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Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Suri Cruise is Halloween Ready

Mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise wear matching orange dresses as they play together on a Central Park playground in New York City on Thursday afternoon. Looks like this twosome is ready for Halloween! (Suri carried around her favorite stuffed giraffe.)

Earlier this month, Katie and Suri toted around matching orange Hermes shopping bags. They sure do like to match their oranges!

Can’t wait to see what Suri is going to dress up as for Halloween!!!

10+ pictures inside of Halloween-ready Suri Cruise

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  • L Ron

    All these frustrated, unhappy “moms” out there, trying to make themselves feel better by trashing Katie, are just embarrassing themselves. And no, your kids are not happy with such jealous freaks for mothers. Keep dreaming.

  • Good Victoria

    HEY ” RAY PALMER “…AGREE WITH YOU ON NUMBER # 118..How can you tell a child is a spoiled brat by LOOKING AT HER …….She does NOT even talk to the camera’s, so no-one can judge her by her vocabulary…..Even in the video’s, she only covers her ears when they come outside and the cameramen start their screaming at her….That would be a normal behavoir for MOST toddlers……maybe they take her out the front door to help her get more comfortable with the paparazzi’s…
    Again, No Rest For The Weary Suri Soul !!!!

  • boogie

    Ray Palmer- #

    You got to be kidding me! She just “brushed her hand away”?

    If you looked at the video again with an open mind and a new pair of glasses—it is obvious she “swatted” her hand away like a brat wanting her way.

    Tom was careful not to touch her bec he knew she did not want to be touched. Apparently she is going thru very very very terrible twos.

    So…don’t say she just “brushed her hand away” lightly…..You just want to believe it that way because you have silly crushes on the Crazy Cruises.

  • boogie

    oops…forgot to add Mr Horse Mouth , Ray Palmer….or whatever he calls himself by now…


  • sci fi

    Some people’s happiness bring out the worst in others.. Such a gorgeous family and so much hatred, it’s scary.
    Boogie, you’re a moron, who’s still going through his terrible twos. What $%#@ video are you watching over and over, you obsessed moron?

  • Bobs

    Mr Horse’s Anal Ass and his lover Sci-Fi:

    You really need to come to terms with reality Mr Know Zilches. You Mr Ass Jack are nothing but an analytically obsessed shlep with your poindexter friend sci-fi.

    You are so anal retentive you fail to see the obvious to every single mother who has ever birthed a child. The little snot IS in her terrible twos and she will be for the rest of her life. (Terrible twos does not magically end at age three).

    Mr animal person…Steven…even if you did adopt (which I highly doubt because you are so self centered), you would fail to recognize the psychological behavioral patterns of any toddler. Especially one with autism or asperger’s syndrome.

    Not very fish down Steven…

    Loosen up a bit.

  • Bobs

    Sorry I can’t keep posting crap, I just can’t get over people’s happiness.

  • oh yeah

    so cute you’d eat them both

  • boogie

    #155- Sci Fi…

    Thank u for your compliments. LOL (rolls eyes)

    You said_ ” Such a gorgeous family and so much hatred, it’s scary.”

    ….What difference does it make when someone is “gorgeous”? Has nothing to do with anything. And no, people commenting here don’ t have “hatred” silly. I don’t. I just feel sorry for Suri having this set of parents.

    The video I was referring to is at the bottom in case you were overly excited you did not see it.

    It shows Suri knocking/swiping her mom’s helping hands. Apparently this one poster who calls himself by many different names like Mr Horse, Mr Rat’s ASs///etc…did not see what he should have.

    Does not matter…I and others could care less what he thinks.

    Who is the moron? YOU! LOL

    Don’t let the goblins get ya tonite!

  • sci fi

    Sorry, boogie, you clearly need privacy with the kiddy video you keep watching over and over, I promise to leave you two alone

  • Suri Cruise

    Yes, Miss Boogie,
    You are so right about me slapping my mommy’s hand away.
    You can see it clearly yourself at 00:20~21.
    And I slapped her hand away with full force.
    I didn’t want to go out with them.
    You can see they drag me to the mini van.
    Daddy Cruise and mommy are so boring.
    They never take me to any place fun.
    Whenever mommy takes me to the park, we hardly stay more than 5 minutes.
    Mommy is so boring and she’s so distracted.
    She keeps posing me to those loud people with cameras.
    Once those people get enough shots, mommy will pick me up and take me back to the car…but I just get to know how to play…I want to play more…
    But mommy is bored like usual and she keeps staring at her cell phone, instead of me.
    I don’t like that.
    I want to go home.

    Yes, I slapped mommy’s hand away.
    I think she’s a really cheap beeeeech!

  • Shamsi Solati

    My heart aches for Suri.

    Will she ever be able to knock on her neighbors door to ask if her friend can come out and play??

    Maybe Katie should add this to her wardrobe.

  • Cannibal

    Have you been watching that movie Alive? Cause I would not want to eat either one of them, or cover their poop in precious metals.

  • Dale

    #160……(sci fi …no kidding) why don’t you just watch the video and THEN shut-up? The link was posted half a dozen times already, yet you seem obsessed with “boogie” and his/her valid point. You need only watch the video once to see boogie is right and that you are a complete idiot.
    What’s the matter?
    Are you accusing boogie of doing something you often times catch YOURSELF doing over and over and over and over……..?

    You must be another scientology freak out to “save” the planet.

  • The Real Bobs

    I did not post #157. What happiness? Does anybody see happiness in these photos?

  • Least of her worries..

    THe coat is the least of Suri’s worries.. she’s already on the concerning path with the cult.. I mean religion of scientology..

  • http://Jared kathie

    Suri is so cute and it’s nice seeing Katie and Suri having mommy/daughter time. They are so both nicely dressed for Halloween too, but Katie please put a coat on Suri and some tights on her. It’s been cold in NYC and she is going to get sick.

  • Vic Sage

    No, #153. I simply sees things as they are not how I want it to be or ‘should’ have seen.

    Just call me by current name.

    You need help, #156.

    Shut up and get a life, #161.

    Not for several years, #162…

  • tina

    TomKat and Suri….heaven

  • sandy

    suri is an extraterrestrial!

    she doesn’t need warm clothes.

  • nancy

    #22, Your blog is hilarious!!!!!

  • boogie

    #168 vic sage-

    incorrect. something is wrong with how you see things. It is very obvious tht the brat is brushing away her mom’s helping hand. I’m a parent and know how to “see” how children react. YOU don’t have the know how/experience AND you have Blinders on when it comes to the huge crush you have on the weird family Cruise.

    It really does not matter…..what you think or think you see. LOL

    Hope your little heart is not crushed when Suri , Tommyboy or Katie goofs.

  • foxxee

    she does smile at times… all children do, even Autistic children…

    being pushed in the swing & not showing emotion, that is a red flag for signs of Autism…


    but Suri is seeing a occupation therapist, so I’m sure we will see a change soon. at least they are on the right track.