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Balthazar Getty's SoHo Kiss With Sienna

Balthazar Getty's SoHo Kiss With Sienna

Sienna Miller and her billionaire boyfriend, Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty, share a passionate kiss in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood on Saturday.

Sienna, 26, and Balthazar, 33, are apparently still going strong, snuggling up to each other in the brisk NYC weather.

Just last week, the two were spotted spending vacationing again in Positano, along Italy’s Amalfi coast. (The cozy couple vacationed there together in July, when their relationship first surfaced and Sienna was spotted topless.)

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85 Responses to “Balthazar Getty's SoHo Kiss With Sienna”

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  1. 1
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Billionaire boyfriend? Interesting.

  2. 2
    pinkydoo Says:

    He’s no billionaire. I didn’t see his name on any list. They just think he’s got $ because of his name. They both deserve eachother. I hope they give eachother an STD.

  3. 3
    Anoano Says:

    She looks like she has major carb face. Her cuteness has long gone.

  4. 4
    sunseeker Says:

    its her that kissing him, he still got his hands in his pocket. she wants everybody to think there are in love, lust more like, neither are capable of love. see lots of actors and actresses on the street but they are not kissing every second. Some have been together a long time. read she missed jude law by a second in London, he was coming to a concert so she left, why, its been a long time since they separated, it should not bother her any more now.seems a bit childish to me.

  5. 5
    P Says:

    Barf inducing.

  6. 6
    huh Says:

    The homewrecker c*u*n*t is at it again. Why can’t she find a man who isn’t happily married already? He is rich. His grandfather is john Paul Getty the oil billionare. I hope she gets chlymedia. That no good ho

  7. 7
    randy Says:

    Eeeeewww fu*king homewrecker. I am so boycotting her movies

  8. 8
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    Oh for goodness sake. She’s NOT home wrecker. Getty hadn’t been with his wife in a while and if you’re talking about Jude — that man can’t keep his willie in his pants no matter how he tries. How come we’re so quick to blame the woman? You sound like an all male jury for goodness sake!

  9. 9
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    Getty will only be a ‘billionaire’ if his parents leave him anything. They may want to give it all to charities — just like Pari’s grandfather.

  10. 10
    erica Says:

    Maria Shorty, what a laugh….Jude’s single and can date whoever he wants, just like Sienna (and what’s his “willie” got to do with it, anyway?)….there’s nothing wrong with that….the difference is, he obviously knows how to keep his clothes on in public, isn’t “love ‘em and leave ‘em” like Sienna (who declares her love one day and is off to another man the next day…that’s ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em), and manages to date people who are SINGLE.

    Face it, she’s ****** and Getty’s a pig. I wish his wife would leave his
    sceevie tail behind and take him for everything she can get, because he’ll eventually be alone. ****** won’t stay with him.

  11. 11
    Fruit Loop Says:


    The S k a n k-love World Tour continues. How nice.

  12. 12
    Zoe Says:

    God she is so used looking. They both look used up. Getty’s wife is 100 times better looking than Sienna and she shows CLASS TOO something that Sienna WILL NEVER HAVE.

    In every picture with them kissing he’s never touching her and she’s all over him.

    The rumours are that he’s already been cheating on Sienna. What goes around comes around Sienna.

  13. 13
    Pinky Says:

    I heard he’s already been cheating on her too! God this guy cannot keep it in his pants.

    Hope his parents disinherit him. THEY MUST BE SO PROUD !!

  14. 14
    Monica Says:

    Sienna is a skaanky whoore!!! She is a FUGLY PIG!!!

  15. 15
    Male gold digger Says:

    Getty has been supported by his wife since they met.

    Way to go, Sienna the Homwewrecker.

    Jude Laws wife had an infant at home when Siennna started shagging him, at least she has a a type: Marreid men with toddlers and infants at home.

  16. 16
    BILLYBOB Says:

    She always wants the guys that she can’t have. Classic “I’m looking for my daddy’s love” syndrome. The girl needs professional help.

    Chick looks desperate.

  17. 17
    Eurogirl Says:

    Good to see Balt happy again – he wasn`t for too many years of his life.

  18. 18
    Liz Says:

    The new country song Cheater, Cheater describes this lowlife two. They are definite proof that you can have money and not a single ounce of moral fiber. You just call yourself a “free spirit.”

