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Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise wear matching orange dresses as they play together on a Central Park playground in New York City on Thursday afternoon. Looks like this twosome is ready for Halloween! (Suri carried around her favorite stuffed giraffe.)

Earlier this month, Katie and Suri toted around matching orange Hermes shopping bags. They sure do like to match their oranges!

Can’t wait to see what Suri is going to dress up as for Halloween!!!

10+ pictures inside of Halloween-ready Suri Cruise

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    Take a look at this pic from the 9th of this month… Suri has on a sundress, WITH a undershirt!!!!!

    Now that the weather has gotten cold why has Katie not put layers on her daughter?

  • Lisa

    You people saying that you can’t get sick from being out in the cold is right, but her resistance becomes lower in fighting off infections.

    But think about this…….Infact, she can get germs just by sitting in the swing from the child that sat in it before her. She can get sick by going into the ice cream shop with Tom last week. There are germs all around! With her being in the public and tons of people wanting to take pictures of her, you never know what kind of germs are around? Someone could have just sneezed and she could have been in that area if the person didn’t cover their face. With all the people Tom has on staff in New York with them, one of them could even get sick and give something to Suri. If it were that easy not to ever get sick, then we would all be heathy. Flu season is just around the corner too.

    Kids get sick much more than adults, they have to build up their immunity and in Suri’s case, she is more apt to get sick than an adult and that is why she needs to dress for the appropriate weather.

    It’s just that simple.

  • rofl

    #6, you idiot, you don’t put wOrm on kids. LMAO!
    And you don’t live the house, you leave it.

    Can you spell moron?

  • nk

    I”m sorry but I was out with my kids today and it was COLD!!!!!! We’re talkin gloves and hat weather. Unless they are drinking some thermal juice, or just hopping to the playground for 2 seconds for photo op, they are not normal people!

  • ha haaaaaaaaaa!

    Oh, and what are you USSUMING about anything, #99 Partial Brain? That Katie is reading your illiterate, pathetic comments? People here are so delusional, it’s scary.
    Quit embarrassing yourself, please.

  • ROSE



  • J’onn J’onzz

    You are so right.
    I was just wondering how long they stayed in the park to “play” so that thew paps could get enough shots.
    Last time when the two of them were in a park with the giraffe stuff animal, somebody counted from the video posted on X17 online that form getting there to Katie lifting Suri to leave, there were only 4.5 minutes in between.

    What a pathetic attempt to photo op!
    The child is doomed to OD at the tender age of 14.

  • sarah

    These pics are just. . . Aww!!!!!

  • amway

    best family in Hollywood

  • vote

    I enjoy when trolls are so desperate and hitting rock bottom of lowlessness.

  • pink

    pretty in orange

  • iron chef

    Happy Trick or treat to Katie and Suri. Loving their photos.

  • Ray Palmer

    Who said that she dresses her like this because her kid is troublesome, #78?

    Why don’t YOU report them (and watch them laugh at you)?

    Neither Jayden James or Suri Cruise are autistic, #80. Quit playing doctor.

    Her nose isn’t red!

    Stop using baseless tabloid articles to defend you wild accusations, #81.

    Not only is there no proof of that, she’s a 2 year-old and can’t really communicate SO much of what you accuse the Cruise’s of adhering to.

    Or you could check the weather on the internet, #83. Don’t compare children and mind your own kids.

    I’m not Yorick Brown, #84.

    I’m aware that Scientology doesn’t recognize autism. I was referring something else.

    Maybe you should shut up and quit playing doctor and saying that she has autism.

    Of course not, #86.

    Just stop griping and stop comparing already, #87. Obviously she doesn’t care what you think so you might as well quit whining.

    Who’s parading, #90? She’s taking her daughter to a swing in a park. It’s completely normal.

    They’re not putting anyone in front of the camera. They’re famous and therefore followed and photographed.

    If she was never seen outside you’d either say:

    a. they’re using the mystery of her absence to garner publicity
    b. she’s going through some twisted Scientology isolation program (or some variation of that).

    Why do you think that is, #92? Need I remind people that they were saying the same thing about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

    I’d really like it of nuts like #97 would shut up and stop saying that someone should call CPS or whatever and go head and do it themselves.

    Obviously related to Scientology…It’s pretty dumb how every single idiosyncrasy of TomKat is blamed on Scientology.

