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Inside Jennifer Hudson's Family Tragedy

Inside Jennifer Hudson's Family Tragedy

Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson will be taking front and center on many of the magazine covers.

Us Weekly has the scoop on the 27-year-old former American Idol contestant’s family tragedy.

– Mom, brother & beloved nephew, 7, brutally murdered
– How a family squabble may have turned deadly
– The Oscar winner’s pain — and how she found out.

Also pictured on the mag’s cover: Jennifer‘s mom Darnell Donerson and nephew Julian King.

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  • anna*

    my condolences …

  • anna*

    but wasn’t the nephew just missing .. ??

    i mean in the magazine it says he was murdered too

  • cataz

    the nephew’s dead body was found

    am i the only one who think its a little wrong that the magazine is having this article and going into a horrible tragedy and making money off the story? i mean it is sad and personal…..and it just feels like the magazine is taking advantage of that

  • alllthegossip

    i agree with #3

  • aleksandra

    i’m just so much sad for her… I lost my mum and I know how it feels to loose such important person…but loosing also nephew and sister…i really can’t imagine how tragic it’s… really hope she will be able to go through this

  • anna*

    i didnt know the dead body was found …

    they basically left her with no family at all… i cant imagine how she feels

  • RIP Julian!!!!

    So sad.

  • kbab

    i think it’s disgusting that a magazine is trying to make money out of such a horrific event
    they should be ashamed of themselves
    leave her alone to grieve in private
    dont splash it on every magazine cover

  • lola

    it is certainly a tragic event.

  • kc

    Also a bit bizarre to see the term “family squabble” used at all in connection with this story. Hell of a squabble.

  • piper, with a low

    Thank you, Pirate Hooker, for sinking lower than I ever thought possible.

    Making Owen Wilson’s personal problems into a Kate Hudson cover; dissecting Britney Spear’s personal problems by disclosing her late grandmother’s issues; the pedophilic fixation of celebrity kids; and now this.

  • pims

    those magazine people really disgust me sometimes.They really shouln’t publish a story like that.

  • susie

    this is a trajedy for all involved. jennifer has lost three members of her family. the mother or mothers of those responsible for this have effectively lost their sons. i think it should be obvious why this child was murdered. as i understand IL is a death penalty state. this child knew too much and could have put the killer or killers on death row.

  • Mother hen here

    It is indeed a tradegy. I see you people here have good hearts and feel this is nothing to publish on entertainment mags.
    However, Jennifer Hudson is a pretty big celeb on her way up and up. That is why the entertainment mags are going to put their stories out .
    Now, I hope Jennifer Hudson has a good core group of managers ,agents , lawyers, hair, make-up, celeb friends, to encourage her and for the managers t oput her in THERARPY. She is blessed with a God given talent with has luck and fate bestoyed on her too. We none want to hear of her using drugs later in life. She will always for the rest of her life have a flashback to the day she found out about this.

  • Mother hen here

    Jennifer needs also to let her sis have the mom’s house, ins. policy ,etc. and pay for her therapy. That girl has to have therapy to forgive herself and moveonand accept in time and a longtime.This is a deep tradegy magnified by Jennifer’s fame.
    Blacks , esp. from where and how Jennifer grew up, believe in”remember where you came from,” and other stuff to hold the one down who is moving on and up. Jennifer has no reason to ever go back to that neighborhood now since of this tradegy. It will only keep her not accepting what happened. Her managers sand teherapy to cnahelp her relaize he cannot and shouldnot carry and support her sister for life either. Blacks do that to the one who is moving up and out. God , please help adn cont. to bless
    Jennifer and that her sister may found peace and knowledge.

  • Why

    Forgive herself? She let an animal around her child and family! Pray all you want, but if you let excons with drug and history of violence around your family all the prayers in the world won’t help you. There’s a big lesson here for many many women. The therapy should have been given to her sister when she was dating or in anyway still connected with this guy. I still don’t know why her family was still living in that neighborhood, it is where all the shootings are happening and it’s a neighborhood you move out of as soon as you can.

  • april

    This is a tragic event for Jennifer’s family. I don’t like US magazine or any other tabs magazines to profit from this, no matter how much they sell magazines it will never make up for the lost of a loving mother, brother and nephew.
    It’s only right that these magazines that profit from this tragedy should donate to the victim family in their time of need.
    If Julia’s ex-husband did this violent crime to her and Jennifer family members. He needs to be found guilty by the courts and this coward deserves the maxium punishment under the law.

  • to april

    you’e right those responsible should be punished. but i’ll go one better. send them to texas; we know exactly what to do with people like this. it’s called lethal injection.

  • bless them

    my heart goes out to this family, we don’t know them well enough to get into where their money should be spent, it’s none of our business and totally rude to suggest such personal family business.

  • http://!E Mother hen here

    I agree with you , Why #16. I jus tdons’t want Julia ,the sister ,to MAKE Jennifer feel guilty. Keep Jennifer down. Etc.
    If Jennife rwere there ,this thug/criminal would have KILLEd JENNIFER witha good heart. he is a cold blooded killer. Also, read Julia Hudson’s myspace page. It is nothin’ nice.
    I ma tryingto hold my tonuge here abouther sister and still hopes and prays she finds a
    peace, and a forgivness for herself.

  • randa

    i agree with #20.
    that’s so, so, so, so , SOOOOO sad ;(
    but really? is nephew still missing or his body’s found? i don’t understand :/
    and that’s terrible, that peoplecan do things like that, for example, i colud never ever kill a people, NEVER!
    that person, i think, is stupid, very,very

  • maaui

    this is not our business. go get a hobby and let her mourn


  • http://yah karistnnolio

    aawwwwwwwwwww hhhoooowwwwwwwwww ssaaaaddddddddd!!!!

  • jazmine

    dis is so sad a baby a innocent child how could sum1 harm a baby he didnt live 2 c lyfe yet n now hes gone bcuz sum ignorant fool who dont care go take ha family away 4rm ha lyk dat dats so sad *tears* but 2 both jennifer hudson and julia hudson ur family is wit da lord in a betta safe place nuthin 2 worry bout death gotta b easy cuz lyfe is hard. I kno dis is sumthin hard 2 get ova but u both have 2 stay strong everythings gon b alrite julian,darnell and jason is still wit chall till dis day n will always b dey gone but dey sprits r still within ur appearance

  • http://deleted jake

    this made me cry. I didn’t know the nephew was murdered too :((((


    I am praying for the Hudson Family.
    Just remember that God does everything for a reason…