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Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise wear matching orange dresses as they play together on a Central Park playground in New York City on Thursday afternoon. Looks like this twosome is ready for Halloween! (Suri carried around her favorite stuffed giraffe.)

Earlier this month, Katie and Suri toted around matching orange Hermes shopping bags. They sure do like to match their oranges!

Can’t wait to see what Suri is going to dress up as for Halloween!!!

10+ pictures inside of Halloween-ready Suri Cruise

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173 Responses to “Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready”

  1. 1
    Hey jared! it's me again! Says:

    Jared, I do not understand the obsession with Katie Holmes and her troll of a child.
    I am so sick of looking at this barely dressed unkempt child having her way in NY.
    Enough already!

  2. 2
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Katie looks and dresses like a hag and Suri still hasn’t got a coat despite it being incredibly cold in NYC. Instead Katie thinks wrapping her around in a blanket will help.

  3. 3
    Ade Says:

    I don’t like Katie’s dress and her leggings

  4. 4
    d Says:

    its so ******* cold outside put a damn jacket on her, jesus

  5. 5
    d Says:

    its so cold outside put a damn jacket on the kid, jesus

  6. 6
    pingy_ponga Says:

    I think that before they live the house they try to put something worm on her. But i think she is very spolied and that she gets her way 24/7. Im sure they never say NO to her.

  7. 7
    Amy Says:

    I dont get it, its COLD in NYC why is Katie alllllways dressed for the season and poor Suri has no tights or a sweater on. I honestly had a winter coat on the other day.

  8. 8
    non Says:

    Poor rich baby. A red nose from the cold an no coat. No joy in her eyes, no freedom.
    I hope KH and TC will see they have already created a very very unhappy kid. I hope they’ll be ready to cope with the after effects of their maniac behaviour on her.

  9. 9
    Tealeaf Says:

    Katiebot thinks she looks stylish showing off her daughter SUMMER dress, but instead she looks stupid for having the kid undressed in cold weather..

  10. 10
    dido Says:

    beautiful mama and gorgeous child

  11. 11

    This is just so sad. I cannot understand how a mother can bring her daughter out dressed like that. As a mom of two I am baffeled by Katies behavior.

    I can say this, BOTH of my boys tried to pull the I DON’T WANT TO WEAR MY JACKET/SWEATER. And you know what I told them? YOU DON’T WEAR YOUR JACKET YOU DON’T GO. It is that easy.

    I do not doubt that Suri puts up a fight over it. I do not doubt that her parents give in to Suri’s demands. Know how I know this? If her parents don’t give in to her THAT CHILD WOULD NOT BE OUTSIDE DAY AFTER DAY WITHOUT A COAT!

    I want to BELIEVE that her parents are good. I really really do. But we have seen the PROOF that her parents do NOT doing a GOOD job.

    You cannot over indulge your child. A child NEEDS boundries, rules, and consequences.

  12. 12
    Jo-jo Says:

    Her dress looks very indian

  13. 13
    an oldie Says:

    For all of you who criticize Katie for not putting a coat on Suri, why don’t you stop for a second to think why Suri hasn’t caught a cold or pneumonia from being under dressed? we see her almost every day, and the kid clearly doesn’t have runny nose or some other symptoms of sickness. So, I do think Katie, inspite of her inexperience as a mom, does know what her kid needs.

  14. 14
    mia Says:

    SURI has NO stockings or sox on.
    this family is nuts.

  15. 15
    LolaSvelt Says:

    #13, you’re pathetic. Not only does her nose look red, but she could develop a cold in a MONTH or so if she carries on without a coat.

  16. 16
    fantasyisland Says:

    #13, it doesn’t matter if she shows physical signs of sickness, she’s showing signs of NEGLECT. I have a three and a half yr old daughter, and she *never* goes outside in cool weather without a jacket and if she’s wearing a skirt or dress, she wears leggings underneath. I noticed someone remarked that they like Katie’s dress and leggings. If the Mom has enough sense to dress herself for the weather, why can’t she put leggings underneath Suri’s dress? Too much to deal with when having to change her DIAPER??

  17. 17
    Eel O'Brian Says:

    It’s really cold today but once again Suri Cruise doesn’t seem to mind and she has a blanket with her.

    It seems it does help since Suri Cruise-again-doesn’t look cold, #2.

    That’s crazy, #6. Then they simply wouldn’t take her out at all.

    Why ARE you so sure that they never say no to her?

    You have absolutely no idea that her lack of warmer clothes is a result of adhering to a bratty child, #11.

    Right, #13. As I’ve said before, if she was cold, Holmes would get her something.

    Her nose is slightly pinkish…like it’s always been for this pale-faced girl, #15. Quit trying to find things that don’t exist.

  18. 18
    sc Says:

    katie and suri are wearing the same dress, however katie is wearing a shirt under the dress (i am guessing it has long sleeves), a long sweater, and leggings. her baby girl? just the dress and strappy shoes. something is very wrong with this picture. neither of them look happy at all. katie looks exhausted, which is understandable with her show, but suri is not even smiling while swinging.

  19. 19
    tessla Says:

    This is ridiculous. Katie Holmes needs to grow up and dress her child appropriately instead of acting like her best friend/playmate. She is so immature yet selfish. Tom Cruise is too busy effing his assistant to care about these two crazies. He just hands them the credit cardsl

  20. 20
    alicia Says:

    What is WRONG with all you people? Leave this mother and this child alone. You all have no lives and are ignorant, because a cold is not spread through cold weather, it’s spread through germs, you stupid people.

  21. 21
    me Says:

    Katie and Suri look awkward together. Katie looks like she is trying to be the good mom but Suri always looks distant and non interested. It’s almost like Suri isn’t used to attention from Katie so when she gets it Suri doesn’t know how to respond.

  22. 22
    Buy suri a coat foundation Says:

    dear friends,

    nyc is 44 degrees today and suri is outside in nothing but a chiffon dress. yes, chiffon. the least thermal fabric of all. katie succeeded in “designing” truly SCARY matching dresses for her and suri but failed to make a matching 3/4 sweater for the tot. i guess mommy is more important.

    please send a few pennies to help out this neglected child. we are trying to raise $37.42 for a coat, two mittins and a hat. send your donation now to:

    at least it wasn’t raing today.

    warmest regards,
    president of BSCF

  23. 23
    Carl Says:

    This many pictures and not one picture where the kid smiling. She is never plays with other kids (unlike other celeb kids, she doesn’t even have any little siblings to play with poor thing), just never looks happy. And Katie must have had a recent Scientology audit (reboot) because she looks drained and looking worse all the time. It’s very odd, it’s like Katie is under a bad spell and has no clue how she looks or how to care for her kid.

  24. 24
    Cara Says:

    It’s funny how she carries her in that darn blanket not to keep her warm (if she cared about that, she would have put tights on the child) but only to hide the diaper on a 2 1/2 year old. What strange parents (and Scientology) is. It’s supposed help them in life they claim, but all these Sci-kids seems to have late development problems, have trouble getting off the bottle, diaper, ect. Leah Remini’s kid is an example. And JLo and Will Smith want to educate their kids in this freakoid cult????

  25. 25
    Kara Says:

    #21 – Would a good mom always look at her cellphone and not interact with her child????

    Are the mommy and me outfits a result of her great fashion designs? Great. back to the drawing board Katie.

  26. 26
    Lisa Says:

    kid needs a coat.

