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Daniel Craig Premieres ‘Quantum' in Paris

Daniel Craig Premieres ‘Quantum' in Paris

Daniel Craig heats up the Paris premiere of Quantum of Solace at UGC Normandie on Thursday in France.

On his arm was longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, who wore a strapless gown with gorgeous ruching at the bust.

“[Quantum is] a good follow up, it’s not a great follow up,” film critic Olly Richards said. “Casino Royale was this complete invention and just surprised everyone. … This goes slightly more traditional with the story – you’ve got someone trying to take over the world with a very bizarre plot that you can’t quite make sense of. But there’s still all of the things you love in there: There’s fantastic action, very beautiful girls, lots of stunts, some very very good stuff with Judi Dench.”

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig premiering Quantum of Solace in Paris…

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Photos: Julien M. Hekimian/Getty
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  • first that was quick another premiere..nice dress

  • pretty

    she really is very pretty…bit of a belly in that?

  • uberbabe

    She looks better, or maybe the pictures are just fuzzy.

  • grey
  • toughgal

    I don’t know what it is, but Daniel is just not looking as good as he has in the past. He looks older, maybe a bit tired or something. Now he does look equally hot in the Quantum trailer….it’s when he’s not Bond that something is different. Wonder what’s going on there.

  • 237

    She looks freezing! Can’t wait to see this at the weekend!

  • ella

    looks like there’s a ring on her finger, engagement? lol

  • dress

    She really has a beautiful face, great bone structure.

    I think Olga was wearing Chanel, Sats dress is ok, but she slouches and really doesnt have a bust to go with that..

    her hair/make ups is nice..


    he looks damnssharp

  • to 7

    that ring has been there since 2006…

  • to 5

    maybe he’s exhausted? sick? sore? fed up?

  • outifit

    she wearing gold thongs? and then silver earrings?

  • lips

    sorry but is her mouth real?

    she looks like she had lip injections?

  • yuck

    She is not good looking. Her mouth looks weird. He looks too good for her.

  • dress

    they cordinate very well…last night deep blue tux and purple, now black and black…

  • ari

    did you hear about his new movie, Defiance. Looks amazinggg!!!
    i was invited to the premiere :)

  • SEAN

    The boobs sag or something and do something with the adam’s apple!

  • susie

    it’s a nice dress but why does she have slouch? i took another look at the pictures and she is wearing gold thongs and silver earrings. wonder is satsuki clued into that. i do have to say she looked much better yesterday at the london premiere.

  • caroline

    i think satsuki looks stunning and she’s glowing as well. after last night i would be too. daniel craig stood up in front of the audience at the london premiere and said ‘ i love satsuki mitchell”. what more is there to say?

    i think he did it to send a message to one and all that he is no longer available. he did it to send a message to those people who have been spiteful towards satsuki that she is a perm fixture in his life. he did it to reassure satsuki of her place in his life. the other reason is also because she may have just told him that she is pregnant.

    and yes, there are rumors here in london that she is pregnant. although i don’t know about that because apparently she was drinking last night at the party after the premiere. but no one knows for sure what it was. for all we know it could have been gingerale. as to when the wedding will come who knows. so all those satsuki bashers can continue on if the want but it won’t do any good.

  • sats

    as glam as it seems, it has to be hard travelling around and then walking the red carpet…even though she has a paid assistant it has to be tiring having to smile non stop, i think the ‘i love you’ yesterday was for more of a thank you fo being there for him during all of this, she must get stressed

    berlin next i think

  • to 18

    why did she need reassuring? she’s been wearing his ring since 2006!

    if she needed this to convince her then that sounds a bit strange

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    This movie looks so wicked. I’m not going to pay to see it in the movies, but I will probably rent it.

  • pics

    wow she looks nice

  • Surprise

    Satsuki is going to wake up one day and realise that she has been blind for a very longtime.

  • Preggers

    Is getting pregnant the only way she can hang on to him? If she thought that then the relationship was not as strong as they wanted eveyone to believe. WOW the oldest trick in the book, I didn’t realise women still did that!!!! I suppose pregnant, public I LOVE YOU and kiss she must be on cloud nine or maybe cloud 199

  • LOL

    This woman has had the longest pregnancy I have ever heard of. I have been hearing for the past year that she is pregnant. Then again her engagement to Daniel has been very long as well or is the engagment as fictious as the pregnancy.

