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Gwyneth Paltrows Talks Father's Throat Cancer

Gwyneth Paltrows Talks Father's Throat Cancer

Gwyneth Paltrow opens up about her father’s throat cancer in the latest Goop newsletter.

She begins, “In 1998, I was filming The Talented Mr. Ripley in Ischia, a little island off the coast of Naples in Italy. I got a call that changed my life. My father had been diagnosed with throat cancer, and it was stage four. Although he underwent treatment and survived for another four years, I watched his health deteriorate slowly until his death in 2002. During this time I began to read about Eastern medicine and the body’s capacity to heal itself. I tried to get my father on board — with mixed results. He loved acupuncture but hated macrobiotic food, which he likened to ‘biting into The New York Times.’”

Gwyn recommends: “Sleep eight hours or more each night. Do what you have to do to get to sleep; there are plenty of natural agents that work. Try them: herbs (valerian), tea (chamomile), amino acids (tryptophan or hydroxy-tryptophan) and vitamins (magnesium and B6). These can be powerful sedatives and work just as well as prescription agents without the risks. Sleep plays a powerful role in determining your appetite, energy and attitude. Sleep better for two weeks before changing your diet. Then try eliminating “white” foods, those that are made with sugar, white flour and milk. If you eliminate them one at a time, start with flour, then eliminate dairy and then sugar.”

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  • Nicole

    Its awful what happened to her father, but dear Paltorw is there nothing sacred anymore for you?Writing about something that personal on your site so you can fill up the latest blog?Not neccessary and while we are at it, so are your tips.

    I do like her as an actress though, and think she is beautiful just please stop doing interviews or tallking, it never works out for you!

  • ugh

    Uhg, she bugs the crap out of me. I can’t stand when anyone especially celebrities promotes a certain diet. Many immunologists (who are alternative medicine gurus) promoted getting rid of dairy. However, most women are deprived of Vitamin D and now they are finding a link between all these women who eliminate dairy and who are getting breast cancer. Researchers are now finding Vitamin D is great for breast health. And getting it from the sun is damaging to your skin. So, I say. Stupid celebrities who act like they know everything BUG me!

  • Janie

    I don’t like that she gets that personal, but GOOP is actually really cool. I love it! It’s fun to read, and there’s always something fun to try! :)

  • Jessica

    I love it when I see people recommending sleep for health! It is truly remarkable what good sleep can do for the body. I used to follow the “I’ll sleep when I die” mantra, but now I love and cherish every minute of sleep I get. (My body LOVES nine hours — luckily I don’t have kids yet ;))

  • Sunny

    Jared, that part about sleep is by Dr. Christian Renna (LifeSpan Medicine, 2008) not Gwyneth.

  • ebmo

    Why is this moron reccommending anything?
    She is completely unqualified.

    See a naturalist or a homoepathic physician before you take ANYTHING.

    They will know which brands are the most reputable.
    Or research it yourself.

    Tryptophan was taken of the market in 1989 because of a wide outbreak of EMS, an auto immune disease. Later this was believed to be caused by impurities in how it was manufactured with a particular manufacturer.

    Herbs, while natural, have little regulation regarding their processing and manufacture which can make them harmful.

  • bejeebus

    yeah, gwyneth, flour, sugar and dairy are soooo fricken evil. get over yourself. it’s called “moderation” you @sshat. if cutting those foods out of your diet is what turned you into the repellent person you are today then no thanks! let ME eat cake!

  • cynthia

    She’s 100% correct about everything she says…
    just look at her, she is living proof that she’s correct.
    Her body and skin are amazing.
    It’s so hard to stay on macro diet. I have tried.
    It takes lots of will and discipline.
    I saw Coldplay the other night in NJ….she is the luckiest woman on the planet. Chris Martin is so hot and talented.

  • Iris

    She looks pretty bad for someone on a macrobiotic diet.
    Her and Madonna have not aged well.
    I bet she does it to the extreme. That’s usually not good.

  • Carl

    I don’t get why she is even doing this website. Maybe she has too much time on her hands, likely the acting gigs are not coming along quickly anymore. Just seems strange, she’s normally all about privacy, yet she does blogs like people like Paris Hilton and her age group would do, yada yada, basically talking about herself. It’s not a typical leading Hollywood actress type of thing to do, I wonder if others in Hollywood are laughing at her.

  • Original jpf

    I agree with her. White flour and sugar are pretty easy to give up or reduce drastically. It’s at a minimum we eat it, and its never in my home but outside. Same with cheese. I don’t use milk period or ice cream as there are so many great soy alternatives now that it’s not missed but I do love good cheese from time to time.

    Cynthia, I don’t think she has followed a Macro diet for a while now but I may be wrong about that.


  • Original jpf

    Aren’t some of you a bit violent and over the top with the response? Gee, it’s no big deal. Why so negative and vicious? No one is making anyone do anything she suggests, and that’s the operative word, suggest. Get over it already. It’s not a mandate you give up cake and freaking ice cream!


  • Pearl

    Her newsletter is boring. It’s basically a copy and paste.
    If you really want to learn about this stuff, buy the actual author’s books.

