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John Mayer: Hope Is Not A "Buzz" Word

John Mayer: Hope Is Not A

John Mayer stops for a second to pose for a few pictures before he attends the release of the Blackberry Storm at the Avalon Hollywood on Wednesday night.

Blogging for the Huffington Post, Mayer writes about his support for Barack Obama and his belief in hope.

“I believe the definition of the “hope” that Barack Obama enthuses operates on the unspoken thesis that there has to be a polar opposite to the despair of 9/11,” Mayer writes. “Because if we accept that there’s not, the will to live becomes forever altered. To adults who will vote for him, Barack Obama represents a return to prosperity. To the youth, he represents an introduction to it.”

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  • Rosebed

    Yuck, how anybody finds John Mayer attractive is beyond me! He always looks dirty, like he needs a good (golden?!) shower. The hair on his face seems to grow in patches, looks weird, he is so trying to look all street, but ends up looking silly instead

  • justme

    He always looks high. Blow up the pics of his face, this guy is always buzzed.

    Oh and I agree, always looks dirty.

  • anonymous

    I think having the word buzz in quotes is pretty accurate because he looks like he has major buzz-brain happening here.

    His awful and sporadic facial hair is just fugly, ew.

  • rien

    What a wonderful post, John!

    It is always a pleasure to me to read his works, whether it is written down on lyric or statement like this. It really opens my eyes, that there are still many of young adults who look at life differently and not only fit and fun.

    Keep on going, John!

  • dolly

    That is the Blackberry Storm launching he attended, not a dinner.

  • http://JustJared Marie

    Love his music……

  • dolly

    That’s the Blackberry Storm launching he attended, not a dinner.

  • yep


  • anna

    He is such a goofball. Get over yourself. All this blogging is nonsense. And I like the words “hope” and “change” as well, but sadly Obama has yet to lay down what Exactly he intends to change and hope for. Of course, this is political genius (never saying specifically what you plan to do for the country). This way he doesn’t have to make any promises that he will have to keep in the future.


    He is so happy now that he is being followed by the paps again.

  • voe

    Come now, young man, how can one man return this country to prosperity? We all can just sit back and hope and this man who has never worked in the dog-eat-dog world of private corporations will bring us money? Just where do you think he gets all these billions dollars he is proposing to spend on curing this and that problem? Out of his pocket? Last I read, his and his wife’s salaries are still being paid by our tax dollars.

  • Bobbyj

    KoolAid speech…get over yourself a**hole.

  • Carl

    Without pap attention: John doesn’t smile and is an unhappy boy in pics.
    With pap attention: John is smiling and a happy boy in pics.

    Ah, it’s heartwarming to see how a fake romance can make a douchebag smile again.

  • sari

    don’t like his new look, not attractive.

  • d.kay

    Get over yourself already; ya ain’t lennon or dylan. His showmance with the other flake tells me more about him than I ever want to know and that includes any social commentary flyin’ outa his mouth.

  • WakeUpPeople

    Well said John!

  • hopeless

    hope is not a buzz word…..

    like….. i hope he’ll stop talking

    i hope he’ll marry jennifer aniston

    i hope they’ll have children together

    i hope they’ll live in mexico

    i hope they’ll contain their std’s between them

    i hope, i hope, i hope….

    i can only hope.

  • Rach

    Go Obama Go!

  • jane

    He is nasty. Another Hollywood uneducated and uninformed looney. Nobody cares who he is voting for. I am going to vote for John McCain just to cancel out his vote.

  • ANNe

    People like Obama use words like “Hope” to win elections because they can’t talk about a record of leading and they can’t really talk about their policies, then people would know that Obama wants to change what has made America great for the last 200 years from a competitive, entrepreneurial, upwardly mobile state into a welfare state with social protective programs. What this implies, undeniably, is that the United States would move away from running with the high GDP, high-growth nations rising today as economic and political powers and move over to retire with the low-growth economies we displaced — old Europe. And to the youth who think to vote for Obama France, Germany, Italy age 18 to 29 unemployment rates has been for the last decade 22% to 30 % while America’s has been 9% to 11%, when someone is promising you the world the bill usually comes in ways you don’t think about until it’s to late.

  • franny

    He’s nasty looking, what does she see in him , he looks nasty and he’s such a blowhard , maybe that’s why he likes Obama, they both know how to shot the b.s by the truckload.

