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Ashley Tisdale is a JCPenney Cutie

Ashley Tisdale is a JCPenney Cutie

Ashley Tisdale was feeling sick yesterday when she taped her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She even skipped out on hugging Ellen when she came out for the interview!

The 23-year-old actress just returned from the High School Musical Press Tour in Rome last night and had a funny story to tell about her trip to the City of Love: “Actually, it was really funny. I was sitting at a restaurant and I was sitting outside. This humongous tour bus with the High School Musical painted on it came over. Kids were singing and dancing on top of it and handing out flyers for the screening. And they gave me one. I was like ‘thanks’. I think [they didn't recognize me because of] hair color.”

Ellen also showed footage of Ashley‘s first TV commercial for JCPenney. Watch the vid below!

Ashley Tisdale – The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 10/29

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40 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale is a JCPenney Cutie”

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  1. 1
    sara Says:

    she’s so adorabLe and cute… the dress =D

  2. 2
    alexa Says:

    thats pretty strange that she didnt want to hug ellen, no? so what she has a cold, she was near her the entire time. anyone agree?

  3. 3
    inbal Says:

    this is a funny story
    she is cute :]

  4. 4
    nina Says:

    ha, thats funny.
    i love her dress.

    and #2, maybe she just wasn’t up for it.

  5. 5
    anon Says:

    super cute! its awesome ellen asked questions about her. Sometimes it’s really cool to just hear about how a person got their start and what they are like rather than gossip thats in the rag magazines.

    its not that weird she didnt hug ellen, she had a cold. its called germs and shes not wanting to spread whaetever she has.

  6. 6
    viki_vikito Says:


  7. 7
    Mindy Says:

    Ha thats funny.
    i don’t really like her though.
    If they were real fans wouldn’t they have recognized her . how can you miss a face like hers :/ EHH.

  8. 8
    Jenny Says:


  9. 9
    diama Says:

    she’s cute

  10. 10
    OH SNAP Says:

    ashley tisdale is TRASH

  11. 11
    . Says:

    it’s not strange that she didn’t want to hug her, it’s not that she didn’t want to give her whatever she had. people need to stop reading into celebrities actions so much and quit being nitpicky trying to find a reason to make people dislike her.

  12. 12
    gaga Says:

    lol That’s because in reality she’s hideous and bland, why would anyone recognize her? She ruined the dress with those shoes and her stylist must be getting paid overtime these days. Useless unable to sing lowlife.

  13. 13
    caz Says:

    haha that commercial is so sweet. I don’t go near anyone when i have a cold either, I’d feel too guilty if they caught it.

  14. 14
    Grace Says:

    that was sooo cute. thanks for posting. LOve ASHLEY

  15. 15
    zanessaloversz Says:

    ashley looks adorablee!
    even when she has a cold
    she can still rock itt! :D god bless her<3

  16. 16
    Kristine Says:

    GO ELLEN (L)
    I love Ash’s dress & hair
    at first i wasn’t used to her being a brunette and changing her look all the time, but now i am :)

    I feel bad that most fans didn’t recognize her, once the kids handing out those flyers on that painted HSM bus =/
    Maybe she should stop changing her look.. to much..
    cuz no matter what
    she styll looks good :)

    # 11 i 100% agree with you.
    Maybe ash didn’t want Ellen to catch w/o she has..
    she’s really sweet that way.
    umm yea sure.. she was NEAR order to talk since it’s an interview.. but like physically.. touching…just.. no:S
    And yes ppl need to stop reading celeb’s actions the wrong way.
    God, what happened to learning the truth & knowing the person really well?
    what kind of fans would we be, if we keep assuming 2 much!
    seriously. -.-
    And the whole ” trying to find a reason to make people dislike her”
    is really rude & lame.
    IF you hate her so much, hate her if you must.
    Create your own website or show / something else..that’s not on here..

    ALSO it’s gay, to try to make other ppl hate her.. over yur reasons
    and try to convince them it’s true.
    W.e Just get lost. Cuz everyone else has their own opinions to what they believe in. But honestly, we just don’t want to hear them, since there’s OTHERS who are gonna disagree 50%of the time.
    THEN there’s the LOVERS
    Who love her 10000000% most of the time =]

    And who wouldn’t be?
    GO ASHLEY! (L)

  17. 17
    Good Victoria Says:

    ASHLEY is cute…AND considerate…I think it was kind of her not wanting to hug and breathe on someone when she was sick….I don’t hug people either when I’m sick…..I love her dress on the Ellen Show..

  18. 18
    dancer Says:

    Love the dress! She looked really cute in it!

  19. 19
    Stephie Says:

    SO COOL!

  20. 20
    colette Says:

    great interview and love the JCPenny comm’l

  21. 21
    yaya Says:

    ashley looks so pretty and that commerical was too cute. i cant believe ellen had that video. thats crazy.

  22. 22
    kourtney Says:

    she is so adorable. she really seems genuine and just sweet. I think it was considerate of her to not hug Ellen, she didn’t want to get her sick!

    also, I love her new hair and I love the dress with the booties, she always pulls the dress/skirt with booties thing off

  23. 23
    Vicki Says:

    I love Ashley! shes so adorable and extremely talented! She is the coffee bean queen- whether she likes to be known as it or not! haha!

    If im honest ….. i wouldnt mind catching a cold from a celebrity anyday, even better if its Ash! pretty gross hey! …. i could sell my famous germs on ebay to obsessed fans! ha

    GO ASHLEY! xx

  24. 24
    cheri Says:

    love her dress … it’s sooo kira plastinina .. check out

  25. 25
    hanna Says:

    AAWW..ASHLEY ELEN IS A *****!!!!ASHLEY ROCKS!!:):):)<3<3<3<3<3 UUUUUUU ASH…

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