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Ryan Gosling Digs Dustin Hoffman

Ryan Gosling Digs Dustin Hoffman

Ryan Gosling presents Dustin Hoffman with the Hollywood Career Achievement Award at the Hollywood Film Festival’s Gala Ceremony held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old Notebook star has been rumored to play Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern in the upcoming DC comic book adaptation.

Gosling can be seen next in All Good Things, which centers around a detective who begins to unravel a missing-persons case that looks to spell doom, and quite possibly death for the heir to a New York real estate dynasty.

10+ more pics inside of Ryan Gosling digging Dustin Hoffman

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • Foley

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Too bad about him and Rachel, but I’m sure he’ll have no problems finding a new girl looking like that!

  • http://justjared Marie

    He is soooooooooo fine

  • chickety

    i heart him! i saw him on friday night at cobras and matadors and he was so chill.

  • http://deleted Becka

    OMG I LOVE him!!! Wish I was her!!!

  • http://deleted Becka

    Wish I was Rachel I mean!

  • http://deleted Becka

    Wish I was Rachel I mean!

  • Margaret

    Jared, thanks for posting these pictures.

    I really hope that the rumors aren’t true and Ryan isn’t seeing other women, but it’s been such a long time since we have had any good news on him and Rachel. They made a great couple. He’s so handsome, especially in that suit.

  • laur


  • wish

    He is so cute and handsome.And very a very talented guy.why is all the talented guys come from canada ?

  • Jen

    Ryan & Racheal broke up already? I will never believe in true love if those two can’t make it work.


    Why have your heart set on Ryan and Rachel.. Why can’t he date other
    women.. They are not set in stone.. He is allowed to date who ever he
    wants.. The Notebook was just a movie.. It is not real life… He is from Ontario Canada.!!
    Get over it already!!

  • tarra

    The Notebook obsessives are never going to let him live down that movie and the relationship that followed. The romantic relationship appears to be over. They are both allowed to move onto other people.

  • hmm

    Isn’t it funny how everything turns into a The Notebook/Ryan/Rachel riot when it’s just Ryan presenting an award for Dustin Hoffman, some people need to relax and take deep breaths.

  • MG

    i did not want to believe it, but every picture we get of Ryan not out with Rachel, the more I believe they aren’t together.

  • hmm

    yeah because EVERY girlfriend/boyfriend are attached to one another EVERY time they go out somewhere, right? (rolls eyes)

    These two adults have lives of their own plus we only get a fraction of what they actually do in real life.

  • steph

    i think it’s become pretty obvious that they aren’t together anymore. according to posts on rachel’s website, she was in toronto all weekend. no sign of ryan. if my girlfriend was within a few hour plane ride for 5 days instead of being in london, i think i would go and be with her and not be hanging out with my friends all weekend instead. but that’s just me.

  • ???

    Where are these posts? I’ve seen a video of an art event she attended Thursday, but thats all.

  • the_boyfriend

    what a great suit.
    handsome and talented.

  • Mr. d

    I’m sorry, looks wise, Gosling is a glorified nerd. He reminds ot the guy in math class who is slightly better looking than his fellow nerds, but is a nerd just the same. Definitily less attractive than the other Ryan (Phillipine).

  • Cynthia

    I saw some pics yesterday in ONTD of Ryan partying with a pretty latin girl the other night at some club in LA, and in People magazine, he was partying with Liv Tyler at a nightclub called Bardot. Ryan is single.

  • Diana

    i love him.

  • riedel

    I can not wait until the pictures come out of Ryan leaving Bardot without Rachel on her birthday in a few weeks. The tears of a trillion McGosling fans will flood the earth. Where’s Noah and his ark??

    They’re not together folks.

  • flirtlikecrazy

    hwat hwat hwat!!!!!!!!!

  • Over

    LOL, #22, you’re so mean;-) Seriously, I wish we can dig up the thread from the PDA pictures. I was one of the few people who thought it was BS. He looked miserable and like she was forcing herself on him. Sorry, I don’t drink Kool Aid and swallow bull. Those pictures looked shady from the beginning. Clearly that was either a brief reunion or a pr move.

  • wtf

    The pictures of Ryan dancing with the girl are from over a year ago. He was a Bardot last Monday because he and Zach DJ there on Monday nights. Liv Tyler along with MANY other celebrities were there last Monday after the Burberry event in Beverly Hills.

    Ryan was at Bardot last night again DJing(with Zach, Rachel’s sister and some other friends). No one knows what is going on with the two of them. So they have not been seen together in a while. We don’t know their every move. Their lives are so intertwined just with the fact that Ryan’s best friend is dating Rachel’s sister. They seem to still be very much a part of each others lives even if they are not together all the time.

    Rachel has said herself that when she is working she puts everything she has into her role. Ryan does the same. They understand that about eachother. If they end up working things out then great but no matter what I think they will always have a special connection.

    As far as the pictures of them in Toronto, he looked miserable?? I think the look on his face was far from miserable. There were a few where you could tell they knew the paps were taking their picture but other than those they looked pretty in love to me. That’s why even though they may be putting things on “hold” right now since she is in London working, I am going to just wait and see what happens when all of that is finished!!