  • tom

    If America really wants a future and someone who will fight for it , go with the guy who has fought for it in uniform and in the senate, not for a guy who has never lead, who has never fought for anything besides his own career and who’s campaign is funded by God knows who. How can you campaign on good governance and responsibility but opt out of public financing of campaigns and spend more money then Kerry and Bush did combined in 2004, that’s not making government better that’s bringing corruption and even more money with special interests into government, Obama is all cheap words, figures why Hollywood is so taken with him.

  • obama for change

    enough with republicans, look at the state the world is in now because of people like mccain, i vote for a change. Obama, but because john has crappy taste in dumb fame whoring fake women, i can’t respect what comes out of his mouth any more, its not about shallow things such as his looks, it is about his life style choices like any body else, no respect there buddy anymore.

  • http://justjared Ethan

    Jane #19:

    You show them gurl…… them how dumb and uneducated you are. People have died for the right to vote, but your dumba– wouldn’t know anything about that….

    It’s called WHITE PRIVILEGE. Go ahead and google it so maybe you can understand.

    After that, go back to your trailer, turn on Dog the Bounty Hunter, smoke your meth, make more babies. Foster Care always needs more babies……..

  • sh

    john is a pretty intelligent, informative, guy, how he could be involved with shallow women like Jessica and Jennifer, i just don’t get it, it’s his life, but the admiration and the respect is gone. JMO. he needs to date his IQ equal. if he ever wants to be taking seriously or heard again. he is so much better than what people see or read about him, and it’s because of these dim witted girls he keeps hooking up with.

  • Fil

    The PR team is in full force. I guess this is why he and Jen had a meeting with the PR team. I agree douche bag is happy again now that he has the paps taking his picture again. Pink said John was in her face saying “He only date stupid girls.” And he was saying a lot of other nasty stuff to. Now we know for sure Jennifer Aniston is stupid. That’s why the PR overload. They are trying to drown out what Pink said about this jerk.
    When a John Mayer blog comes up there is barely 5 post all hating John Mayer guts go back and look. This is why this jerk is back with Jennifer Anison and she is stupid and desperate-that’s why she is back with him. I would not buy any thing this douche bag indorsed. He is so fake.

  • Fil

    No other guy has SAID more stuff to put Jen down than Mayer. He has said more pathetic things to make Jen look really bad than any other man.

  • Fil

    From an interview that was posted on line 10-29-08.
    Pink’s number-one hated celebrity is officially singer/songwriter John Mayer. Apparently, she ran into him at a Hollywood party, where he boasted to her about his sexual conquests, telling her that he only sleeps with stupid women. The “Stupid Girls” singer was immediately turned off by Mayer and is telling the press exactly what she thinks of him.
    Pink said
    “I don’t believe him as much as he believes him. He said something along the lines of, “I only shag really stupid women,” and I said, “I guess they would have to be.” I don’t get him at all.”

  • http://MANISTON boo(real)

    Pee Boy is “skinning and grinning” now that he has his media meal ticket back!! man is getting her money’s worth in bon*ng from the douch. WIN, WIN!!!

  • satellite

    Come on

    He is tall ……….. he has this skin color people caal ( wine skin )… this olive skin with a blush ……….

    He is handsome

  • TEr

    He is ugly-Herman the monster type-kind of hideous. He use to look good but now he looks very ugly. That’s the truth-no PR lies. He is ugly. Mayer is glad he has his paps attention back. I totally do not have any respect for him. Never will buy his music again.

  • Mayer makes NO sense!!!!

    Intelligent my a$$! That first sentence makes absolutely NO sense!!! There is a reason why people should finish high school!!! Just b/c you string a bunch of vocabulary together in a sentence doesn’t mean you have conveyed a great sentiment!

    John Mayer is a narcissistic tool in dire need of being relevant! Don’t inflate his head and pretend he is intelligent and enlightening, when in fact his thoughts are incoherent!!!!

  • Suzi

    Mayer is garbage. He is a product of a big company. They company pump him up so they can make money off him. Look at all this new PR work going on. Mayer never endorsed a candidate when it look like Obama is going to win then he try to link his name with him. Mayer is a phony egotistical douche bag.

  • Demo to the game called LIFE

    I love how John formulates his thoughts in writing. He sounds so articulate. People who hate him must be dumb as a bag of poo! EWww :)