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Beyonce Hires Drag Queen?

Beyonce Hires Drag Queen?


Beyonce impressed us all with her fine figure and spectacular dance moves in her latest “Single Ladies” music video.

And now it’s been revealed that one of the two “ladies” Beyonce was dancing with… might be a guy! Yes, a GUY!!!!!

Bossip reports that the “chocolate chick” could be one of the choreographers, Jaquel Knight, in drag. Watch the music video again below!!!

Were you fooled??? I certainly was! Check out pics from The Tranny Files and report back here!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce possibly using a drag queen in her music video???

Beyonce Hires Drag Queen For “Single Ladies”?
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  • Anon

    Eeeeewwww, gross!

  • Nyna


  • I Knew

    I kinda knew, but didn’t think much more of it cuz I never thought that it’d be possible for a tranny to be in a Beyonce video!!! lol

  • too sad

    Well not sure I would have noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out to me but since it was it is so obvious. wonder what she was thinking. Probably just need two look alikes that could dance and one was male and one female – YUK

  • Good Victoria

    WHATEVER !!!…If you have the moves, male or female, or in-between, then go for it !!!!….That is NOT a ” first ever “, or will it be the last…

  • Megan fox rocks

    eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww why beyonce why

  • Emily

    who cares?! no one even noticed it. I agree with “Good Victoria” If you have the movies, then who cares?

  • CS

    why not? he or she can dance, no biggie

  • dialectic

    hey everyone knows trannys make the best back up dancers…i cant believe people actually said ew …..i wonder how many guys saw the clip and were like ” these chicks are fine” only to discover they were checking out a dude ,hilarious,that really made my day…

  • timan


  • jmo

    how nice…

  • mz.bubba babee

    eww wtf…beyonce herself is close to being tranny so she must be able to relate..thats just gross

  • nene

    and? who cares!

    haha @ what dialectic said

  • Jerzy

    this guy looks better than Beyonce

  • suzy q

    So? Actually all 3 look like drag queens! And again, So?

  • rhoniluv

    That explains all those Queenie ‘Vogueing’ Moves. Beyonce loves all the ‘drama’ (her overused word) of the kids anyway. Whatever. Although the video is ‘new’, I find it really….boring. I am a total video whore too. I loved ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Suga Mama’. I think queenie dance moves are cool in doses of a video…but it just seems like trying too hard of something when over used. She might have shot her wad on the 1st 2 albums. Reminiscent of MJ a little. Anyways, shout out to the Rainbow Coalition!

  • Nicole

    This is a truly in poor taste post!!

    First of all is that dancer a Draq Queen or a transgered woman or a transsexual?Those are all different things my friend, Jared as a gay men i would think you would not discriminate and would not be so ignorant.

  • babygirl pink

    ok…. so wat he can dance really well…who cares…

  • Ants

    Stop the judgement people.

  • anon

    Dancing is dancing! Art is art!

  • change

    Beyonce is not afraid to go against the grain of what people think is supposed to be normal.

  • Tim

    Hot video though

  • Kelly

    Bee can sure dance her heels off!i love this music video

  • TWo

    You go Beyonce. Haters can hate all they want. That is what keeps her in the spotlight.
    Haters the more you try the more time she has to shine.

    TO “OH SNAP”
    I guess you agree that Beyonce is better than Rihanna because you are telling Beyonce to step down.
    Why don’t you just tell Rihanna to step up her game and try to win a Grammy…..oh wait Beyonce has 10!!!!
    We don’t need Retardanna’s big forehead. She should have been the tranny backup dancer in this video. I keep hearing everywhere that Rihanna wants a sex change. That would explain the boy hair cuts and the deep singing voice.
    Rihanna is nothing but a fabricated talentless musical mess hyped up by the industry and made commercial to all those who really don’t know what the meaning of “singer” is.

  • zomg

    dude just stole those moves from these ladies

    check it out it is a total rip off ahahahahahaha

  • lol

    who cares? and where are the proofs?
    i love beyonce and always will

  • Julien

    To be honnest some of the dance moves just look plain dirty!!! And the song sucks, really!!!

  • Elisa

    OMG; Does it really matter? I mean, if she is a girl or if he is a guy, whateveeeeer! LET HER OR HIM BE! Is a person’s private life
    Don’t be sooo hypocrite

  • dan

    That’s a drag queen? I thought it was Rihanna.

  • jj


  • SS

    if s/he can dance? why not. I dont see what the big problem is.
    if it hadn’t been pointed out, i dont think any of us would care who the back up dancers are.

  • lala

    i’m sorry to say this but people can be so stupid! who cares if it’s a drag queen or whatever? that’s such a lame headline! if he can dance then let him be! please you should be more open minded nowadays because that kind of comments like ‘eww’ are so ridiculous

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    It looks like a dude in a wig.

  • LolaSvelt

    Please don’t compare Beyoncé to the talentless Rihanna.

