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Sophia Bush is Dating James Lafferty!!!

Sophia Bush is Dating James Lafferty!!!

One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush has ex-husband (and costar) Chad Michael Murray to thank for spilling the beans.

In an interview with CW Channel 11 News, Chad talked about his divorce with Sophia and her current relationship with another costar of theirs, James Lafferty.

Chad shared, “[Sophia and I] both professional and mature enough to get through it. Now, it’s just easy. She’s got James, and James and I are friends. It’s just a little tight group in Wilmington (North Carolina).”

Don’t you love how the news totally goes over the newscaster’s head? Hah.

Pictured below: Sophia, 26, and James, 23, traveling together at the Wilmington airport on Friday (October 24). You can even see James has his arm around Sophia!

Chad Michael Murray: Sophia Bush is Dating James Lafferty

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  • Sara

    I am not a fan of Sophia the actress and this is bad. Thats 3 co-stars so far (or ones we know of) and 2 from the same show. She needs to be careful. However if James makes her happy then good luck.

    P.S What is up with celebs hooking with each other on set? The only people who suufer in the end are the fans, then of course the rest of the cast and crew when everything goes south and they need to clean up things.

  • juenn


  • DUDE

    Could they be any cuter?! I’ve been waiting for this forever. The two hottest stars on that lame show!

  • DUDE

    Could they be any cuter?! I’ve been waiting for this forever. The two hottest stars on that lame show!

  • DUDE

    Could they be any cuter?! I’ve been waiting for this forever. The two hottest stars on that lame show!

  • kprocks89

    omg. wow…

  • Yasmine

    =] im glad to see this posted Jared!!
    They are both my favorite on the show! I really hope they last together- i love them both!!! I hope james lafferty is much better of a man that Chad Michael Murray. I still cant get over that CMM cheated on sophia with paris hilton…shes really a tough woman and a good sport to stil work on set with him. He called Kenzie a trooper since she has to deal with CMM kissing his co-stars, what does that make Sophia for still working on set with him? shes a real trooper, i love her!
    i cant wait for the next episode, it looks really good next week!

  • bee

    wow. so wasn’t expecting that lol

    but i’m glad, if they make eachother happy – more power to them.
    Sophia deserves to be happy after Chad *rolleyes*

  • bee

    wow. so wasn’t expecting that lol

    but i’m glad, if they make eachother happy – more power to them.
    Sophia deserves to be happy after Chad *rolleyes*

  • vmars111

    Sophia sure gets around! Before you know it, Sophia will be dating that little 5-year old! lol

  • jon

    Ohhhhhhhhh james and sophia are sooooooooooooooooo gonna kick his ass for outing them:) I swear the behind the scenes part of this show is way more intersting than the actual show:) lol nice catch though sophia bush

  • Diana

    the cast just get so bored in Wilmington that they all just get married in real life. they entire main cast (except for James) are either all married… or have been married, but now divorced. i bet if this show was filmed in California, none of them would be married…

  • an

    never saw that one coming

  • jon

    And its not like this is new or something, they have been dating for a while now.

  • tina

    damn. Sophia sure does get around.

  • tina

    damn. Sophia sure does get around.

  • ohmy

    I dont think he really thinked about that when he was saying this, He looks really tired. haha. Im on team chad btw. ;)

  • lex

    didnt she once refer to him like a baby brother … YEW.
    Ohhh well we just have to see who the next one is? doesnt she have a few new movies coming out? new co star means new bf.

    well i actually like sophia better than that 10 year old anorexic chad is dating.. and well really i cant stand any of them..

  • laura

    They are sweet. They both deserve a bit of happiness. Good luck to both of them!! :D

  • L

    OH MY GOD! I could not stop sqealing after reading this. It took me like two minutes to forget about Naley (major OTH fan!) and take in the fact that James is with Sophia. I cannot believe this! They’re so cute together. My favourite actress and actor on the show are together!

    No matter what they say, it must be at least a little bit awkward for them. His ex-wife is now dating a really good friend of his and he has to see them like everyday.

  • Mandy

    I find the whole thing quite sad and funny. What perfect revenge for Chad to out them, and now the media’s gonna go crazy – there goes their privacy. I’m hoping it was an accident because they seemed to want to hide it.