  • Angie

    Why does everybody always bring up that they are so connected because her sister is dating Zach? Did they not hang out together after Ryan & Rachel broke up? There’s no reason that Kayleen & Ryan can’t be friends even if he’s not with Rachel anymore (which he more than likely is not). And it doesn’t mean that because he is friends with Kayleen that he’s destined to marry Rachel!

    IMO, at the best right now they are on hold. At the worst, they are done. But what do you expect from two actors that seem to always choose career over their relationship (especially Rachel). But anybody who believes that everything is all happy in McGosling land – they must be smoking some good stuff.

  • Margeaux

    #22 – hilarious post! And what do you know – according to IMDb her birthday is November 17th – a Monday night! The night that #25 says is Ryan’s night to DJ at Bardot. It’s going to happen!

    #24 – I was cynical too and I guess I had every reason to be. What a short reunion! I would think sleeping with Ryan Gosling would keep Rachel around a little bit longer than she did but I guess Guy Ritchie, Jude Law and Robert Downey and millions in cash outweighed that. Don’t blame her.

  • OMG

    He is an amazing actor, and all around just adorable :)

  • TM

    Xonline said he was partying with other women last night at a club. Fan sightings have him with other females as well. He and Rachel were both in LA a few weeks back, no sightings. They are NOT together.

  • Question

    I would like the people who believe that Ryan & Rachel are together to explain why they believe that. Because as far as I can tell – they haven’t been seen together since those pictures in August (that were just delightful) and now Ryan has been seen out with other women and is always partying in LA and Rachel is off in another country and Ryan doesn’t even go to visit her. How does that equal a relationship? Isn’t it possible that everybody jumped to conclusions and those pictures were just a friends-with-benefits type of situation?

  • Hmm…

    Doesn’t exactly sound like someone who has a girlfriend to me.

    —Ryan Gosling We saw the dude dancing up a storm at a jungle-themed party last weekend in L.A.. He was holding a plastic bone and gyrating spastically, like he was being electrocuted over and over again. Also, he seemed to be trying to mack on fugly girls who were ignoring him. Injustice! Tragedy! Ryan, if you’re reading—we’re keeping an intern seat hot for you.

  • Not good

    I am someone that didn’t believe all this nonsense that Rachel and Ryan had broken up or were never together in the first place, but I’m believing it now. That is quite damning evidence. If Rachel was in Toronto last weekend and Ryan was macking on fugly girls at a party in LA instead – what can you say to that except it’s too bad. I think they would have made a great, powerful couple in Hollywood that could be admired.

  • Sheena

    Thanks for posting that “hmm…”. I’m the same as 32 – never quite believed the rumors, but this is a lot to ignore today. I don’t quite understand how they could break up already, but I guess they did. The real hero in this is Rachel’s sister – must be hard to be stuck in the middle.

  • ha

    I don’t understand why girls think he’s attractive. I think he has always looked like a special child.

  • Velveteen

    he’s so handsome…but enough about that – ryan & rachel broke up?? seriously?? what’s he doing macking on ugly girls when he could mack on rachel mcadams?? please tell me has just temporarily lost his mind. did he dump her because she took a movie in a different country? did she dump him because she wanted to work? this is upsetting news!

  • Bree

    The sighting of him at this party would hold more weight if it was accompanied by photos. This is just hearsay.

  • Hmm

    Really? That sighting just cracked me up.

    Ryan Gosling? Plastic Bone? Gyrating? Electric dance? Macking on ugly girls? Being ignored by ugly girls?


  • Hmm

    That does not even sound NEAR to being true.

  • lol

    Wow, so many people in denial. You would think their personal relationship was broken up.

  • if the rumors are TRUE…

    rachel deserves way better than ryan gosling. what a manwhore he’s turning out to be.

  • LA

    Ryan does not have a new girlfriend, but he’s not with Rachel either. He is single.

  • Lets see…

    everytime I go on the web, ryan seems to be at an event or club or bar or walking his dog in losangeles. rachael is filming a movie in london. she was in canada last weekend and he didn’t go to visit her. there are numerous rumors going around about ryan out with other women. yeah, sounds like they broke up or that little pda session in canada this summer was all for show so people would forget about his skanky married girlfriend.

  • Katie

    Ryan & Rachel were only together for publicity. But don’t worry, I’m sure that once the tabloids start noticing that they haven’t been seen together in awhile, we’ll get a photo op of them making out on some park bench in Toronto again.

  • cam

    Pathetic comments. No one knows what’s going on with them. Give it a rest.

  • june

    Agree cam, no-one knows whats happening but them, yet all these people who come here commenting, thinking they know whats happening are just a bunch of sad losers who have no life, but obviously live their lives trolling the net for any news of Rachel and Ryan…Get a life people.

  • miw

    I think so too

  • but…

    …here you are june commenting on a post that’s 2 days old. irony!

    nobody knows the truth – the signs are there that they broke up, but I don’t know?