    Who knows why Holmes is doing this, #100 and #101. But it’s not our problem (if it’s even a problem at all).

    Let the parents worry about that, #102. Mind your own kids.

  • prak

    The issue is not about whether Suri will catch a cold, but the fact that it’s close to freezing out and she’s a young child that needs to be protected from freezing weather. It is dangerous and Katie is showing neglect.

  • Amanda

    why the heck is this kid always dressed in DRESSES?? and a blanket doesnt work try a damn coat geeeeeeeeeez.

  • …….

    You feel the warmth with their love and joy as mom and daughter.

    The trolls are the cold hearted ones.

  • Mother of Three

    This situation with Suri not being dressed properly has reached the point of absurdity. It does not take a genius to figure out that a child of 2 needs a jacket and either pants or tights in 45 degree weather. I live in Manhattan and it was freezing this afternoon. Holmes is the most pathetic excuse for a Mother I have ever witnessed.

    I have an idea. I think Holmes should be make to remove her sweater, leggings and the top she’s wearing under that horrid orange rag and wander around the park with bare legs and arms loosely wrapped in a blanket that doesn’t cover her legs. I think that would be fair! Then maybe she’d understand how poor Suri feels.

    PLEASE don’t give me the excuse that “Suri might not want to put on a jacket”. Listen…..I have 3 children and there are many things they don’t want to do, but as a parent, it’s MY JOB (and my priviledge) to do what is best for them. No one said child rearing was easy. Either Holmes is taking the easy way out or she’s just completely incapable and a total moron.

    Look at the pictures. Suri’s little nose and fingers are all red from the cold. Seriously…..someone needs to walk up to her in the park (if they could get past those bodyguards) and embarrass the hell out of her by telling her she’s unfit to parent a puppy, let alone a child.

    One last thought…..have you ever seen a less interested parent or child. Suri should be laughing and playing, but instead, because her poor excuse for a Mother is not interacting with her or caring for her properly, she’s just sitting in the swing with no smile on her face, absolutely as joyless as her Mother. Something is very wrong with this family.

    Finally, to those who say we should mind our own business or worry about our own kids (like the nutcase who responds to every poster – what the hell is his damage anyway????), get a grip. Poor Suri is being mistreated. Holmes is lucky I haven’t seen her at the park. I’d walk up to her and tell her exactly what I think of her. Abusing a child by not caring for her properly is WRONG and we have every right to call attention to it. Holmes is an ignorant, pathetic parent and she should be called on it.

  • iLOveSuri

    The conclusion of all this comment: Katie is an idiot & Suri is a spoiled brat.

  • lol!

    That’s why they have bodyguards, because of jealous crazies like you, #117.

  • aspen

    Katie will be huge in Hollywood and Suri even bigger. Katie not only is gracious but has great fashion taste and has the real talent to back up the big buzz.

  • Dancer

    aspen @ 10/31/2008 at 12:46 am

    Regarding your comment: Katie will be huge in Hollywood and Suri even bigger.

    Maybe Suri doesn’t want to be part of the Hollywood scene. Did you ever think of that? Bella doesn’t want to be part of it and Tom and Nicole respect that. They also have encourage Connor to follow his acting dream. Perhaps Suri isn’t going to want to be “bigger” than Katie.

    This type of statement putting pressure on kids to fulfill your dreams is really stupid.

  • usa

    God bless the Cruises
    God Bless JJ


    the vid that beats the Hollywood Obama campaign….

  • elvis

    Im not into the Halloween spirit
    but I do like Suri and Katie.

  • Dale

    #113…is a waste of space and sperm.

  • swing

    Such love in the air and serenity. They coordinate beautifully.

  • regina

    I pray the haters will find joy and meaning into their lives. Stop being jealous and tripping. Chill out and get a life.

  • L Ron

    Mother of Three, time to stop breeding…

  • news

    beautiful family inside
    and out

  • R

    I have to defend katie, not tom, i think it’s that suri gets her way. I really do. It doesnt make it ok, but I think that’s what it is. She does have a blanket and that makes it look like she knows it’s too cold. The one thing katie does love right now and makes her happy is suri.

  • noodle

    is it that hard to let suri wear a coat?
    Suri has plenty of designer dresses but not a single coat?jacket?sweater?
    come on..
    and what’s with this obsession with Suri Cruise?
    serious man.
    Oooh, I have that giraffe toy;)

  • regina

    Lord, why isn´t the poor girl wearing tights and a sweater!!!!!!
    WHY is Katie wearing one and the little one NOTHING???????????????????