  • enoughalready

    #35 I know! could you imagine riri trying to do something like that? Poor thang would be dead within the minute. I found a true honest to goodness review about her:

    A Second Opinion: Rihanna
    By Joseph Neese

    As an entertainment editor, I think part of me died this afternoon when I discovered that Rihanna now has the most No. 1 songs of the decade. Admittedly not the best metaphor, but I would describe Rihanna as the terrorist of the music world. She’s the perfect example of how profit-oriented the industry has become, choosing looks over talent in every instance. Jay-Z, who is the president of Def Jam Records under which Rihanna is signed, is married to Beyoncé, so he knows a thing or two about what a talented vocalist sounds like. But in the case of Rihanna, it’s as if he decided to sign the prettiest girl that he could find in an effort to use sex to generate as large a profit for his record label as possible. In comes Rihanna (who, while she does have a fantastic pair of legs, is not the Amazon beauty that people claim her to be), assaulting the music scene, given the best songs available.

    All this for someone with the vocal talent of a 10-year-old girl playing Annie in your local community theater production – or perhaps less if you take “Unfaithful,” into account, which is perhaps the prime of example of how lackluster Rihanna’s pipes are. While high production can gloss over vocals more easily in an up-tempo song, it can only go so far when it comes to a ballad. Listening to Rihanna sing the slow song makes me think of a dog wailing in pain. She clearly has no vocal talent, squeezing out all of her notes. But most alarmingly, she has such an intense nasality that makes her tone breathy and immature for a woman of her age. So, she can’t pull off any adult lyrical content. (Why that wasn’t corrected by one of her producers, I have no clue. I doubt they care as long as she earns them money.)

    Interestingly enough, however, up-tempo songs, like most of Rihanna’s hit records, contain vocals that are more difficult to execute than in ballads. This is why watching Rihanna live is a more painful experience than listening to her studio-recorded songs. I dare you to try to watch her Live Earth set from summer 2007 … if you can make it through it. It’s pretty bad when all your backup singers sing better than you. Watching Rihanna perform live is sort of like a painful audition on American Idol. You can’t really help but laugh, and you would be stupid to spend money on it. Read reviews of the Kanye tour from this summer – all the critics agree. As for her dancing, so-so.

    I’m not going to deny that some of Rihanna’s songs are excellent. “Umbrella” more than deserved its Grammy nominations for song of the year. But, as I was reminded last weekend when I went to New York, there are thousands of people who have double Rihanna’s talent and can’t make an industry executive even notice them. So why not go back to how things used to be, when music was a sacred art form and the best singers got the best songs – not those who look best half-naked.

    Now that’s Rihanna


    if thats a man he has got great legs xo

  • jrfan

    I did think that he or she had the best moves, so if that is the choreographer it makes sense. I don’t think it really matters if it is a guy. The song is catchy for about a minute, after that the repeating bruaw bruaw noise in the background gets annoying.

  • Doni313

    Beyonce is trying to remind the world that there is more than just one look on this big planet we call earth. There are too many ppl talking down about other people’s background. No body and I do mean no body is better then the next.

  • The man

    good for her.. Even if its a dude who cares, he is doing what he likes, and great for Beyonce, smart move …the gays have lots of money as well as great moves. Its a video……Music and art, and Dance..
    you would have to be stupid to Judge.

  • The man

    good for her.. Even if its a dude who cares, he is doing what he likes, and great for Beyonce, smart move …the gays have lots of money as well as great moves. Its a video……Music and art, and Dance..
    you would have to be stupid to Judge.

  • Dee

    I thought so…I commented on that when JustJared first posted the video. There’s a YT vid of a young WM doing all the moves from the video – he’s good too.

  • Robo

    I thought that the drag was her in the middle…..

  • siarramariesmith on deck!~

    whoeva siad beyonce look lik a drag queen our wjoeva sayin bad shit bout her is jus a hatta n u can kiss my ass or add me on myspace if u really go tsumtin to say

  • mv80nyc

    uhm.. this isn’t news at all to me. Beyonce used drag queens before. Watch the ‘Get Me Bodied’ video… what’s wrong with that anyway? she’s a gay icon so she should give props!

  • chitownsfinest

    Well I’ll be damned. Anyway, the tranny got some skills and if its true then she definitely has great uhm…tuck ability. Beyonce you brought it in this video girlie. Get it.

  • lalalove

    To #36:
    Where’s you get that review!
    I cuouldn’t agree more!
    Thanks for that!

    As for this tranny issue: GOOOO BEYONCE! Tranny or not…the girl/tranny can DANCEEEEEEEEEE!

  • lalalove

    To #36:
    Where’d you get that review!?
    I couldn’t agree more!
    Thanks for that!

    As for this tranny issue: GOOOO BEYONCE! Tranny or not…the girl/tranny can DANCEEEEEEEEEE!

  • cain

    no way…

    BTW, i always think beyonce has men’s legs.

  • Be

    omg that is def a guy!!!….look at the arms…look at the shoulders….look at the HANDS!….no girl hit choreography like that! That is tranny superstardom right there….it’s prolly is jaquel and the more i watch this video the more i love the choreography…it doesn’t get boring i always find something new …i want to hate beyonce but girl just gives it to me everytime!…even with a gang of trannies!

  • birdie

    I think he dances better than her and has the better butt…. so who cares! There’s a long history of male backup dancers in drag – even some of Hitlers SA-soldiers were in drag at a Zarah Leander concert back in the days… so why not do it again….