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T.I. Lost His Virginity At Age 11

T.I. Lost His Virginity At Age 11

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., speaks about his arrest and upcoming year long jail sentence for pleading guilty to several federal weapon charges with The Tyra Banks Show.

The 28-year-old rapper said, “The conditions of my life that I had endured had presented a certain sense of paranoia, which made me feel like I needed extra security for myself… My best friend [Philant Johnson] had just gotten killed the year before that….he died right in my arms…he was killed right in front me…I was trying to prevent that from ever happening again.”

T.I. also revealed that he lost his virginity when he a mere 11-years-old.

He sheepishly shared with Tyra, “I’m embarrassed, 11, I’m sorry…If it makes it any better we had two kids together later on.”

The world premiere of T.I.‘s music video “Live Your Life” featuring Rihanna airs TONIGHT @ 7:30PM ET/PT during BET’s Access Granted.

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  • http://justjared Marie

    Earth to TI



    who cares ?? miley cyrus lost hers at 14?
    and vanessa hugdens lost hers at 10, lmao

  • ellen

    it doesnt matter.

    neyo lost his at 9
    50 cent lost his at 8
    flavor flav lost his at 6.
    and t-pain lost his at like 6 too.

  • alyssa

    holy sh**t, is he serious? 11? which kid on earth is thinking ’bout that at the age of 11 !?!?? my gosh..

    and #2, i agree with the miley thing (xD) but i wouldnt say that about vanessa.. !

  • me

    Ellen~ 6 yrs old-no way. I have 2 6 yr olds and I’m sorry-no freakin’ way. It’s not even possible. Maybe they were molested, but they were not having sex.

  • lm

    Please, just because Vanessa took some risque photos of herself at age 15 does not mean she lost her virginity five years earlier.

    Do people not realise how many 15-year-old girls take photos like this?

  • lm

    Please, just because Vanessa took some risque photos of herself at age 15 does not mean she lost her virginity five years earlier.

    Do people not realise how many 15-year-old girls take photos like this?

  • wed

    has tyra had some work done on her face?

  • Nicole

    That is messed up to have sex at 11 years old!

    And speaking off, dosent he look about that age in the photo with Tyra?Lmao he looks like a little kid compared to Banks.

  • jay

    That is far to young but he does look after his kids… keep it real.

    Not like pharrell williams a 35 year old man who had a baby girl on the 25th october and won’t even confirm it. What a great father he is going to be!

  • jay

    That is far to young but he does look after his kids… keep it real.

    Not like pharrell williams a 35 year old man who had a baby girl on the 25th october and won’t even confirm it. What a great father he is going to be!

  • alyssa

    yeah tyra looks weird :S it looks like she has done something with her eyes or somehting else in “the upper region” of her face^^ xD but maybe its just a bad taken photo ..

  • alllthegossip

    noo wayyyy this is crazyness

  • sweetbutterflies

    11 years? Seriously? No wonder he’s embarassed! Oh, and # 2, please don’t get Vanessa and Miley into this discussion. This is T.I., not V or Miley. Don’t think they lost theirs that early anyways, same for the people # 4 mentioned. 6 years? You meant that seriously? Disgusting and impossible to me!

  • cupcake

    tyra banks looks like a f***ing alien SERIOUSLY GET OVER YOURSELF TYRA YOUR AN UGLY ALIEN

  • mike

    she is not ugly…quit being so ignorant…

  • umm

    wow 11…my exbf lost his at 9…….poor conduct!…..but guys/boys will b guys/boys

    u may not believe it but lots of boys do this at a young age

  • Kayla

    Mike, Your comment makes no sense.
    “Ignorant” means someone doesn’t know and doesn’t care to learn about it.


  • Julia

    Thats sick, and the worst part is people are okay with their kids listening to his music. What in the hell is wrong with people? Where was his mother in all this? Did she not have a sex talk with him or something?

  • ….

    please dont put vanesa in the middle, cause she has nothing to do with this story
    i think that 11 is waaay too early

  • .

    miley is a virgin and #9 maybe he looks smaller bcuz hes sitting down…ohh?

  • the_boyfriend


  • womp

    @ Julia, i dont think listening to his music has anything to do with losing your virginity. Rap/hip hop is subversive in general but I highly doubt it subliminally directs people to lose all control of their genitals and have rampant sex at obscenely young ages.

  • WTF

    I’m 18 and I still haven’t lost mine :P

  • lo siento

    uhm every kid is talking about it at 11…i learned about sex when i was in 3rd grade like really

    he has nothing to be embraessed about i have a friend who has a 8 yr old kid and she is 14 yrs old so…

  • LucaBella

    yeah, 6 year old mom’s are hot.


    Whoa, Tyra looks like an alien. And who cares if he lost it at 11?

  • newport beach, 92660

    how do you people know that Miley is a VIRGIN ?

    haaah , are you guys like her BFF ?

    she probably doesn’t know who any of you are , and you are already saying

    “oh , no , miley is not a virgin ! ”

    how the fuckk do you know ??

  • Lillianne

    Tyra’s face is going all wonky.

  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    Alyssa..LOL!! Im 11 and I think about BUT that DOES NOT MEAN IM GOING TO HAVE IT!!! He could have been open to some mags , sites and his friends might have told him about it and stuff!