  27. 27
    Lilou Says:

    OK, this family is NUTS….

    First: they use their child as a PR game. It’s so obvious…. They play the little perfect family, but it’s all about PR. Like, a lot of people started to wonder why Suri never went to the playground or had any friends? And, ALL OF THE SUDDEN, Katie and Suri are seen in a playground, trying to prove that Suri has a normal life…. Yeah, RIGHT…

    Then, you can tell Suri is unhappy… Have you seen this child smile??? For God’sake, she is on a swing, and she doesn’t EVEN LAUGH… Every kids would smile or laugh out loud on a swing….. It’s like this video from a couple days ago, where Katie dances with Suri… Suri doesn’t knwo what to do with herself. She just stands there…. Every kid would dance with others kids… But not her….

    It really breaks my heart to see a child like this: no life in her eyes, no smile on her face, always with grown ups… and don’t blame the pap (which I do hate), because a lot of celebrities are surrounded by pap and still manage to put a smile on the face of their child… For God’s Sake, even Britney Spears make her children smile… When they are playing with their cars, you can tell that they are happy… They even have playmates (Gwen stefani’s son)….

    But Suri is just lifeless…. They are breaking her one day at a time… Treating her like an adult, dressing her like an adult….

    I mean I don’t even get how the medias are not meaner with this family… They always pick on women who work and left their kids, or on a pregnant women working, acting like we’re in the 50′s…. They were really hard on Britney, Christina etc…. But, they HAVE NO WORD for a family which is selling out their child, which are not giving her the life a 2 year old should have….

    The media present Suri has a adorable child, whereas they should present her as a sad child whose life is stollen by her parents….

    It does break my heart….

  28. 28
    prak Says:


  29. 29
    wonderin' Says:

    dose suri talk?

  30. 30
    irene Says:

    they may be training her to go and live in greenland or to participate in some kind of winter olympics, maybe they are really cheap.
    Of course since Katie is designing dresses she wants to show them! Maybe she should stars designing sweaters or pants for her kid.

    she is slowly getting used to the cold weather, the poor thing,at least her parents should be doing the same and go around without their jackets, panty hose, jeans and boots. They should be wearing shorts and no sleeves while in november in NYC.

  31. 31
    Veronica Says:


  32. 32

    It is interesting seeing Katie and Suri in their east Indian dresses…
    What i don’t get is Katie’s navy leggings with the dress.. and the




  33. 33
    LolaSvelt Says:

    #17, you’re Yorick Brown, stop defending Holmes’ decision to neglect her daughter.

    Her nose is red, stop deluding yourself.

  34. 34
    jelly Says:

    Katie was so much cuter with long hair. Change it up girl. She looks like she is in her 40′s.

  35. 35
    Jes Says:

    Mushroom hair !!!!!
    Mushroom hair !!!!!
    Mushroom hair !!!!!
    Mushroom hair !!!!!
    Mushroom hair !!!!!
    Mushroom hair !!!!!

  36. 36
    Sunaqua Says:

    These pictures of this little girl w/o a coat or something on her legs is just making me furious. These nuts for parents should be arrested. Its so onvious that Suri is abused, she never smiles, she cries from all those damn cameras, she never has a little friend, she always wears the same damn shoes and she just looks sooo sad. This poor child needs to live in a home with a yard, little kids to play with, privacy, and caring parents. Someone call social service immediately !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37
    whut? Says:

    not again!

  38. 38
    Marieme Says:

    Such a loving mother. It’s always so sweet to see.

  39. 39
    Trudy Says:

    The same nasty little gold shoes from last summer. I guess Sure can’t wear socks now or the shoes won’t fit.

  40. 40
    defap Says:

    It looks like they try to raise a strong Suri. But please don’t make Suri sick, which is the top priority. Be careful, don’t cross the line. A healthy Suri doing trick-or-treat will be great fun. Love Suri, Katie and Tom.

  41. 41
    wonderin' Says:

    does suri talk?

  42. 42
    Bad Taste Reigns Says:

    More dresses designed by Katie. This time paper thin polyester gold lame disco dresses.

    I now think Katie is using Suri to model her creations.

    Sorry, Katie, you purchased 2 princess fairy dresses for Suri two weeks ago, Suri didn’t need another.

    A corduroy playdress with leggings, that’s what Suri needs.

    This woman must not get any attention from anyone other then the press. Either that or she believes the paps bull when they scream at her, “beautiful, Katie, you look fantastic Katie, smile this way, Katie, smashing dress Katie”..

    The paps always scream this bull, then you can hear there real remarks on the videos after she passes. Never complimentary, as in”what the hell is she wearing now?”.

  43. 43
    fantasyisland Says:

    Perhaps the orange is for Halloween? Still inexcusable and I’m wondering if anyone has actually called Social Services yet? If I was in NY, I would!

  44. 44
    suri's just old fashion brat! Says:

    look at how she slaps her mother! and tom doesn’t care!!!

  45. 45
    Suri Cruise Says:

    Mummy and daddy both beat me up. Help!

  46. 46
    Eel O'Brian Says:

    She does usually look happy, #23. Just not in these particular set of pics for some reason. She knows how to care for her kid and Holmes simply isn’t wearing any make-up.

    Unless you can read minds, you should stop using that diaper-hiding excuse, #24. It’s not like we didn’t already know she was in diapers and TomKat has NEVER shown that they cared what people thought of their parenting.

    What cellphone, #25?

    Oh brother, #27…

    Suri Cruise has been seen in parks and playgrounds all the time when she’s outside. The archives will prove it. No matter what they do, you always accuse them of pimping her out.

    Why do you think Suri Cruise isn’t smiling in this particular set of pics? Some sort of Scientology-related physical or mental abuse?

    How do they treat her like an adult? Adults ride kiddie swings? They don’t dress her casually alot but certainly not like an adult.

    They’re not selling anyone out and how are they not giving her the perfect life? I really don’t get it.

    I’d really like to know what your crazy theory is, #28.

    It’s October and that dress show-off theory is dumb, #30.

    How many must I tell you that I’m not Yorick Brown or anyone on IMDb, #33.

    YOU’RE the ones deluding yourselves.

    She does smile, of course she’d cry when confronted by all those screams and flashes, not going out on many play dates isn’t exactly abuse, whining about her shoes is stupid and she’s not smiling here but s he doesn’t look sad, #36.

    Do you tell other celebrity parents that they should hand their kids over to live middle class lives?

    You guys should really stop using the ‘A’ word like that when you have no idea what’s going on. There are actual abused kids out there and to use the term so lightly is insulting.

    Or maybe they’re different pairs of the same kind, #39?

  47. 47
    FAIR IS FAIR Says:




  48. 48
    LolaSvelt Says:

    #23, it’s kind of obvious you are. For starters, no one else has mentioned IMDb here and secondly, you name yourself after a Comic Book character, just like you do on IMDb. I googled Eel O’ Brian.

    You also write like him. I figured you out when you came back as Yorick Brown, what makes you think I wouldn’t here? You’re also obsessed with Katie Holmes and the gang.

  49. 49
    Lillianne Says:

    Katie’s keeping a brutal schedule with all those performances every week. It’s admirable that she makes time to do something with Suri in spite of it.

    There sure are a lot of hateful people on this website.

  50. 50
    irene Says:

    at o’brian
    you can say all you want, but you are no authority, what a lecturer..

  51. 51
    suri Says:

    Put some warm clothes on me…….PLEASE!!!!

