 08
miley cyrus goya club 09
miley cyrus goya club 10
miley cyrus goya club 11
miley cyrus goya club 12
miley cyrus goya club 13
miley cyrus goya club 14
miley cyrus goya club 15
miley cyrus goya club 16
miley cyrus goya club 17
miley cyrus goya club 18
miley cyrus goya club 19
miley cyrus goya club 20
miley cyrus goya club 21
miley cyrus goya club 22
miley cyrus goya club 23
miley cyrus goya club 24
miley cyrus goya club 25
miley cyrus goya club 26
miley cyrus goya club 27
miley cyrus goya club 28
miley cyrus goya club 29
miley cyrus goya club 30
miley cyrus goya club 31
miley cyrus goya club 32
miley cyrus goya club 33
miley cyrus goya club 34
miley cyrus goya club 35
miley cyrus goya club 36
miley cyrus goya club 37
miley cyrus goya club 38
miley cyrus goya club 39
miley cyrus goya club 40
miley cyrus goya club 41
miley cyrus goya club 42
miley cyrus goya club 43
miley cyrus goya club 44
miley cyrus goya club 45
miley cyrus goya club 46
miley cyrus goya club 47
miley cyrus goya club 48
miley cyrus goya club 49
miley cyrus goya club 50

Photos: WENN
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  • Erin!

    love her

  • laurel


  • noelle


  • gabriela

    i always support you miley! ♥

  • menna



    Aww her outfit is so cute! Oh and you ignorant dumbasses it’s NOT illegal for her to date Justin, it’s only illegal if they fck, also idy you hate her so much then why do you search her up and comment on things that are about her, is your life THAT pathetic?

  • Rachel

    What is she doing in picture number 39??

  • ana and isa


  • rokin


  • nenita

    i like her outfit its really cute

    YAY november 27 MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Oh holy hell that’s awesome. Love ya Miley!

  • guzzy

    So sick of this over exposed media whoore!

  • buuuu

    l-o-v-e her (2votes

  • boogie

    #7- you know what she is doing in that photo!

    trying to be sexy? Ugh! Not miley at 15.

    Parents should take her home!

  • Emygirl

    miley u r awesome!!! luv your outfit!!

  • jkjgjfdk

    her outfit is so not age appropriate.. what 15 year old would wear that, honestly? wh0re..

  • bonbon

    Too cute…

  • Grace

    im tried of seeing her everywhere. Shes a whore. I don’t have to know who she is to say that. her actions speak for itself

  • buckley

    good god…her again?
    ugly famewhore

  • sasso_james

    i hate her

  • Grace

    The stars ahead are “Whoreeee”

  • Jenn

    I think that she looks beautiful in these photos! I would love to see one of her shows live; looks like she has a lot of fun onstage…

  • lauren

    i still dont know why haters comment this!
    dint u have something better to do than bash her?
    welll i love miley <3
    cant wait for breakout platinum edition!

  • swe3t23

    shut up with the age -appropriate clothing……….she’s a freaking rock star who has millions of dollars and broken many records.

    Get it through your thick heads it is her stage outfit you freakin’ haters.

    she looks smokin hot!!

  • gossipgirl

    Love Miley!!!!!!

    As far as her outfit goes and what she is doing onstage —- has anyone seen what dancers wear in competitions these days (jazz/tap/modern etc)????? THEY are age inappropriate. What Miley is wearing would be seen on 6 year olds. And of course this outfit is just a costume…..Miley loves to hang around in sweats and t-shirts in case you have forgotten.

    Get over it – Miley is successful because she works hard….most 15 year olds I know just love to laze around at the beach or sleep in everyday…

  • miley is uglier than rumor

    I hope she GO GO goes away.

  • Michael

    ugggg this girl is so stupid!

  • tess


  • tia

    this just proves that she is not naturally pretty. she looks good here but ONLY because she has a hair and make-up team working on her. thoose photos the other day where she had no make-up on and her hair was all ratty–that is the real miley cyrus. not this girl. this girl is the product of 5 hours in a hair and make-up chair and lots and lots and lots of foundation to cover her nasty skin.

