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Rachel Bilson is Waiting For Forever

Rachel Bilson is Waiting For Forever

Rachel Bilson stops in on her mother Janice in Studio City after shopping at Sherman Oaks Mall on Wednesday.

The 27-year-old actress has already finished filming her upcoming movie Waiting for Forever, an indie romance directed by James Keach.

The film is about young man Will Donner (Tom Sturridge) who’s happily unemployed and heads to Hollywood to spend the rest of his life with a 25-year-old actress who also happens to be his childhood girlfriend Emma Twist (Bilson). Nikki Blonsky and Blythe Danner have also been cast in the film.

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  • coco

    rachel looks gorgeous as per usual (:

    love what she’s wearing
    can’t wait for waiting for forever x

  • stacy

    Cue the psychos in 3….2….1…..

    She doesn’t look very happy. She must be on drugs. Or maybe she’s just miserable in her love life. I love the photo assumption game, don’t you?

  • w

    stupid talentless midget with ugly legs

  • janie

    It must be hard for Rachel to play a 25 year old actress. I admire her so much for picking roles that are so different from her true self.

  • anne

    Shopping and shopping and more shopping. Somebody has to tell her those paychecks aren’t going to last forever.

  • Library Lady

    GOD What the HELL did she just roll off the floor she looks GOD awlful well if she isn’t high then she sure show of a woman who partakes of something whatever it is she is miserable for sure.

    Gee thought she was filming a few weeks ago even had a pic of her on the set guess they let her come home for what look to be granny’s party. And still wearing the permant marker do that woman know that you don’t put marker on your skin or she that much a moron plus the woman looks filthy does she know understand the word SHOWER.

  • Molly

    I thought she already shot scenes for the movie a few weeks ago. Is she going back to shoot more?

    She has good style and she’s an okay actress. She should spend more time improving her acting rather than shopping all the time. If she wants to be taken seriously as an actress, then she needs to get serious about acting.

  • heeeey

    i dont get it, it says shopping on wednesday but todays wednesday and its 8 in the mmorning in LA?

    i thnik you mean tuesday

  • Take A Shower Please!

    The woman looks in need of a shower STAT and WTF? Look at that ugly shirt! It looks like she rolled out of bed. The shirts needs a pressing. If, you want to wear a blouse you, need to bother to iron or else put on a tee shirt! She looks a mess! Has she put on weight? She looks I dare say kind of heavy? :shock:

  • emma

    Definitely looks like she just rolled out of bed she looks rough the last few days, saw pics of her on Monday and she still had ink all over her from the Halloween party, and she went to the shops looking like that :O

  • dialectic

    who the fuck irons their clothes? OCD alert!
    she looks great like a normal person ,shes not on a red carpet so who cares?

  • CT

    Yeah, actually they did already shoot the film. I was an extra in it for a few days.

  • dolla

    go back to dam,save him,save urself.

  • dolla

    sory, i meant adam not dam.

  • alicia

    She should spend more time improving her acting rather than shopping all the time. If she wants to be taken seriously as an actress, then she needs to get serious about acting.


    Or she will be forever known as that starlet who is always shopping and who is always dating her costars

  • hefre

    This woman is unpretentious!

    His hair is clear fat. And this shirt? Disgusting!!!

    Idiotic talentless goose.

    On the pictures unhappy.

  • mimi

    JJ must have meant Tues.

    Is it just me or has she grown some saddle bags? Her thighs look HUGE!

  • toni

    The rolled jeans do not look good on her. She is way too short. Plus they are too tight and make her legs look heavy. If she was so into fashion, she would know that not everyone can wear this look. Was it windy outside? That would at least explain the messed up hair. I see she is wearing the H necklace. Can’t let everyone forget that she is dating Hayden.

    Does anyone else find it odd that share a car? We only have on car and I can tell you that it is very inconvenient.

  • sharon

    she is pregnant!

  • hefre

    Hi Sharon,

    Not pregnant! Only fat!

  • king

    Professional actress or professional shopper?