  52. 52
    Eel O'Brian Says:

    What she ‘needs’ is for people like you to stop telling her parents how to raise her, #42.

    Jeez, #44. All she did was brush her hand away trying to get inside on her own.

    You’re an idiot, #48. Obviously you’re new here because I brought up IMDB because people here have accused me of being Yorick Brown from that website. That’s why I mentioned IMDB.

    Yes. I named myself after comic book characters…AND expresidents AND movie monsters AND cartoon characters. Like I said, you MUST be new here.

    I wouldn’t know if I write like him. I don’t go to IMDB.

    I’m not obsessed with anyone.

    Never said I was any authority, #50

  53. 53
    Dancer Says:

    Wow. What FUGLY dresses. Oh my! Awful.

    You know maybe Suri has sensory integration dysfunction. A lot of those kids can’t stand to be enclosed in anything like tight clothes? YOu can see Katie has a blanket around her in the swing, so Katie must know she is cold. Oh but wait, Scientology doesn’t ever recognize anything being wrong or a child being ill with anything that isn’t a cold etc.

  54. 54
    Katie Holmes Says:

    What have I told you about going on my expensive laptop, Suri?

    *slap and punch*

  55. 55
    Katrina Says:

    Take a look at pics of Suri’s from a year ago, and you’ll see her wrapped in gorgeous coats. She almost had a new one everyday. Suri was even in tights and all. It’s not like Katie would just suddenly decide not to cover up her daughter when she was bundling her up a year ago.

    The fact that Suri’s not wearing cold weather clothes is more likely linked to the fact that she’s in her terrible twos (and can and will take off anything she doesn’t want to wear), than to the possibility that her mother is as stupid as you claim. Hello. She has a blanket around her daughter. If she really didn’t care, she wouldn’t even bother with the blanket.

  56. 56
    qq Says:


  57. 57
    Check The Bodygaurd Says:

    His super thick turtle neck sweater under a full weight winter ski jacket speaks volumes.

    Stupid Hal,” little girls always have pink noses”????? Where, in comic books?

    No Hal they do not, never unless they are freezing or have a sinus infection. Her fingers are also pink from the cold.


  58. 58
    S Says:

    I can’t stand this family….they aren’t “newsworthy” . And BTW who dresses like their child anymore? WEIRD

  59. 59
    To Eel O'Brian Says:

    How many must I tell you that I’m not Yorick Brown or anyone on IMDb

    LIAR! I can post a dozen comments from you using the name Yorick Brown on IMDB on the Katie forum. It’s the same sh*t you say here. Defending them no matter what even when its obvious they are complete idiots as parents. God….you are such a coward!! Why don’t you admit that you were laughed off IMDB because of your stupidity.

  60. 60
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Nah, I’ve been going on this site for like 2 years now. I’m not new. And you’re Yorick.

  61. 61
    BRADLEY Says:



    Thanks for the posts!! Love Katie Holmes!

  62. 62
    cindyjean Says:

    Some of you are just as nutty as a fruitcake. We all know that you don’t catch a cold through being cold and not wearing a coat. HOWEVER, it is not a good idea to expose yourself to the cold for a multlitude of good reasons. If it were a good idea, this woman would be conditioning herself too, and not dressing herself warmly.

    Suri is a child. They get cold and just keep on going. Will it take a case of frostbite to get it through their heads that a 2 year old is not capable of making those basic decisions.

  63. 63
    Someone_please_tell_me Says:


  64. 64
    insecure katie Says:

    It’s like Katie has to have her phone in her hand everytime she walks outside now. Maybe she’s expecting L.Ron to send her a special Xenu love message via satellite.

    Most likely she is carrying the phone in her hand all the time is to act like she is important and expecting a call. I’ve never seen her with anyone but her handler, Tom, Tom’s mom, her mom, and the weirdo men that go with her everywhere. In over 3 years, not a single photo with anyone else. That speaks volumes.

    How could she be waiting on a call constantly when she has no friends.?

  65. 65
    MADONNA Says:


  66. 66
    suri slaps her mom Says:

  67. 67
    Katie neglects Suri Says:

    For the IDIOTS here that say it doesn’t matter:

    Children love outdoor winter activities, whether it’s sledding, building snow forts or making snow angels. But sometimes, it seems, they’d rather run outside in t-shirts. For their health and safety, kids must be properly dressed. Learn how to outfit them in winter clothing that is warm and comfortable.

    Winter brings many outdoor activities that your preschooler enjoys. To have a safe and enjoyable time outdoors, your child needs to be properly dressed. As one day care provider said, “A child will not admit to being cold just to be able to be outside.” It’s a parent’s responsibility to provide winter clothing that is warm and comfortable for their children.

    Freezing temperatures and cold winds can cause parts of the body to freeze (frostbite) and can even cause death. Dressing properly can help your preschooler survive the cold.

    There are three ways to stay warm when it is cold.

    * Cover all parts of your body.
    * Dress in layers.
    * Keep dry.

    Other concerns include loose fitting clothing, safety, quality and self dress features.
    Cover Yourself

    In cold weather it is important to cover all parts of your preschooler’s body. Proper clothing helps protect your child from very cold outdoor temperatures or from drafty indoor rooms.

    Indoors, the child should:

    * Wear at least two or three thin layers of clothes on his body, arms, and legs. Several lightweight, loose layers of clothing will keep the child warmer than one heavy layer. An undershirt helps hold in warmth.
    * Wear socks and shoes.

    Outdoors, the child should:

    * Wear a hood, hat, scarf or face mask on the head. Over 50 percent of the body’s heat loss is at the head. Cover your preschooler’s head to keep warm.
    * Wear a scarf around the neck.
    * Wear a coat or snowsuit.
    * Wear mittens or gloves — two pairs when it is very cold.
    * Wear warm boots or waterproof boots over shoes.

    Dress in Layers

    Two or three layers of clothing give more warmth than just one thick garment. Air is trapped between the layers. This still air is a very good insulator.

    Choose warm underclothes for your child’s first layer. Choose thermal knit shirts and vests with long sleeves. Long underwear, thermal pants, or tights can go under jeans, pants, or trousers. If you don’t have long underwear, have the child wear an extra pair of pants or pajamas. Be sure the fit is not too snug.

    Choose warm daytime clothes. Daytime clothes are the second layer. They should have warm features such as:

    * High necklines or collars that button up.
    * Long sleeves – knit or button cuffs.
    * Fitted waistlines – belts, buttons, or elastic.
    * Long pants – slim, straight leg styles are warmer than wide ones. Pants are warmer than skirts. Get pants big enough to fit over long underwear.
    * Pullover, button, or zip up styles in sweaters.
    * Fabrics that are thick and fuzzy, i.e., denim, corduroy, knit or flannel, rather than slick and thin.
    * Add a shirt over a sweater or a sweater over a fiberfill vest.
    * Choose heavy socks and shoes with closed toes and heels.

    Choose warm outerwear. Look for coats with:

    * Hoods to cover the head.
    * Thick, puffy fabric, such as quilted fiberfill.
    * Linings of fake fur or flannel.
    * Overlapping fabric with zippers or snaps to keep the wind out.
    * Enough length to cover the torso or seat, not just to the waist.
    * Rib-knit cuffs inside sleeves to keep out wind.
    * Elastic or drawstring at waist to keep coat close to body.

    Keep Dry

    Your child’s body cools faster when wet. This is good in the summer, but not good in winter. There are generally two ways you can get wet, perspiration and the weather.

