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Nikki Reed - "Eliza" Magazine December 2008

Nikki Reed -

Nikki Reed, star of the upcoming feature film, Twilight, graces the December cover of Eliza (a quarterly American magazine).

In the much-anticipated movie, the 20-year-old former O.C. actress stars as Rosalie Hale, a 90-year-old vampire with the perpetual appearance of an 18-year-old (she is adopted by the Cullens). For wardrobe in Twilight, Rosalie avoided the stereotypical goth looks for the vampires dressed in cool blue and gray tones to convey death and iciness.

Twilight opens in theaters November 21st and the December Issue of Eliza Magazine will be out in a few weeks. Be sure to pick up a copy!

Tidbit: Nikki penned the script and co-starred alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen.

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Photos: Tyler Shields
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  • zebrastripes

    Not Vanessa Hudgens but Rachel Evan Wood…

  • anon

    um, vanessa hudgens for thirteen? don’t you mean evan rachel wood?

  • Sofie

    Vanessa was also in Thirteen. Pay attention

  • jESS

    Umm. Vanessa Hudgens was NOT in 13. And she did NOT star in it either. hello???

  • Sofie

    Wow –
    Watcha know? Vanessa WAS IN THIRTEEN AS NOEL!

  • LOU

    she’s really beautiful- perfect rosalie

    and vanessa WAS in thirteen, but she was only in a few scenes. besides she was really young so you might not recognise her…she wore, like, NO make-up! hehe

    rob pattinson does WHAT??! mountain goat?! our spunk ransom?? WTF?!

  • LIZA

    jESS #4 , you know nothing ^^

    I saw vanessa in thirteen
    she is OK :)

  • Julien

    She’s looking nice and simple…as well as being beautiful….nice cover!!!

  • sweet_as_sugar

    she is seriously so freaking pretty. and its crazy that the movie Thirteen produced 3 completely different actresses. They have all taken such different paths… crazy!

  • Kati

    Vanessa was in 13; i dont thin kshe starred in it though.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    that’s so awesome, she’s done so many things in her young life and she’s so nice :) I look up to her I have to say

  • jasmine

    I can’t remember who Noel was, but that was a great movie.
    Nikki looks so beautiful in those photos.

  • sunshine

    vanessa Vudgens WAS in thirteen.

    She was the friend of rachel evan wood before she hung out wiht evie, but she wasnt a main star

    Anyways…..i think Nikki is gorgeous & i loved thirteen

    shes going out with that guy from road trip (the skinny one),the dj from hustle and flow

  • Nicola

    Great. Is there an interview too?

    And yes Vanessa WAS in Thirteen!!

  • Nicola

    Great. Is there an interview too?

    And yes Vanessa WAS in Thirteen!!

  • sunshine



    1) Jess, your adamance coupled with your misinformation makes you look soooooo silly

    2) Sweet as sugar is right in saying Thirteen turned out really different actresses. Vanessa’s probably got the most fame but I think Evan’s the best actress by far and has the most longevity. If and when they decide to stop making the HSM movies, the only thing Vanessa will be remembered for is being the girlfriend of Zac Efron and that they used to be in some tweeny boopy film together. She’s gorgeous but there’s a reason she got the nobody role in 13.

  • newport beach, 92660

    this movie is gonna kick some SERIOUS AASSS !

    Robert Pattison is a … GOD ! ♥

  • Diana

    what’s up with the guest stars from The OC all being in Twilight? I spotted at least 3 so far.

  • ana


  • lara jane

    SO much prettier with brown hair. Seriously gorgeous. It’s a shame Rosalie is blonde because Nikki just doesn’t have that “ice princess” vibe that Rose has. Still, I am very much looking forward to seeing what Nikki brings to the part, because I think she has an acute understanding of the character.

    How’s that for talking in circles? :]

  • lol

    vanessa had a secondary role in thirteen
    i hate the movie, its gross, but i love v and HSM

  • kris

    aww she is so pretty ! Anyone who ever said that she wasn’t pretty enough to play rosalie were obviously wrong..

