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Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise wear matching orange dresses as they play together on a Central Park playground in New York City on Thursday afternoon. Looks like this twosome is ready for Halloween! (Suri carried around her favorite stuffed giraffe.)

Earlier this month, Katie and Suri toted around matching orange Hermes shopping bags. They sure do like to match their oranges!

Can’t wait to see what Suri is going to dress up as for Halloween!!!

10+ pictures inside of Halloween-ready Suri Cruise

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  • suri

    Put some warm clothes on me…….PLEASE!!!!

  • Eel O’Brian

    What she ‘needs’ is for people like you to stop telling her parents how to raise her, #42.

    Jeez, #44. All she did was brush her hand away trying to get inside on her own.

    You’re an idiot, #48. Obviously you’re new here because I brought up IMDB because people here have accused me of being Yorick Brown from that website. That’s why I mentioned IMDB.

    Yes. I named myself after comic book characters…AND expresidents AND movie monsters AND cartoon characters. Like I said, you MUST be new here.

    I wouldn’t know if I write like him. I don’t go to IMDB.

    I’m not obsessed with anyone.

    Never said I was any authority, #50

  • Dancer

    Wow. What FUGLY dresses. Oh my! Awful.

    You know maybe Suri has sensory integration dysfunction. A lot of those kids can’t stand to be enclosed in anything like tight clothes? YOu can see Katie has a blanket around her in the swing, so Katie must know she is cold. Oh but wait, Scientology doesn’t ever recognize anything being wrong or a child being ill with anything that isn’t a cold etc.

  • Katie Holmes

    What have I told you about going on my expensive laptop, Suri?

    *slap and punch*

  • Katrina

    Take a look at pics of Suri’s from a year ago, and you’ll see her wrapped in gorgeous coats. She almost had a new one everyday. Suri was even in tights and all. It’s not like Katie would just suddenly decide not to cover up her daughter when she was bundling her up a year ago.

    The fact that Suri’s not wearing cold weather clothes is more likely linked to the fact that she’s in her terrible twos (and can and will take off anything she doesn’t want to wear), than to the possibility that her mother is as stupid as you claim. Hello. She has a blanket around her daughter. If she really didn’t care, she wouldn’t even bother with the blanket.

  • qq


  • Check The Bodygaurd

    His super thick turtle neck sweater under a full weight winter ski jacket speaks volumes.

    Stupid Hal,” little girls always have pink noses”????? Where, in comic books?

    No Hal they do not, never unless they are freezing or have a sinus infection. Her fingers are also pink from the cold.


  • S

    I can’t stand this family….they aren’t “newsworthy” . And BTW who dresses like their child anymore? WEIRD

  • To Eel O’Brian

    How many must I tell you that I’m not Yorick Brown or anyone on IMDb

    LIAR! I can post a dozen comments from you using the name Yorick Brown on IMDB on the Katie forum. It’s the same sh*t you say here. Defending them no matter what even when its obvious they are complete idiots as parents. God….you are such a coward!! Why don’t you admit that you were laughed off IMDB because of your stupidity.

  • LolaSvelt

    Nah, I’ve been going on this site for like 2 years now. I’m not new. And you’re Yorick.




    Thanks for the posts!! Love Katie Holmes!

  • cindyjean

    Some of you are just as nutty as a fruitcake. We all know that you don’t catch a cold through being cold and not wearing a coat. HOWEVER, it is not a good idea to expose yourself to the cold for a multlitude of good reasons. If it were a good idea, this woman would be conditioning herself too, and not dressing herself warmly.

    Suri is a child. They get cold and just keep on going. Will it take a case of frostbite to get it through their heads that a 2 year old is not capable of making those basic decisions.

  • Someone_please_tell_me


  • insecure katie

    It’s like Katie has to have her phone in her hand everytime she walks outside now. Maybe she’s expecting L.Ron to send her a special Xenu love message via satellite.

    Most likely she is carrying the phone in her hand all the time is to act like she is important and expecting a call. I’ve never seen her with anyone but her handler, Tom, Tom’s mom, her mom, and the weirdo men that go with her everywhere. In over 3 years, not a single photo with anyone else. That speaks volumes.

    How could she be waiting on a call constantly when she has no friends.?



  • suri slaps her mom
  • Katie neglects Suri

    For the IDIOTS here that say it doesn’t matter:

    Children love outdoor winter activities, whether it’s sledding, building snow forts or making snow angels. But sometimes, it seems, they’d rather run outside in t-shirts. For their health and safety, kids must be properly dressed. Learn how to outfit them in winter clothing that is warm and comfortable.

    Winter brings many outdoor activities that your preschooler enjoys. To have a safe and enjoyable time outdoors, your child needs to be properly dressed. As one day care provider said, “A child will not admit to being cold just to be able to be outside.” It’s a parent’s responsibility to provide winter clothing that is warm and comfortable for their children.

