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Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise wear matching orange dresses as they play together on a Central Park playground in New York City on Thursday afternoon. Looks like this twosome is ready for Halloween! (Suri carried around her favorite stuffed giraffe.)

Earlier this month, Katie and Suri toted around matching orange Hermes shopping bags. They sure do like to match their oranges!

Can’t wait to see what Suri is going to dress up as for Halloween!!!

10+ pictures inside of Halloween-ready Suri Cruise

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173 Responses to “Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready”

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  1. 1
    Hey jared! it's me again! Says:

    Jared, I do not understand the obsession with Katie Holmes and her troll of a child.
    I am so sick of looking at this barely dressed unkempt child having her way in NY.
    Enough already!

  2. 2
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Katie looks and dresses like a hag and Suri still hasn’t got a coat despite it being incredibly cold in NYC. Instead Katie thinks wrapping her around in a blanket will help.

  3. 3
    Ade Says:

    I don’t like Katie’s dress and her leggings

  4. 4
    d Says:

    its so ******* cold outside put a damn jacket on her, jesus

  5. 5
    d Says:

    its so cold outside put a damn jacket on the kid, jesus

  6. 6
    pingy_ponga Says:

    I think that before they live the house they try to put something worm on her. But i think she is very spolied and that she gets her way 24/7. Im sure they never say NO to her.

  7. 7
    Amy Says:

    I dont get it, its COLD in NYC why is Katie alllllways dressed for the season and poor Suri has no tights or a sweater on. I honestly had a winter coat on the other day.

  8. 8
    non Says:

    Poor rich baby. A red nose from the cold an no coat. No joy in her eyes, no freedom.
    I hope KH and TC will see they have already created a very very unhappy kid. I hope they’ll be ready to cope with the after effects of their maniac behaviour on her.

  9. 9
    Tealeaf Says:

    Katiebot thinks she looks stylish showing off her daughter SUMMER dress, but instead she looks stupid for having the kid undressed in cold weather..

  10. 10
    dido Says:

    beautiful mama and gorgeous child

  11. 11

    This is just so sad. I cannot understand how a mother can bring her daughter out dressed like that. As a mom of two I am baffeled by Katies behavior.

    I can say this, BOTH of my boys tried to pull the I DON’T WANT TO WEAR MY JACKET/SWEATER. And you know what I told them? YOU DON’T WEAR YOUR JACKET YOU DON’T GO. It is that easy.

    I do not doubt that Suri puts up a fight over it. I do not doubt that her parents give in to Suri’s demands. Know how I know this? If her parents don’t give in to her THAT CHILD WOULD NOT BE OUTSIDE DAY AFTER DAY WITHOUT A COAT!

    I want to BELIEVE that her parents are good. I really really do. But we have seen the PROOF that her parents do NOT doing a GOOD job.

    You cannot over indulge your child. A child NEEDS boundries, rules, and consequences.

  12. 12
    Jo-jo Says:

    Her dress looks very indian

  13. 13
    an oldie Says:

    For all of you who criticize Katie for not putting a coat on Suri, why don’t you stop for a second to think why Suri hasn’t caught a cold or pneumonia from being under dressed? we see her almost every day, and the kid clearly doesn’t have runny nose or some other symptoms of sickness. So, I do think Katie, inspite of her inexperience as a mom, does know what her kid needs.

  14. 14
    mia Says:

    SURI has NO stockings or sox on.
    this family is nuts.

  15. 15
    LolaSvelt Says:

    #13, you’re pathetic. Not only does her nose look red, but she could develop a cold in a MONTH or so if she carries on without a coat.

  16. 16
    fantasyisland Says:

    #13, it doesn’t matter if she shows physical signs of sickness, she’s showing signs of NEGLECT. I have a three and a half yr old daughter, and she *never* goes outside in cool weather without a jacket and if she’s wearing a skirt or dress, she wears leggings underneath. I noticed someone remarked that they like Katie’s dress and leggings. If the Mom has enough sense to dress herself for the weather, why can’t she put leggings underneath Suri’s dress? Too much to deal with when having to change her DIAPER??

  17. 17
    Eel O'Brian Says:

    It’s really cold today but once again Suri Cruise doesn’t seem to mind and she has a blanket with her.

    It seems it does help since Suri Cruise-again-doesn’t look cold, #2.

    That’s crazy, #6. Then they simply wouldn’t take her out at all.

    Why ARE you so sure that they never say no to her?

    You have absolutely no idea that her lack of warmer clothes is a result of adhering to a bratty child, #11.

    Right, #13. As I’ve said before, if she was cold, Holmes would get her something.

    Her nose is slightly pinkish…like it’s always been for this pale-faced girl, #15. Quit trying to find things that don’t exist.

  18. 18
    sc Says:

    katie and suri are wearing the same dress, however katie is wearing a shirt under the dress (i am guessing it has long sleeves), a long sweater, and leggings. her baby girl? just the dress and strappy shoes. something is very wrong with this picture. neither of them look happy at all. katie looks exhausted, which is understandable with her show, but suri is not even smiling while swinging.

  19. 19
    tessla Says:

    This is ridiculous. Katie Holmes needs to grow up and dress her child appropriately instead of acting like her best friend/playmate. She is so immature yet selfish. Tom Cruise is too busy effing his assistant to care about these two crazies. He just hands them the credit cardsl

  20. 20
    alicia Says:

    What is WRONG with all you people? Leave this mother and this child alone. You all have no lives and are ignorant, because a cold is not spread through cold weather, it’s spread through germs, you stupid people.

  21. 21
    me Says:

    Katie and Suri look awkward together. Katie looks like she is trying to be the good mom but Suri always looks distant and non interested. It’s almost like Suri isn’t used to attention from Katie so when she gets it Suri doesn’t know how to respond.

  22. 22
    Buy suri a coat foundation Says:

    dear friends,

    nyc is 44 degrees today and suri is outside in nothing but a chiffon dress. yes, chiffon. the least thermal fabric of all. katie succeeded in “designing” truly SCARY matching dresses for her and suri but failed to make a matching 3/4 sweater for the tot. i guess mommy is more important.

    please send a few pennies to help out this neglected child. we are trying to raise $37.42 for a coat, two mittins and a hat. send your donation now to:

    at least it wasn’t raing today.

    warmest regards,
    president of BSCF

  23. 23
    Carl Says:

    This many pictures and not one picture where the kid smiling. She is never plays with other kids (unlike other celeb kids, she doesn’t even have any little siblings to play with poor thing), just never looks happy. And Katie must have had a recent Scientology audit (reboot) because she looks drained and looking worse all the time. It’s very odd, it’s like Katie is under a bad spell and has no clue how she looks or how to care for her kid.

  24. 24
    Cara Says:

    It’s funny how she carries her in that darn blanket not to keep her warm (if she cared about that, she would have put tights on the child) but only to hide the diaper on a 2 1/2 year old. What strange parents (and Scientology) is. It’s supposed help them in life they claim, but all these Sci-kids seems to have late development problems, have trouble getting off the bottle, diaper, ect. Leah Remini’s kid is an example. And JLo and Will Smith want to educate their kids in this freakoid cult????

  25. 25
    Kara Says:

    #21 – Would a good mom always look at her cellphone and not interact with her child????

    Are the mommy and me outfits a result of her great fashion designs? Great. back to the drawing board Katie.

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