  • Jane

    11? Is it even physically possible for a boy of that age to have intercourse? Jeez…these people are the scum of the earth.

  • ash

    i love ti. he is so sexy to me but damn 11!!!!!!!

  • laoise

    their still virgins!and miley has a promise ring

  • zombie

    6 years old??? who the H#$@ get an errection at 6 years old…musta been anal virginity lost for Tpain and Flava Flav

  • zombie

    “he has nothing to be embraessed about i have a friend who has a 8 yr old kid and she is 14 yrs old so…”

    wtf? do you kids tell the truth at all anymore? ffs

  • zombie

    #30 i can gurantee TI wasnt on no porno websites at 11 years old in 1991 hahaha..nor was anyone else


    i didn’t even know it was physically possible to have sex at that age. He must have been an early bloomer…and who the hell teaches you how “love making” works at that age????!?!?!?

  • lisa

    yea really. i didnt even think it was possible for a child at 11 to engage in sex. ha. im tellin ya there is something in the milk now a days.

  • Shawnie

    To: OH SNAP

    Miley didn’t even lose her virginity yet. She wears a purity ring.

  • AlissA

    Ha! Purity ring?

    So what?

    The jonas Brothers wear purity rings too, and Miley sùcks all their cute little dіcks.

  • oh snap

    miley wearing a purity ring HA!
    LMAO where is is ring at on her NIPPLE?????

    you got her mixxed up wit the Jo Bros, hunny


    TI you are still a DOUCHE, when are you coming back to Atlanta to start more fights at Luckie Lounge?

  • Zanessaheart

    #2 ur such a dumbasss! people with brains r over the nude photo scandal, i guess ur not one of them! It was like over a year now sooo move on mann! Its old newssssss! x

  • the Dutchess

    i love his music and own his CD.
    What he’s been through is exactly what is wrong with America right now.

    OBAMA! 2008

  • sad

    Poor guy, but lots of young black boys in the hood lose their virginity too young. Bet he’s been a player ever since too. That’s why such an emphasis on sex all their lives and getting it from so many women. Sex is for mature people who can handle it, not children.

  • simsfamily

    T.I and Tyra in the same show…AWESOME. Stop hating on the King! Things happen in life for a reason! Survival is a must! Everybody doesn’t have that Brady Bunch Family. Who knows what he was exposed to in his earlier years. His good out weigh the negativity!
    Beautiful family and very smart gentleman and he is human!

  • chel

    Awwwww I love T.I. he’s my favorite rapper.
    Hope he does better and is okay in the end. I support him =]

  • jenny

    11 is young, that’s a given. But everyone has their own life so no two people have the same experiences, upbringings, family structures, or values. Everywhere you look, sex is talked about and sung about. As humans we are wired to reproduce, and curiosity mixed with physical urges minus supervision and guidance at a young age can lead to premature actions. Young kids mix with teens and older adults so obviously they are getting their info on sex from them as well. Even though the decision to have sex is a personal one, the influence to do it is definitely there and it’s more widely accepted than the concept of waiting til you are older and mature enough to handle sex. Waiting until marriage is non-existent, or so it seems. Then you have to remember “peer pressure” as well.

    So don’t judge him. Parents need to stop living in a dream world thinking their kids are innocent or that other people’s kids are doing those things but not their precious angels. They need to start talking about sex earlier than expected if they want to preserve that innocence. I’m not blaming parents but parents need to step up before someone else does.

    And promise rings don’t mean anything except that the person took a promise once upon a time. Some keep it, most don’t. Read the research on kids who make such promises; so many engage in MORE sexual activities than anyone else their age. The only difference is that they omit intercourse which defeats the purpose of a ‘purity-promise’ ring. But kids these days don’t consider ‘hooking up’ as sex. Anyway, I’ve said too much.

  • woop

    Jane #31.. ‘scum of the earth’.. oh get a grip. kmt. What are you some sanctimonious preacher.

  • KendraWhitehead

    wow ,
    ohwell`s t.i is just amazing ; whocares if he lost it at 11 . theres way more celebs. that have more embarassing stuff to say , i dont see them coming out and saying nothingg
    Oh and #9 , #14 , #19 shut it . it`s only an age alright. don`t be dissing him like that ; he didnt do nuthing to you, so beat it
    & #19 his music is fine ,
    k, peaccee home`sz
    { quit dissing t.i } !!!

    lariissa r ;

    k i dont see these other actors coming out to tyra saying they lost it at that age maybe miley & the other ppl on here lost it at that age , noone knows & at least t.i can come out and say it ,
    i dont see why you diss him, i bet you lost it early too ?
    ppl do make mistakes & shit., so why dont you just shut your big fricken mouth & stop running it on here; like who cares if he lost it that early. there’s othere ppl out there that lost it at that age too. like why is it so wrong for him jus because he is a celeb ?
    well to me thats just stupid, im 15 i lost it at 13 i aint proud of it either but still don’t be putting it on him
    i dont see you up there on the tyra banks show saying something like that so shut it already #9 & all the rest that are dissing t.i
    t.i aint my favorite singer but still thats just stupid of yous to be doing that like wtf !?
    pce the fu**k ouuut !