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Joaquin Phoenix Honors Paul Newman

Joaquin Phoenix Honors Paul Newman

A scruffy Joaquin Phoenix looks a little unkempt at the The World of Nick Adams reading in honor of the late Paul Newman in San Francisco on Monday.

The performance, held at the Davies Symphony Hall, is a benefit for Paul Newman‘s Hole In The Wall California Camp, The Painted Turtle; a recreational camp and family health care center for children suffering from life-threatening diseases.

The 34-year-old actor was joined by fellow thespians Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks and Casey Affleck (pictured below).

10+ pictures of Joaquin Phoenix honoring Paul Newman

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Credit: Kevin Winter, WENN; Photos: Getty Images, WENN
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  • sarah

    mmm casey affleck

  • clive


  • Julien

    What’s up with the glasses…ain’t summer no more!!!

  • idril

    I love this man, great actor!

  • justine

    more casey affleck!
    I wanna see him more

  • Lauren

    He’s alive! Yayyyy :D

  • the_boyfriend

    go on a diet.

  • jade

    Love Joaquin! This event last night, was close to the area, where I live.
    It was on our local news. It was for a great cause and honoring Paul

    I was hoping Jared, would put on a thread about this.THANKS JARED!

  • Shammy

    Memorable evening and a true honor to be at this event last night. We viewed this tribute from these wonderful actors to one of the most heroic people in our day, Mr. Paul Newman. It was awesome and I’m so appreciative for going and acknowledging the loving people that do exist and care about others around the world.

    Thank you to all the actors for their devotion and dedication to this tribute!

    Paul Newman was and is an ANGEL!!!

  • Evie

    It is great to see him out and about and with Casey! Casey looks great! Joaquin doesn’t look bad but it is not my favorite look on him! The hair does grow on you after a while.

  • Evie

    the_boyfriend, he actually does a lot slimmer than last year when he was promoting WOTN.

  • anonymous.

    Joaquin is looking rough. Apparently he fell off radar for past few months. Maybe why he did not promote his movie Two Lovers with Gwynneth Paltrow, they never even mentioned him and he was her leading man. Speculation that he was down and out, overpartying, possibly went to rehab as the last sighting of him before he disapeared he was very out of it many said. Poor Joaquin, think he has loads of inner-demons.

  • Sheila

    Joaquin ain’t no Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell or Brad Pitt that’s for sure. He can’t make grungy sexy like they can!! Looks like he just rolled out of bed or just rolled something!

  • wish

    He is a sexy man reguardless of how he looks.

  • kate

    He not only looks like hell – he also announced while there that he’s retired from movies and moving full on to music. What.Ever.


    Wonder if Casey and Joaquin are going to celebrate his birthday..together.. since he is Casey’s brother in law..

    They have been friends for a long time… Only Casey could bring him
    out of hiding.. Thanks Just Jared for the photos

  • OMG

    Wow he looks like crap.

  • Jo

    He looks FABULOUS! Admire him for his talent, not his hairstyle! I have all the respect in the world for him! He’s so talented, he’s a humanitarian and he is his own person! There’s nothing artificial about him! If you don’t like him, MOVE ON! Is it that hard? I mean really!

  • dialectic

    i know who won the jim morrison look alike contest! ahhh im hes great,really talented so what if he doesnt look like a flaming queen like zak efron or some other castrated disney version of what a man is supposed to look like……

    i cant blame the dude for not being so happy all the time,if my brother died in front of me i dont know how i would feel day to day

  • Angie

    i used to think he was hott. =/

  • StCloud

    Love Joaquin! It’s nice to see him. He’s a brilliant actor and is passionate about his beliefs. And the man is HOT regardless of what his hair happens to looks like at the moment. He’s rare! I agree, there isn’t anything artificial about him.

  • Debra77

    Did anyone believe him when he said he was giving up acting to pursue a music career? Casey said that it was true, and on another site they said they got a confirmation from his reps. I am a little concerned, something seems a little off with him. I love him on the screen. Its like sex. He is just yummy. I hate to think that we will not see him acting again.

    What do you all think?

  • Shammy

    In regards to Joaquin retiring, I believe it’s true. He seems to be effected either mentally or phsyically speaking by the car accident in 2006. My opinion, he is not retiring due to his own reasons completely. His acting career may not be able to continue to where it was before due to certain circumstances.

    He was truly fantastic and compelling in WALK THE LINE.

    Good Lucky Joaquin with the Music endeavors.

  • remember da truth

    Love me some Joaquin!!
    Wish he’d shave, but as long as he’s comfortable, he’s a grown man and can do what he wants.
    He’s so talented, and so sexy!

  • vicks

    he’s still f—ing HOT!!! finally some pics! i was worried what happened to him!

  • Original jpf

    You are aware that Casey is married to Joaquin’s sister Summer.


  • Original jpf

    Becky #16, I didn’t see your post saying they were BIL’s before putting up mine.


