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Bridget Moynahan Jumps For Jewelry

Bridget Moynahan Jumps For Jewelry

Bridget Moynahan poses with jewelry designer Neil Lane at the unveiling of his flagship store at Melrose Place on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Last week, it was announced that Bridget Moynahan will join Donnie Wahlberg in a new TNT drama pilot Bunker Hill, which explores the crime, corruption and deceit in the titular Boston suburb.

Bunker Hill will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and shooting is scheduled to begin in December.

10+ more pics inside of Bridget Moynahan jumping for jewelry…

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bridget moynahan neil lane 01
bridget moynahan neil lane 02
bridget moynahan neil lane 03
bridget moynahan neil lane 04
bridget moynahan neil lane 05
bridget moynahan neil lane 06
bridget moynahan neil lane 07
bridget moynahan neil lane 08
bridget moynahan neil lane 09
bridget moynahan neil lane 10

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • Lillianne

    She has a lovely natural beauty. I hope she never messes with cosmetic surgery.

  • RM

    Who the funk is this? Never heard of her.

  • sus

    she is the mother of tom bradys baby: )

  • Darla

    She looks sooo OLD.
    Ewww…not aging well at all.

  • anonymous

    Her neck looks like an older ladies neck, very wrinkly for her age.

  • rss

    She is the epitomy of grace in her personal life. I’m cheering for her. Team Bridget all the way.

  • rss

    She is the epitomy of grace in her personal life. I’m cheering for her. Team Bridget all the way.

  • k.

    You people will find anything to b*tch about. She’s beautiful.

  • me

    hey darla….what do you look like????? that’s what i thought….bridget is naturally beautiful and looks happy….she looks fantastic…eat your heart out darla..

  • lilly

    Bridget is pretty but SHE DOES LOOK OLD.

  • danie

    Bunker Hill is a just that a hill – it’s in Charlestown, MA. :o)

  • jmo

    she looks really good here…and happy!

  • elle

    She looks beautiful and very very happy

  • lilly

    Yeah, obviously she is happy. Finally she got a job and some attention…

  • Holly

    Bridgie, you days of modeling are way over. Now we all want to please please please ask that you hang up the acting aspirations too. You cannot and should not ever act again. You suck at it honey. I mean suck at it. But the good news is you are GREAT at trapping young, hot, rich athletes into having babies with you. Now if there was an award for that you would get the gold metal honey!

  • haha

    people with such negative comments are such losers…woe ye who judge…

  • aaa

    Claim to Fame = Baby Momma to Tom Brady.

    Hope she’s happy with that coin coming in every month. She is a LOSER!

  • Holly

    You know, she never really knocks it out of the park for some reason. She can never pull off a really WOW look. As pretty, skinny and tall as she is or to some WAS, she never really is that memorable. Now that she is older, her days as a B-lister are more like days of a D-lister. Thank goodness she has Tom’s baby to have some claim to A-list life!

  • Amy

    Ugh! Hate her for being a trashy loser and posing with her infant son on OK! that made me hate her for life. She is a horrible example of a mother . Poor kid likes being with his Daddy anyway. He looks pretty happy with step mommy Gi and his super tall and hawt Daddy. Lucky Kid.

  • Kelli

    her face looks sunken in. bad surgery?

  • Rocky

    What the hell does Team Bridget mean?
    The only team she is playing for is the single baby momma team that steals money every month from their rich baby daddys, pretty gross.

  • Becca33

    She used to be one of my faves. I hate aging!
    She looks cute, but she looks tired and she is a bit rough around the edges now. She used to be one incredible beauty.

  • Sportsflash

    Maybe she had surgury. Why do Hollywoodettes do that and ruin their looks? She certainly can afford pretty much any ‘treatment’ she wants with Brady’s check being cashed every month.

  • Why?

    JJ, curious on to why you even post pictures of this chick? She has Tom Brady’s son and now she is JJ worthy? Don’t get it. She is not hot, not working and I see NO baby in the pics above. The only interesting thing about her would be seeing the kid or seeing her at an event with Giselle, now that would be JJ worthy.

    Save your ink and space and pass on the out of work baby moma

  • metoo

    bridget looks good, but I think she looks terrific with short hair…pics of her with short hair are really good…

  • Gerryskids

    She is cute still, but her days of vavavavoom are over. Poor Bridget has to hand that kid off to Gisele. Now that has got to suck. No competing with Gisele. She is amazing!

