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Woody Allen Relaunches Dylan's Candy Bar

Woody Allen Relaunches Dylan's Candy Bar

Woody Allen joins owner Dylan Lauren (daughter of designer Ralph Lauren) for the relaunch celebration at Dylan’s Candy Bar on Monday in New York City.

The 72-year-old director and wife Soon-Yi Previn brought along their two daughters Bechet and Manzie to DCB.

Dylan’s Candy Bar pioneers the concept of merging the world of art, pop culture, and fashion, with candy. The flagship store is located in New York City, which expanded another 5,000 more square feet (making it largest candy store in the world). It is complete with a full bar offering fun cocktails. The store’s architecture and design is inspired by Warhol, Chihuli, Oldenberg, Koons, Murakami and Lichtenstein.

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Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty; Photos: Andres Otero/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Amy




  • summermichelle

    Their kids aren’t adopted. They were born to them.

  • bejeebus

    ummm…hey, soon-yi,
    didn’t you learn anything? maybe adopting two little girls wasn’t the best idea…unless you are looking to get replaced. you know they’re just woody’s “type”. ….but maybe he’s past being able to do anything about it. hope so.

  • candyman

    Wasn’t the daughter that he molested called Dylan? Disgusting old man.

  • sol

    number 6 baby

  • sol

    you suck

  • Julie


  • stephanie

    Who cares!
    She’s phonier than he is.

  • postwatcher


    For all you youngsters on this site, Mia Farrow was the Angelina
    Jolie of her day. Mia adopted many kids from poor countries. She
    was married to Woody Allen who ended up taking dirty pictures of and marrying one of the adopted daughters.

    To put this in a modern day perpsective, it would be like Brad Pitt taking dirty pictures of Zahara and doing who else knows what more and then marrying her….ick ick ick.

    Wood Allen is a criminal. I love how all these righteous hollywood
    a sswipes still held a grudge against Elia Kazan but admire a SICK perv like Woody Allen.

  • anaïs

    But how could his daughter become his wife? Because when you adopt the child become legal yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And why did they authorize him to adopt again after this?????????????

  • the Dutchess



  • saima

    I can’t help but notice how his wife is like wallpaper in the background. She seems so submissive and invisible.

  • Nora

    Woody Allen, the creepy genius of our times. Looking at him and that freak daughter/wife person in the background creeps me out. Die already, isn’t that what 70+ year olds do?

  • http://tess tess

    he is disgusting. you should NEVER marry your wife’s daughter – no mater how much you think you loved her. now his kids with mia are his kids’ aunt? wtf! and this chick soon yi is so ugly!!! ewhy???

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Both his daugthers are adopted. I would NEVER have let that man adopt any child!!!

  • Maria (Shorty)


    SPOT ON!!!!! If it weren’t for Mia she’s probably be out in the street begging for food. She’ll get hers! She and Woody dug a dagger in Mia’s heart and people should remember that!!

  • postwatcher

    Mia never was married to Woody, but they were together for 12 years. Remember, Brad is not married to Angelina so my analogy still works :)

  • shoes4life

    postmaster: If I am not mistaken Mia adopted Soon Yi when she was older and not as a baby. Therefore, it is different for Brad & Angelina because he has bonded with all his adopted children like they are his blood children. I don’t believe a comparison between the two can be done because it is a total different situation and actually it is borderline offensive to the Jolie-Pitt family. Woody took advantage of a young girl, no matter what the situation was he should have gotten jail time for his actions. Woody Allen’s actions could have cost Mia her family that she loved because he couldn’t think with the proper head.

  • yikes

    Poor Woody. Poor Soon-Yi because he is so freakin old!!! She’s also not a very attractive Asian woman. She’ll be spending the coming years as his nurse. He doesn’t look well.

  • kiki

    not to be mean but one of those girls(the one in the brown shirt) Seriously looks like a boy!

