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Larry Birkhead Wants More Kids!

Larry Birkhead Wants More Kids!

The decision to move out of Anna Nicole Smith‘s house isn’t the only major news Larry Birkhead has to share.

He wants to add another baby to his growing brood!

Birkhead tells Life & Style that 2-year-old Dannielynn might soon be a big sister!

“I want to have another child,” Larry admitted during an exclusive interview on Oct. 16. “It would be tough for me to do right now, but in a couple of years, definitely.”

Ideally, Larry says, he would love to meet his Ms. Right – he says his type is a Jennifer Love Hewitt look-alike – and conceive a baby naturally. But if that doesn’t happen, he’d consider alternatives.

“Right now I’m so busy taking care of Dannielynn, I don’t have time to get out there and date,” he says. “So while I’d love to have another baby of my own, I’d be happy to adopt a little brother or sister for her.”

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  • luksgr8

    Shes so cute

  • heavenly

    That’s so stupid that they put the comment “ready for another baby” which is NOT what he said at all. He didn’t say he’s ready for another baby right now, he said in a couple of years. Stupid magazine. But yes, she is very cute!

  • heavenly

    It’s so stupid that their title for his picture says “I’m ready for another baby” because that’s not what he said. He said in a few years. But yes, she is very cute!

  • Sheri

    She is a beautiful little girl.

  • penny

    seriously, who the heck is this guy?? and why is he showing and talking about his kid to the press? i don’t grasp that… i know he used to date anna nicole smith, but let’s face it, she was a mess and nobody knew much about her untill she died.
    i agree, that this baby is cute, but she’s not a singer, actress or any other performer, so why do you keep selling her pictures?!!!

  • Beckah in PA

    She is adorable!

  • Good Victoria

    What a cutie-pie !!!………Larry seems to be a great father and I wish him the best !!!!……I remember him trying so hard to convince everyone, that this precious baby girl was his, and NOT Howard’s……I hope he finds his ” Ms. Right ” very soon….

  • Gigohead

    To be honest, yeah the headlines are corny, but I’d rather prefer to see cornbally stories from Larry hawking his little girl because it would mean that the public can see how she is developing and the money for pictures would go to her needs such as pretty clothes.

    Seems that she’s happy and thriving. I would hate to learn that after so much controversy, this little girl would have been placed in the wrong hands (Howard Stern) and victimized or neglected.

  • anon

    she’s so gorgeous, and he a great dad.

  • Dancer

    Glad to see he is still pimping his baby girl out! She is a cutie, but hopefully someday he’ll go for privacy instead of getting paid by magazines to show her off.

  • Lucas

    well Penny. he’s the guy who was the real biological father of Anna’s baby, who actually stood up and said so and then declared he was going to do whatever it took to prove it and get legal custody of his daughter. and he kept his word.

    and now he’s raising her and from what I can tell NOT as a pampered princess. He doesn’t wave her in the spotlight all the time and try to make tons of money off her as “Anna’s daughter”. that’s something to respect.

  • sillyme

    I’m surprised he hasn’t signed on for a reality show by now called “Raising Danielynn.” I suspect he’ll have her doing something in television or auditioning her for movie roles in the not too distant future. She’s a pretty little girl, very photogenic. She could be the new Drew.

  • Kristine

    She looks just like her mother!

  • Kristine

    She looks just like her mother!

  • tia

    shes such a gorjuzz child. i think shes even cuter than suri and shiloh put together. she is going to be stunning.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Oh, she’s a beauty. Mum would be proud of her.

    Headlines are made to grab people to buy this rags. I’m sure alot of people will be buying. HATE RAGS!!

  • yuck

    I think he’s gross. There is something off about him. It’s nice he’s paying so much attention to his child but why the desperate call for a partner.

  • Betina

    She’s BEAUTIFUL!

  • http://tess tess

    that little girl is stunning! and she looks happy …


    Larry Birkhead is homosexual paparazzo and failed actor.He lived with his boyfriend Byron Williams in Burbank when he met Anna Nicole .He impregnated mentally sick, drug addicted; middle aged woman for the money and fame.HE SHOULD STOP EXPLOITING motherless child and find a decent JOB! Dannielynn is his cash cow and only source of income.Birkhead GO AWAY!!

  • liz k

    What a beautiful little girl!!!

  • anon comment

    I guess you are a jealous spiteful homosexual, huh AJ Walsh? Gay men want every man to be gay just like them and if they are ever rejected or dissed, they get evil and are ready for the kill. Blech!