    Wet clothes will not keep your child warm. Try to keep dry in cold weather.

    In snow or rain:

    * Choose waterproof boots.
    * Choose outerwear that sheds moisture. Cotton or polyester poplin, or nylon fabrics shed water well.
    * Look for mittens that have a warm lining with a water repellent outer fabric of nylon or vinyl.

    Although waterproof footwear is better, water repellent clothes are usually more comfortable than waterproof ones. Waterproof fabrics keep out all rain and snow but they may cause perspiration wetness, since they do not breathe or let air transfer among layers.

  68. 68
    Lisa Says:

    I wonder is Suri will go trick or treating? I wonder what her costume will be? I bet it definately won’t have sleeves!

  69. 69
    Eel O'Brian Says:

    I should not care but……
    the fact she always has her fists over her little ears concerns me.
    Autistic kids and add kids can be very sensitive to noise.

  70. 70
    Eel O'Brian Says:

    You all make good point about dressing a child weather appropriately,
    But then Suri won’t look cute! Isn’t that the whole point?

  71. 71
    weird folk Says:

    a different dancing in the park video:

  72. 72
    i think suri is Says:

    definitely autistic. the way she plays and interacts with katie is very telling. i hope tom is addressing suri’s needs. katie is so out of it.

    poor kid.

  73. 73
    Suri Cruise Says:

    Mommy, can we go home now?
    Can I get off the swing now?
    I am dizzy and freezing.
    How long do we have to stay out?
    Why can’t I just stay home with my nanny?
    Why do I have to be your prop everyday? Why not just carry your stupid, ugly and heavy Hermes bag out and leave me alone?
    Don’t you know I am so scared by those people and their cameras?

    I will definitely run away when I am 14, if I haven’t OD before then.

  74. 74
    Dancer Says:

    DListed has additional shots of this dress. It is so ugly, so incredibly ugly, it feels like running one’s fingers up and down a chalk board to look at it.

  75. 75
    J'onn J'onzz Says:

    I’m pretty sure that that’s inaccurate about Scientology, #53.

    She probably has that blanket around more because her daughter likes it rather than she’s very cold (which she doesn’t seem to be.)

    Yeah, #55. Critics always ‘conveniently’ forget about such pics.

    You could always just check a weather website, #57.

    You’re exaggerating. She doesn’t look cold or hardly red. You’re blowing a slightly pinkish nose out of proportion.

    Obviously they are ‘newsworthy’ since these threads are so popular, #58. Who dresses their child like what?

    Quit pretending to read minds, #59.

    She is touching the bars and her nose isn’t bright red. Let her PARENTS worry about her.

    What phone?

    I wasn’t laughed off anywhere, #60. You got the wrong guy.

    Read my comment to #60, #61.

    What phone, #65?

    You;re just another critic who’s ‘conveniently’ missed pics of Holmes by herself or with her own family.

    She has plenty of friends. How would you know she doesn’t?

    Mind your own kids, #68.

    She’s not autistic, #70.

    Of course she’d still look cute with warmer clothes. This is why those silly accusations never work.

  76. 76
    Suri for president Says:

    74, why not OD now and do the world a favor? Take the rest of the haters with you.

  77. 77
    Big Mama Says:

    Katie is an idiot. She has about as much business raising a child as Michael Jackson.

  78. 78
    Bethany Says:

    Forty five degrees here in NYC today. Someone needs to report this woman for refusing to dress her child for cold weather. It is up to parents to make sure that their child is dressed appropriately, whether their child wants it or not.
    Poor parenting, Katie.
    And believe me, Suri will still like you even if you do make her wear a coat. You sure are going to look stupid when the snow starts to fall and you are walking through the snow with a 2 1/2 year old in a dress and dress shoes with no outerwear !
    Hopefully DYS takes notice !

  79. 79
    Dale Says:

    #76…shut the h*ll up for one friggin’ day, will you?
    You and the other Katie/Tom/Scientology freaks are all on the same, stupid spaceship full of boys….just like L.Ron liked it, and how TC loves it.
    Gah, you are a total head case, freak.

    OBVIOUSLY, you want Katie to change your diaper…but do you need to borrow Suri’s bottle of barley water, too? You act younger than the toddler.

    Get a darn brain and a life, loser.
    The baby needs some friggin’ clothes on and if you’re too stupid to realize that, the obvious is louder than your constant raging on this board.
    You, are a waste of flesh and time….and your dad should have worn a d*mn condom.

  80. 80
    Kim Says:

    Notice Suri has a red nose ? She’s COLD !!!
    I have a feeling Suri might be Autistic like Britney’s son Jayden.
    Some of these children don’t like certain texture clothing against their skin.
    Both Suri and Jayden have that far away look to them.
    Are the parents in denial ??

  81. 81
    Deja Says:

    Scientology requires their children to never hear “NO” That is why. If Suri wants something, she gets it… no matter how big nor small. Scientologists believe their children are “Adults” which means it would be rude to deny what they want. So if Suri says she’s not cold, she’s not cold. If Suri does not want to wear a jacket, she does not wear a jacket. Get my point?

  82. 82
    i think suri is Says:

    what isn’t autistic about suri’s behaviour? seriously.

  83. 83
    HUH Says:


  84. 84
    sOMEONE wHO kNOWS Says:


    “I’m pretty sure that that’s inaccurate about Scientology, #53. ”

    “se’s not autistic, #70″


    First of all, you are absolutely wrong about Scientology NOT recognizing illness like Autism or other illnesses of that kind. SCIENTOLOGY ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT RECOGNIZE AUTISM OR SENSORY ISSUES AS AN ILLNESS. ACCORDING TO SCEINTOLOGY, THEY DO NOT EXIST and can be cured with heavy auditing. I know. I was in.

    Might I suggest that you actually get your obsessed, delusional little self INFORMED and EDUCATED before you spout off with ignorant information, which you seem to do regularly around here.

    Also, how the hell could you possibly know whether Suri has Autism or not. You have no idea. To say she doesn’t is just your wishful thinking and hoping.

    As a matter of fact, you know NOTHING about Tom, Katie or cute little Suri other than what you have imagined or decided by looking at the same pictures we are looking at. I suggest you shut up and stop sounding like a complete and utter nutcase.

  85. 85
    xyz Says:

    Wow, freaks here actually make Scientologists look sane…

  86. 86
    hank Says:

    i have never seen a kid look so indifferent on a swing before. they are usually squealing with glee, giggling in fits, or at the very least, smiling. is this child “special” in some way?

  87. 87
    Lisa Says:

    Dancer… I looked at the pictures on DListed and she looks colder in those photos with the wind blowing in her little face. I noticed in one photo how she is holding her ear. I wonder if her ear is hurting her and she is coming down with an ear infection?

    Marcia Cross always has hats on her little girls, but I think she puts the hats on because of the sun since the girls are fair skinned. If Katie were smart ( which she isn’t) she would have a hat on Suri along with the warmer clothes that we all have been griping about for weeks now.

    Maybe Katie could make a poncho out of Suri’s blanket. All she has to do is cut a few holes and taaadaaaa!!! A poncho!

  88. 88
    Suri Cruise Says:

    Pumpkin head hair cut pumpkin dress. Perfect. They’re pretending to go to a halloween party for Suri’s sake since we all know they make Suri play alone or with her Thetans.

