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Katie Holmes is an Orange Bag Lady

Katie Holmes is an Orange Bag Lady

Katie Holmes looks ready to do some trick-or-treating, toting around a bright orange handbag while leaving hew New York City apartment on Wednsday morning.

The 29-year-old actress made her way to the Gerard Schoenfeld theater for another Broadway performance in her Arthur Miller play, All My Sons.

Did you enjoy Katie in the ABC drama Eli Stone? I hope so, because she might be back for more!

“We’re waiting on a back-nine [pickup order],” executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells EW. “But as long as we can make the schedules work out, I think she’s open to it. She had a great time. So fingers crossed.”

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Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • ridiculous

    single handedly saving the economy with her consumer purchases.
    (terribly ugly bag)

  • White Trash

    Still no hairbrush in purse?

  • Vbecksaholic

    Can she concentrating anymore on the ground? I try to remain a fan of Katie but she’s gone and this shell of a woman has replaced her.

  • salma

    omg she looks so OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • sheesh

    the woman is busy and just got out of the shower. Leave her alone.She is happy and pretty. This is too much now with every minute of her life followed. Good thing her shower and bedroom has privacy.

  • dj


  • lol

    Ofcourse she is lovely and older. Dawson’s Creek was yesteryears.

  • defap

    That is a super bag for Suri’s cadies. :)

  • defap


  • yvonne

    Eli Stone would want her back because last night M.I.A. Katie have them lost a chunk of their viewers and show’s watercooler.

  • fries

    me likey it

  • usana

    She’s a doll just
    like Suri

  • XXar

    I’m tired of her, just look at all her public appearences…only thing she does is this kind of stuff, and she’s not with her daughter..HOW STRANGE

  • whales

    as usual she is sooooo pretty

    even with no make up


    Oh look how appropiately dressed for the weather Katie is!

    ~1 SHIRT,

    ~2 SWEATERS,





  • smiles

    get a life haters…deep down you must love Katie that she revolves around your lives way too much

  • spooky

    classy inside and out

  • Here we go again

    Jared, is Eli Stone giving you a commission every time you mention them? Because this is the can’t-count-that-high time you’ve mentioned Katie’s “dead in the ratings” appearance on that show. Get a clue: no one cares about Katie.

    And, as usual, she looks like ass in these photos. Another hard night of auditing, perhaps?

  • downtown


  • iron chef

    no.18 denial much??????

    Katie’s Broadway show rules even beating Euqus

    Eli Stone with Holmes in it 5.7/10

    Last night with no Katie Holmes 5.0/8

    get the tissues because you will cry that critics and viewers love her on the show

  • carrotts

    Yeah Katie

  • Here we go again

    Iron Chef? “Eli Stone” last week was DOWN from the week before. What it did last night was just CONTINUE to fall. Katie didn’t help it the week she appeared.

    Buddy, you’re the one in denial.


    Oh really back on Eli Stone the way last nights show went well …
    Finding out that Jordan got his firm back after his daughter found
    a document saying that they other lawyers never signed the contract..

    And seeing how Eli’s partner went to the Supreme Court and
    was on the opposing team…Why have her back.?

    Her orange purse is probably to celebrate Halloween this Friday
    Don’t think that she will have time her show is until mid January..


    Oh really back on Eli Stone the way last nights show went well …
    Finding out that Jordan got his firm back after his daughter found
    a document saying that they other lawyers never signed the contract..

    And seeing how Eli’s partner went to the Supreme Court and
    was on the opposing team…Why have her back.?

    Her orange purse is probably to celebrate Halloween this Friday
    Don’t think that she will have time her show is until mid January..

  • Lydia

    There goes Katie Holmes looking like a zombie again! Has she ever heard of a hairbrush? She looks like a 50 year old matron. It seems she can dress herself warmly enough, but her baby gets to walk around freezing her behind off in 40 degree weather. What a moron!

    Does anybody except a few obsessed fans care about this has been anymore? I don’t think so. There’s only a couple of people who post positively about Holmes, but they post over and over again, telling others what to think and attacking anybody who disagrees with them.

    Look at #16 smiles! She didnt give her opinion about Holmes. She only came her to attack everybody else. Hate to tell you and those like you: WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO OUR OPINIONS. The fans are the real haters around here. They’re a nasty, ignorant bunch!

