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Jessica Simpson is a Big Bird

Jessica Simpson is a Big Bird

Pop-turned-country-singer Jessica Simpson celebrates 150 years of fabulous shopping at Macy’s famous 34th street location in New York City Tuesday night.

Simpson, 28, kept warm on the red carpet in a cozy grey fur-collared wrap. She apparently arrived to the event late and skipped out on a date night with boyfriend Tony Romo.

Other Macy’s-loving stars joining her at the Gotham city gala included Eva Mendes, designers Tommy Hilfiger and Kenneth Cole, domestic diva Martha Stewart, chefs Ming Tsai and Todd English, and New York’s own Big Bird and Elmo.

20+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson at Macy’s birthday bash…

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  • wakeuppeople

    What the hell is she wearing?!

  • pinkydoo

    Looks like Jess has had some work done, especially on those lips. Oye. I think otherwise she is pretty. She had better stop though before she starts looking like a wax figure.

  • aida


  • caring

    I never though she was pretty! Attractive yes, pretty no!

  • ho hum

    She’s definately has had botox injected as well as injectables in the lips and face. I just don’t get the appeal and continued press. She had a certain charm as a Newlywed but now she looks like a middle aged oc or Dallas housewife She exudes zero intelligence which is a total turnoff.

  • bejeebus

    rolling eyes… is she knocked up or does she just want us to think she’s knocked up…or does she just have refried bean bloat? if she IS prego, papa joe must be soooo proud of the two little “preacher’s daughters” he raised.

  • bejeebus

    wait, actually, if she is knocked up, it’s probably b/c papa joe told her to do it. how else is she going to get romo to marry her? how else will she get the media past her disastrous venture into country music? how else will she be able to explain her recent weight gain? oh, you are a wiley one, papa joe, you dirty old man! spin baby spin!

  • anon

    She could be so beautiful, but she has to wear smelly carcasses,and make stupid faces with her overstuffed lips. Classy.

  • lena

    i think her days on newlyweds she was really pretty and tiny, i dont know what she did to herself but a lot of her beauty is gone, she’s still a pretty girl sometimes, but she looks a lot different and if she got work done she’s not even 30 yet shes young what is she doing. i think jessica’s face is looking weird…wheres that cute girl from newlyweds??? she just has a nice body but a medicre face.

  • blech

    I 100% agree with aida above.

  • blech

    Yeah, actually I agree with most of these comments. And I’m so over that dumb a.s.s. look she has on her face like dahhh huh.

  • zzzz

    Thank you, Jared, for recognizing how ugly and stupid fur makes this bitch look.

  • monica

    i dont see what is so attractive about her face, she has an attractive body, but thats it…her face is ugly, tony probably likes women with big boobs, and thats probably what caught his eye. carrie has a real pretty face shes prettier then her, jessica has the boobs that carrie doesnt. but all around carrie is better…question? what was tony romo thinking?? or maybe it was carrie who didnt want him anymore so he had no choice…who knows…beauty over a ditz with big boobs…i guess its a guy thing.

  • Mary Jane

    Anyone else find it weird we have not seen Tony and Jessica together for awhile? Me thinks this couple has split but Jessica is still acting like they are a couple just to keep her relevant.

  • Anonymous

    Well Mary Jane you raise a good question. Tony was at her concert we know that but you are right we do not have a together pic of them for sometime.
    I don’t think Jessica is that desperate to keep it relevant by being with Tony. Jessica does just fine with that all by herself be it negative or positive it still keeps her out there.
    Question is was she even at his game in Dallas on Sunday because reading People she was coming from Nashville & whats with all these date night thingys. I don’t get that. Is this relationship all about scheduling? OK Tuesdays for you & Monday is for the boys.
    A few weird things but then they are coming up to there one year together so I guess we wait & see what that brings. lol
    Its a couple to keep an eye on for

  • snooper

    I think its best to just leave the Carrie crap alone. Carrie has Travis & Tony is happy with Jessica. What one man sees & feels for someone is not what others feel or see. You really don’t want to start the Carrie & Jessica mess again as neither will come out real swell.
    I think if you go back to the very beginning you will find that Carrie herself admitted that Tony called it that isn’t even for debate.
    Leave all four of theese people to pursue the relationships of there choice & please don’t assume you know what is best for any of them. No one is perfect so don’t put anyone on a pedestal so high that if they fall it could be devastating.