    I hope the best for them but it’s all a little too incestuous for me!

  • Cat

    Wow that must be weird for everyone. I think I read that Austin Nichols is guest starring soon on One Tree Hill. Didn’t he once date her too.

    Three guys on the same show – that should make things interesting!

  • jon

    Come on it is not like sophia bush is soooooooo freaking well known. I love the girl dont gel me wrong but the whole rumor has been going on since months already, there are bigger starts out there, I dont think that anyone outside one tree hill fans care if the are dating or not so I honestly dont see what the whole deal is about.

  • cynthia

    Chad is an ass !

    I’m happy to know they are together, because Sophia deserves a guy like James after that asshole of a cheater, but I wanted J or S to tell us, not Chad.

    I wish them the best, they look so cuteeeee together !

    Haters, don’t hate, you’re just jealous.

  • Aleksandra

    #22, I’m with you on this one :)

    and Chad should just mind his own business…

  • Izabella

    okay, I wonder if Chad did that on purpose!?
    Sophia and James, that’s an odd match!
    well, as long as they’re happy I guess :)

  • Annie

    You can say that Chad is a cheater and all but Sophia is too. She screws all her co-stars. Wouldn’t surprise me if she screws Austin.

  • nicole

    I hope the best for James and Sophia…I love both of them as actor/actress and if they are happy then congrats!!!

  • kATIE

    k in these pictures we don’t even see there face…But hopefully Chad didn’t out them on purpose….i honest don’t think he did…It weird that Austin is on the show because rumors were flying that they were dating like 5 months after her and Chad split but only because they were seem together with a dog…

  • Love_forever

    Ok, I watched this interview yesterday and can’t seem to understand why everyone are so mad at Chad, the airport pics came before the interview so it was obvious that they are dating. I’m sorry but it’s not his fault all the hater just make up stories that he is jealous and he’s not over Sophia its ridiculous, if Sophia and James wanted to keep their relationship so ‘private’ they woudn’t have taken the same flight in the first place. I’m so sick of this show right now, the only person I watch it for is Hilarie(I so want Jake back for her), the set must be so akward right now, I’m sorry but falling for James after 5 years is just weird after being married to Chad… WEIRD. I used to have respect for Sophia after the divorce and all she seemed like a very strong person working with her ex, but not anymore and now all Sophia lovers are going to attack me but this is the freaking truth she is so messed up after Chad cheated on her actually this thing with James won’t last I’m sure maybe a year or more but in the end she’ll be single again and hooking up with the next co-star. Sophia claimed in several interviews that she is single and how James is like a brother to her:lol: I can’t wait to hear her statement on this, the paps won’t leave her alone now. And about Chad haha “James and I are friends” I actually believed you Chad:lol: This is my opinion on the whole situation, what a weird love triangle we have, the producers should write what’s happening on the set it’ll be 100000000000% more interesting than it is now.Now all James and Sophia lovers are free to attack me:lol:

  • Mama

    I thought everyone already knew this? If you live in Wilmington this is old news. We see them out together all the time.

  • Sami

    Well I’m sure OTH fans knew about it but they clearly didn’t want to go public with their relationship so Chad had no right to say anything.
    That interviewer didn’t even asked him anything about them.

  • mrs lucas scott

    Awwwwwwwwwww, they are so sweet together.
    I love it !

  • payce8

    oww, thats nice!!
    im glad to hear that it was true..
    im hoping to see james and sophia going public..
    but CHAD should mind his own business.
    thats why i kinda hate him…

  • babi Sophia

    chad made a huge mistake telling about sophia and james. They have tried really hard to keep it private, and there he goes spilling about them.

    I hope Sophia has a talk with stupid chad when he gets back to wilmington..

  • anna

    They are both my favorite on the show!I hope the best for James and Sophia

  • penelope

    I’m soooo happy.
    I love james and sophia!!!!
    So cute together

  • brandi

    This doesnt suprise me at all. Everytime this is brought up its shot right back down with “they are just friends, they arent dating.” More power to them! I’m just not a fan of it. I agree with poster #32. If you are a fan or you live in Wilmy this is old news to you. Chad just kinda put it out there with “confirmation”

  • nicole

    I totally agree with 31. Its just weird.

