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Ali Lohan Provides Sheer Exposure

Ali Lohan Provides Sheer Exposure

Kitty cat Ali Lohan shows off her midriff in a sheer white tank at Animal Fair Magazine‘s Halloween Pet Costume Party on Monday in New York City.

The 14-year-old younger sister of Lindsay Lohan was joined by momager Dina. The event benefited the Humane Society of New York.

In related news, TMZ reports Ali filed a petition to get court approval to work with Maloof Music.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ali Lohan’s semi-revealing kitty cat costume — HOT or NOT?

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ali lohan sheer stomach 01
ali lohan sheer stomach 02
ali lohan sheer stomach 03
ali lohan sheer stomach 04
ali lohan sheer stomach 05

Credit: Lisa Mauceri; Photos: INFdaily
Posted to: Aliana Lohan, Dina Lohan

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  • lalalala


  • samantha

    its halloween,your suppose to dress the opposite of what you are.[:
    As far as the singing thing,she should try something else. :D

  • blair

    fake trashy hoe. your 14 stop trying to look sexy. your face is orange and your outfit is hideous.
    nice try sweetie.

  • Hal Jordan

    How could a mother let her 14 year-old daughter wear something like that?

  • blair

    oh and cute stringy hair too. really adds to the look

  • sweet zana


  • MrBarnes

    they are so pathetic ,the only Lohan who is really a star is Lindsay ,ok ? Dina and the teenage granny.

  • Kitty Kat

    Ali Lohan is the OLDEST looking 14 year old EVER!

    What kind of life has this girl been living to look this old this young?


  • knadkakjd

    omg you guys shut the fuck up!! she is a fourteen year old GIRL! it’s halloween she’s just having fun !
    my little cousin is fourteen and a freshmen had a little halloween party with all of her friends at my uncles home..and all of them were dressed like little sluts.. it’s nature. GET OVER it. at that age..girls want to be SEXY AND PLAYFUL! obviously you guys aren’t in 2008.. and stuck in 1934.

    her music does suck..and she does look like lindsay ! she is a gorgeous girl .

  • michelle.

    for her dressing sexy?

    that’s the least ‘sexy’ kitty costume i’ve ever seen, to be honest. her shirt is sheer, not half-cut.

  • Ava

    Sexy is cute, until someone gets pregnant. She looks like a slut and she is conveying that she is one. I never got the whole, I wanna show off as much as I can on Halloween idea, its degrading.

  • Nic

    Someone needs to introduce her to a bottle of shampoo.

  • Tha

    lindsay is the hot lohan.. stop trying, kid

  • emilie

    she’s lame

  • katie

    hahaha she SO got a boob. job. they can deny it all they like. but its obvious. but whatever. she is a major skank

  • Sarah May

    How could a mother let her daughter dress like a trashy W***E? She is trying to hard to be in the spotlight when the spotlight doesn’t want anything to do with her.

  • Lily

    She needs to stop trying so hard to look older, and just enjoy her youth.

  • drea

    is it me… or does her face look DISGUSTING. she looks like a man. and that outfit is inappropriate

  • joss

    she’s 14? she should dress more age appropriate…even for Halloween…
    wut’s with dressing up like *** for halloween anyways…

  • nina

    I feel so bad for this poor girl, her mother encourages this type of age inappropriate dress for her, she’s always dressed to provocatively. She’s like the worst mom ever!

  • Juli

    my mom never allowed that i go out like that. (not that i want to look like that!)

  • wow


  • procrastinator

    Eh, comparatively speaking, that’s a pretty tame kitty outfit. She does look older than her age but some girls just look that way, it’s a tough in-between angst-ridden time.

    What’s curious is her mom…how old is Dina anyway? She looks older than my sixty-three year old mother. Even her fingers are all wrinkly!!!

  • torina

    so so sad
    this gal is such an old haggard looking 14 year old
    where is she going to go from here?
    no youth no sweetness
    so tough and hard

    so sad

  • terri

    Dear Dina.
    you want the industry to take you and your “talented” children seriously, and yet continue to parade the 14 year old around like a trashy, washed up hooker.
    Can I give you some advice?? If you’re gonna keep livin’ thru your girls, start acting your age….and let them act thier age.

  • non

    She’s a child for god”s sake.
    She’s a minor.
    How can the word “hot” be convenient then!!!

  • t

    this girl is trash. im sorry but its true

  • Ter

    HM, cutlets or implants???

  • crabbie

    Dear God, what is that?

  • http://justjared tanii

    my god, what is the 14-year-old granny wearing?
    someone needs to teach that child (and that whole family)
    a lesson. Ali will probably never be a star, the only one who
    had talent in that family was lindsay and she wasted. Sorry kid

  • b chick

    ive seen a whore dressed just like her

  • alllthegossip

    she looks sooo bad

  • Annie

    Worst costume ever.

    And I guess you guys do not see it but big boobs run in the family !

    & she has a tatttoo?? wtf.

  • boston

    She needs lip implants…she should of dressed like a witch she looks like one

  • Angela

    I feel sorry for Ali. She appears to have NO guidance. She doesnt realize in Hollywood looking young is what everyone wants. Theres something to be said about innocence. Miley and the disney crew all started out looking very sweet and innocent at that age. Even Britney and Christina won our hearts as sweet and innocent kids.

  • massie

    I just barfed in my mouth.
    One word.

  • mimi

    I think this is what you call WHITE TRASH. disgusting.

  • anna

    at least she has less make up than her usual.

  • bob


  • TP101

    OMG shes got a tattoo?????!!

  • grrr…..

    weird nose?

  • Jennifer

    looking good there for 40, Ali!

  • James Mason Fan

    Hilarious. This is just like that scene in Mean Girls where the plastics go to the halloween party and we’re told that they never wear real costumes, but use it as an excuse to wear their sluttiest outfits that normally they wouldn’t get away with!

  • jonas

    she has no top lip =l

  • Betina

    I like her song, and I think she is pretty.

  • nk

    Is this 14 yr old, breast implanted, teenager the Playboy Bunny of the year!?!?! God, please save that girl from her pimping mother…

  • Jette

    ugly tattoo!

  • Good Victoria

    AGREE ” BLAIR” …… They also are overly-tanned…orange looking !!!!…..Has Ali added hair extensions ?….Dina looks like a silly ” back in time “, hooker/teen-ager wanna-be….No wonder her girls have relationship issue’s and emotional problems…Their father is an emotional wreck himself, and try’s to act like Dr. Phil ( advice giving ), to his children…..LOL…He is ridiculous and a fame seeker………The title of their show sould be ” Living a Lohan Mess “….”

  • dialectic

    oh fuck! geez you gotta warn people before you post stuff like this jared! ugh……….oh god that gross wtf happened to her nose? i think im going to throw up…

  • Tassinha