    Freezing temperatures and cold winds can cause parts of the body to freeze (frostbite) and can even cause death. Dressing properly can help your preschooler survive the cold.

    There are three ways to stay warm when it is cold.

    * Cover all parts of your body.
    * Dress in layers.
    * Keep dry.

    Other concerns include loose fitting clothing, safety, quality and self dress features.
    Cover Yourself

    In cold weather it is important to cover all parts of your preschooler’s body. Proper clothing helps protect your child from very cold outdoor temperatures or from drafty indoor rooms.

    Indoors, the child should:

    * Wear at least two or three thin layers of clothes on his body, arms, and legs. Several lightweight, loose layers of clothing will keep the child warmer than one heavy layer. An undershirt helps hold in warmth.
    * Wear socks and shoes.

    Outdoors, the child should:

    * Wear a hood, hat, scarf or face mask on the head. Over 50 percent of the body’s heat loss is at the head. Cover your preschooler’s head to keep warm.
    * Wear a scarf around the neck.
    * Wear a coat or snowsuit.
    * Wear mittens or gloves — two pairs when it is very cold.
    * Wear warm boots or waterproof boots over shoes.

    Dress in Layers

    Two or three layers of clothing give more warmth than just one thick garment. Air is trapped between the layers. This still air is a very good insulator.

    Choose warm underclothes for your child’s first layer. Choose thermal knit shirts and vests with long sleeves. Long underwear, thermal pants, or tights can go under jeans, pants, or trousers. If you don’t have long underwear, have the child wear an extra pair of pants or pajamas. Be sure the fit is not too snug.

    Choose warm daytime clothes. Daytime clothes are the second layer. They should have warm features such as:

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    * Long sleeves – knit or button cuffs.
    * Fitted waistlines – belts, buttons, or elastic.
    * Long pants – slim, straight leg styles are warmer than wide ones. Pants are warmer than skirts. Get pants big enough to fit over long underwear.
    * Pullover, button, or zip up styles in sweaters.
    * Fabrics that are thick and fuzzy, i.e., denim, corduroy, knit or flannel, rather than slick and thin.
    * Add a shirt over a sweater or a sweater over a fiberfill vest.
    * Choose heavy socks and shoes with closed toes and heels.

    Choose warm outerwear. Look for coats with:

    * Hoods to cover the head.
    * Thick, puffy fabric, such as quilted fiberfill.
    * Linings of fake fur or flannel.
    * Overlapping fabric with zippers or snaps to keep the wind out.
    * Enough length to cover the torso or seat, not just to the waist.
    * Rib-knit cuffs inside sleeves to keep out wind.
    * Elastic or drawstring at waist to keep coat close to body.

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    Your child’s body cools faster when wet. This is good in the summer, but not good in winter. There are generally two ways you can get wet, perspiration and the weather.

    Wet clothes will not keep your child warm. Try to keep dry in cold weather.

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    Although waterproof footwear is better, water repellent clothes are usually more comfortable than waterproof ones. Waterproof fabrics keep out all rain and snow but they may cause perspiration wetness, since they do not breathe or let air transfer among layers.

  • Lisa

    I wonder is Suri will go trick or treating? I wonder what her costume will be? I bet it definately won’t have sleeves!

  • Eel O’Brian

    I should not care but……
    the fact she always has her fists over her little ears concerns me.
    Autistic kids and add kids can be very sensitive to noise.

  • Eel O’Brian

    You all make good point about dressing a child weather appropriately,
    But then Suri won’t look cute! Isn’t that the whole point?

  • weird folk
  • i think suri is

    definitely autistic. the way she plays and interacts with katie is very telling. i hope tom is addressing suri’s needs. katie is so out of it.

    poor kid.

  • Suri Cruise

    Mommy, can we go home now?
    Can I get off the swing now?
    I am dizzy and freezing.
    How long do we have to stay out?
    Why can’t I just stay home with my nanny?
    Why do I have to be your prop everyday? Why not just carry your stupid, ugly and heavy Hermes bag out and leave me alone?
    Don’t you know I am so scared by those people and their cameras?

    I will definitely run away when I am 14, if I haven’t OD before then.

  • Dancer

    DListed has additional shots of this dress. It is so ugly, so incredibly ugly, it feels like running one’s fingers up and down a chalk board to look at it.

  • J’onn J’onzz

    I’m pretty sure that that’s inaccurate about Scientology, #53.

    She probably has that blanket around more because her daughter likes it rather than she’s very cold (which she doesn’t seem to be.)

    Yeah, #55. Critics always ‘conveniently’ forget about such pics.

    You could always just check a weather website, #57.

    You’re exaggerating. She doesn’t look cold or hardly red. You’re blowing a slightly pinkish nose out of proportion.