  • regina

    Throw away that stupid blanket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobs

    see the way she slapped her mothers hand away? Disgraceful!!!

    SURI IS A F***EN BRAT 100%!!!!


  • anon

    When your body guard is wearing a turleneck and coat that your child shouldn’t be out in a shortsleeve dress and bare legs. It was cold in the Northeast yesterday. There is no excuse for this outfit. I do feel bad for Katie though. She just doesn’t look happy. She looks defeated.

  • cult fashion

    Listless looking child and depressed looking mother. Just what i’d expect from a cult, really.

  • Joanie

    Most kids smile when they swing, but maybe Suri was distracted by all the cameras in her face, something which most kids are not accustomed to. Give them a break. Like she’s the only kid who ever went outside without a coat on.

  • Lilianne

    I agree with those who say that Suri should be appropriately dressed for the weather. You would not go outside wearing a hat, gloves and winter coat in 90 degree weather. If you did people would call you crazy and it is not much different to wear a lightweight summer dress with bare arms, legs and nothing on your feet other than a pair of mary janes in cold weather. It is pretty crazy. BUT I have to say that people need to stop with the nonsense that doing so will make Suri sick. Because cold weather does NOT make you sick. Germs and bacteria do. You do not get an ear infection from not wearing a hat outside and you do not get sick from being under-dressed or from being outside with wet hair. You will be COLD if you do this and perhaps enough days of that with maybe sleeping less and eating poorly could weaken your immune system and you might catch a cold easier because of that. I don’t even know that for sure..I am not a doctor but I do have common sense. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the child should have a coat on and some tights. Or imagine it…a pair of jeans and sneakers!!! What a concept.

  • cj

    I’m sorry, Katie is all about her image. She LOVES TOM’S MONEY and more important loves to show what that money can buy her. It’s okay to shop till you drop. She just seems so above everyone. Has really quite taken to the snobby rich ny b—- role. Just don’t like her or Tom and could care less about how they pimp out the poor kid.

  • sammie

    I do not think KH is really concerned about what little Suri needs or wants. KH is out and about to show off and that’s it. She is showing off her new outfit’s,Suri whatever. She and Tom pimp their kid out daily. They really are a weird family.

  • mia

    Someone once wrote that Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston should be best friends. If you think about they would probably connect. They could be BFF, like forever and ever.

    They both love the attention of the paps.
    They are both media hoes.
    They both have questionable taste in men.
    Their men are crazy attention sucking media hoes.
    KH and JA are both sooo boring with zero personality.
    They both have lot’s and lot’s of money.
    They both shop. And shop. And shop……………………………….
    Neither does anything in the way of goodwill to those less fortunate with their zillions and zillions of dollars.
    KH and JA really are not that talented as actresses.
    Tom and John could also be buds, because they are both media hoes too. (also both idiots)
    They don’t mind pimping their kids or friends out to get attention.
    Their movies ALL SUCK !!!
    KH and JA are like robots when they do talk.
    TC and JM both talk too much w/ nothing intelligent to say.
    Just think what fun this group would be. They would kill a room with their dull personalities and then all go stare at their awesomeness in huge mirrors. YEAH

  • let me be me

    As a mom of 3, I know how stubborn babes can be at times. But this no jacket business is a daily occurrence with Suri and it is COLD here in NYC.!!! I do not get Katie Holmes. Is this all for her own media attention?

    Also poor liitle Suri NEVER looks happy. I mean she is 2 yrs old. My kids were always happy when they outside playing!! Running around, playing and laughing. Isn’t that what 2-3 yr olds do? I feel so sorry for that child. They treat her like a prop in their media campaign. Never do I see a photo of KH or TC where they look sincere. Poor kid. As someone posted before, even Brittany Spears 2 boys look happier then Suri. And that is just so not right.