    Vanessa did play in Thirteen she had like a very small role though of noelle.

  • jenn

    vanessa was in thirteen, i think she played the good nerdy friend of evan rachel wood’s character.

    btw, nikki looks amazing in these pics.

  • Amy

    She also has an oscar for writing Thirteen

  • Sammy

    Nikki is so pretty. She looks so much better with brown hair, blonde just doesn’t fit her right. Nikki is a strong woman and dersvers everything she gets from this movie. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the ‘rosalie’ role. I really hope Nikki stays on for Ecelispe and Breaking Dawn. It’ll be great to see her act out Rose’s story from chapter 7. This movie is going to blow the entire cast up. I can’t wait.

    And yes Vanessa was in Thirteen. She played Noel, the best friend to Tracy. Nikki played Evie. Thirteen is also based on Nikki’s life when she was in her early teens. She was “Tracy”.

  • Sunsette

    Can’t wait for Twilight! I’m so exited for it!! :D And Nikki is awesome!

  • Haley

    I think Nikki Reed is a good actress and yes, she’s pretty too. As a BRUNETTE.

    And Rosalie is blonde, and the only reason she got the part was because the director is her BFF practically, and they probably couldb’t afford anyone better.

  • rach

    She will be amazing as rosalie and she looks absolutly beautiful how she is aswell
    great choice:)

  • ilovebali

    vanessa was in 13….she played noel!!

  • Erin

    Ugh. Worst casting ever. Rosalie is supposed to be supernaturally freaking gorgeous. She is not, and her dark features do not suit the blond Rosalie at all.


    HELLO! Vanessa DID star on Thirteen, she played Noel, pay attention

  • Nani

    Yes, Vanessa STARRED in thirteen.
    She played the part of Tracy’s friend.

  • Lauren

    Can we shut up about vanessa? Sorry, but who cares? Go on a forum or something! Nikki looks beautiful here, shes really good in Twilight has rosalie, I give her credit for that. She is really in character.

  • Ace

    I have that shirt!!!

  • vannie

    I personally thought that nikki reed looks great wif both blond nd brown hair. nd vannessa was in thirteen nd i LOVED THAT MOVIE. nd after twilight nikki will be more famous than vannessa nd who ever said she wasnt in 13 u jus made ur self look so stupid well anyways i absolutly love nikki she is the perfect person 4 rosalie nd she did not jus get the part cuz she is friends wif the director she earned it nd is a great actress nd she looks really pretty in these pics :)

  • sarah

    Vanessa Hudgens was in 13. She was Evan Rachel Wood’s ‘geeky’ friend. Pretty embarrassing that I know that. Also Niki isn’t pretty enough to play Rosalie – not as a blonde anyway. I think that Amanda Seyfried or Michelle Trachtenburg would have been better suited to play the role (looks wise), though their acting skills may not have been good enough. Also does anyone think that Evan Rachel Wood (as a brunette) would have made a better Bella – both looks and talent wise? I do.

  • rosalie pattinson

    I think she did a gait character, and to be honest, I cant believe that 4 people were in the oc; Its was the chinesce guy, nikki, cam and jackson, witch is kindda weird! what a small world is this one!

  • reina robinson

    Go Nikki!!! shes so beautiful and talented… shes starring in a horror movie called Chain Letter… i caught the trailer on YouTube….

  • Olivia

    I love these pics of Nikki. I dunno if casting her as Rosalie was the best choice, but casting her in Chain Letter was. I think horror is a good genre for her.

  • cleo

    lol thats funny. my name is cleo which is a magazine and my sisters name is eliza- turns out thats a mag as well!
    i wonder if my bros name (zachary) is a mag name as well…??!!

  • cleo

    lol thats funny. my name is cleo which is a magazine and my sisters name is eliza- turns out thats a mag as well!
    i wonder if my bros name (zachary) is a mag name as well…??!!

  • cleo

    lol thats funny. my name is cleo which is a magazine and my sisters name is eliza- turns out thats a mag as well!
    i wonder if my bros name (zachary) is a mag name as well…??!!