    Obviously they are ‘newsworthy’ since these threads are so popular, #58. Who dresses their child like what?

    Quit pretending to read minds, #59.

    She is touching the bars and her nose isn’t bright red. Let her PARENTS worry about her.

    What phone?

    I wasn’t laughed off anywhere, #60. You got the wrong guy.

    Read my comment to #60, #61.

    What phone, #65?

    You;re just another critic who’s ‘conveniently’ missed pics of Holmes by herself or with her own family.

    She has plenty of friends. How would you know she doesn’t?

    Mind your own kids, #68.

    She’s not autistic, #70.

    Of course she’d still look cute with warmer clothes. This is why those silly accusations never work.

  • Suri for president

    74, why not OD now and do the world a favor? Take the rest of the haters with you.

  • Big Mama

    Katie is an idiot. She has about as much business raising a child as Michael Jackson.

  • Bethany

    Forty five degrees here in NYC today. Someone needs to report this woman for refusing to dress her child for cold weather. It is up to parents to make sure that their child is dressed appropriately, whether their child wants it or not.
    Poor parenting, Katie.
    And believe me, Suri will still like you even if you do make her wear a coat. You sure are going to look stupid when the snow starts to fall and you are walking through the snow with a 2 1/2 year old in a dress and dress shoes with no outerwear !
    Hopefully DYS takes notice !

  • Dale

    #76…shut the h*ll up for one friggin’ day, will you?
    You and the other Katie/Tom/Scientology freaks are all on the same, stupid spaceship full of boys….just like L.Ron liked it, and how TC loves it.
    Gah, you are a total head case, freak.

    OBVIOUSLY, you want Katie to change your diaper…but do you need to borrow Suri’s bottle of barley water, too? You act younger than the toddler.

    Get a darn brain and a life, loser.
    The baby needs some friggin’ clothes on and if you’re too stupid to realize that, the obvious is louder than your constant raging on this board.
    You, are a waste of flesh and time….and your dad should have worn a d*mn condom.

  • Kim

    Notice Suri has a red nose ? She’s COLD !!!
    I have a feeling Suri might be Autistic like Britney’s son Jayden.
    Some of these children don’t like certain texture clothing against their skin.
    Both Suri and Jayden have that far away look to them.
    Are the parents in denial ??

  • Deja

    Scientology requires their children to never hear “NO” That is why. If Suri wants something, she gets it… no matter how big nor small. Scientologists believe their children are “Adults” which means it would be rude to deny what they want. So if Suri says she’s not cold, she’s not cold. If Suri does not want to wear a jacket, she does not wear a jacket. Get my point?

  • i think suri is

    what isn’t autistic about suri’s behaviour? seriously.

  • HUH




    “I’m pretty sure that that’s inaccurate about Scientology, #53. ”

    “se’s not autistic, #70″


    First of all, you are absolutely wrong about Scientology NOT recognizing illness like Autism or other illnesses of that kind. SCIENTOLOGY ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT RECOGNIZE AUTISM OR SENSORY ISSUES AS AN ILLNESS. ACCORDING TO SCEINTOLOGY, THEY DO NOT EXIST and can be cured with heavy auditing. I know. I was in.

    Might I suggest that you actually get your obsessed, delusional little self INFORMED and EDUCATED before you spout off with ignorant information, which you seem to do regularly around here.

    Also, how the hell could you possibly know whether Suri has Autism or not. You have no idea. To say she doesn’t is just your wishful thinking and hoping.

    As a matter of fact, you know NOTHING about Tom, Katie or cute little Suri other than what you have imagined or decided by looking at the same pictures we are looking at. I suggest you shut up and stop sounding like a complete and utter nutcase.

  • xyz

    Wow, freaks here actually make Scientologists look sane…

  • hank

    i have never seen a kid look so indifferent on a swing before. they are usually squealing with glee, giggling in fits, or at the very least, smiling. is this child “special” in some way?

  • Lisa

    Dancer… I looked at the pictures on DListed and she looks colder in those photos with the wind blowing in her little face. I noticed in one photo how she is holding her ear. I wonder if her ear is hurting her and she is coming down with an ear infection?

    Marcia Cross always has hats on her little girls, but I think she puts the hats on because of the sun since the girls are fair skinned. If Katie were smart ( which she isn’t) she would have a hat on Suri along with the warmer clothes that we all have been griping about for weeks now.

    Maybe Katie could make a poncho out of Suri’s blanket. All she has to do is cut a few holes and taaadaaaa!!! A poncho!

  • Suri Cruise

    Pumpkin head hair cut pumpkin dress. Perfect. They’re pretending to go to a halloween party for Suri’s sake since we all know they make Suri play alone or with her Thetans.