  • lotte

    In my oppinion, he is planning to quit his aciting career for some time but for sure not forever. I remeber him saying (righ after he finished Walk the line), that he was not planning any music career and here you are … so for me it´s just a “little” break (and i hope it won´t last long:-)

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • good times

    Remember the crazed fans that thought he was going to live happily ever after with Reese Witherspoon IRL? That was so funny. Who could have predicted that she would wind up with a big gay dork and Joaq would loose his friggin mind.

  • bitchetta

    These two look like shit…..Joaquin looks like he’s in need of a shower… change of clothes……shit, everything…….he needs to lose some weight and get it together……..shit, alot of these actors look worse then a homeless person…….without a script these people don’t know how what to say, how to look or dress to the outside world. Joaquin’s brain is probably fried after all the years of drugging up……and what we see in these pics are the results……..too bad that his handsome stud brother (River) passed on…….gosh, he was so handsome…….this one here well, you can see for yourself…….his acting’s okay but, in the looks department……River had it all.

  • huh

    Dude, you show up to honor Paul Newman and ya can’t find some clothes without stains on em???? Real chic!

  • me

    I am tired of him so the fact that he is leaving acting is not a big deal. I admire actors who are not only talented but who seem to be mature and focused, i.e. Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman.
    Joaquin Phoenix needs to mature as a man.

  • SofiaRocket

    I wonder who’d put the stupid idea into his head that he can achieve anything serious in music if he starts at 33. IMO he should drop this hopeless occupation and get back to what he does perfectly – acting. Something tells me he will be back on screen soon! As for his looks – he can get it back quickly, no problem! Happy birthday Joaquin! Don’t betray your true gift and your God’s sparkle!

  • chelsha

    OMG what is he wearing??? mate he must be strapped for cash or something…..He looks terrible!! Im really concerned about him… Love him but these are like the worst pictures I have ever seen of him AHHH!! I dont know WHY!!! he would want to pursue a music career anyways, he needs to def stick to acting where he belongs..

  • Angelica

    Why do people keep comparing him to his brother? He never asked for that. He never tried to be him. Might have came into it because of him… but hey, how’s that different from my siblings learning how to play instruments because I did? Or yours after you? He was an actor because he found it to be a satisfying way to express himself creatively, and he worked hard at it. People develop different passions and interests throughout their lives. He doesn’t enjoy it anymore. How hard is it to understand that? Many adults switch careers. He can afford to do something else if he wants to. Be happy for him that he is in the position to do so! It’s called personal growth, people. Making a decision like this doesn’t stem from immaturity. I don’t understand why people can’t accept what he says when he says it. He knows who he is and isn’t afraid to be honest with himself. And he sure as hell doesn’t owe us anything.

    I also dislike how people automatically jump on his decision, concluding it won’t go well. You saw how well he did in WTL. He is a dedicated individual when he has an authentic interest in something. He’s always made references to music. He doesn’t have stars in his eyes trying to promote candyass, mindless music. Let him do what he feels he needs to do. I don’t believe he has ever been a failure in his movies, so why should any of us be so quick to believe he will be at this. And even if… so what. He loves music. Even if this becomes something he does JUST for himself, and never releases a damn thing, I’d still applaud him. I’m just wondering what took him so long to find his way to it. I mean, it’s so obvious in written interviews that he had a strong interest in music.

    As for appearance, I like that he doesn’t give a @#$% about getting tricked out. Sorry for ‘yelling’, but I’m tired of this man taking a lot of crap unbeknownst to him. And even if he does know, he’s mature enough to care less about what anyone thinks. All that matters is what he and his closest loved ones think. Come on, he shook the guy’s hand. Most guys I know would’ve punched him.

  • Scorpitarius

    Thank you, Angelica. Well said! Finally someone with their heads screwd on right. I’m sick of people dissing him too. I think it’s so honourable of him to not give a damn of people’s perception of him like he does. More people should be like that

  • MC


    I agree he doesnt look as good as he usually does, still not ugly,
    however, it is not the weight, in L49 he was thick, and looked good, it’s the beard, it doesn’t suit him, but neither do I think Brad Pitt looks that great sometimes with the beard, Brad is alittle overrated to me, hes cute, but cmon, he doesnt always look like he does in interview with the vampire, mr smith, or Legend of the Falls, Joaquin actually has a better facial in my opinion, not the body, Brad has the sexiest bod of actors, but Brad cant beat those eyes of Joaq, but the best beard man goes to Viggo Mortensen!!!

  • MC

    I thought river was nice looking too, but i dont like the fact he
    was alittle feminine, joaq is more masculine,
    he just needs to get back into shape

  • Evie

    Very well said Angelica!! All those points are very accurate and he deserves the support of his fans!! I strongly believe he will do something amazing with music as he did with acting!! He has it in him!!

  • Evie

    Very well said Angelica!! All those points are very accurate and he deserves the support of his fans!! I strongly believe he will do something amazing with music as he did with acting!! He has it in him!!

  • robyn

    he always wheres glasses! And thats the first time ive seen him in differnet footwear!

  • robyn

    he always wheres glasses! And thats the first time ive seen him in differnet footwear!