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Zac & Vanessa's Hawaii Wedding

Zac & Vanessa's Hawaii Wedding

On-and-off-screen couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens take a romantic walk on the beach in Hawaii on Sunday afternoon.

The High School sweethearts were in town to attend a wedding (Zac‘s manager, Jason Barrett, tied the knot in the Aloha State).

Their big-screen film, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, was #1 at the box office this past weekend, setting a record $42 million. It beat out July’s ABBA-backed Mamma Mia!, which pulled in $27.8 million during its opening weekend. We’re all in this together!

20+ pictures inside of Zanessa‘s wedding in Hawaii…

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zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 01
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 02
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 03
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 04
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 05
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 06
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 07
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 08
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 09
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 10
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 11
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 12
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 13
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 14
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 15
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 16
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 17
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 18
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 19
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 20
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 21
zac efron vanessa hudgens hawaii wedding 22

Credit: starsurf; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • zanfan


  • nobodyponesnobody

    first!!! awwww.. love ‘em!! when i first read the the post i was like “THEY’RE MARRIED??!” lol..

    but anyways.. i love nessa’s dress !!! :)

  • Ha!

    Sorry, I cannot get passed the thought that this boy is gay and that this is a pre-packaged Disney romance to keep it under wraps.

  • aida

    WoOoOoOW! are they really getting married? I`M SO EXITED!!!!!!

  • Kad

    omg they are BOTH so annoying! Especialy her!

  • nobodyponesnobody

    and oh.. btw..

    love the first pic! lol. xDD

  • mike

    omg SOOO hot..

  • RM

    #1 ~ Riiiight… think they would get married LOL

  • jo

    OMG OMG OMG OMG i’m dead!!

  • rOXANA

    Love Zanesa
    Love Zanesa
    Love Zanesa
    Love Zanesa
    Love Zanesa
    Love Zanesa
    Love Zanesa

  • Vfan

    I hate Zac soooo much but I love Vanessa.

  • Angelika in Poland

    I from Poland Nowy Sącz

  • Lalii



  • carol


  • Evie

    This is exactly what I was waiting for! Sweeet!

  • jemma

    i stil ldont get why people think this is fake.
    those looks are not fake.

  • Lynn

    Zac Efron has thé perfect body. I want my future man’s body to be like that <3. He looks hot.

    And Vanessa looks flawless as usual. So adorable. I love her sense of style. I want her hair!

    However, I do kinda sort of in a way agree with Ha! I’m not sure why, but my gut feeling tells me this…

    Oh well. They look happy.

  • Raised by wolves

    OMG! He needs to pull his pants up.

    What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?

    it’s a public beach, not his bedroon.

    Trashy, not sexy!

  • Rogier

    omg hot!

  • meliana

    yeah..i was shocked n thought that they will getting married!OMG!

  • Sarah

    SO CUTE!

  • Malia

    Glad they got some time to relax and enjoy themselves.

  • Stina

    How cute <3

  • Shaena

    Eew..boy pull up your pants and put on a jersey. His pube hairs are peeking out of his pants.

  • rosielee9

    They look very much in love, relaxed and happy and I’m glad that they got the few days away out of the public eye to be able to just be a normal couple attending a relative’s wedding.

    As for Disney this was not a disney event or even anything to do with HSM so if the relaction ship was fake then Zac didnt have to take Vanessa with him he could have just gone on his own after all by all accounts the reative was one of Zac’s so Vanesa had no need to be there, so this is far from a publicity stunt, it’s just a couple attending a family wedding and enjoying a few days togther before they had to head back to work.

  • zanfan2

    I am a huge zanessa fan. I have always thought this couple was fantastic and genuine.

    But suddenly I am feeling a little doubt. I have always dismissed the gay talk but these pictures have planted a seed of doubt about Zac. These pictures look like he is working the gay crowd.

    I feel terribly disloyal for saying this. I look forward to hearing the thoughts of all the other “mature” fans.

