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Orlando Bloom is a Primitivo Player

Orlando Bloom is a Primitivo Player

Orlando Bloom and longtime girlfriend Miranda Kerr share a romantic dinner at Primitivo Restaurant on Saturday night in Venice, Calif.

The 31-year-old British actor is reportedly training for his new movie, a rename of The Red Circle. Orly is learning different martial art techniques to be used in the film. The Red Circle is set to start filming in Hong Kong this summer.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr looking Primitivo cozy…

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orlando bloom primitivo 01
orlando bloom primitivo 02
orlando bloom primitivo 03
orlando bloom primitivo 04
orlando bloom primitivo 05
orlando bloom primitivo 06
orlando bloom primitivo 07
orlando bloom primitivo 08
orlando bloom primitivo 09
orlando bloom primitivo 10

Credit: Bobby Rachpoot; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

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  • BB

    1st! :)

  • RealityCheck

    Personally, I find him boring and not as good or impressive as other actors out there. But she’s cute. In fact, she’s quite beautiful and much cuter than him.

  • jujubee

    Longtime girlfriend???MMmmmkay….if you say so.

  • Madame X

    I find it a little strange that she’s putting her arms around him, but he isn’t putting his arms around her in these pictures.

  • @4

    That isn’t the only thing that is strange with these two.

    Right on schedule as planned.
    She may fool a few online fans of Orlando Blooms but
    the outside isn’t falling for it.

    The press in her home country is even picking up on it now
    and they aren’t playing along anymore.

  • Ulie-Jay S-Jay

    So where are those pics she mentioned at one point?

    Whatever it is Orlando it wouldn’t be worse then watching
    this fake as fug shiettee.

    He looks like he is pulling away from her and she is smiling at the pap man that she called to be there. So very sad.

  • Miranda kerr

    Dingo: gimme a kis wif tonge.

    Orly: I told you yesterday tongue will cost you and additional $50.

  • Not Miranda


  • jULIE S

    You’re a breath of fresh air Not Miranda!

  • jULIE t

    I know Miranda is so beautiful!

  • jULIE u

    Love her!

  • jULIE V

    Kerrbloom 4eva!

  • Ulie-Jay S-Jay

    No way she looks just like the girl I sat next too on the plane too.Wonder if it was the same one.
    She kept saying people should be nice to her because she was a supermodel. She was so rude and loud.
    She took off her shoes and stunk up the whole plane. People were begging her to put them back on but she refused and just fell alseep reading Famous Magazine. It looked like she was daydreaming about being in it.

  • @9,10,11,12

    Miranda, you are up so early this morning.

  • ahhh so sweet

    She is just sooo lovely, i want to look just like her :)

  • @7

    OMG It’s sooo true. He looks like he is going to gag or something.

  • elen T

    @15 – i ‘m so with you, i’ve been trying to copy her dress sense for like ages now

  • MIranda rocks

    she just has the most perfect life, I think its so bad that the paparazzi invaded their privacy :-( poor guys, they just want a bit of time together

  • Daily Telegraph

    Did you all see the two articles in the Daily Telegraph this weekend?

    They told the truth about how little money she is making and
    went out of their way to say how much hotter Megan Gale is.

    Miranda, keep trying girlie but it ani’t working where it counts.
    Your career is in the shitter dear and more and more are on your tale.

    Your lies are catching up to you and it’s getting fun to watch.


    She lied about her age
    She lied about how much she makes
    She lied about Orlando to Jay
    She lied to the press about when he ditched her at the oscars
    She lied abouthim working in Europe

    Miranda, have fun on Jared honey because that is the only place you will get real attention.

    The real world is hip to you.

  • they look hot

    wow! What a cute couple, I hope they stay together and are happy.

  • Veggie

    Yep, that really looks like true love……. he can’t seem to keep his hands of you love……. NOT, in fact he seems to be far more keen on keeping them in his pockets than touching you

  • what are they thinking?

    For front on of MK

    “ah thank goodness its facial shot, not like those rubbish photos they took of me and whorli at the cinema, I can’t believe i only managed to get my face in at the end by moving to the centre of my car”

  • what are they thinking?

    “GOodness girl, i think you’ve got even rougher since you when to OZ, now just please STOP touching me”

  • RTC

    Dear Jared-

    Latest update on the RTC, from Mr. To himself is it’s been delayed indefinately. Bloom isn’t doing anything but partying in LA and making his longtime FB fly into him for a day or two.
    And why haven’t you posted the other pictures showing their other dinner companions-again.

    Numbers 7-13. LOL- thanks for my morning giggles. :)

  • Poor Orlando

    He does look trapped in this doesn’t he?
    We knew we would get this after he let her look
    like an ass while she was away.