  • metoo

    to why…you comment as if you are the only person in the world…just don’t read about bridget moynahan no one makes you…just go away cause their are people in this world other than you and do like bridget moynahan…you go read about stick aging bad gisele…

  • speak the truth

    I think she looks beautiful. There are so many hateful people out there who try to crush your spirit.
    Really shouldn’t try to blame Bridget for her endeavors. Maybe she can act better now.

  • Janie

    Some of you are so negative towards everyone.

    I can imagine what you all look like – ugly and fat!

    You all sound so jealous!

  • bridget

    She looks nice, most women do not look this good at 40,but she does. I did notice something though.. In the close ups,it looks like she has bruising around the left eye and on the bridge of her nose.. stay away from needles !

  • sue

    Thanks JJ for news of Bridget Moynahan…A lot of us appreciate and hope you let us know more about this beautiful woman..

  • sue

    Thanks JJ for news of Bridget Moynahan…Please let us know more news from you about this beautiful woman…

  • sue

    Thanks JJ for news of Bridget Moynahan…Please let us know more news from you about this beautiful woman…

  • sue

    Sorry for the triple posts….My error…

  • Cleanup

    Sum of all FUG!!!!! She is old and not worthy of being on any red carpet let along the mother of Tom Brady’s Golden Child.

  • Lexi

    Give me a break. Anyone who calls this woman old is only kidding themselves. LOL…I bet they watch ‘Hill’s’ religiously. Losers.

    Bridget looks fantastic in her black dress. She looks totally glam. I can’t wait to see her new show.

  • JK

    Bridget looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see her on Eli Stone.
    She is beautiful and always will be.

  • robb

    What a real beauty she is. I can’t to see her on bunker hill. I wish her and baby jack all the best.

  • JLS

    She looks great.

  • jadewillowmilian

    She looks beautiful, love Bridget!!

  • anon


    More post of Bridget please. Yummy mom!!

  • chitownsfinest

    Bridget dont listen to the fools that call you old. You look beautiful. Sorry but Giselle looks like someone punched her in the face…repeatedly. Stop drinking the Tom Brady Kool-Aid cuz he aint all that.

  • TEr

    I think she tried to trap Brady. Then tried to make his life he!!. She needs to move on with her life and leave him alone. Try make something of hers and stop playing baby momma games.

  • cocoa

    I think the reason this whole situation got and continues to get so much attention is because Tom Brady dates Gisele Bundchen. I think that if that were not the case then it wouldn’t have gotten so much attention. So I don’t think Bridget was out to get attention. This happens to normal people, and life goes on. I think it’s great that she’ll be going to Boston and the plot of the show sounds really cool. What I don’t get is why all the Brady lovers aren’t happy about it too. It means he will get to see his son more, and won’t have to travel so much. Instead of bashing Bridget, shouldn’t you all at least give her a little praise for this?

    TEr, tell me how Bridget is playing “baby momma” games by going to a JEWELRY EVENT that she was probably INVITED to. And how did she make his life “hell?” So many people have said that he went back for “one last time”. I don’t know if that’s true or not but if it is then that was a dumb move on his part. You don’t go back for “one last time” when a relationship is ending. He should have thought with his big brain, and not his little one!

    Anyone who thinks Bridget is anything other than beautiful is jealous because they could never ever look like her…

  • miapocca

    I think tom brady fans think that bridget is not a fmous person in her own right. To the rest of the world outside of America Bridget is well known for her role in I robot and people only know tom brady as the guy who used to date IROBOT girl and now Mr horse face…

    Get out of your iny minded footaball mania and realize that she has a career, always had and she is beautiful and with CLASS and grace rarely seen in hollywood these days!!

  • princess b

    bridget looks so old..she didn’t become a successful actress as she was a model..the only way to have money for life is to have an out of wedlock baby!

  • omg

    omg she is so OLD and wrinkly. bad mouth wrinkles. her skin is just as bad as her career is! LMAOOOO. the saddest thing is, is her biggest claim to fame is “toms ex baby mama” ouch! that must suck! lol

  • Shockadelica


  • http://@tl81 Shockadelica