  • Pearl

    Here they are:

    1) Christian Renna, D.O. LifeSpan Medicine, 2008

    2) Neish Joshi, Joshi Clinic

    3) Alejandro Junger, MD

  • Original jpf

    But so what Pearl if it’s cut and paste? Why do some of you become so damn intent on being a downer about things? Maybe cut and paste is just fine for some, and maybe it’s not a bore for them either, and maybe it’s enough information for right now.

    It’s like the pathelogically incapable of not being a sour ass club up in here 24 freaking 7.


  • scarlett

    Lots of celebs eat organic and do cleansing. Why is this newsworthy?

  • dialectic

    does she recommend anything to get that stick out of her ass???

  • Adam

    Yeah, I think the website and newsletter are kinda boring. She should have called it POOP!

  • LolaSvelt

    What is wrong with you people? She probably looks a lot better than you. Are you jealous that she is incredibly healthy, why you’re probably snacking on your chocolates right this minute?

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    What is stage 4 cancer?

  • Willow

    I’m sure there are some that don’t mind the c&p job, but like #13, I do find it somewhat dull. I think it’s because I feel like there’s little substance to what she’s producing. Gwyneth doesn’t seem to have her own voice. You can find this stuff all over the net and there are amateurs that have better sites and more passion for the subject.

  • Willow

    I’m sure there are some that don’t mind the c&p job, but like 13, I do find it somewhat dull. I think it’s because I feel like there’s little substance to what she’s producing. Gwyneth doesn’t seem to have her own voice. You can find this stuff all over the net and there are amateurs that have better sites and more passion for the subject.

  • Lisa

    Dan, try this link:

    Stage IV cancers have often metastasized, or spread to other organs or throughout the body.

  • casey

    all of you people leaving negative and rude comments are really pathetic. get over yourselves.

  • American

    #19: Who cares what she looks like? We can assume she’s healthy but are you her doctor? You can’t really say for certain about the state of her health.

  • American

    #24: This is not a fan site. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, favorable or unfavorable.

  • yummy

    I’m inspired. I plan to have a sundae and poop a nice big Goop!

  • Rachel

    I signed up for her newsletter but never received it. Oh well, I guess I’m not missing much…

  • Rachel

    Gwynnie doesn’t like me. :-(

  • postwatcher

    Was her daddy a smoker? Probably.
    People in the East have a very high rate of stomach cancer.

    Gwen is full of shiit.

  • postwatcher

    #20 What is stage 4 cancer?

    Stage 4 is when the cancer has metastized or left it’s original location and spread to distant lymph nodes and/or other organs.

  • Michelle

    It’s sad that her father passed away and it’s nice how Gwyneth is providing people tips on how to live a healthy life. All of you people who are writing negative things about Gwyneth should bash Angelina Jolie! Now that’s a person I can’t stand!!!!

  • yep

    We all eventually die. She needs to stop acting so high and mighty. living 4 years after being diagnosed with cancer is pretty good. the fact that he didn’t do a macro diet may or may not have prolonged his life. She needs to get over herself. She too will most likely die of disease since that is the statistic for all of us.

  • curious

    What is wrong with dairy? My grand-grandmother ate dairy all her life and she died at age of 96 only because she unfortunately broke her hip and was deprived of free movement.

  • totally

    I agree curious. My dad’s parents ate butter, milk, and white bread every day and they both lived to age 98 and 99.

  • lynnmay

    I think the diet comment on that article are from a someone else. After her comments it is signed Gweneth and then some Doctors info follows the other part of the article. Gweneth only speaks of her fathers illness.

    Note at the bottom: Christian Renna, D.O. LifeSpan Medicine, 2008

    Dr. Christian Renna is a nationally recognized expert in the field of contemporary preventive medicine and the founder of LifeSpan Medicine clinics.

  • lynnmay

    Those aren’t her comments. In the article she speaks of her father and then the rest is attributed to some doctor. Affter Gweneths part it is signed Gweneth.

  • angelina rules

    Angelina would be too busy with life, family, partner brad Pitt, world issues to blog about things like this for attention, shes a doer not a talker, Angie is beautiful inside and out, intelligent, caring, those who dislike her are indeed jealous of her. yeah! i said it, so what.

  • international Velvet

    Attitudes like this annoy me. Yes, it’s all well and good to try to eat healthily, but were there any scientific proof that vitamins and raw veg cure cancer would it not have come out by now? As a cancer survivor this irks me, the fact that her father died had nothing to do with him not fully embracing macrobiotics and she is an idiot if she thinks any different. It’s just typical of this celebrity mentality of “I can control everything and life will always be perfect if I do yoga and mainline vitamins”. It’s b.s. and I would’ve thought losing a loved one might’ve snapped her out of such pretentious, ill informed thinking.

  • LolaSvelt

    #38, is that why she let her husband photograph her breastfeeding?

  • Mia

    My labrador recovered from acute myeloid leukemia with the help of holistic medicine so I believe there is some truth in what she says. Thank you Gwyneth for the precious advices