  89. 89
    Jen Says:

    While it’s true that you can’t get sick from being cold, being cold can lower your immunity which makes you more likely to “catch a cold” or get sick. That’s why people get sick in the winter!

    Dressing warm, fresh air, eating right, and washing hands are all ways to stay healthy during the cold days. We know that Suri isn’t dressed properly so she will probably catch a bug. But kids get sick all the time (mostly from not washing their hands).

    If it were my child, she wouldn’t be allowed to go to the park unless she had a coat on. But that’s just me!

  90. 90
    J'onn J'onzz Says:

    WHY do TommyGirl and/or Katie insist on parading Suri around constantly? Surely they can afford a nanny (au pair) to look after her when they’re working, or doing photo-ops. Or perhaps there’s someone from the Scientology cult to babysit?? That little girl should be left at home to play and not be continually put in front of a camera.

  91. 91
    J'onn J'onzz Says:

    Why is the dress so long???? Are they triying to make Suri look like a robot whit that haircut?Kate needs to wear makeup because when she doesn’t she looks like a cast off of Dawn of the dead.

  92. 92
    Jill Says:

    The expression on that child’s face is just plain weird. I’ve never seen a child that age looking so spaced out.

  93. 93
    hank Says:

    HUH @ 10/30/2008 at 8:05 pm

    i found the link of what u’re talking about:

    looks cold to me. tomkat’s fan must be alaskans or eskimos, no such thing as cold.

  94. 94
    ANON Says:

    OK…Dont you all know anything…YOU CANNOT CATCH A COLD OR PNEUMONIA FROM THE COLD….As a kid – I was raised in Europe – never did we have any central heating the bedrooms – and growing up – I can honestly say – I NEVER GOT SICK from it…You catch colds from OTHER PEOPLE – NOT THE COLD – So having her dressed like its summer will not ger her sick – although – i do think its a bit weird now that it is very cold in NYC – the kidA unless running around NOT BEING CARRIED _ will feel the cold!!! – But the blankie will help:)

  95. 95
    ANON Says:

    OK…Dont you all know anything…YOU CANNOT CATCH A COLD OR PNEUMONIA FROM THE COLD….As a kid – I was raised in Europe – never did we have any central heating the bedrooms – and growing up – I can honestly say – I NEVER GOT SICK from it…You catch colds from OTHER PEOPLE – NOT THE COLD – So having her dressed like its summer will not ger her sick – although – i do think its a bit weird now that it is very cold in NYC – the kidA unless running around NOT BEING CARRIED _ will feel the cold!!! – But the blankie will help:)

  96. 96
    Noreaster Says:

    All the negativity!! Suri Cruise is a beautiful, exquisite little girl and her mother is a chic and refined woman who clearly enjoys her child. So many celebrities are trashy, yet this woman and her daughter reflect class and elegant. Did anyone stop and think that the blanket may be a comfort to little Suri and she wants it with her all the time? Perhaps it’s jealousy.

  97. 97
    mrsalbertnyc Says:

    Someone needs to contact ACS (Administration for Children Services) . She is neglecting her child by not dressing her properly in this winter-like weather in NYC!! It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that she is not wearing a coat!! It’s obviously related to Scientology because it’s not the money. What’s the problem?? both parents are obviously aware that it’s cold since they are always wearing coats or sweaters.

  98. 98
    partial solution Says:


    I know you read these posts so listen up. if suri has autistic texture issues with sleeves–ussuming that you are not just mommy dearest–at least put a down vest on suri! or a polar fleace vest. something!

  99. 99
    J'onn J'onzz Says:

    It’s a chastity blanket y’all. Suri is still wearing diapers.

    They ALWAYS put the blanket around her *before* they pick her up so we don’t all get a shot of Suri poo oozing out the sides of her big girl Pampers.

    If’n this kid had a ‘normal’ existence, she wouldn’t need picking up so often to cut through paparazzi. She could walk at her own pace and learn to pee in restrooms like normal folk. Or have a wee accident on the way.

  100. 100
    Dale Says:

    #96….I agree with you that illness is not due to cold exposure. But, heat escapes from the head, hands, and feet, making the natural defenses break down. Please, look at this child. No hat, no gloves, no socks. Not even thick shoes.
    And regarding the lack of central heat in the bedrooms when you grew up! Wow, my German grandma would crack the window in our bedrooms when we visited her at Christmas (in upstate NY), even if we were sick. She swore it cleared (more like froze, or scared) the germs away and we never became sick (or died), but it was tolerable, mostly because we were buried under down feathers and so many blankets and quilts we could barely move. And we wore long pajama’s with the feet in them.

    Suri isn’t that fortunate. Big difference. We’re talking about a toddler, not old enough to understand her decisions she’s allowed to make, that is uncomfortable from the weather, yet unable to make the connection. She’s not comfortable like I was, buried under all those covers when I was young. She’s cold, unless she’s a robot, which she isn’t.

    I don’t understand why Katie was smart enough to understand that she should dress Suri in summer clothes this past summer, and I’m pleased she figured it out so that Suri didn’t suffer heat what is the reasoning for this? Stupidity?

  101. 101

    Take a look at this pic from the 9th of this month… Suri has on a sundress, WITH a undershirt!!!!!

    Now that the weather has gotten cold why has Katie not put layers on her daughter?

  102. 102
    Lisa Says:

    You people saying that you can’t get sick from being out in the cold is right, but her resistance becomes lower in fighting off infections.

    But think about this…….Infact, she can get germs just by sitting in the swing from the child that sat in it before her. She can get sick by going into the ice cream shop with Tom last week. There are germs all around! With her being in the public and tons of people wanting to take pictures of her, you never know what kind of germs are around? Someone could have just sneezed and she could have been in that area if the person didn’t cover their face. With all the people Tom has on staff in New York with them, one of them could even get sick and give something to Suri. If it were that easy not to ever get sick, then we would all be heathy. Flu season is just around the corner too.

    Kids get sick much more than adults, they have to build up their immunity and in Suri’s case, she is more apt to get sick than an adult and that is why she needs to dress for the appropriate weather.

    It’s just that simple.

  103. 103
    rofl Says:

    #6, you idiot, you don’t put wOrm on kids. LMAO!
    And you don’t live the house, you leave it.

    Can you spell moron?

  104. 104
    nk Says:

    I”m sorry but I was out with my kids today and it was COLD!!!!!! We’re talkin gloves and hat weather. Unless they are drinking some thermal juice, or just hopping to the playground for 2 seconds for photo op, they are not normal people!

  105. 105
    ha haaaaaaaaaa! Says:

    Oh, and what are you USSUMING about anything, #99 Partial Brain? That Katie is reading your illiterate, pathetic comments? People here are so delusional, it’s scary.
    Quit embarrassing yourself, please.

  106. 106
    ROSE Says:



  107. 107
    J'onn J'onzz Says:

    You are so right.
    I was just wondering how long they stayed in the park to “play” so that thew paps could get enough shots.
    Last time when the two of them were in a park with the giraffe stuff animal, somebody counted from the video posted on X17 online that form getting there to Katie lifting Suri to leave, there were only 4.5 minutes in between.

    What a pathetic attempt to photo op!
    The child is doomed to OD at the tender age of 14.

  108. 108
    sarah Says:

    These pics are just. . . Aww!!!!!

  109. 109
    amway Says:

    best family in Hollywood

  110. 110
    vote Says:

    I enjoy when trolls are so desperate and hitting rock bottom of lowlessness.