  • omg

    This mediacouple! Why aren’t they in the water?? both are stupid and are wasting our economy. I read some articles.

  • http:/// abbie

    UGH Zac is soo hot and sweet!!

  • kathy

    zac and vanessa are so cute. they look so happy. aww

  • leslie
  • Trina

    #3 how could it be “pre packaged” when they kept the relationship a secret for nearly two years? What was their reason for keeping it from the world? Only their family and friends knew they were a couple until May 2007 when the first Hawaii pics came out.

    If the relationship were created by Disney, Disney sure was stupid about promoting it from June 2005 through May 2007.

  • vanessa x2

    come on, this is only POSING!!! No true love.

  • OLIViA

    please just dump her already.

  • Savannah

    I see London, I see France, I see Efron’s underpants!! LOL

    , but just look at that chest… *falls faintly from the chair*

    ,and seriously, JustJared, you shouldn’t make titles like that, unless you want people to get a heart attack!! Some1 can really think that they got married *blushes*, I didn’t!! *blushes more* xoxo

  • V-fan-forever

    OMG..I’m dead.
    Zac is way too hot! He’s killing me!

    And V looks very cute, too =] Love them soo much <3

    Oh and that title shocked me xD I actually thought they married, baaha.
    tfp…they rock!
    OH and congrats HSM3..I’ve already seen it on Thursday and I love it!

    Wowww….that made my day!
    The kiss is soo cute. I love how he’s all smiley and she’s kissing him softly (like on his upper lip?)

  • s

    lol…..tsk tsk tsk..ppsycho zac fan coming out

  • Julien

    I would have loved it if they were indeed the married couple but hey…they’re still young and in the end they probably won’t end up toghether!!!

  • SandeeeRa

    omg ….hooow cute
    zanessa is just the perfect couple!
    i love them ♥

  • Ashley

    Those of you that think thier relationship is fake… your TOO stupid.

    Oh yeah, Disney would force them to carry on a pretend romance for 3 years.

  • van

    I don’t believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE Zanessa:*

  • zac is a rat

    You only have to look at picture’s 1 and 17 and Zac can’t even bring himself to touch or even hold Vanessa while I preseume is them on the dance floor.

    But what a suprise once he’s in a public place ( the beach) then he has no problem putting his arm around her obviously knowing that the cameras will be there, so gotta keep up the image of actually looking like he wants to be Vanessa when obvioulsy he does’nt, he should have taken his real love sorry loves Nikki and Ashley with him then perhaps he could look like he actually wanted to be touched by a female, obvioulsy just not Vanessa.

  • Rogier

    Why does he has to put his pants that low? you can see hair.. I mean.. he knows that there will be papparazzi

  • Rogier

    Why does he has to put his pants that low? you can see hair.. I mean.. he knows that there will be papparazzi

  • zoey

    I’m bored… she has fat legs and he looks like a tranny LOL Highschool sh*t

  • charlee



  • Shirley

    These pictures are just screaming photo op!

  • look


  • zac is a rat


    That’s excatly the reason why he’s wearing his trouser’s so low gottag give the tweens something to drool over, I mean it looks quite cold there not excat;ly glorious sunshine and as usual mr efron is only interested in making sure he gets photograped so what better way then to catch the attention of the pap’s then by having your underwear on show and both them and your trousers nearly falling down and top it off with no shirt, my god he really loves himself, the last two pictures he comes aross as really smug the way he’s standing there with shades on and again can’t even be bothered to hold Vanessa, I wonder what his excuse was not excatly a red carpet event so there’s no need to pose like that, he knew the pap’s would be there probably tipped them off himself.


    Ahh bless! There is no way that that is fake. Those looks are too real. They are the perfect couple and are right for eachother in every way. It is so rare that teens in the public eye are able to have a relationship. They’ve been together since 2005. If they still love eachother now, I don’t think there is anything that can come between them.

  • http://Zacefron Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    # 41 and 48

    shut the hell up.