    When they met, Anna Nicole Smith flipped for Larry, and he flipped for her. Theirs was a passionate relationship. They just ended up being two very different people.

    This child is beautiful, one of the cutest kids in Hollywood. Her face and smile is gorgeous. It’s obvious that Birkhead is not just in it for the money. Pleeeeeaaase!!! He’s taking great care of his daughter and she loves her daddy. Be happy for them.

  • Cutiepie

    Wow, she’s growing up fast. Doesnt it seem like just yesturday when she was a little baby? Also, if he wants a Jennifer Hewitt type, why did he hook up with a blond trainwreck trash like Dannilynns mother? Of course I guess if he didnt this cutie wouldnt have been born.

  • Amanda

    I can’t believe they used to feud over who the father of this little girl is. She is a CARBON COPY of this guy !!!!!!!

  • allison

    Birkhead you are fag and all Hollywood reporters know that.Rita Cosby trial will EXPOSE you .Your ex boyfriends will testify about your homosexual affairs, Kerrick Ross, Byron Williams ,Derreck Jones,…etc

  • Clarkwood

    OK, so what if he’s gay….the kid was proven to be his. Who cares? Move on.

  • Clarkwood

    OK, so what if he’s gay….the kid was proven to be his. Who cares? Move on.

  • DKF

    That little girl is beautiful

  • allyson

    Larry Birkhead will be exposed on Rita Cosby trial.His ex boyfrends will testify about his homosexual affairs.

  • LOL

    What’s being bi-sexual got to do with anything? He’s a great father and that’s all that matters.


    The only thing Danny is ready for is calling a skanky Tabloid every 3 months to pay his rent while selling pictures of his daughter.

    GET A JOB LOSER !!!!!!!!!!

    He’s the male Denise Richards.

    So what? YOU screwed a famous person years ago and are trying to make a living of of the fact, shut-up already!


    The only thing Larry “is ready for” is to call a skanky Tabloid every 3 months to pay his rent while selling pictures of his daughter.

    GET A JOB LOSER !!!!!!!!!!

    He’s the male Denise Richards.

    YOU screwed a famous person years ago and are trying to make a living of of the fact, shut-up already!


    Dannielynn looks just like her daddy.

    very cute story

  • lil

    I wouldn’t call Birkhead gay… must be bi. Lots of men are bi. Yea, so what if he gets money for photos. Other stars do too. That doesn’t prove he’s a bad dad or that he doesn’t have love for his kid. She’s pretty.

  • Here’s The Deal

    I can’t believe some people. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner, etc., are accused of child-pimping all the time, and all they do is take their kids out for a walk, or to the park, or something similar. This fool sells his child’s pictures nonstop to stupid tabloids. He’s milking her for all she’s worth, and yet most of the comments that I saw on here are “Larry is such a good daddy!” Ugh.

  • noodlemonkey

    Who cares if the guy is gay? My objection to him has much more to do with the fact that he has made a carreer out of selling Dannielynn’s manufactured experiences to the highest bidder.

  • Jeannie

    I don’t care what anyone has to say! Bottom line he is a awesome daddy and she is a beautiful little girl….Not many daddy’s step up to the plate when they need to! Her happy little face shows that her little life is good. Dannielynn needs a brother or a sister!

  • Scarlet

    I really respect Larry for doing such a great job. Not a fan of Anna-Nicole. Drugs was more important to her than this precious little girl. May she be taught the right values so that she never ends up like her mom – a mess! You go Larry – and please just do the right thing!

  • Charity

    The only thing Anna was attracted to in Larry was his ability to flatter her at the Barnstable Brown party which he crashed. THe ability to produce sperm and woo and over-the hill, large chested woman does NOT make you a good father.

  • Laine

    Thank you to comment 22…he is apparently a very good father, and your jabs at the bad comments about him are right on target. I’m a native Louisvillian, and I can vouch for nearly all of us from there, as being warm, caring, sincere. If the accent gives anyone the wrong impression, just the ignorance of those who jump to conclusions.

  • Laine

    As for YOU ‘comment 29′…Rita Cosby seems to have disappeared, since she was too radically unreliable with her ‘information’ even for TELEVISION. You should disappear with her if you can’t be a decent human being either.

  • sarah

    He’s hot! I’d have his kid. ;) And it’s truly astounding how much Dannielynn looks like Anna Nicole.

  • 寻川




  • Frankiemcstein

    I saw a baby picture of Jennifer Aniston online and Danni looks alot like her as a baby…

    Probably because of Larry’s chin.

    I loved Anna Nicole Smith… she was so pretty.