    So how many bridges did she burn? Mr Pap in London, the DT, DJ’s and more. Things will come out in the open and her lies will all come out.

  • LOL


  • HUH

    So full of unusually awkward stances these days Mr. Bloom. Why when photographed these days do you appear so lost and frumpy? Can’t blame it all on the girl, they seem to find you alone too!

  • gracie K

    I cant see any genuine emotion from these two – they always look like they are performing on screen or something, its really sad that this is the only way she can get her name out there

  • Veggie

    @poor orlando

    Yes i guess this is the only way to try and do damage control after what can only be described as a disastrous weekend in the Kerr camp, all of which would of been avoidable if she hadn’t decided to “share” quite so much DOH!

  • creepies

    doesn’t it creep him out in even the slightest that his gf keeps psycho copying him in the exact same clothing!! most regular guys I know would take that as a serious red flag for a nutso. oh. wait. what am I saying, if all the other creepy nutso stuff she pulls doesn’t bother him, why should this? this girl obviously has a few problems, but I admit I’m having trouble believing he doesn’t have a few himself after all these months.

  • ha ha

    I love the way that are just standing there waiting to get photographed – orlando has been a naughty whilst she was away though – i guess he had it coming….

  • @25

    What other photo’s? Companions? Where?

  • @31

    She is a nutso bunny boiler waiting to pop.

    Did you all see the blog that came out last week showing she had a photo shoot in NY on the Tuesday after the Sunday arrival and movie night? She called the paps and called in the sighting for just that one day. The lenghts she is going to is just out of control and shows her desperation. How long was she even there? A day and a half at max?

  • hear! hear!

    Let’s hear it for one way affection!! LOL.
    He doesn’t even touch her. Not once. He doesn’t seem too surprised or upset by the paps sadly. :(

  • @35

    Because they were called and he knew the drill AGAIN.

  • why

    why is he doing this? why is he putting up with this? it looks like she is the only one enamored here.

  • @33

    Just wait. There are always more fotos coming that show they weren’t alone. It’s part of the joke factor with these two.

  • @37

    I’ve been wondering the same thing lately.
    He acts totally different as soon as she leaves again.
    It’s like he wants to escape

    Was “bit##hes” telling the truth about having some naughty photos of him?
    From everything I have seen about this girl I wouldn’t be surprised if she would do it.

  • @38


  • oz

    These pictures remind me of those sad @ss Oz pictures he did with Bozzie back in the day. She was always hanging on him doing her best to look all affectionate, and he was always pulling back just so. Just before the poo hit the fan and they broke up for good. Yeah. They have that same feeling to me.

  • peachesr

    She seems to be able to spot paps at a hundred paces and always manages to pose and grin at them, its so tired. Orlando needs to get a bloody job all this being seen for the sake of being seen stuff is getting old, and a little hypocritical for someone who went on for years about wanting to be seen as a ‘serious’ actor.

  • Two Words Orlando….

    Restraining Order!

  • @39

    You know, right now I’m so bored and tired of this charade if “bit##hes” was her, and she does have nasty pictures, all I can say is “BRING “EM ON BABY”!!
    Come on!! Up the show factor. Do SOMETHING to bring you’re audience back! It’s not like any of us would be shocked– I bet certainly not awed. Besides, he sure as heyll doesn’t have much of an admiring fanbase left, so who cares about HIS “career”? Who cares what he thinks!
    Who knows? You might even get some non fanboard buzz, at least for a week. Take what you can get I say……
    So, come on girl. JUST DO IT!!

  • @43

    I’m with you #43. Someone needs to step in and help him out.

    Whatever she has his fans won’t care.
    I know anyone would feel shame at first but
    it’s not worth it to let her get away with being the way she is.

    Besides, if she tried anything now she would lose all too
    since it’s clear she did a showmance and made him help her out.
    Her and those around her would all look just as bad for what they did.

    I wouldn’t be at all shocked if at the end of the day you are right and restaining orders are in place.

  • Is there spinach in my teeth

    All I hear is, kiss me baby/ did you brush your teeth? Awe…

  • Is there spinach in my teeth

    Or maybe, is there anything in my teeth/ um… lets see, nooo, alright kiss me already! Awe…

  • Wow. 46?

    46 posts and not one shipper, fan, various spittling PD riddled defenders or family or friends have shown up to support the obviously luvved up (cough cough) couple yet? Wonder if they’ve got showmance fatigue too?

  • @46-47

    It’s the shippers or family members that always have to make excuses for why things look bad all the time. Not once or twice but all the time.
    It isn’t like there has only been one or two off things with this whole thing it’s every time they are together you find the holes.
    His body language is consistently off.

  • love love love

    I love Miranda and I love Orlando…… I always thought they looked great together, my opinion has not changed. I hope to see more and more photos of them together. Keep them comming.