  • hilla-ree

    This is the Tom Cruise -Katie Holmes show!! Everyone around them is a prop. Brought out when needed for maximum attention. Right now they are parading Suri around NY because the paps love her more then her parents. I mean both parents are questionable at best, so Suri it is. Next they all will probably be on Oprah, because she too loves a good fake attention fix.
    Tom turns it on whenever there is a camera anywhere in sight. You know that crazy fake smile of his. ICK. Katie barely manages to look alive unless she is by herself these days and Suri looks miserable 24/7 because she is ALWAYS beings thrown to the paps. Does this child even have a schedule like most kids. Being out and about in NYC after dark is fun when your 21 or older. But not at 3yrs old. That is just pathetic and selfish parenting. I feel sorry for all 3 kids and am soooo glad the others got out before they too were completely destroyed by the Tom machine. In all fairness to Katie, she seems to be enjoying the benefits($$$$$$$$$$$$) of being a wife to Tom, even with all his madness. I see lots of therapy ahead for Suri.

  • boogie

    OMG! she DID slap Katie’s hand! I watched the video. Could not believe how a- only 2 year old would do that!

    A real brat in the making!

    I know a brat when I see one. Most experienced parents do.

    Notice how Tom carefully tries not to touch her! Not normal action of a normal kid. Maybe for a brat.

    goodness grief.

  • mom of twins

    I have 3 year old twins. A boy and a girl. They could not be more different. If it’s cold outside and we are going out, we ALL start out w/ jackets on. That does not mean they stay on, BUT we all dress for the weather. AT the playgrounds around NYC you see children dressed every which way. And yes some have no jackets on or just take them off. But they do have the appropriate clothes on for the day.
    I’m not seeing that with Katie and Suri. Katie is dressed for a chilly day and Suri looks cute. Just an observation.

  • Chan



    TOMKAT, PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shelbey

    To # 69 -
    I also have noticed the hands over the ears. Yes, some children are very very sensitive to outside overload stimulus. It is very confusing for them not being able to properly process all the extra information thrown at them . It also must be very scary to have strangers in your face screaming and taking pictures every time you go anywhere. Suri is defiantly growing up in an environment that is different from most children. Her parents should take an active roll in distancing her from this discomfort because it is obvious from all the pictures, it’s bothersome.

  • oh no they……


    and all the others hired to make us look normal..

  • steven

    Even Brittany Spears and her ex Kevin Federline show better parenting skills then poor old Katie Holmes. At least the S-F boys look happy and normal and nurtured by their parents( problems aside) extended family and nannies.
    Little Suri Cruise looks like she is wandering among the aliens. She looks so out of place in a play gound of all places. She is 2 years old and should be laughing and running and curious about EVERYTHING around her.
    As for her mom, ROBOT comes to mind. I really do not see anything maternal or nurturing about Katie. A beautiful healthy child and all that money and mega shopping cannot put a smile on poor old Katie’s smug face.
    As for Tom, he just reminds me of a joke gone bad.
    POOR POOR little Suri Cruise.

  • love them


  • Ray Palmer

    If Holmes felt that she needed warmer clothes, she’d get it, #114. Mind your own kids. Watch that N word. (You’d think that an alleged PR hog like Holmes would have heard all the whining already and got her a sweater.)

    I am pretty sure that there are worse moms out there that aren’t constantly chronicled, #117. What is it with critics and hyperbole?

    That’s the thing. None of you know how her daughter. But I’m guessing not cold since she never indicates that she is and Holmes isn’t poor or stupid enough not get her a coat when needed.

    Suri Cruise shouldn’t have to laugh or giggle when not amused and how is her mother not interacting with her? I would really like to know what your crazy theory for what’s going on in this scene.

    Next time, why don’t YOU go up and embarrass yourself while trying to embarrass her instead of crying for someone else to do be so stupid.

    I’m not damaged. I have a grip in reality. That’s what separates me from critics. I use my common sense and know when to cry abuse or not and when to mind my own business.

    And you know she’s a spoiled brat how exactly, #118?

    She doesn’t look anything like that, #134.

    Holmes has NEVER, EVER said or done ANYTHING to suggest she’s a snobby, rich bitch, #138. How does she seem to be above everyone at all?

    She’s taking her out to a park like anyone else, #139. Hardly pimping.

    Pretty weird way of getting attention, #141. Not only is she already famous, why invite negative PR in?

    That never looking happy argument is so stupid. Just one look at the archives will debunk that.

    How does one ‘look’ sincere?

    Still with this video, #143. More like brushing her hand away trying to get up on her own. That’s why Cruise probably didn’t try to lift her up that much.

    You dress you kids up, #144? Good for you! But Holmes doesn’t care! So go back to worrying about your own kids and let Holmes worry about her own.

    Juts check the archives, #148.