  • Katie is a garbage disposal

    Who cares what a garbage disposal carries what handbag?
    So long as they stop subjecting the little child, I am not sure whose daughter Suri is, to the paps and the ELEMENTS, I don’t give a damn.

  • Katie is a garbage disposal

    By the way!
    Give me some new pictures of Violet!
    I can sense the fresh air, just be watch her smile.
    Let’s have a break from Suri’s overloaded diapers and stinky butts, OK?

  • gg

    Perfect title! Katie looks like a bag lady.

  • Katie is a garbage disposal

    to gigi:
    Wrong title, Katie is an ugly bag lady.

  • BEARD alert!

    WTF has happened to this chick???? Where did Joey Potter go? I bet Holly Madison looks at her and thanks God Hef dumped her and she didn’t marry him for the money because look what comes of it.


    Where do you get the sales figures for the plays …?? How do you find out the website..?? The Katie curse is what happened to Eli Stone
    and also if Mr. guggenheim thinks that writing like last nights show
    is going to give him to go ahead for more shows he has to be joking..!

    He should stick with his other show Brothers and Sisters maybe bring
    Katie on that show instead..If they don’t do anything on Eli til she leaves
    for Africa…?? What story line would they have anyway… Now that
    Eli burned his father’s notebook .. on how they met to begin with..!

  • Dan

    What an ugly woman. That is a woman, right?

  • Hal Jorden

    She is a pathetic mother whoring her daughter out to the paps for publicity, not dressing her properly for the weather, dragging her around at all hours of the days and night, and CAN YOU BELIEVE this kid is STILL wearing a diaper? Disgusted by this selfish bimbo ho! Still can’t believe a 3 year old is not potty trained. Lazy ass mother!

  • Hal Jorden

    She should just retired now.
    Look at her, do you have nay doubt anybody would reject her social security check?

    She looks older than 67 now.
    Poeple may mistake her for John Lithgaw’s big sister.
    WTF? Does anyone else think that Suri has or had some sort of facial deformity that is hidden with the bangs??? She looks a little off in the face.

  • anonymous

    Becky Smith may the curse be with you and read Variety and Nielsens ratings not the tabloids because it regresses the brain cells.

  • Hal Jorden

    I have two things to say.
    First, Scientologists refuse to say “no” to their children. They see their children as little “adults” and treat them with respect. They will give Suri anything and everything she wants. Remember when Leah Remini had problems because her children are overweight… she was feeding them their bottles all day long. They cannot refuse them.

    I live in NYC and see Suri A LOT. They show her off. Yes, paps, blah blah. But when Katie or Tom see the paps, they stand there showing her off (especially Tom), asks Suri to say hi to the paps, etc. The parents show her off like a living doll, or a brand new car.

  • green w/ envy

    poor trolls not making any sense, cant write right and cant even spell

    no wonder all they do is just look-hate at celeb sites and are jobless

  • manette


  • pearl

    LMAO the haters watch Eli for Katie Holmes. Go figures.

  • shy

    love her shoes and purse

  • ellie

    I just adore you Katie holmes..

  • windsor

    I heart her too ellie :)

  • Hal Jorden

    You’re not going to get bonus from Master Tom with one liners.
    Learn to spell, first.
    Quit calling people of different opinions haters.
    Quit invoking God to punish people who don’t like TomKat.
    People don’t get bad luck simply because they know how to think for themselves.
    Plus, if you want to ask God’s help, don’t forget Katie shameless abandon her church and upbringing.
    I guess God may want to straighten this item first.

  • Ade

    she looks old

  • lurking

    Hal Jorden talk the talk and walk the walk. I like to believe you but you are a walking contradiction. How can I lean on you re.the Cruises when you set a bad hateful example.

    If you were nice and kind you would have made a difference.

  • espn


  • dancer

    She would have faded into obscurity if she hadn’t married Tom Cruise. She is a mediocre actress at best. She definitely wouldn’t have gotten the part in All My Sons without the Cruise name! She and Tom seem desperate to keep their faces in the limelight. They lack grace and class these days.

  • regina

    oooooo nice:)))))))))))))))

  • alicia

    She looks like she’s turning into an OAP!

  • double standards

    So jared are you proud of your Brangelina fans trolling on TomKat forums like dancer and other same posters here that change their names????? I know not all fans are like this but its sad they bring down the rep of some of their fellow minions. This wont help Brangelina at all. They cry when haters bring chaos on their threads but they do the same on other celebrities. If you want good treatment then treat others well too.