  • mery

    Why is he too good for her?

    She is with Daniel before the success. She was discrect when the affair Daniel with Sienna. She support him. I suppose they love each and other.


    Satsuki looks like a man, ugh. Daniel is nice and tired, but Satsuki is terrible nightmare. Daniel isn´t happy with her, his eyes are sad, always. Daniel has a problems with get marry with her, they are 4-5 years together but no wedding…Daniel apparently isn´t in love with nightmare japanese Satsuki who looks a dog. What thinks Satsuki??
    She is foolish if she thinks she is any any good woman for Daniel because she isn´t woman, but man in gown! She very believes to herself. I would fling her to ash can she is UGLY DOG.

  • daniel lover

    Daniel looks great as usual and she is 80/100 in that dress. She needs soom boobs for that kind of dress but it looks good on her and she looks great in black. Will wait and see on the marriage/baby thing. Heard that before. It is about time he says he loves her – they have been living together for a long time – and it was not much of a kiss. Hopefully they are more passionate in their day to day life. Be happy Daniel.

  • d

    i wouldnt believe anything you read, he may have said that but there must be a myriad of reasons

  • d

    she was boozing it up at the after party, i was told champagne..she isnt pregnant
    i think he just got carried away with the high of the moment

    people are overreacting

  • bond 23

    bond 23 will start pre prodcution early 2009…
    maybe 2010 date for release

  • to 29

    Could one of those reasons be becasue what he said is True!

  • caroline

    to 18 @ 10/30/2008 at 6:03 pm

    if you read what i posted, you would have noticed that i also said it could have been because satsuki just told him she is pregnant. he could have been so happy he just blurted out that he loves her. and also, a pregnant woman can become very emotional. he prob said what she needed to hear and didnt care who else knows

  • Swinger

    Oh please. Don’t you people have something else to do rather than try to explain to each other people’s lives that you don’t even know about? Get a reality check – you don’t know these people, anything about them or what makes them tick.

  • Swinger

    I’m betting the public comment about affection for the gf was one of those ‘appreciation’ moments for ‘putting up’ with it all. I would imagine that a year of shooting Bond results in a rough-and-tumble lifestyle.

    But ha! How many of us would consider trading places with her? Oh, the sacrifice of it all….

  • SS

    I agree….her rose coloured glasses will come off one day and she will get a shock. She maybe emotional because she is pregnant but she will be ten times more emotional.

  • caroline

    SS @ 10/30/2008 at 9:34 pm
    I agree….her rose coloured glasses will come off one day and she will get a shock. She maybe emotional because she is pregnant but she will be ten times more emotional.

    i’m sorry i dont understand what you mean when you posted the above. maybe i’m a little slow, it could come from the fact that i’ve been working 14 – 15 hour days for the past month.

  • olga
  • cory


  • moss
  • ew weekly,,20159002_20159109_20237005_4,00.html

    great new pic of daniel in this article..contains spoilers!

  • to clara/kitty

    I wonder what Heike thinks about him calling Sats ‘the love of his life” after calling Heike that several times?

    I know Heike dumped Dan and is most likely well over him with a baby and all, but it’s gotta sting a bit seeing Satsuki getting what she wanted.

  • ross suspended

    I’d check that your watch is still being auctioned off for charity Dan!


    Ross is a wanker

  • olga
  • Tom Ford

    Tom Ford to direct first movie…thank goodness dan didnt sign up for this one….

  • lainey gossip
  • Hello magazine

    Daniel and “his striking fiancee” Satsuki mingled with Royaltly again at the Paris premiere

    Boy, Hello magazine really love her dont they?

  • clara

    i’ll give satsuki’s oufit a 80/100
    the dress is a good fit and has a good clean silhouette, i like the fabric detail on the bust and down the skirt, it helps to pad her out makes her look like she’s eaten a square meal.
    hairstyle = she always wears her hair pulled back and swept to the side but this time it goes with the outfit
    great bag and shoes
    only negatives is that she is slouching and cannot really carry of the elegance needed for this outfit, mismatched earrings, the detail on the bust makes her breasts look smaller instead of bigger

  • ?

    Where’s Kitty Duran?

  • to clara

    but gold thong shoes with this dress and silver earrings? then a gold buckle on her bag..not really matched.

    i think she needs to stay away from the strapless, she has great shoulders though but her bust it too small for that