  • Anonymous

    Something not smelling right here. Why do we have to know Jessica didn’t make her date with TONY? I can see Elmo as it was a planned event but why she didn’t make it to Tony & then tell us she was coming from Nashville? I agree did she even make his game on Sunday & was that the reason for the outburst of cursing on Friday.
    A lovers quarrel & she is letting people know she went to Nashville & he called & she didn’t go running to Dallas but chose to go to her scheduled event for Macys?
    Anyone smelling something not right here?

  • dancer

    Does anyone else think she looks a bit like Katherine Heigl here (Gray’s Anatomy)??? That first picture especially!

  • Anon

    I gotta be honest. I was NEVER a Jessica Simpson fan. She can’t sing, She can’t act, but you know what? I’ve decided. She is nice on the talk shows and I saw some of her clothing items of her own Jessica Simpson label, and they were pretty cool. I like her twenty times more then any Olsen. Eww! So I think Jess should marry her football player and really focus on her fashion. She will be happy, still famous and successful.

  • JANE

    sorry, but her 15 minutes is sooooo long up already….why do they put her in this column…?? can’t they see the comments that she’s a nobody!!! passe…………i did like her in newlyweds……but not after chestica dumped her husband….nooooooooooo……what goes around…comes around chestica…..with the fake hair!!! why does macy’s ant her either????

  • Yes she

    does look a little like Katherine Heigel for sure. Its the eyes.

  • Just thinking

    I think that Tony was in Dallas and so was Jessica and he was hoping she wouldn’t get her flight out so she would stay in Dallas and they could go out. It doesn’t make sense that she would be in Nashville having a date with him there. He is in Dallas going to practices and meetings to help the team, in spite of his broken finger. Why would he stay in Nashville if she is going to NYC. I think maybe Nashville should have been Dallas in the People article. T.O. mentioned Jessica on Inside the Huddle last Tuesday night when Tony was a guest because The Diamond Doctor was a sponsor of the show and gave Tony a $10,000 gift certificate towards making him a ring. T.O. said he was sure Jessica would appreciate that gift certificate going towards some ring. He told Tony he wasn’t about to let the show end without mentioning Jessica. Tony just acted shy and grinned.

  • ok so

    did she go to Dallas or Nashville on Friday? Was she at his game on Sunday & then flew to Nashville? He was partying Monday nite at some Bradie James party & NO Jessica. lol
    Something isn’t adding up here. LOL
    I can see Tony wanting a date though if they haven’t seen each other in over a week & that would be a first for a long time as they have been very consistent with her like she said being there for all his home games & spending Sundays & Mondays together. I am guessing that was not the case this weekend as Jessica has stayed pretty well hidden from sight is making it clear she wants to be on the down low.

  • Just thinking

    Since Macy’s is one of the main places she sells The Jessica Simpson Collection she needed to be at the Macy’s Birthday Party. In a radio interview the week he hurt his finger she was taking time off in Dallas going on dates with her boyfriend and taking care of him. (Finger break) I saw a video of Tony at Bradie James party. He was very much trying to avoid the You Tube camera. Tony is trying to lay low and keep his photos and interviews football related.

  • badiggio

    Of course Tony was trying to avoid the video;he’s part of the sham called a relationship between him and jessica.He never planned anything as he was in Dallas and she was in Nashville.It only came out in some other website that they weren’t even in the same city.Once again Jessica gets busted for being the big liar that she is,and if they were to go out,once again she proves it’s all about her.

    On a side note,if she’s supposedly so rich from her shoe line and clothing line,why does she play free concerts for 200-1000 people?Why does she have to charge the few fans that she has for autographs ?
    She’s faker than her lips and who knows what else….

  • No Rain either

    She says her flight from Nashville was delayed due to “driving rain”? Except there has not been so much as a wisp of a cloud over Nashville all week.

    And Tony was in Dallas. Think about it – to perform in NYC that evening, she would have been scheduled to leave Nashville by mid-afternoon at the latest. Why would Tony fly to Nashville hoping for a “date night,” knowing that she is not going to be there?

    Is she delusional, or does she have a substance abuse problem?

  • anonymous

    It wasn’t Nashville weather that was the problem it was NYC weather that was the problem & flying in. Check it out.
    I do agree something is wrong with the story though. Possible date nite is not a for sure thing. Either its a date or not.
    Seems to me Tony does not want to go public with Jessica anymore. Something really wrong with this story but then its People mag & its also Jessica PR group.
    Nothing wrong with owning up & saying it didn’t work out. Obviously Jessica lives in Nashville not Dallas as many were led to believe.