  • Jessica

    I’ve been waiting for this forever! James and Sophia are really cute together… and I really can’t imagine anything hotter then the two of them together!

    Jophia <3 and, of course: Brathan!

  • zrinka

    #28 ANNIE I am with you! She is sweet he is hooooot- that is truth, but in my opinion they are not for each other! It seams like James was crushed in Sophia all the time when she was with Lucas- just remember that James was the youngest on the show and he was nobody before OTH, and Sophia was already famous and well-known, and he as teenagfe boy who had a luck to work with so hot girl-but unfortunately she was dating and than married to other guy-Chad who was famous too….and James was regular boy ho had a luck and it is picked up for show…..
    After 5-6 years of show he become famous and now he is some kind of cool because he is dating SOPHIA BUSH! I do not know but they are not for together….sorry for some of you! She can be with everyone from this giant world and she was already with two and ONLY two guys from the show….
    And it seams like celebrities fall in love with characters from their show….
    They are really funny and in some way sad!

  • Linda

    chad is an ass for outing them its not his business to tell everyone! he just wants attention making people think poor him having to deal with seeing sophia and james lafferty together
    i happy to see sophia is with someone that is not an ass and actually makes her happy she deserves it

    love sophia always will

  • zrinka

    and I agree with #31 Love_forever
    As I already said it is weird! They are not suitable!

    Sorry all Sophia fans!
    And I want correct myself I wrote “all the time when she was with LUCAS” I meant with Chad!

  • cynthia

    i agree with #43 Linda !

    Chad is trying to make himself the poor guy who has to watch his ex with one of his friend.

    POOR Sophia, she was cheated on by the guy she thought was the love of her life and she had to watch him 2 weeks later with a teenager behind the scenes of OTH.

    Ok, she went out with Jon for 2 years, maybe Austin we didn’t have confirmation on this one maybe they were just friends, and now she’s dating James.

    And for the Haters who call her a slut because she went out with 3 guys after her split with ass-Chad, please, are you really trying to tell me that you only went out with one guy/girl in your entire life ?

    Sophia is an amazing actress and woman.
    Her and James have been friends for a long time before they decided to go out, and I trust Sophia, if she gave them a chance that means that their couple can be something really good and I wish them the best !

    Chopia fan coverted in a Jophia fan, because everyone deserves to found true love.

  • betty

    I love you James Lafferty!!!!!

  • me

    I think its hilarious that Chad did this. Perfect payback for the two of them running around set being complete douchebags.

    I have no respect for Sophia or James and doubt very much that this will relationship will last at all. Sophia started hooking up with Chad way back in S1 when he had another girlfriend. And Sophia started hooking up with James last season when he was still hooking up with his ex. Do we see a pattern here? And since the rumors about James still going after sorority girls and strippers have barely slowed in the last year, I will not feel bad for Sophia at all when this relationship ends the same way her marriage did.

    But whatever. Its their lives. I only care insomuch as it affects the show, and it has already started affecting the show. Where the hell are all of these Brooke/Nathan scenes coming from? They’ve never been close friends before, and we’ve already had more scenes of them together in the 8 episodes of this season than any season previous. If you want to screw, fine. But leave it at home. Mark needs to stop caving so easily to actor’s demands. And Sophia also needs to stop showing up to watch all of James’ scenes be filmed. It makes her look needy and pathetic, and its screwing with James ability to be a convincing romantic lead on screen. He’s been pretty bad in some NH scenes this season, and that needs to stop.

  • christina

    aww how cute
    james and sophia yayyy

  • Betty

    I don’t understand how it could be such a bad thing to do to go out with a costar who is also one your best friends for Sophia and how it could be a good thing to propose to an extra you only knew few months ago .
    Anyways , I’ m glad she found someone like James cause he seems to be a really good guy and she’s an amazing woman : they both deserve to be happy

  • jesse

    Well see #28 heres the thing, sophia didnt cheat while she was still married…she’s single and dating, chad did it while he was still married…big difference