  • Jen

    While it’s true that you can’t get sick from being cold, being cold can lower your immunity which makes you more likely to “catch a cold” or get sick. That’s why people get sick in the winter!

    Dressing warm, fresh air, eating right, and washing hands are all ways to stay healthy during the cold days. We know that Suri isn’t dressed properly so she will probably catch a bug. But kids get sick all the time (mostly from not washing their hands).

    If it were my child, she wouldn’t be allowed to go to the park unless she had a coat on. But that’s just me!

  • J’onn J’onzz

    WHY do TommyGirl and/or Katie insist on parading Suri around constantly? Surely they can afford a nanny (au pair) to look after her when they’re working, or doing photo-ops. Or perhaps there’s someone from the Scientology cult to babysit?? That little girl should be left at home to play and not be continually put in front of a camera.

  • J’onn J’onzz

    Why is the dress so long???? Are they triying to make Suri look like a robot whit that haircut?Kate needs to wear makeup because when she doesn’t she looks like a cast off of Dawn of the dead.

  • Jill

    The expression on that child’s face is just plain weird. I’ve never seen a child that age looking so spaced out.

  • hank

    HUH @ 10/30/2008 at 8:05 pm

    i found the link of what u’re talking about:

    looks cold to me. tomkat’s fan must be alaskans or eskimos, no such thing as cold.

  • ANON

    OK…Dont you all know anything…YOU CANNOT CATCH A COLD OR PNEUMONIA FROM THE COLD….As a kid – I was raised in Europe – never did we have any central heating the bedrooms – and growing up – I can honestly say – I NEVER GOT SICK from it…You catch colds from OTHER PEOPLE – NOT THE COLD – So having her dressed like its summer will not ger her sick – although – i do think its a bit weird now that it is very cold in NYC – the kidA unless running around NOT BEING CARRIED _ will feel the cold!!! – But the blankie will help:)

  • ANON

    OK…Dont you all know anything…YOU CANNOT CATCH A COLD OR PNEUMONIA FROM THE COLD….As a kid – I was raised in Europe – never did we have any central heating the bedrooms – and growing up – I can honestly say – I NEVER GOT SICK from it…You catch colds from OTHER PEOPLE – NOT THE COLD – So having her dressed like its summer will not ger her sick – although – i do think its a bit weird now that it is very cold in NYC – the kidA unless running around NOT BEING CARRIED _ will feel the cold!!! – But the blankie will help:)

  • Noreaster

    All the negativity!! Suri Cruise is a beautiful, exquisite little girl and her mother is a chic and refined woman who clearly enjoys her child. So many celebrities are trashy, yet this woman and her daughter reflect class and elegant. Did anyone stop and think that the blanket may be a comfort to little Suri and she wants it with her all the time? Perhaps it’s jealousy.

  • mrsalbertnyc

    Someone needs to contact ACS (Administration for Children Services) . She is neglecting her child by not dressing her properly in this winter-like weather in NYC!! It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that she is not wearing a coat!! It’s obviously related to Scientology because it’s not the money. What’s the problem?? both parents are obviously aware that it’s cold since they are always wearing coats or sweaters.

  • partial solution


    I know you read these posts so listen up. if suri has autistic texture issues with sleeves–ussuming that you are not just mommy dearest–at least put a down vest on suri! or a polar fleace vest. something!

  • J’onn J’onzz

    It’s a chastity blanket y’all. Suri is still wearing diapers.

    They ALWAYS put the blanket around her *before* they pick her up so we don’t all get a shot of Suri poo oozing out the sides of her big girl Pampers.

    If’n this kid had a ‘normal’ existence, she wouldn’t need picking up so often to cut through paparazzi. She could walk at her own pace and learn to pee in restrooms like normal folk. Or have a wee accident on the way.

  • Dale

    #96….I agree with you that illness is not due to cold exposure. But, heat escapes from the head, hands, and feet, making the natural defenses break down. Please, look at this child. No hat, no gloves, no socks. Not even thick shoes.
    And regarding the lack of central heat in the bedrooms when you grew up! Wow, my German grandma would crack the window in our bedrooms when we visited her at Christmas (in upstate NY), even if we were sick. She swore it cleared (more like froze, or scared) the germs away and we never became sick (or died), but it was tolerable, mostly because we were buried under down feathers and so many blankets and quilts we could barely move. And we wore long pajama’s with the feet in them.

    Suri isn’t that fortunate. Big difference. We’re talking about a toddler, not old enough to understand her decisions she’s allowed to make, that is uncomfortable from the weather, yet unable to make the connection. She’s not comfortable like I was, buried under all those covers when I was young. She’s cold, unless she’s a robot, which she isn’t.

    I don’t understand why Katie was smart enough to understand that she should dress Suri in summer clothes this past summer, and I’m pleased she figured it out so that Suri didn’t suffer heat what is the reasoning for this? Stupidity?