  19. 19
    rented Says:

    She’s looking so ****** and used, like a rapidly aging *w*h*o*r*e*, not pretty anymore. I wouldn’t doubt that Balt is cheating on her, the womanizing dickwad.

    They deserve each other, but Balt will dump her now that her looks are going. Hopefully they will both disappear.

  20. 20
    sunseeker Says:

    MARIA How do you know he has not been with his wife for a long time, if you looked at past photo’s and Tallk shows you would know that is a lie. might not have been the happy in his marrriage but then he should have separated but he is just a scumbag and they deserve each other. Miller said in an interview”MONOGAMY IS WEIRD ,IT IS AN OVERRATED VIRTUE , WE ARE ALL F…… ANIMALS. No morals no character and no class.

  21. 21
    sunshine Says:


    Was he forced to marry her? His wife supported him for years when he couldn’t get work and was addicted to heroin. She bore four of his children, and it’s her fault that he was unhappy?

    You are on crack just like these two selfish lowlifes. I’ll never watch anything these two do.

  22. 22
    nana Says:

    She was boning two other guys at the same time he was trying to catch him. She is trashier than trash. His weiner is probably going to rot off.

    But Sienna just Loooooooooves the cameras!

  23. 23
    Sandi Says:

    If they are so in love why hasn’t he filed to make his separation legal and why hasn’t he filed for divorce. Surely if he is so in love with his ***** ho the supposed money he will sacrifice won’t matter because he has already sacrificed his marriage!!

  24. 24
    c2 Says:

    What’s wrong with SM/BG new “kissing/snuggling” PR stunt? Well, the most obvious thing is that BG IS STILL A MARRIED MAN. The second thing is that BG IS STILL A VERY MARRIED MAN. And the third thing is SM IS HAVING A VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN THAT WON’T DIVORCE HIS WIFE WHILE HE CONTINUES TO PUBLICY PLAY “BOOTY-CALL” and ” FRIEND WITH BENEFITS” WITH HIS MISTRESS. So since BG is still a MARRIED MAN, that would make him RG HUSBAND, wouldn’t it? If SM is willing to be seen kissing/snuggling with a MARRIED MAN who shows no concern for his WIFE and 4 kids as he has a VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR, what does that say about SM?

    How can anyone look at these two and see “romance” or “passion” when an innocent woman and her 4 kids are being publicly humilated over and over? All these photos confirm is that SM is trying to become well-known for sleeping with an “Oil Heir” and that she has to piggy-back on the public humilation of a mother and her 4 kids to keep her name in the headlines because her so-called “talent and beauty” are not cutting it.

    If I had to caption this picture, it would read: “He REALLLLLLY loves me, just watch this. HE IS KISSING ME AND SNUGGLING, so I told you so, he reallllllllllly, realllllly, realllllly does love me.” Funny, I commented on how the MARRIED MAN didn’t look interested in SM because of the manner in which he kissed her on their vacation in Italy and here SM graces the public with a “passoniate” DO OVER KISS . That’s not a passionate kiss and as always the MARRIED MAN keeps a distance between his body and hers, that’s why she is holding on to him, oops I mean “snuggling with him” in these photos. No amount of kissing or snuggling with ANOTHER WOMAN”S HUSBAND is going to make anyone believe that SM is anything more than just a “booty-call” and BG’s “sugar-mama”. The true measure of BG’s “love” for SM is how long it takes him to file for a DIVORCE/LEGAL SEPARATION. The ball is in his court and all he has shown is that SM is a “friend with benefits” that is financially supporting him in order to keep up the farce that they have a “great romance”. It’s no coincedence that BG resumed “quality time” (translation=staged photo-ops) with his mistress ONLY AFTER she won that settlement money.

    These photos just show how far SM is willing to go to make this farce into a “romance”. After the MARRIED MAN was finished with her in Italy , he went back to LA and like she always does, she chased after him. SM attempts to make them the next “IT COUPLE” , despite the fact that BG is a MARRIED MAN that is using SM to humilate his wife because she didn’t take him back, is making her look very foolish. And she most certainly is worried that no one is “fawning” over the affair, that’s why she is going through so much trouble to depict herself as a victim and romanticize the AFFAIR. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t keep pulling outrageous stunts like this with the MARRIED MAN.

  25. 25
    kiki Says:

    he is not a billionaire, ok? his family is and they didn’t give hime a dime. but, i do hear they are so disgusted with his behavior that they are financially supporting his wife. OUCH.

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