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Colin Farrell is Full of Pride

Colin Farrell is Full of Pride

Colin Farrell presents perfect posture at the Pride and Glory photocall at the Rome International Film Festival in Italy on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old Irish actor stars in the crime drama alongside Edward Norton and Jon Voight in the tale of a family of New York City Police officers who must balance ethics with their family and their department.

The film came in 5th at box offices when it opened in theaters on Friday, pulling in $6.3 million, right behind Beverly Hills Chihuahua. WOOF!

15+ pictures of Colin Farrell at RIFF…

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colin farrell pride glory 01
colin farrell pride glory 02
colin farrell pride glory 03
colin farrell pride glory 04
colin farrell pride glory 05
colin farrell pride glory 06
colin farrell pride glory 07
colin farrell pride glory 08
colin farrell pride glory 09
colin farrell pride glory 10
colin farrell pride glory 11
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40 Responses to “Colin Farrell is Full of Pride”

  1. 1
    mouse Says:

    This man is sooooooooooooooooooooo sexxyyyyyy!
    And rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I will him now. Come to me baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    mouse Says:

    He’s such a fine man.
    He must not drag his child into the public to promote his films. He is such a great father.

  3. 3
    green- o-yera Says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG!
    He is so perfect!

    I wait for the day when Bradly “Pus**y” Pitt copiert his style.

  4. 4
    LUCY Says:

    HOT :D:D:D:D:D

  5. 5
    green- o-yera Says:

    *10 + *2
    I love his smile. Its so sweet and honest.

  6. 6
    LUCY Says:

    He is BEYOND Gorgeus….*melts*

  7. 7
    tito Says:

    he looks just like the singer from creed

  8. 8
    Raichill Says:

    His hair looks ridiculous.

  9. 9
    cory Says:

    Nothing against the guy, but he looks like he needs a shower. I don’t really like what he’s wearing, either.

  10. 10
    cory Says:

    tito @ 10/28/2008 at 4:48 pm

    he looks just like the singer from creed
    Yes, he looks like Scott Stapp!

  11. 11
    OMG Says:

    Agree with comments 7 and 8.
    I am glad to see has cleaned himself up, but the hair is bad. He looks like he should be on one of those bad romance novels.

  12. 12
    anon Says:

    colin farrell is the sexiest man alive, beautiful hair anyone who says any thing bad about his beautiful hair is just a jealous fool because they know bradly is not going to be able to copy colin farrell’s hair, not this time bradly.

  13. 13
    anon Says:

    love the hair , love the hat , love the outfit , he’s a beautiful , colin farrell has the look of a rock star and he should play one too, you should see pride and glorie he’s magnificent a must see movie.

  14. 14
    Harry Says:

    did he shave his chest hair?

  15. 15
    anon Says:

    meant to say pride and glory and thanks jared for the sexy pictures of colin farrell you are the greatest as always.

  16. 16
    Thaís Says:

    I love Colin…

    He’s soooooooooooo sexy and a great actor.

    I’m a big fan from Brazil

  17. 17
    angelina Says:

    His fuckability went down a lot!

  18. 18
    G Says:

    looking pretty thin

  19. 19
    anon Says:

    you’re mistaken she lays awake at night thinking about colin.

  20. 20
    Ellie Says:

    to #14: I don’t think Colin has much chest hair. Unless he shaves it for all his roles. I’ve seen him in a couple of other things and he’s always almost smooth chested.

    I know he lost a lot of weight for a movie role, I wish he’d work on putting that muscle weight back on, and the hair could be just a wee bit shorter. Hell he’s hot no matter what. I just love to listen to him speak, but then again I’m a sucker for an accent.

  21. 21
    G Says:

    im sure you quite a ‘sucker’ for an accent ;)

  22. 22
    anon Says:

    All men envy colin farrell whatever he does they like to copy , the director stole he hat but they all should know better everything only looks good on colin farrell because he’s so gorgoeus , so sexy and what a great actor .

  23. 23
    anon Says:

    the director stole his hat

  24. 24
    Women for Obama Says:

    That is one delicious man…YUM!

  25. 25
    criss Says:

    anon, are you on something? Seriously

  26. 26
    anon Says:

    yea i’m on to you bradly boy

  27. 27
    jessica Says:

    he looks like Justin Bobby from the Hills.

  28. 28
    more over Says:

    This is a very kind man.Love him as actor.

  29. 29
    more over Says:

    I really beleive this man was very much in love with Angelina Jolie.

  30. 30
    MiHay Says:

    Damn sexy man

  31. 31
    anon Says:

    to :more over

    and colin farrell is angelina jolie’s only love , they both are beautiful beautiful people.

  32. 32
    i agree anon Says:

    Oh I wish Angelina would have hooked up with this guy. they would make pretty kids.

  33. 33

    Dear Colin,
    Cut your hair.
    That is all.

    PS: Other than that, you look damn sexy.

  34. 34
    angie Says:


    Uh, NOT!

  35. 35
    the Dutchess Says:


  36. 36
    to : # 34 Says:

    you have no idea but i do, she lays awake at night thinking about colin and what they could have had, now don’t be jealous.

  37. 37
    to: mouse Says:

    He’s such a fine man.
    He must not drag his child into the public to promote his films. He is such a great father.

    i agree with you he’s the only actor who never uses his kid for publicity he’s a respectable actor and a great dad.

  38. 38
    a flauta da lua Says:

    Hello for all…

    Colin is a very special person, a great actor and a gentleman. He looks gorgeous to me and his hair so lovely, but I love his smile. So I hope that he smiles ever…

    Happy Halloween for all and
    a soft kiss as a flute’s note in the air between the sky and the earth…
    Deborah Reis
    A Flauta da Lua…

  39. 39
    Alice Says:

    Sexy and sweet at the same time! perfect *__*

  40. 40
    NOELLE Says:

    Americans are so up their own asses. You do realise that people who are not from america think you have an ‘accent’ too. .. We all have accents that sound different to people from other countries! Duh

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