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Ashley Tisdale is a Teal Treat

Ashley Tisdale is a Teal Treat

Ashley Tisdale steps out of her home in a teal, ruffled party dress with mom Lisa on Tuesday in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 23-year-old High School Musical starlet was later spotted with co-star and BFF Vanessa Hudgens on a mini-shopping spree at Treats for the Face (they are known for their spectacular chocolate gummy bare waxes).

Ashley will make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, October 29th! HSM co-star Zac Efron will be on the show the day after.

15+ pictures of Ashley and Vanessa picking up “treats”….

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ashley vanessa teal treat 01
ashley vanessa teal treat 02
ashley vanessa teal treat 03
ashley vanessa teal treat 04
ashley vanessa teal treat 05
ashley vanessa teal treat 06
ashley vanessa teal treat 07
ashley vanessa teal treat 08
ashley vanessa teal treat 09
ashley vanessa teal treat 10
ashley vanessa teal treat 11
ashley vanessa teal treat 12
ashley vanessa teal treat 13
ashley vanessa teal treat 14
ashley vanessa teal treat 15

Credit: Gabriel S./Jarrod Ryan, Gavin V; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • katie

    heyyyy girl hey. v looks perty.

  • katie

    heyyyy girl hey. v looks perty.

  • cbw

    love ashnessa!

  • Z & V Fan

    Glad to see Ash and Vanessa got to spend time together. It is great to see these two having fun since they are close friends.

  • katie

    v looks pretty.

  • zanessa ROX!!!

    v looks really pretty!!
    and ash too!

  • Curiosity

    Ashnessa is out…. love them. It’s been awhile since the last time we saw them together.

    Ashnessa BFF

  • rissa

    ooo can’t wait to see what zac has to say on the ellen show. probably payback for nessa saying he eats eggs raw. hahaha!

  • Curiosity

    By the way…they both look beautiful……

  • Victoria

    Ashley is so pretty! I really love how her hair is too!

  • jess

    awww its been forever since this BFF’S spend time shopping!!!
    ashley n vanessa loks gourgeous!!!

  • kehinde

    i dont know about ash but vanessa is hottttttttttttttttttttt

  • shelby

    haha ever since ashley got her new hair, you can tell she thinks she is like THEE cutest thing.

  • natty

    v is stunning, shes always happy

  • john

    vanessa is so hot!!!!
    man zac is one lucky son of a gun.
    i dont know about ashley though, she can stay with jared.
    but if zac lets vanessa go i’ll take her. she is a keeper man.

  • ju…

    Vanessa es hermosa!! jaja la amo!! es hermosa!

  • jenny

    ashley and vanessa are so beautiful!

  • Vale

    thought vanessa and zac will be in mexico right now… maybe they’ll arrive later

    thanks 4 the photos jared,
    they both look pretty!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Oh finally !! An Ashnessa sighting !! I miss seeing them hanging out together, hehe !! I love them. Their both gorgeous !! Congrats on HSM3 guys !!

  • Krissy


    gorgeous- sexy- hot best friends spending the day together by shopping & more shopping 4 treats !!!
    what a fun time :)
    And they both look very happy =P…. mostly V tho ^.^
    Can someone please tell me, what gummy – bear waxes is?
    is that just.. clothes clothes.. or candy?

    IF Zac is gonna be on Ellen to talk about, HOW V spilled the beans about his “eggs obsession” when being lazy + the sweet remarks about him
    THIS is what i gotta see to what he has to say :P
    But I think it would be better, if THEY all did a segment with Ellen on one day =]
    OR just Zanessa <3 (L)

    Can’t wait !

  • emilie

    my god
    Vanessa is so freakin adorable!

  • Janice

    . <3 damnn. vanessa looks gorgeous as everr. its great to see them hanging out but why only ashley’s name on the title when vanessa was with them! :(

  • girlleaDER1

    Ashley is so pretty!

  • anon

    #22- Does it seriously matter? Her name is in the post, what more do you want?

  • zaccarra

    It matters since if VAnessa’s name hit would be passed 100 hits by now or close

  • babyG

    v looks so cute with all the hiding thing! hahaha

  • me

    JJ is trying to be fair and give equal exposure.

    Zac and Vanessa have had a number of prominent posts recently. besides sometimes Ashley sometimes gets included in ZV’s posts without her name being mentioned.

    Also V was obviously covering her face, only one picture really shows her face.

  • WhosDat

    Ellen is really pulling them all in. Did you see her Vanessa H interview? It was pretty funny :—news–vanessa-hudgens–zac-s-a-good-kisser-

  • kate

    god ashley looks like a frog or a duck or some other weird creature

  • llron

    lol @ Ashley the attention whore.

    Vanessa looks adorable, the bangs look good on her.

  • jkjgjfdk

    they’re both so pretty! Love ashley!!

  • http://deleted mhay

    i love Vanessa

  • anon

    #25- How does a post going past 100 comments validate importance? It doesn’t matter. That says something if you care where her name is positioned on the post. It’s there TWICE IN BOLD.

  • Tricia


  • sANDRA

    oh my god!
    i love ashley!

    why does vanessa have to treat her face ….. and hide her face under her purse! Because she is toooo fugly!

  • sar

    she’s on her way to film her ellen segment.. ellen shoots a lot of shows the day before.. i was there today..ashley was too cute! talked with people after the show.. and was just very sweet and very personable…she’s soo teeny in person, more than pictures..and short too! like her even more than I did her! she rocks

  • cher

    I never noticed Vanessas teeth before, it looks like theres a gap in the side :P :D

  • sANDRA

    #36: i know, she was so sweet!
    luv her so much!

  • katie

    ewwwwww u can MAJORLY see vanessas hair extensions!

  • Tara

    vanessa looks beauitful as usual!

    like ash’s new hair too, suits her!

  • tia

    picture 12 lol vanessas hair weave is showing worse than britneys used to.

  • xxogossipgirl

    #39- hahah I didnt notice that! lol.

  • sss

    sANDRA @ 10/29/2008 at 1:27 am oh my god!
    i love ashley!

    why does vanessa have to treat her face ….. and hide her face under her purse! Because she is toooo fugly!

    she dont want people to know…she’s way more prettier than ash…thats the truth…

  • jazz

    i think vanessa needs to fix thoose extensions. or tie her hair up in a differant way or something. well, for anyone who thought her hair was au natural the pic towards the end prooves that theory wrong! haha.

  • jerble

    ASHLEY – not really stunning today
    Vanessa- as gorgeous as always!

  • Boji

    Nice to see the bffs doing a little shopping therapy. Ashley, I commend you for finally daring to go back to your natural hair colour. It gives you a different look, but this is the real you and I love you for it as I just feel it is a part of you. Vanessa, you are rocking those bangs, girl, super cute.

  • lauren from californnniiaa

    lmfao at the people who pointed out vanessa’s manky extensions!

  • laura

    Ashnessa are back, V looks so pretty and tanned.

  • Boji

    It amazes me that some people are so quick to jump to conclusions that Vanessa is wearing hair extensions in these photos. I do not share the same view as all I see is her hair bunched up untidly and that is about it. Nit Picking here.

  • eddie jones

    this girl better start doing something about her looks. someone this young with plastic surgery that looks this well i dunno what’s the word, homely? when she’s not all done up is headed down a shallow path.

    if she wanted to appear just as your everyday girl she shouldn’t of had the surgery done, she’s a young girl for god sakes.