  • katie


  • rii

    i dont get how shes not dressing age appropriate, she seems pretty covered up. yes, there are cuts/slits in her shirt, but theyre just cuts, not even big holes.

    and yah, it always seems like she has fun on stage, you never really see her bored or something.

  • Heidis absent brain

    Why was she even in Germany?

  • babysis

    she looks great!

  • lalalove

    She’s so fu*king UGLY! I HATE this young wh*re!
    Do kids still look up to this chick?

  • andrew

    go miley gooo!!!
    you rock girl
    love you

  • celebforecaster

    Miley Cyrus on birth control!!! A celeb tragedy in 2009 check out more!

  • Jude

    HATERS GO AWAY!!! Seriously, why view her posts if you don’t even like her? Idiots! You bash her for everything. She is performing for her fans, which she does have, or else she wouldn’t need to perform. I’m sure next year we won’t see so much of her because Hannah Montana (season 3) will be done filming, and she’s going to take a break. She’s not having a tour.

  • lala

    such a cutie. i love miley.

  • Izabella

    She’s wearing the same outfit as in London but now it’s black instead of white!! I love it, lol :D She should come to Sweden!! <3

  • Bella

    OMG how is her outfit inappropriate? I don’t see any boobs or a– exposed. People get over yourselves! Even if Miley wore a nuns outfit, you’d call her a s–t. The pictures were taken last year, so build a bridge and get the hell over it.

  • Lilly[;

    O!M!G! She Is So PRETTY! =D
    Love Her! x3

    To The HATERS;
    Shut The Fuck Up, Cause Your Opinion Is Not NEEDED on here. Go Do Something Useful With Your Life And Stop Being Jealous Cause Miley Has One. Miley Is Perfect. She Can Sing,She Can Act, She Can Dance,She’s Very Beautiful, She’s Super Sweet And She Is My Role Model. And I Swear You Haters Just Look For Reasons To Hate Her, Like I Mean She Could Be Jumping And They’ll Be Like ‘WTF Why Is She Jumping!?” Umm Cause Lemme Guess….ITS HER LIFE! And She Can Do Whatever The Hell She Wants You Don’t Own Her. All You Haters Are Doing Is Making her More Famous, Fucking Retards. :P But Seriously GROW THE HELL UP & GET A FRICKEN LIFE! Pathetic Jealous Haters! =]

    Peace.Love.Gomez + Cyrus! =]

  • mario teddybear

    awesome….love her…xoxo

  • Lilly[;

    Ok I’m Getting Pissed Off!
    These Stupid Miley Haters!

    #32- Um Shut The Hell Up, You Know Why She was In germany You Loser, She was Their Singing For her Fans Dumbass Cause um lemme Guess…SHE CARES ABOUT THEM AND SHE’S SHOWING IT! =]
    34- Dude Seriously You Have Problems. Miley’s Ugly? I’m Sorry You Mustve Gotten Her Confused with Yourself, Please Look In The Mirror And I don’t Think she Gives a Damm If You hate her, More power 2 her It means She’s Doing something right xD And How Is she A Whore? for Being Herself? For Being Real? You a Jackass. GET A LIFE. And uhh I’ve always looken Up 2 her Have a Problem with that? Solve It!
    And #36- You’re An Idiot.

    And More Idiotic Hate Comments 2 Come! =D

  • jkjgjfdk

    look at photo 39, talk about sk@nking it up..

  • Selene

    She looks amazing! Haters, get the fuck out of this article already. Miley Cyrus is on her way to become a Billionaire.


    #1 ok wow i really don’t respect her and #2 her shoes DO NOT look good with her outfit it’s terrible i mean god if ur in berlin u should at least be wearing a pair of cute foreign shoes

  • s

    she tries too hard to be a rock girl. it’s really annoying!! leave that to demi lovato miley and continue with your pop jeez plus you don’t even have any rock songs

  • kristan

    is it just me or does miley look like she’s gaining weight?
    not that she’s fat – she’s definitely not. but in earlier photos she seemed to have less of a body lmao.

    either way i still like miley, although not really this outfit :/

  • it’zmebambi

    she’s so cute :x

  • Lucylocket

    #48 yea i agree, i think shes gained a bit of weight – thats puberty for ya… shes still slim though : )