  111. 111
    pink Says:

    pretty in orange

  112. 112
    iron chef Says:

    Happy Trick or treat to Katie and Suri. Loving their photos.

  113. 113
    Ray Palmer Says:

    Who said that she dresses her like this because her kid is troublesome, #78?

    Why don’t YOU report them (and watch them laugh at you)?

    Neither Jayden James or Suri Cruise are autistic, #80. Quit playing doctor.

    Her nose isn’t red!

    Stop using baseless tabloid articles to defend you wild accusations, #81.

    Not only is there no proof of that, she’s a 2 year-old and can’t really communicate SO much of what you accuse the Cruise’s of adhering to.

    Or you could check the weather on the internet, #83. Don’t compare children and mind your own kids.

    I’m not Yorick Brown, #84.

    I’m aware that Scientology doesn’t recognize autism. I was referring something else.

    Maybe you should shut up and quit playing doctor and saying that she has autism.

    Of course not, #86.

    Just stop griping and stop comparing already, #87. Obviously she doesn’t care what you think so you might as well quit whining.

    Who’s parading, #90? She’s taking her daughter to a swing in a park. It’s completely normal.

    They’re not putting anyone in front of the camera. They’re famous and therefore followed and photographed.

    If she was never seen outside you’d either say:

    a. they’re using the mystery of her absence to garner publicity
    b. she’s going through some twisted Scientology isolation program (or some variation of that).

    Why do you think that is, #92? Need I remind people that they were saying the same thing about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

    I’d really like it of nuts like #97 would shut up and stop saying that someone should call CPS or whatever and go head and do it themselves.

    Obviously related to Scientology…It’s pretty dumb how every single idiosyncrasy of TomKat is blamed on Scientology.

    Who knows why Holmes is doing this, #100 and #101. But it’s not our problem (if it’s even a problem at all).

    Let the parents worry about that, #102. Mind your own kids.

  114. 114
    prak Says:

    The issue is not about whether Suri will catch a cold, but the fact that it’s close to freezing out and she’s a young child that needs to be protected from freezing weather. It is dangerous and Katie is showing neglect.

  115. 115
    Amanda Says:

    why the heck is this kid always dressed in DRESSES?? and a blanket doesnt work try a damn coat geeeeeeeeeez.

  116. 116
    ....... Says:

    You feel the warmth with their love and joy as mom and daughter.

    The trolls are the cold hearted ones.

  117. 117
    Mother of Three Says:

    This situation with Suri not being dressed properly has reached the point of absurdity. It does not take a genius to figure out that a child of 2 needs a jacket and either pants or tights in 45 degree weather. I live in Manhattan and it was freezing this afternoon. Holmes is the most pathetic excuse for a Mother I have ever witnessed.

    I have an idea. I think Holmes should be make to remove her sweater, leggings and the top she’s wearing under that horrid orange rag and wander around the park with bare legs and arms loosely wrapped in a blanket that doesn’t cover her legs. I think that would be fair! Then maybe she’d understand how poor Suri feels.

    PLEASE don’t give me the excuse that “Suri might not want to put on a jacket”. Listen…..I have 3 children and there are many things they don’t want to do, but as a parent, it’s MY JOB (and my priviledge) to do what is best for them. No one said child rearing was easy. Either Holmes is taking the easy way out or she’s just completely incapable and a total moron.

    Look at the pictures. Suri’s little nose and fingers are all red from the cold. Seriously…..someone needs to walk up to her in the park (if they could get past those bodyguards) and embarrass the hell out of her by telling her she’s unfit to parent a puppy, let alone a child.

    One last thought…..have you ever seen a less interested parent or child. Suri should be laughing and playing, but instead, because her poor excuse for a Mother is not interacting with her or caring for her properly, she’s just sitting in the swing with no smile on her face, absolutely as joyless as her Mother. Something is very wrong with this family.

    Finally, to those who say we should mind our own business or worry about our own kids (like the nutcase who responds to every poster – what the hell is his damage anyway????), get a grip. Poor Suri is being mistreated. Holmes is lucky I haven’t seen her at the park. I’d walk up to her and tell her exactly what I think of her. Abusing a child by not caring for her properly is WRONG and we have every right to call attention to it. Holmes is an ignorant, pathetic parent and she should be called on it.

  118. 118
    iLOveSuri Says:

    The conclusion of all this comment: Katie is an idiot & Suri is a spoiled brat.

  119. 119
    lol! Says:

    That’s why they have bodyguards, because of jealous crazies like you, #117.

  120. 120
    aspen Says:

    Katie will be huge in Hollywood and Suri even bigger. Katie not only is gracious but has great fashion taste and has the real talent to back up the big buzz.

  121. 121
    Dancer Says:

    aspen @ 10/31/2008 at 12:46 am

    Regarding your comment: Katie will be huge in Hollywood and Suri even bigger.

    Maybe Suri doesn’t want to be part of the Hollywood scene. Did you ever think of that? Bella doesn’t want to be part of it and Tom and Nicole respect that. They also have encourage Connor to follow his acting dream. Perhaps Suri isn’t going to want to be “bigger” than Katie.

    This type of statement putting pressure on kids to fulfill your dreams is really stupid.

  122. 122
    usa Says:

    God bless the Cruises
    God Bless JJ


    the vid that beats the Hollywood Obama campaign….

  123. 123
    elvis Says:

    Im not into the Halloween spirit
    but I do like Suri and Katie.

  124. 124
    Dale Says:

    #113…is a waste of space and sperm.

  125. 125
    swing Says:

    Such love in the air and serenity. They coordinate beautifully.

  126. 126
    regina Says:

    I pray the haters will find joy and meaning into their lives. Stop being jealous and tripping. Chill out and get a life.

  127. 127
    L Ron Says:

    Mother of Three, time to stop breeding…

  128. 128
    news Says:

    beautiful family inside
    and out

  129. 129
    R Says:

    I have to defend katie, not tom, i think it’s that suri gets her way. I really do. It doesnt make it ok, but I think that’s what it is. She does have a blanket and that makes it look like she knows it’s too cold. The one thing katie does love right now and makes her happy is suri.

  130. 130
    noodle Says:

    is it that hard to let suri wear a coat?
    Suri has plenty of designer dresses but not a single coat?jacket?sweater?
    come on..
    and what’s with this obsession with Suri Cruise?
    serious man.
    Oooh, I have that giraffe toy;)

  131. 131
    regina Says:

    Lord, why isn´t the poor girl wearing tights and a sweater!!!!!!
    WHY is Katie wearing one and the little one NOTHING???????????????????

  132. 132
    regina Says:

    Throw away that stupid blanket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. 133
    bobs Says:

    see the way she slapped her mothers hand away? Disgraceful!!!

    SURI IS A F***EN BRAT 100%!!!!


  134. 134
    anon Says:

    When your body guard is wearing a turleneck and coat that your child shouldn’t be out in a shortsleeve dress and bare legs. It was cold in the Northeast yesterday. There is no excuse for this outfit. I do feel bad for Katie though. She just doesn’t look happy. She looks defeated.

  135. 135
    cult fashion Says:

    Listless looking child and depressed looking mother. Just what i’d expect from a cult, really.

  136. 136
    Joanie Says:

    Most kids smile when they swing, but maybe Suri was distracted by all the cameras in her face, something which most kids are not accustomed to. Give them a break. Like she’s the only kid who ever went outside without a coat on.