  • postwatcher

    shoes4life @ 10/28/2008 at 1:49 pm

    Jeesh….you are not exactly mensa material.

    How is this borderline offensive to the Pitt/Jolie Crew? There are a lot of young people on this board who have no idea who Mia Farrow or Woody Allen is.

    I used what is termed an “analogy”. Plus Soon-Yi was 8 years old!!!!

  • woolyB

    What if they’re actually happy?

  • GB

    That is so sickening. Woody Allen should never be allowed to be around little girls any more than Paul Reubens should be allowed to be around little boys. These predators should share a jail cell.

  • Alicia

    Soon-Yi was adopted by Mia Farrow and then husband Andre Previn. While it’s still gross, Woody is not her father but he does look like her grandfather.

  • Minky

    Alicia #25- LOL LOL

    More like her great grandfather.

  • eliza

    Both the young girls in the picture are adopted. He and Mia never married but did have three childen together, an adopted boy, an adopted girl, and one natural son. Mia won custody of all three.
    (Soon-Yi was not one of THEIR children.)

  • http://tess tess

    woolyB @ 10/28/2008 at 3:19 pm

    What if they’re actually happy?

    There are plenty of people in the world you can be happy with besides your ex-wife’ daughter and your kids’ adopted sister. You may be attracted to the person but you can step back and say NO for the sake of children and to protect the sanctity of family and family boundaries. This is sick any way you look at it. How would you like it if your husband married the daughter you adopted who happens to be sisters with your kids? SO Mia’s kids now have a step-mother in their former sister? sick sick sick sick! And Soon Yi is super fug so is Woody.

  • non

    Their asian daughter looks like she is desperate and absollutly unhappy.

  • LOL

    Woody and Mia were never married. Soon-Yi was not ever Woodys daughter.

    Mia is crazy and adopted loads of ‘special needs’ kids she couldn’t give enough attention too. That’s why Soon-Yi looked else where for attention. That’s a very important lesson for Brangelina.

  • NancI Black

    Gross ! Every time I see him he is Grosser !! That was a dirty Trick to do to MIa !! What does This Soon -Yi see in him ? Its a dirty deal.

  • Michelle

    Ewwww he’s sick and gross and sure loves to marry his children. haha

  • Women for Obama


  • meursault

    wonder how long before place closes down. all these ‘grand re-openings’ are nothing more than ‘wtf, buzz is gone, no one’s shelling out, let’s try to rev it up again’ type stuff. good luck selling $9 candy bars in this economy.

  • Mimi

    Euw…it’s the child molester on the loose….

    Watch it Soon Yi, what goes around comes around….he might be doing your daughters under your very nose. Best to keep him on a leash and chain and blindfolded
    whenever he’s at home, lest his wondering eyes and lewd hands gets on your daughters!!!

  • Cindy

    Regardless of the intricacies of relationships, Woody Allen is a genius in writing, directing and acting and I love his work.

  • Henry Bainter

    amazing, this is such a great website!!!!!

  • Kristina


    No, the kids are adopted.

  • Inkpot

    The Brad/Angie comparison was spot on. I’m old enough to remember this when it first surfaced and what is no longer mentioned is the pics of Soon Yi. In them she was 12-15 years of age not only 21 when Mia found out.

    Also how long does a person need to be with their partner of 12 years adopted children to not be involved with them as an older adult or mentor. Soon Yi was 8 and he managed to take nude pics, have an affair and fall in love but never was a father figure? What a load of Cr@p.

    He should have been investigated. His I don’t see the problem attitude is scary.

  • Inkpot

    Special Needs Kids makes this even worse.

    I think that’s why she not as bitter towards Soon Yi as she is towards Woody. She was mad and felt betrayed but Woody not only should have known better but he took advantage of a child under his care.

    It’s sick the way prev’s like him can get themselves around their prey. Why adopted daughters? He’s proven to have no integrity.

  • Not surprising

    Hmm wonder why he didn’t adopt boys