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Daniel Craig Premieres ‘Quantum' in Paris

Daniel Craig Premieres ‘Quantum' in Paris

Daniel Craig heats up the Paris premiere of Quantum of Solace at UGC Normandie on Thursday in France.

On his arm was longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, who wore a strapless gown with gorgeous ruching at the bust.

“[Quantum is] a good follow up, it’s not a great follow up,” film critic Olly Richards said. “Casino Royale was this complete invention and just surprised everyone. … This goes slightly more traditional with the story — you’ve got someone trying to take over the world with a very bizarre plot that you can’t quite make sense of. But there’s still all of the things you love in there: There’s fantastic action, very beautiful girls, lots of stunts, some very very good stuff with Judi Dench.”

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig premiering Quantum of Solace in Paris…

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daniel craig premieres quantum of solace paris 03
daniel craig premieres quantum of solace paris 04
daniel craig premieres quantum of solace paris 05
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141 Responses to “Daniel Craig Premieres ‘Quantum' in Paris”

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  1. 101
    to lexxie Says:

    @ 11/03/2008 at 9:26 am

    my grandmother disagrees with you. she did not spend years working as a seamstress for chanel learning nothing. in her opinion satsuki looked both elegant and stunning at the london premiere. the dress chosen for her/or by her suited her body type, figure and coloring.

    my grandmother says that this dress that she wore in paris is an absolute nightmare. first of all the bodice of the dress is ill fitting. the rest of the dress is equally bad. someone did not do their job properly. secondly; if she is going wear these strapless dresses someone should tell not to slouch. my grandmother says satsuki should look at and copy the posture of the late audrey hepburn.

  2. 102
    Lexxie Says:

    So all those so called people in the know/insiders who claimed Daniel had been told to play down his relationship with Satsuki/keep her in the background more, were talking out of there arses really!! They obviously knew f**k all as publicly declearing your love for someone is not playing down your relationship. Just goes to show you shouldn’t believe everything you read and hear!!
    After reading alot of the comments on here, it seems to me that alot of you on here wanted to think/believe Daniel and Satsuki were unhappy and wanted them to split up. And now you know the truth you can’t handle it and have turned on Daniel, it’s very sad indeed.

  3. 103
    to lexxie Says:

    Not all people, there were a few saying she will remain front and centre stage and that she will appear more haute couture than normal.

    I think we are seeing that.

    I don’t think there was any doubt whatsoever of the state of their relationship really.

    Maybe some people tipped them both off as to what was being said (although I don’t really think they care) and he said it.

  4. 104
    to lexxie Says:

    thing is; that for some reason, i’ve never understood why, a lot of people don’t like her. these people, and they know who they are, call her unkind names like “tranny”, she man etc etc. they says she’s ugly to look at. i’d sure like some of these people to eplain whey they think she’s a tranny or she man. personally i dont see it, but that’s just me.

    my grandmother, while working with chanel in paris, saw lot of so called beautiful women come here way. her opinion is that satuski is not what some people would call classically beautiful. so these people have a hard time dealing with the idea that daniel, a successful man, has chosen this girl. but my grandmother says that many of the rich and successful men that she dealt with had wives that were, in the eyes of many, quite ordinary looking. my grandmother’s only complaint is that satuski does not know, or has not been taught, how to dress according to her figure, body type and coloring.

  5. 105
    let it go Says:

    In a thousand years, none of this will matter.

  6. 106
    Berlin Says:

    live feed from the Berlin premiere!

  7. 107
    in Berlin Says:

    out of sling and looking great!

  8. 108
    in Berlin Says:

    I think he looks very well rested and most likely so happy about the numbers for QoS!!!!

  9. 109
    trousers Says:

    I haven’t gone off him!!!

    he wearrs those khaki trousers so well…f**k!!! (someone needs to tell him they are a bight tight!)


  10. 110
    daniel lover Says:

    Thanks #107 In Berlin for the picture. Have not seen that one yet. He looks good and it is great to see him without his sling. See, he is putting his arm to good use. Daniel is just as hot/wonder with or without a girlfriend/wife. If we care for Daniel, we want him to be happy. I like the trousers in #109 as well. They aren’t too tight; just right!

  11. 111
    to dl Says:

    NP although i took that from someone who sent it to me..the others are really nice, I havent seen one yet with sats but i think that will be later at the Dome?

    you have any or a link?

    i think he looks relieved about the film and is a happy man, he rocks that suit

    i am happy he’s happy as that is good vibes to give out


  12. 112
    to dl Says:

    expectant father glow?


  13. 113
    getty Says:

    there are pics of them in berlin on getty

    sats is wearing her hair to one side and a black dress cant see the rest of it

    she is smiling a lot!!!

  14. 114
    Lexxie Says:

    Just seen some pics from the Berlin premiere and Satsuki does it yet again, she looks beautiful, elegant and classy!! Oh and Daniel looks good too!!

  15. 115
    susie Says:

    just saw the pictures from berlin. satsuki looks very pretty and elegant. just as she did in london. hopefully she will look that that at all the other premieres and not that horrible mess in paris. i don’t know if daniel is happy because satsuki is pregnant. he could just be telling the world again how happy he is to be with her.

    i do think they’ll get married after all the premieres for bond are over and before the premieres for defiance. then they’ll take a long overdue holiday. we’ll prob see them at the oscars in 2009; either daniel will be a presenter, a nominee for defiance, or both.

  16. 116
    to 115 Says:

    ive noticed that her dress had a little ruffle in fron..maybe to hide baby belly?

    they look v happy togethr

  17. 117
    to all Says:

    yes they will get married before the end of the year

  18. 118
    to all Says:

    Dan refuses to stand alone before the paps without his Satsuki there

    There is one pic of him on the stage at berlin in this huge biodome and its just her and him on the stage!!

    What an awesome feeling for them both, he is lucky to have her as she really looks like she is enjoying it all now…cant wait for their baby!

  19. 119
    sling Says:

    strange how he has gone from wearing a sling to now raising his arms and waving and putting his arm around shoulders..

    quite a quantum leap…

    nice dress but again, she is very flat chested for some dresses..this one didnt do a thing for her really as she is so beautiful, it looked very old for her…

    she looks very happy

    where are Tigerlilly, KDuran and LouLover??

    where have they gone?

  20. 120
    to 116 Says:

    ive noticed that her dress had a little ruffle in fron..maybe to hide baby belly
    ok but why not on the dress she wore in london or the dress she wore in paris. if she is pregnant, why would she want to hide it. i would think that satsuki would want to let the whole world know. i mean, what better way to this “man is mine, all mine” than to let it show.
    so no, i dont think she’s pregant yet. she is more than likely trying though

  21. 121
    ugh Says:

    The gf looks awful in a dress my greatgrandmother might have worn

  22. 122
    to 120 Says:

    to 120

    how do you know she is trying? how are you privy to that info?

  23. 123
    to 120 Says:

    what was that trip to oregon about? to tell her family that they are trying for a baby then?

    why try now before they get married?

  24. 124
    getty Says:

    great pics of satsuki being asked questions..look at daniels face…nice pic of her on her own

  25. 125
    bleck Says:

    Hate her hair and no makeup big mouth look. Is her mouth really that huge?? Super flat also

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