  137. 137
    Lilianne Says:

    I agree with those who say that Suri should be appropriately dressed for the weather. You would not go outside wearing a hat, gloves and winter coat in 90 degree weather. If you did people would call you crazy and it is not much different to wear a lightweight summer dress with bare arms, legs and nothing on your feet other than a pair of mary janes in cold weather. It is pretty crazy. BUT I have to say that people need to stop with the nonsense that doing so will make Suri sick. Because cold weather does NOT make you sick. Germs and bacteria do. You do not get an ear infection from not wearing a hat outside and you do not get sick from being under-dressed or from being outside with wet hair. You will be COLD if you do this and perhaps enough days of that with maybe sleeping less and eating poorly could weaken your immune system and you might catch a cold easier because of that. I don’t even know that for sure..I am not a doctor but I do have common sense. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the child should have a coat on and some tights. Or imagine it…a pair of jeans and sneakers!!! What a concept.

  138. 138
    cj Says:

    I’m sorry, Katie is all about her image. She LOVES TOM’S MONEY and more important loves to show what that money can buy her. It’s okay to shop till you drop. She just seems so above everyone. Has really quite taken to the snobby rich ny b—- role. Just don’t like her or Tom and could care less about how they pimp out the poor kid.

  139. 139
    sammie Says:

    I do not think KH is really concerned about what little Suri needs or wants. KH is out and about to show off and that’s it. She is showing off her new outfit’s,Suri whatever. She and Tom pimp their kid out daily. They really are a weird family.

  140. 140
    mia Says:

    Someone once wrote that Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston should be best friends. If you think about they would probably connect. They could be BFF, like forever and ever.

    They both love the attention of the paps.
    They are both media hoes.
    They both have questionable taste in men.
    Their men are crazy attention sucking media hoes.
    KH and JA are both sooo boring with zero personality.
    They both have lot’s and lot’s of money.
    They both shop. And shop. And shop……………………………….
    Neither does anything in the way of goodwill to those less fortunate with their zillions and zillions of dollars.
    KH and JA really are not that talented as actresses.
    Tom and John could also be buds, because they are both media hoes too. (also both idiots)
    They don’t mind pimping their kids or friends out to get attention.
    Their movies ALL SUCK !!!
    KH and JA are like robots when they do talk.
    TC and JM both talk too much w/ nothing intelligent to say.
    Just think what fun this group would be. They would kill a room with their dull personalities and then all go stare at their awesomeness in huge mirrors. YEAH

  141. 141
    let me be me Says:

    As a mom of 3, I know how stubborn babes can be at times. But this no jacket business is a daily occurrence with Suri and it is COLD here in NYC.!!! I do not get Katie Holmes. Is this all for her own media attention?

    Also poor liitle Suri NEVER looks happy. I mean she is 2 yrs old. My kids were always happy when they outside playing!! Running around, playing and laughing. Isn’t that what 2-3 yr olds do? I feel so sorry for that child. They treat her like a prop in their media campaign. Never do I see a photo of KH or TC where they look sincere. Poor kid. As someone posted before, even Brittany Spears 2 boys look happier then Suri. And that is just so not right.

  142. 142
    hilla-ree Says:

    This is the Tom Cruise -Katie Holmes show!! Everyone around them is a prop. Brought out when needed for maximum attention. Right now they are parading Suri around NY because the paps love her more then her parents. I mean both parents are questionable at best, so Suri it is. Next they all will probably be on Oprah, because she too loves a good fake attention fix.
    Tom turns it on whenever there is a camera anywhere in sight. You know that crazy fake smile of his. ICK. Katie barely manages to look alive unless she is by herself these days and Suri looks miserable 24/7 because she is ALWAYS beings thrown to the paps. Does this child even have a schedule like most kids. Being out and about in NYC after dark is fun when your 21 or older. But not at 3yrs old. That is just pathetic and selfish parenting. I feel sorry for all 3 kids and am soooo glad the others got out before they too were completely destroyed by the Tom machine. In all fairness to Katie, she seems to be enjoying the benefits($$$$$$$$$$$$) of being a wife to Tom, even with all his madness. I see lots of therapy ahead for Suri.

  143. 143
    boogie Says:

    OMG! she DID slap Katie’s hand! I watched the video. Could not believe how a- only 2 year old would do that!

    A real brat in the making!

    I know a brat when I see one. Most experienced parents do.

    Notice how Tom carefully tries not to touch her! Not normal action of a normal kid. Maybe for a brat.

    goodness grief.

  144. 144
    mom of twins Says:

    I have 3 year old twins. A boy and a girl. They could not be more different. If it’s cold outside and we are going out, we ALL start out w/ jackets on. That does not mean they stay on, BUT we all dress for the weather. AT the playgrounds around NYC you see children dressed every which way. And yes some have no jackets on or just take them off. But they do have the appropriate clothes on for the day.
    I’m not seeing that with Katie and Suri. Katie is dressed for a chilly day and Suri looks cute. Just an observation.

  145. 145
    Chan Says:



    TOMKAT, PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. 146
    shelbey Says:

    To # 69 -
    I also have noticed the hands over the ears. Yes, some children are very very sensitive to outside overload stimulus. It is very confusing for them not being able to properly process all the extra information thrown at them . It also must be very scary to have strangers in your face screaming and taking pictures every time you go anywhere. Suri is defiantly growing up in an environment that is different from most children. Her parents should take an active roll in distancing her from this discomfort because it is obvious from all the pictures, it’s bothersome.

  147. 147
    oh no they...... Says:


    and all the others hired to make us look normal..

  148. 148
    steven Says:

    Even Brittany Spears and her ex Kevin Federline show better parenting skills then poor old Katie Holmes. At least the S-F boys look happy and normal and nurtured by their parents( problems aside) extended family and nannies.
    Little Suri Cruise looks like she is wandering among the aliens. She looks so out of place in a play gound of all places. She is 2 years old and should be laughing and running and curious about EVERYTHING around her.
    As for her mom, ROBOT comes to mind. I really do not see anything maternal or nurturing about Katie. A beautiful healthy child and all that money and mega shopping cannot put a smile on poor old Katie’s smug face.
    As for Tom, he just reminds me of a joke gone bad.
    POOR POOR little Suri Cruise.

  149. 149
    love them Says:


  150. 150
    Ray Palmer Says:

    If Holmes felt that she needed warmer clothes, she’d get it, #114. Mind your own kids. Watch that N word. (You’d think that an alleged PR hog like Holmes would have heard all the whining already and got her a sweater.)

    I am pretty sure that there are worse moms out there that aren’t constantly chronicled, #117. What is it with critics and hyperbole?

    That’s the thing. None of you know how her daughter. But I’m guessing not cold since she never indicates that she is and Holmes isn’t poor or stupid enough not get her a coat when needed.

    Suri Cruise shouldn’t have to laugh or giggle when not amused and how is her mother not interacting with her? I would really like to know what your crazy theory for what’s going on in this scene.

    Next time, why don’t YOU go up and embarrass yourself while trying to embarrass her instead of crying for someone else to do be so stupid.

    I’m not damaged. I have a grip in reality. That’s what separates me from critics. I use my common sense and know when to cry abuse or not and when to mind my own business.

    And you know she’s a spoiled brat how exactly, #118?

    She doesn’t look anything like that, #134.

    Holmes has NEVER, EVER said or done ANYTHING to suggest she’s a snobby, rich *****, #138. How does she seem to be above everyone at all?

    She’s taking her out to a park like anyone else, #139. Hardly pimping.