  • hefre

    Professional shopper

  • jane

    I guess she is pregnant…

  • brunah

    this film have Tom Sturridge… Robert Pattinson’s friend!!


  • ana

    aaaw tom *-*
    I love him!
    And Rachel is gorgeous.

  • hefre

    Not it, only unpretentious.

  • coco

    @ hefre

    unpretentious means down-to-earth and modest.

    what’s wrong with that?

  • Library Lady

    PREGNANT NOTTT!!! Heavy into other things YES she has always been big in the hips and ass that is nothing new as for acting she only wishes she could be as talented as many her age Gee if Tom Sturridge is friends with Robert Pattinson got to wonder if she will start turning to younger men he is like only a few years younger then her and he is now the up and coming actor b/c of Twilight being released seems she likes guys that can give her big media attention for sure HC can’t anymore

    I saw a closeup of that H necklace can we say a cheap $1.00 necklace it’s tarnishing and has diamonds missing in it if there were any to start with. I would say that her kid half sister gave it to her it looks way old and something a young kid would give her. And if this was Hemes god they need to improve the gold in the necklaces.

  • Brit

    Rachel looks gorgeous

  • peter

    Thanx Jared

  • candie

    Professional shopper and professional copycat

  • Just my viewpoint

    She starves herself not to get more weight in these areas (tighs and ass). It s her shape so dont blame her for that. She s got cash to draw attention to her expensive clothes( this way we forget how dumb she is and so so actress)
    She has really no talent and not true beauty. She just can be called cute because of her pricey designer clothes…Well yeah she cute that s all but who isnt?
    But she s far from being a beauty. She s not clever but she doesnt seem to be a bad girl though….she s just dumb.
    Shame she steals people s designs.
    She is into Hayden but he doesnt seem to be so much in love with her ( sad for her). But she s got the money, the clothes and a daddy and grand-daddy with very good connections so she can get jobs. I would b ashamed if I was her.
    Leave her alone with her weight (she s not fat but has got a funny body with a long chest and short meaty legs) and her yellow theeths(they arent so yellow after )
    What bothers me is that no so talented actress gets jobs because of her family connections while other very talented ones get none.
    She should focus on trying to b a good TV actress that all she can be. Right now she s less than average.
    Hayden christen whatever his family issues should put his **** together and wake up.
    He should got back to Toronto and take the time to tink about the choices he made (too many bad scince fiction movies), and try to find not a *uckbuddy (Rachel Bilson) but a nice girl who ll care for him. This guy is lost and Rachel will not help him to get better (not that she doesnt but she cant).
    She s small less lik 5ft but her mo looks more proportionate.
    Rachel does smoke sometimes so she wont tell hayden to stop.

  • Vanessa

    she can dress up alright…but she can’t act!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she sucks at acting…just go check out jumper and you’ll know how bad she and her boyfriend suck!

  • ilhaam

    omg i cant believe how judgmental and SHALLOW people can be! To those of you calling her fat are you crazy??? She has a tiny frame and i doubt she weighs more than 100-110lbs! Is that fat?? Do you expect her to be anorexic!? If she was any thinner you would say she looked gross!

  • wish

    I agree with all of you esecially Ailcia you are right on the money.

  • real wordwhy lt

    why she take so long to let someone know she was doing a movie? She said she forcus on her fashions.Why let people know what she doing now.All she do is mislead people with her so -called ethics that she do.People want to know the true sometime not games that she play.And stop saying she’s pregnant when she’s not.Just having nothing to do in her miserable life.Hayden is wise not to take another picture with her.(if he’s there) Also need to find another guy to hang out with.She’s just a liar at heart nothing can save her resputation.

  • lani

    I really wouldn’t mind seeing that movie :D
    Also, whoever is calling Rachel fat, are you like bulimic? Or anorexic? Or have some kind of, mental issue? She is not fat. And even I sometimes have blurred vision with what’s fat and not because I think Paris Hilton’s kinda fat. But, Rachel is so not.