    Pretty weird way of getting attention, #141. Not only is she already famous, why invite negative PR in?

    That never looking happy argument is so stupid. Just one look at the archives will debunk that.

    How does one ‘look’ sincere?

    Still with this video, #143. More like brushing her hand away trying to get up on her own. That’s why Cruise probably didn’t try to lift her up that much.

    You dress you kids up, #144? Good for you! But Holmes doesn’t care! So go back to worrying about your own kids and let Holmes worry about her own.

    Juts check the archives, #148.

  151. 151
    L Ron Says:

    All these frustrated, unhappy “moms” out there, trying to make themselves feel better by trashing Katie, are just embarrassing themselves. And no, your kids are not happy with such jealous freaks for mothers. Keep dreaming.

  152. 152
    Good Victoria Says:

    HEY ” RAY PALMER “…AGREE WITH YOU ON NUMBER # 118..How can you tell a child is a spoiled brat by LOOKING AT HER …….She does NOT even talk to the camera’s, so no-one can judge her by her vocabulary…..Even in the video’s, she only covers her ears when they come outside and the cameramen start their screaming at her….That would be a normal behavoir for MOST toddlers……maybe they take her out the front door to help her get more comfortable with the paparazzi’s…
    Again, No Rest For The Weary Suri Soul !!!!

  153. 153
    boogie Says:

    Ray Palmer- #

    You got to be kidding me! She just “brushed her hand away”?

    If you looked at the video again with an open mind and a new pair of glasses—it is obvious she “swatted” her hand away like a brat wanting her way.

    Tom was careful not to touch her bec he knew she did not want to be touched. Apparently she is going thru very very very terrible twos.

    So…don’t say she just “brushed her hand away” lightly…..You just want to believe it that way because you have silly crushes on the Crazy Cruises.

  154. 154
    boogie Says:

    oops…forgot to add Mr Horse Mouth , Ray Palmer….or whatever he calls himself by now…


  155. 155
    sci fi Says:

    Some people’s happiness bring out the worst in others.. Such a gorgeous family and so much hatred, it’s scary.
    Boogie, you’re a moron, who’s still going through his terrible twos. What $%#@ video are you watching over and over, you obsessed moron?

  156. 156
    Bobs Says:

    Mr Horse’s Anal Ass and his lover Sci-Fi:

    You really need to come to terms with reality Mr Know Zilches. You Mr Ass Jack are nothing but an analytically obsessed shlep with your poindexter friend sci-fi.

    You are so anal retentive you fail to see the obvious to every single mother who has ever birthed a child. The little snot IS in her terrible twos and she will be for the rest of her life. (Terrible twos does not magically end at age three).

    Mr animal person…Steven…even if you did adopt (which I highly doubt because you are so self centered), you would fail to recognize the psychological behavioral patterns of any toddler. Especially one with autism or asperger’s syndrome.

    Not very fish down Steven…

    Loosen up a bit.

  157. 157
    Bobs Says:

    Sorry I can’t keep posting crap, I just can’t get over people’s happiness.

  158. 158
    oh yeah Says:

    so cute you’d eat them both

  159. 159
    boogie Says:

    #155- Sci Fi…

    Thank u for your compliments. LOL (rolls eyes)

    You said_ ” Such a gorgeous family and so much hatred, it’s scary.”

    ….What difference does it make when someone is “gorgeous”? Has nothing to do with anything. And no, people commenting here don’ t have “hatred” silly. I don’t. I just feel sorry for Suri having this set of parents.

    The video I was referring to is at the bottom in case you were overly excited you did not see it.

    It shows Suri knocking/swiping her mom’s helping hands. Apparently this one poster who calls himself by many different names like Mr Horse, Mr Rat’s ASs///etc…did not see what he should have.

    Does not matter…I and others could care less what he thinks.

    Who is the moron? YOU! LOL

    Don’t let the goblins get ya tonite!

  160. 160
    sci fi Says:

    Sorry, boogie, you clearly need privacy with the kiddy video you keep watching over and over, I promise to leave you two alone

  161. 161
    Suri Cruise Says:

    Yes, Miss Boogie,
    You are so right about me slapping my mommy’s hand away.
    You can see it clearly yourself at 00:20~21.
    And I slapped her hand away with full force.
    I didn’t want to go out with them.
    You can see they drag me to the mini van.
    Daddy Cruise and mommy are so boring.
    They never take me to any place fun.
    Whenever mommy takes me to the park, we hardly stay more than 5 minutes.
    Mommy is so boring and she’s so distracted.
    She keeps posing me to those loud people with cameras.
    Once those people get enough shots, mommy will pick me up and take me back to the car…but I just get to know how to play…I want to play more…
    But mommy is bored like usual and she keeps staring at her cell phone, instead of me.
    I don’t like that.
    I want to go home.

    Yes, I slapped mommy’s hand away.
    I think she’s a really cheap beeeeech!

  162. 162
    Shamsi Solati Says:

    My heart aches for Suri.

    Will she ever be able to knock on her neighbors door to ask if her friend can come out and play??

    Maybe Katie should add this to her wardrobe.

  163. 163
    Cannibal Says:

    Have you been watching that movie Alive? Cause I would not want to eat either one of them, or cover their poop in precious metals.

  164. 164
    Dale Says:

    #160……(sci fi …no kidding) why don’t you just watch the video and THEN shut-up? The link was posted half a dozen times already, yet you seem obsessed with “boogie” and his/her valid point. You need only watch the video once to see boogie is right and that you are a complete idiot.
    What’s the matter?
    Are you accusing boogie of doing something you often times catch YOURSELF doing over and over and over and over……..?

    You must be another scientology freak out to “save” the planet.

  165. 165
    The Real Bobs Says:

    I did not post #157. What happiness? Does anybody see happiness in these photos?

  166. 166
    Least of her worries.. Says:

    THe coat is the least of Suri’s worries.. she’s already on the concerning path with the cult.. I mean religion of scientology..

  167. 167
    kathie Says:

    Suri is so cute and it’s nice seeing Katie and Suri having mommy/daughter time. They are so both nicely dressed for Halloween too, but Katie please put a coat on Suri and some tights on her. It’s been cold in NYC and she is going to get sick.

  168. 168
    Vic Sage Says:

    No, #153. I simply sees things as they are not how I want it to be or ‘should’ have seen.

    Just call me by current name.

    You need help, #156.

    Shut up and get a life, #161.

    Not for several years, #162…

  169. 169
    tina Says:

    TomKat and Suri….heaven

  170. 170
    sandy Says:

    suri is an extraterrestrial!

    she doesn’t need warm clothes.

  171. 171
    nancy Says:

    #22, Your blog is hilarious!!!!!

  172. 172
    boogie Says:

    #168 vic sage-

    incorrect. something is wrong with how you see things. It is very obvious tht the brat is brushing away her mom’s helping hand. I’m a parent and know how to “see” how children react. YOU don’t have the know how/experience AND you have Blinders on when it comes to the huge crush you have on the weird family Cruise.

    It really does not matter…..what you think or think you see. LOL

    Hope your little heart is not crushed when Suri , Tommyboy or Katie goofs.

  173. 173
    foxxee Says:

    she does smile at times… all children do, even Autistic children…

    being pushed in the swing & not showing emotion, that is a red flag for signs of Autism…


    but Suri is seeing a occupation therapist, so I’m sure we will see a change soon. at least they are on the right track.

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